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AI: Summary © The speaker is questioning if the Bible has been changed and if anyone has been associated with it. They argue that people are adding offense at its depiction of immoral acts and that the Bible has not changed. They suggest that people should not risk their life if they believe in the new news and should not risk their life if they believe in the old news.
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Just as a pastor, Pastor just I'm trying to understand, do you do you believe that the Bible has been changed? Because you alluded to the fact that maybe something was taken out of the Quran, but the Quran is the verbatim Word of God Almighty, tamper, free, tamper proof, that's one of the miracles of the Quran that we have it today as it was preserved, we have it. And anyone who comes at it objectively, scientifically and politically, they approach it, they'll see there's no way this can come from anyone other than the Creator that has an Earth. But let me tell me, do you believe the Bible because I heard you say, and I want to just hear from you. Do you believe the Bible has

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been tampered with has been changed? Because you know, as a pastor that Matthew didn't write Matthew Luke didn't write Luke, it's according to Matthew, according to Luke, and no credible Bible scholar will tell you that Matthew wrote Matthew. So that's the leading question. Okay, so how would you yes or no? Is the Bible been changed? I'll just go to like, a May, I'll do like you do? As the head has the Bible. Now, duty yours? Yeah, help us understand, yes, men have rewritten the Bible in order to fit in with the culture, rather than making the culture philia with what's right, they have changed about the wordings of the Bible. That's why God, not the only reason, but one of the reason God put

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in the spirit of our heart, we have a teacher within. And that is the Holy Spirit. And that's why God said, Let no man teach you. Because if another man teaches you, they're going to intellectually tissue right into *. But if you hear what they have to say, let it pass through, went through one ear and out the other, but allow only the Holy Spirit to teach you, you cannot go wrong.

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So how do you decipher now? So if I understood you correctly, do you do agree that the Bible has been changed? How does someone decipher what's the word of God? Like? There's many passages that are really clear and lucid, where doxa was mentioning that the past is here, O Israel, the LORD thy God is one. You know that Jesus being subordinate to God that He prayed to God, we would say those are in line with what we believe that Jesus was worshiping the Creator, calling people away from idol worship, away from immorality, we'd agree. But then you have other passages in there that we would disagree with, like the passages that paint some of the prophets as committing immoral acts and

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whatnot, we will say this is the hands of man, this is not to disrespect you as a Christian or anything. But we would say that this is like, because you said, you said this is the Bible has been changed. And and if it's changed, people are adding deleting. So this is where we would say, and take strong offense when they insult many of God's prophets and messengers, and they attribute things vices to them sins to them, that we would say there's no way because the prophets are perfect. Well, apparently the Koran has been changed to because it would definitely endure, where it says Christians and Jews are infidel worthy of death. And that you can lie to them, you could be

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first. We'll do it.

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Jesse, we did this. So just like apparently, it sounds like the Quran has to be rewritten. So has the Bible been rewritten, and is set up to deceive the people and not just set them free, but to control them? So So brother, Jesse, historically, we know and I can show you the evidence that the Bible that your assume that you are also acknowledging has been changed, New Testament and Old Testament, right? But that process did not happen to the Quran. From the time the Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him from God. He memorized the whole Quran, he had it written down 1000s And millions of people all throughout the ages that memorize the whole Quran, and we have the

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copies of the Quran going all the way back to the first generation. So the Quran has not been changed. Because Allah God promises in the Quran that God will protect it. So the who

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is not there about infidels, the Christians or Jews and what you can lie to them to see them? You can feed them whatever, right? But that was not there. Now, maybe that has been taken out. I will argue that because I haven't, I haven't seen the new Koran. I just saw the real ones, where those things were there. And so they may have been changed. It may not be there today, because

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I've noticed that when the moves and move into the Christian world, Western society, their whole mission is to destroy the Western society to destroy Christianity. So maybe that has been changed. Are you really do you really believe this stuff that you're saying Jessie?

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Are you

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what? So So Jesse, you know, I, you know, because we're because as Muslims we're commanded, you know, we're commanded we're commanded we're commanded to spread good and forbid evil to like I said to hate in justices you know, to be just so how can we like it's it's a contradiction. It's it doesn't make sense just we don't see to move them out.

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out there denouncing Allahu Akbar. They're not they're not out there denouncing that Christian Koran is wrong. And that Christians, Virginians are infidels you hear yourself that you could just lay them wherever the Muslims I don't see numbers of mucem denouncing that at all. Jesse Jesse, do you see Christians denouncing Hallelujah? Hallelujah.

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Do you see that denying any passage of the Bible? What does that have to do with the Koran? The moves are not denouncing that Christians and Jews are infidels and worthy of death. So okay, so me as a Muslim, I will not deny that what you're saying because the Quran does not say to begin with, it's not even there in the Quran whether just

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be rewritten, so no, no. Today, no. People have memorized the whole Quran. Suppose if somebody comes and add something to the Quran, for example, there are millions of memorizers out there, they will catch it, they will correct it, they will throw this copy out if somebody adds something to it. And that process is a check and balance process that you will not find for the Bible for the old New Testament. The Quran has a do check and balance system. So what we have in our hands, the Arabic Quran is exactly the same that was given by God to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It has not been changed. Later on maybe in a different episodes, we can go over the process, how the Quran has

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been protected by God, zero change, not a single letter, not a single word, not a single chapter. But let me ask you this question. Why do I believe in the passages that you're mentioning from the Bible, that man is the head of the household or head of his wife, the Bible?

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To hear that household? The Bible said that the husband is the head of the wife and be

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your wife you are afraid to say that you hit your wife or you know what?

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So So Jessie, why is she

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with you? Why should none a hold on brother? Why should you believe in that? Because that may be somebody changed it. Somebody inserted that since Bible has been changed. Why should I risk my life of eternity in a book that is less than 100%?

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Original Why don't risk your life that day because I don't want your wife to hurt yeah, we try to be demand

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