The Believers 5 Relationships with Quran – Part 02

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Episode Notes

In this lecture Sh Abu Bakr Zoud discusses:

3- Appointing the Quran as a Judge in Your Life.
4- Seeking treatment through the Quran.

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The segment discusses various relationships and issues related to the book of the Prophet sallali, including relationships with various people and the importance of appointing a judge for issues related to life. The legal process for finding a judge and appointing them for issues such as business problems, criminal records, and problems with a woman is emphasized. The importance of learning to deal with illness and finding practical treatment is emphasized, along with the need for proper reading and writing.

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For him, humbly let me select

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either LA or San Diego or prison and thanks for lumps the loss of head on what I love the simplicity of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows by the respective brothers in Islam last week we discussed the Muslims relationships with the poor and that they're supposed to be five. As of now available to him online, he mentions under the air have gone on loss would have been Nepal mitaka.

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Beulah, a complaint that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makes on the day of judgment about these people, and anyone that came after him, whether he's a believer or disbeliever, maybe solomani he was sometimes one complaint is that the people they abandoned this book, it took them for me to have meaning they understood its significance. its importance, they understood this was the last book of a law that was revealed to mankind. And that within it is the guidance for humanity. And they still mature on they still abandoned and neglected it. From this abnormal him. Omar mentions five relationships of the believer with the poet we discussed the first to last week, which was the

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first and the minimal relationship that the believer has with the poet is that he reads this poem, and he's concerned in memorizing and reading and reading over and over eventually leads to memorizing this poem. And the second thing was that he continuously listens to the poet as well, listening from others. And only nowadays, of course, you have the the audio clips that you can listen to as well. This is also part of listening to the piano and we forgot to mention that chef of embarrass him of a lie you mentioned that listening to the Quran is equal to the same reward as reading the Quran. For if reading is equal to one little for that, he says that listening to the

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player carries the same reward that when each letter you listen to is being delayed, the other 10 has said what love your wife will have on your shirt and Allah subhanho wa Taala multiplies the reward, though when you read your concern is not 10 has read and this is one letter and the next letter is another tip that is calculated that for you. And he records it for you with the later Allah you sit on the Day of Judgment, your concern is with the plan itself and with the aid itself. So these are two relationships. The third relationship that did not pay him or him or her money says that the people how's your argument? This is a third one. He said to the people, they abandoned the

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plan in terms of that they did not return to it. And they did not appoint the plan as a judge between or in the issues in their life, the issues and problems. They did not appoint the court as a judge in a decision maker in their problems in their life problems in their life issues. And what does that mean? Jani that means our third relationship with the plan is that anything that arises in your life have a problem or have an issue. You're supposed to go back to the plan and seek its judgment. If not, then that's considered that you have abandoned the plan. one fifth of the Quran has been abandoned. You need to go back to it and appointed as a judge for your issues. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala he says in the plan and just to understand how serious this is, he says find out on a bigger Naomi road, Hector your hotkey, muka FEMA shadowbane home for Malaysian OPM fusi apology macabeo eusa limitus Lima alarm system and this alarm will send them in this area find out what a bigger I swear by your Lord This is very rare in the plan you never find the law taking an oath by himself. This only happens once and only happens he and saw it and he said find out what a bigger I swear by your Lord over the last version takes an oath who doesn't have to take an oath we believe everything he says but when he takes an oath meaning there's something that's about the company's

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really severe and important that he wants to grab attention so he begins the air like this I swear to God I swear by myself lay you know they will never have a man that will never have faith getting what's about to come in the a serious that if it's not implemented, then as a result that's a reflection that there's no humanity inside of a person. I don't mind you saying I swept through it you have no email and I swear by myself that you have no event. What is the thing that I'm not causing this? He says now You mean on had their your hockey mukha female shows you're available until they appoint you as a judge. And then as a decision maker between all the issues that come up

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in their life, you had chemo? It comes from the word hokum with Akeem. In other words, you need to appoint someone as a judge for one so gently singing the eye and they will never ever have faith at all, until they appoint you. Whenever you saw him. If he is not with us, then what replaces him. What replaces him is that which he came with, which is no sooner. So in other words, they have no faith until they appoint you or appoint the poor and was sued not as a judge in all the issues female shows y'all have a no show.

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Have a no, yeah. And he shows you like comes from the word shutter, which is a tree. And you know the tree, when it grows, it has a trunk, which is the strongest part of the tree. And then that trunk it'll lead to branches, which are a bit weaker. And then those branches would lead to tweaks and would lead to leaves and eventually, whatever it is, in other words, female shows all about, you know, all the issues that come up in life, whether they're as small as a tweak, or as big as a trunk, any issue that comes in your life, you're supposed to appoint them to be some Obama, you know, send them, you're supposed to appoint them for admin, so not as a decision maker in those

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issues. Otherwise alive, same fellow, what a big No, no, I swear to you, man. And that's not the only thing. There's a three step process here. He says, they are hacky McAfee measures your beta. So practically, what that means when you have a problem with a with another brother, let's say a business issue, let's say between husband and wife, let's say between you and your children, whatever it is, there was a problem. As small as it is, as big as it is, let's say an issue you had in your own self, that you needed to know something you didn't know about it. So what do you do, you guess and you move on a law, you go and seek any proper advice, a lot of Zoysia be sitting here, you

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don't do anything except that you make an appointment, at least on the level, I like to sell them. In other words, appointing them. As soon as a judge that's one side. So first thing in your heart, you need to intend that. Then the next thing is the human eye as you do feel unforeseen

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bite, and then after this. You're not supposed to find any discomfort in your heart with whatever the Quran and the Sunnah make of a judgement, no discomfort. If there's a bit of discomfort in the photo on a big yellow mirror, I swear to it, they have no Amen. Well, my observation is taking an oath by himself once again, how serious this is. And in other words, what would that mean? That would mean let's say I have a problem with someone, a business problem, whatever it is, and I, okay, so we put in our hearts and in our intentions, that we're going to go and solve this islamically. And we're going to seek the verdict in the judgment of the Colorado sooner. So we go to the people

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that are qualified in that, and we sit in that courtroom, and we discuss our issue. And then the advice that we get from McLaren asuma is that brother, you're wrong. And he's right. And he's supposed to be given 123. If you felt a bit of discomfort in your heart, towards this hobby for this fellow on a bigger we know that this is what it means that you're supposed to accept what's in there and not even feel any discomfort. You don't mean in a courthouse, you had a muscle in a courtroom, there's the defendant, and there's the plaintiff. At the end of the day, both of them walk out of the court, and you have someone that is that is happy because the verdict and the judgment was for

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his favor. And he's happy and is willing to do TV interviews are no problem. And the other book is hiding his face in his running away that he feels a bird from the inside. That's not for you, if walking out of the courtroom of homosassa love doing that for an hour a big lie, we know he can do that. There cannot be any discomfort deep inside. Fie and Fusarium halogen mingma carbide, and nuts. And then there's one more process where you salute the slim app. And they're supposed to fully submit to whatever was given to them a verdict and decision is a limo from Islam. And you know, Islam means submission. So you salute the slim and here means that you're supposed to fully submit

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to whatever was to come out from that courtroom, and you're supposed to do exactly what was given on advice from the Colorado sooner ob if nilang. In that case, such a person has email. And there is a relationship you're supposed to have with the at the head of LA, which is seeking the judgment of the Quran, and the law of polarity any issue that comes up in your life as small as it is as big as it is. And this is what

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I mentioned that the people have abandoned the Quran in this regard. Also true reality. So can Allah go from governments to individuals, this idea has been abandoned. And this is why you need the relationship with the planet. If you're not able to see it established as a government, then at least individually, you're supposed to establish this for yourself. Because at the end of the day, a government has a relationship with and at the end of the day, also an individual has a relationship with the plant and you do what's in your head and what you're supposed to be doing. And what's obligatory upon you to do and that is that go back to the plant in decisions. Yeah, and when you're

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confused about something when you have an issue with someone rushed to it. And that's the first intention you're supposed to have before treating it with any other means, or with any other thing and any other one other person's advice. So that's the third relationship the believer supposed to have with the plan. The fourth and this is the second last one and we have one more after this. And that is as valuable to him over him over long inventions. He says How shall

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we be? How y'all today we be. they abandon the plan in terms of they don't seek it as a treatment as a as a cure for their problems and for their sicknesses. You know

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Once our fourth relationship with the toilet is before you rush to the puddle, rush to the pool and rush to reading something of the air in the pool before you rush to the to the pharmacy and pharmacy seanna was so polite and they were supposed to be thinking of the colon as being the first and foremost medicine that you're supposed to rush them before you rush to anything else. How many times does that happen? that muscle and you got a headache or a sickness and you put your hand on your head and Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen or read the earth before you rush to something yummy from this life that the people may Allah subhanho wa Taala describe the

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plant in more than one place, wondering to zoom in and call it my boy Shiva or not. I mean, we sit down this hole and as a Shiva as a treatment for the people. What was meant to leave meaning for the believer. For me a sign of Eman is that you're going to rush to this plan for treatment for treatment purpose. And he says well, there is either body Mina Illa herself, and it doesn't increase the volume in the wrongdoer except loss and except hopelessness for In other words, a sign of Eman is that one rushes to the Quran when he's sick with a spiritually sick or physically sick, whatever sickness it is. A lot of sorgente says, ooh, La La Vina mano modern washy fer de la Vina Avenue up

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to the disbelievers de la Vina Amano, in other words, a form of email once again, what one thing that proves you have email is that you rush to this whole app. And yeah, and he fought for a treatment Yeah, the first solution of your problem, but who are the levena Ave who then was Shiva was panatela. He says also install the tools a third place any project come over to Morocco, was she fair or Lima for pseudo? Well, who don't want to leave me say that the only there has come down

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to military common advice, a warning has come down from a law and the same advice and the same warning the same color, also how she felt when I feel salute, a cure for whatever is in the chest, which is the heart that's where all the sicknesses and the problems up, and we'll pull out as the solution for that. You need to understand first and foremost, that one of the relationships you're supposed to have with the plan is that whenever you're sick spiritually or physically, you rush to this lab and seek its treatment who hasn't had a lot yet and you have a word known as the word. The word means medicine, which means cure. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the area. He never ever ever

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referred to the poor and has been at the word he never referred to the Quran has been medicine. Well, what's the difference between the word and Shiva what the word is medicine, we know medicine sometimes it can treat a problem sometimes it doesn't treat a problem but a Shiva which is a treatment is always a treatment it always works for most of Canada called the Quran and referred to a Shiva in other words 100% it has the solution for any problem. So you just have to be convinced about that and have good fall in a loss of header more data and tape by that means now the plan is a shift issue for physical problems. This is a hadith let's let's understand this hadith Oh sorry, the

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Who do you love your loved one. And the reason Allahu Allah you send them sends him and a few companions out on an expedition.

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And as they finish whatever the size of them sent them for, they're coming back to Medina. And they come back and it's nighttime. So they find a community they find some fire in a someone's cooking some food, they find a fire and they go towards it. And there's a people there and there's only they have a they have a community leader and there are people there's a community. So hopefully a little bit low. I know this is the early days of Islam, he goes to them and any stuff he saw he requested from them to feed the human will Sahaba they're coming back from a journey they've been hungry now asking for food for this tribe in this nation. This this community, they refuse they said well,

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there's nothing good. Yeah, what I'm gonna feed you anything

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as they're walking by. Say you don't go below this. This is a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari say you don't own the leader of the community, he got stung by a scorpion. He got stung by a scorpion. And he's almost getting paralyzed and he's really sick.

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Just before the Sahaba left, the people rushed to them and they said a fecal Moroccan. Is there anyone among you that does look at

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our signs? He says yes. They said please our the the leader of our community is sick. He's just been stung. Finger says I'm not going to come give him rookie until you pay us. Give us from your sheep what you have.

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And we requested for some food you rejected us. Now we're not going to come back until you give us a part of your sheep. Alright, so they agree. No worries how both sides of the alarm animal walks in and they're low and they come towards this community leader and you can imagine stuff

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By scoping some of the scorpions, yani, their venom is poisonous if you don't treat it within a few minutes or hours, the person has gotten and you either have to Jani you know, amputate one of these limbs, it definitely needs some anti venom, it needs something horrible. So hopefully it'll be alone. I know, he said that. And he put his hand on where the pain is, and where the the problem is. And he began to reach all of them fell into wet food

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and have to rely

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on him and he read the salt. And by the time you finish,

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the Hadith mentions, karma can never lose your permanent record, that the person got up, which is no there was nothing wrong with him. It's as though he was tied to the ground. And then now all of a sudden, he is let loose and he's free. And he's walking. I mean, there's nothing wrong with him. And they gave him part of the sheet. And we'll still have all the aluminum they took him. And they went to Medina, and they arrived and they reached interviews all along while he was alive. And they simply the story of what had happened from the time he said, Who's the one that reads all of the data? So have you said there was so alarming? He said to him at Comerica, how did you know that this

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is a looked at? How did you know that she fell in the solar? So Pamela?

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In other words, genovesa is approving of what he did. And what you did was true, what you did was right. It is a shift, even from problems that are seeing physical injuries and physical pains. And whatever it is, there was antivenom in that Sula towards that venom that was inside of that person. It was about a love for me. So I suddenly said to them, about the sheep you said what blue or blue leave you some? Yeah, and of course, it's permissible to take from the sheep and give me a part of it as well. shavian in what you have a gift for this from this moment, they talk about you only in terms of taking the money on local council, that's a different issue. But that's exactly what

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happened to the size of the luevano on that journey at night.

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There is a Shiva on being goodly there from every problem and from every sickness and from every disease. There is a solution and there is a cure that you're supposed to rush to what happens in spiritual problems here you have any so many people would come and complain about depression, anxiety, worry and I feel the shame bond is on top of my head. I can't sleep at night I have this I have this problem and I'm always depressed from the inside I feel lonely and that the plan is a Shiva for that as well. As much as it's a she felt for your physical injuries and diseases and sickness. It is also a she felt for the spiritual problems. When the VESA Lamar Valley you ascended

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referred to saw it and found out as a rookie will call a guru is okay for the for the believer for your any homework I share this with you and I once someone he called me and he and he mentioned to me of what problems he has and what depression he has and he feels sometimes he wants to kill himself suicidal and yucky. And she felt worried right and I gave him from that form and he wanted to come to look at the best brokers okay that you do for yourself sit down and keep reading this fact out there my ob is the ticker Shiva. He says

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well, a week later he calls and he said I didn't nothing happened. Holy this is a problem we're supposed to address where any

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resided, slipped and fell down this person once. Well, why shall why he got up as if there's nothing wrong with him. But how about the one that says I've read sort of defend the house while I read it twice? A week in two weeks in three weeks? and still is nothing?

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Yeah, anyway, I know I thought this you've had the word of alone my reading and there's nothing nothing's happening inside. I'm still feeling the way I am. Do you need to understand from the very beginning that the treatment with the polarity is a long process. Well, this is how it must have had it out it brings you back to the area as long as you're secure in the Quran, you're in goodness, as long as you're sick and you're going back to the plan for treatment and a cure then you're in a good state for this is the whole purpose of you being sick to go back to this plan or any when that's when nothing is happening when the effect of the plan is not taking place. You need to understand

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that you're not reading properly. You're not reading properly then you cannot accuse or doubt be a handy for me I had a lot of Senate Shiva Yani that we have to believe in trust more than we trust our own. So if a man said it Shiva meaning 100% of Shiva, I am the one that there's something wrong with me I'm not doing something right. And you truly are not doing something right. And the reason alone Why don't you send them even one of the drives that he used to make the record he used to say alone maharsha I like so many Well, sorry, well out of me well also be Yeah, this is Mr. Baker record, nobody used to say used to say what love my hearing and my sight and my wounds and also be

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My nerves are concentrating towards you are concentrating. Daniel was origin wants that much concentration for me. That even your

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Nervous concentrating. I've been telling you read the fact how you're concentrating. When you read and humbly lay your enemy? Did you concentrate and understand that the first word is essential to solve the problem? And humbly, humbly learn everything and humbly like the sickness I'm in and hungry, love with I get better or not, and humbled in all my affairs to do your understanding, did you concentrate with the first? And did you think like that when you're reading and further and then it just gets better in the next by the next day your problems should be solved when you read

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what did you understand that

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the Most Merciful the Impaler merciful, did you Yanni mix this air with your wounds in your flesh in your and your and your meat and your blood and say that in the case I'm in now, and the sadness and the situation I'm in now is only a reflection of a Moore's Law upon me. This is how you're supposed to think and your body you said I'm 18 years 18 years sick, bedridden, he couldn't move from the bed. Or he couldn't even go to the bathroom by himself until his wife carried him and took him there. And the whole community ran away from him because of what disease he had. And he lost his children and his lost his wealth. And it was these houses he lost his he lost everything. And after

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18 years, he says would be Miss sending your book. Well, I'm telling you, I mean, after 18 years, he still knew how to say about me, that's the challenge that you're sick, you're sick. But you're supposed to understand from day one, that this is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you. So if you read Solitaire properly, you would have been so from the first moment you read it, you would have no problem would have been solved from the first instant you read it, it's not just about a few words, you're reading a little bit, you got no idea what you're reading it Everyone knows these meanings, and you don't have to be

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a deep woofer so that you understand the meanings of a feather, and hamdulillah Bye bye. Alright.

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So these are the meanings, you're supposed to reflect what you're saying and hamdulillah he is the master. And unlike the slave. In other words, I'm in no position to complain, how I accept whatever is with me. And this is how we have the loved one is treated with unfair de facto. And you need to learn that when you're in the way only when you're really really sick. That is when a love wants to hear from you, man and wind coming out from your heart. And if you can do that, then you really believed in the day.

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That's when you really believe that it's very easy to sell. Now, you drive your car, it's very easy to sell,

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having a meal easy.

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But get sit next to him. Now your email in your home is being tested. So this is how you would treat himself with chocolate and never gives up and reads parts of a poem from beginning to end, even in a relationship you're supposed to have with it is that when you're physically sick, you rush to the toilet before you rush to anything. And if you're spiritually sick from the inside, you're also rushed to the toilet. Or if the law was a pattern with that it gives you that Shiva. And whenever he wants, he sends it down upon you. And I'm going to ndn Shabbat and next week we'll share that last one fifth one it needs some time to explain. And the fifth one is, has you're

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pondering over the forehead. Now what does what exactly does that mean? We're saying that a relationship between the person and the bride is supposed to be that you ponder over this plan. What does that mean? And is this only for an older man and the scholars in the field? Or is this for everyone else that Jani that reads. So what does pondering and reflecting over the meanings of the polar mean in the late auto show that next week with some practical examples on how it's done, and that would only conclude our our discussion of the relationships that the believer is supposed to have with the pool that will be in the lab. What we intended with this is that we're closer to the

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understanding of what relationship you're supposed to have with the plot as a preparation for the month of the Quran that is about to come. So that is yamata in the month of July. You're living with the Quran, and in these relationships that you're supposed to have. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the planet ask him some more data to make use of those who benefit from the reminders of the plan was submitted w delicado la Sol along with cinemavilla garland Amina Mohammed Wada and he osaki as marine