Mohamad Baajour – JAR #43 Muslims And The Holidays

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The discussion of Islam and its implications for religion begins with a woman named George preparing to make a new beast. The speakers discuss the differences between d-through and Deen dealings, as well as the importance of respecting non- Muslims and religious celebrations during the Islamic period. They also mention the use of necklaces during holidays and the significance of religious celebrations during the Islamic period. The group congratulates on the birth of Islam, particularly on Easter holidays, and discusses the importance of learning one's deen and being careful with deeds.
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Was that catered for in

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the Quran?

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Pharaoh, meaning well now for now, Gene now in

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna on finally Mount Olympus Anna was in the ailment. Dr. hamre. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. My dear beloved, the specters brothers and sisters, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make me a new from the people who listen and apply.

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Tonight in our jar episode, just a reminder.

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It's a major

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topic that needs to be discussed.

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There was a man named George George lives in the suburbs of Washington. And when he heard that the month of the ledger is getting close, George called his wife Mary, and his son, Steve, and his daughter, Amy, and they were all checking all the Islamic channels, Islamic websites, calling the Islamic embassies to find out when does the month of their hedge is going to start.

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So when they found out

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they were very excited because the 10th of the hedge is the eighth. So George immediately

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took his kids took his family and went to the market to buy the sheep. So it can be ready for slaughtering on the day of eight. As they're going. They're very excited. They're singing Talal vedra Elena and they're very happy. When George got to the farm, he made sure he pick a sheep that is according to the Sunnah complete, perfect, cheap, and he took it back home and put it in the backyard and everyday they count the days till the day of aid comes. And when the day of aid came, George was very excited. He told his wife Mary to make sure that the knife is very sharp, he doesn't want to harm the sheep. And Mary is preparing three boxes so she can distribute the, the meat

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according to the Sunnah, And subhanAllah as they are doing all that and the kids are very excited.

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Mary said, George, it's Sunday we have to go to church.

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So is Georgia a Muslim? Or what is George and his family?

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Well, George is not a Muslim at all.

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And George does not even believe in Allah or in Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So you will be surprised now

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and you would say to yourself so how come is George is following all the Sooners and how come is George celebrating the aid? And he will say this is impossible how it's impossible for someone who does not believe in Allah and His Prophet to do all these rituals of the of the aid.

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It's impossible. But if I tell you that Isha and Abdur Rahman are decorating a Christmas tree, you will not be as surprised

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if I tell you that Fatima is running from one florist to another looking for a good deal on roses in Valentine you will not be surprised Subhanallah my brothers and sisters

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dealing with

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non Muslims should be clarified.

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There is difference between dunya dealings and Deen dealings. There is difference between dunya matters and Deen matters

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when it comes to the dunya matters,

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as long as the non Muslim is not harming me at all, then Allah told me in Surah three Montana Leigh and her Kamala and the Latina, let me your katello confit Dean, welcome. You're free to come in dare come and take our room we're toxic to La him. Allah subhanaw taala said as for those who did not fight you, nor they expelled you from your homes, Allah told us to do better to them. And do this to them better is to give all the higher possible and hold back with all

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Hold on any minimum harm and the cost be always fair with them. So Allah told us to treat them with the best for anyone who is not causing us any kind of harm or at war with us.

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Allahu Akbar, if if they get sick, you visit them. If someone dear to them die, you consoled them, if they need help financially, you help them. If

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they had a child, you congratulate them. If they get promoted, you're happy for them. If he's your neighbor and need food you provide for him. If they need blood, you give them you know, anything that they need. We are here to support them. When it comes to dunya matters, but when it comes to Deen matters. It's a different story. When it comes to matters that are related to religion, that's a different story. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. When he came to Medina, the people had two days in which they were engaged in games. So he asked you to not let it go. He asked, What are these two days? What is the significance of these two days? They said, Yeah, rasool Allah we used to

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engage ourselves on them in pre Islamic period in the Jaya Helia surah. Salas SLM, said, Allah have substituted for them something better. Allah changed gave you something better than these two days. He gave you the two days of a lot ha an aide Alfetta, the aide at the end of Ramadan. So these are our two aides. These are our two aides.

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In the seeds, we celebrate our holidays, and these are days that Rasulullah saw Selim declared as sacred days

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somebody might say but chef, they congratulated me and when Adel footer came, when he loved her came, they texted me Happy Eid and all that and he feels so bad. I have to text them back.

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No, no, no. You are on the dental hawk. You are on the right team. You know, there is a very important idea that we have to understand Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran surah earlier more in Edina and Allah him is slam Dean in the sight of Allah is only one and that is Islam. And another place he said when the yet deadly viral Islami Dean and Paula yolk Bella Mina Bofill, accurately middle class serene, and also ever adapt or whomsoever, take any religion other than Islam as the religion it will not be accepted from them in this life. And in the accurate they are among the losers. So when he congratulated me on She congratulated me about our dean, because our Dean's hack,

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because I will always Dean is the reality is that is the truth is the only Dean. But when we congratulate them, we are congratulate them about falsehood.

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And imagine your friend congratulated you because you had a baby from your marriage. So, will you go and congratulate him when he had a baby from his girlfriend that he's not married to them? Well, congratulations. No, no, he congratulated you because you are on the heart. You have done it the right way. He's doing it through haram. You do not congratulate him for that. And somebody might say but he or she, they do not mean you know, to celebrate the birth of the Son of God. Like they claim stuff for Allah. They just you know, celebrating it because it's a cultural they used to it. No, no, no. Similarly, let me ask you a question. If somebody was wearing a necklace that has a cross

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and you tell him, brother, you're not allowed to do that. He will say no, no, no, I don't believe in the cross at all. I just like the design. It's so beautiful. Is that possible? No, no, this is a symbol of a religious matter. And similarly these holidays are religious holidays. Okay, listen to what Allah subhanaw taala said Lend me your ears and unmute your heart my brothers and sisters. Allah subhana wa Tada said in Surah Miriam

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will call taka ramen while other and they said that a Rahman the Most Merciful. Have a son laka Digi Tom che an ID you have came up with something huge, even monstrous.

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Take care do summer where to yet have a tournament what unshackle org water kilronan G Balou had and Tao will arrive manually. Look at the image

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that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and Allah subhanaw taala is telling us if the mountains and the earth and the skies were told that Allah has the sun, how would they react? Okay, listen to what Allah said. Allah said, The heavens will rupture, the Earth will split, and the mountains will crumble. Why Allah because they said that Allah has a son, Allah Akbar, you can feel the gravity and the weight of this idea. And then after all this, if the mountains is shaking, and that the earth is spitting and the heavens are rupturing, and then I go and say congratulating congratulation on celebrating the birth of the Son of God, stuffer Allah. So we have to be extremely careful. Yeah,

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one be very, very careful. Our dean is the dean that Allah has chosen Aloma a committed to lecom Deena, we're at mem to Alikum net Amity. What are the two lecom? Islam Medina? I am. I have accepted Islam. I have made Islam as your deen. That's it. Again, when it comes to other matters, we help we smile. We Be very gentle and kind and courteous and all the great manners. All the great help possibly we can provide to non Muslims. But when it comes to the deen matters, we do not compromise our deen. We have to have our own identity. We have to be very firm when it comes to our deen and we have to teach that to our children. Be nice to your friends at school, to our brothers and sisters.

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Be great to your colleagues at work. But when it comes to the deen matters, we do not compromise our deen for no one. This is our pride being Muslims. So my brothers and sisters, just like it is impossible to have. George going through all this effort to celebrate Eid, we should have the same feeling towards the holidays of the non Muslims. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us steadfast on his Deen, may Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La Ilaha illa Allah I love you all for the sake of Allah Zakon Allah Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at on a toolbar like

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See, Aslan did he got How am I doing? I'm minoli to

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the lobby was he on meaning

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