Abu Bakr Zoud – The day the boy died was the day the Dawah lived

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a man named Sakaba Makita dies in a battlefield, leaving behind a marker and a letter. The letter describes a plan to kill Makita, which is true, even though the King had a plan to kill him. The man eventually dies and is replaced by a new king.
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So the next day, the king brings the entire town.

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And he ties him to a tree just like the boy said, he takes an arrow from the boys quiver. He puts it in the middle of the boat. And he returns and he releases it saying bismil behavior, lousy people assignment in the hood this and the arrow begins to fly across. And it was watching what's going to happen? This boy has lived twice when the king tried to kill him. Is he going to survive this time? Or is he going to die.

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And the arrow keeps on going until it reaches subulata, who which is the temporal between the eye and the E, and it goes right in here.

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And then the duration says for woba Aya hawala salvati, he put his hand with the arrow. And as pantaloni, this word in the Hadith, what does it mean? What is it about he put his hand on his temple with the arrow entered, so Panama, Yanni, degeneration of the Allahu anhu, once when he was in the war in the battlefield, and he got injured a little bit in his hand. And he put the other hand on the injury. And he says,

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believe what

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he says.

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So he's saying a lot, this is little, this is little for your sake. And you place the burqa in the little, your little so have you seen your place the Baraka in this room, so that it spreads around my entire body, so I die for your sake, whoever This is what the boy is doing. He wants to die for the sake of Allah. So he puts his hand on his word for Sakaba Makita. And he falls and that's how the boy dies. Now the boy is dead. The day he died, was the day the tower lift. That's how it

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works. When

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they had a plan. They had a plan. The King had a plan, the magician had a plan. Let's keep the magic going. Let's keep the people fooled and misguided. And Allah has another plan. The same boy they wanted, so that he succeeds, the more so that he succeeds, the magician is the same boy in which victory was beaten on his hand. So he dies, and the people began to check out, man nebula.

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We believe in the Lord of this boy, we believe in the Lord of this boy. And you know why? Because they realized that this king could not kill this boy, except in the name of his Lord. So that means a lot. He's the one that is true. That's how he died in the name of Islam. Otherwise, you're gonna kill it.

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