Will There Be More Women Than Men In Hell

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What is the ruling on the Hadith which cites that more women will be in Hell than men?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi advises us to delve more into the actual meaning of the hadith and understand that it is the nature of the women and their actions which have been highlighted in this hadith and not questions put on their femininity. As is the nature with women, they are more predisposed to these crimes than men.

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Is it true that Heidi says there are more women in hell than men?

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Firstly, the head that doesn't phrase it like that. Secondly, the point that we also learn from our traditions is that overall, there will be more women in the world than men. So it's not as if women have a higher percentage, your chance of going to join them is that there are more women in the first place. Thirdly, the fact of the matter is that the process of did not link their femininity to jahannam. He linked to their actions, he said that your tongues are always cursing, that you're using language as inappropriate, and that you're showing in gratitude to people that you need to show gratitude to. So the linkage to gender is not because of their gender, the linkage is because

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of things that they have done. So look at the Hadith. In sum total, what the process of is saying is that avoid the sins and crimes are women. And be careful because sometimes women are more predisposed to these crimes than men are. He's not saying women, you're going to go to Japan and because you're women, he said women, because of these crimes, you might possibly end up being punished. So avoid these crimes. So look at the whole Hadith rather than again, looking at one phrase and it the process is not being discriminatory against women. He is warning Women Against specific crimes and specific things that they should not do.