I Serve it, But I don’t Take it

Ali Hammuda


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Don't damage others.

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One thing is for you to go home

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and to listen to something, a musical track, may Allah Almighty pardon you want.

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Another thing, however, is for you to write those lyrics or to push it out to your community

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because now you're damaging others.

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One thing is for you to snort up crack yourself, may Allah protect you and your children. Another thing is pushing it out into the community because now you're damaging eyes

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and realize that any sin that is consumed, smelled, taken hurt, engage them because of your influence. Because of your food, your product

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then that scene has your name on it on the Day of Judgment, even if you didn't do it yourself.

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Now just allow that to sit down for a moment in your mind.

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You know what that looks like? Then you create you some scenarios.

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Imagine man stands in front of Allah, Jen little Allah.

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For Allah to say to him, Tell me now.

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About the 5000 times you took coke.

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You said y'all I honestly didn't take drugs myself. I I served up to the people. I never smoked it out myself. Allah said you lie.

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Because the product that you put into the community 5000 People in handled it, so it's got your name on it. Pick it up big man.

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Then Allah, Allahu says to you in his court

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telling me about the 10,000 people that you've killed me engine slashed.

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You say I never killed anyone. I carried out I carry the blade with me. Maybe I injured one or two people. I never killed anyone unless they you lie.

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Because the product you pushed out into the community people die. People became injured because of your stuff. It has your name on it now. Pick it up demand

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then the king says to you how know did you go when you stole from your mother?

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How low did you go when you gave your mama Blackeye because she wouldn't give you what's in her savings.

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You said your one thing I did not do was hit my mum. Allah say you lie. And that is because the crack you served up to people cause people to steal from their mothers or to hit their parents. So pick it up big man

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who can deal with this? Who could carry his sins and the sins of others? Do you not realize Leah Maru elves Zara home Camila Yeoman Tiana. Allah said you will have to carry your sins in full on the Day of Judgment. Listen, let me know XRV levena You'll be known

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and you will carry the sins of the people you misled