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The compulsory Kushoo of the Prayer #02 – Stillness of the limbs

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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The second type of assure that is Roquebrune feel solid, that is a pillar, it's a must. It's obligatory during the prayer, that if you don't bring this type of assure the entire prayer is invalid. And that is sukoon Joetta brochure of the limbs. If this is not achieved in your prayer, the entire prayer is invalid, were irrelevant or hammer home Allah have mentioned that moving too much in the prayer without a valid reason invalidates the print.

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Some of the earlier they mentioned that if a person makes three consecutive moves in the prayer, then his prayer is invalid. So I'm praying without any reason I just did. And then I did. And then I did this. No reason, solid is invalid. Three moves consecutively in a row invalidates a solid. Therefore, the second type of obligatory who sure in a solid is sukoon Joetta. Relax, don't move. Keep your Joetta your limbs, keep them caged from movement, keep them motionless. Do not move them during the prayer, unless there is a reason or unless you're doing the actions of the prayer itself, obviously.

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And some say what is meant by too much movement. Some some roller mat explained this statement, what is meant by too much movement in the solid, they sent that if someone else was watching you pray, and they couldn't recognize whether you're praying or playing, then that is considered too much movement in the prayer as a result the prayer is invalid. And if a group of people are watching someone, and they confuse them, is this guy praying? What is he doing? Because of how much movement he has. If people are confused about you, then definitely that means you have moved too much your solid is invalid. Now this is what is meant by too much movement in the prayer according to some or

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whatever. So the one who pleased with his hair, with his codes with his watch with his parents has ruined his home. Sure, that is obligatory and his praise invalid must repeat the prayer. And it was narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say the following vicar in his little Kumar listen to this. Ali Ali Allah one who narrated this hadith that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aka an either or like our call when he used to go into court after seeing Subhanallah Belov him so boo could do so bull Malacca to a rule he used to say Allah Han Malacca cat, Allah to you I bow. Were like a slumped end to you I have submitted what I meant. And I have

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believed in you hatia Like a summary of all sorry, wow, give me one more key. Wow also be luck. Well, then in the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, Oh Allah, my hearing and my sight and my bones and my brain and my nerves have all submitted in who sure for you love it. They are all humbled before you. This is your solid, all your limbs, all your bones, even your nerves must be sure for Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning absolute no movement whatsoever, unless there is a necessity for that.