Abu Bakr Zoud – Steadfastness, the Key to All Success

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of happiness and how it is achieved through good deed. He explains that every good deed is rewarded in the hereafter, including social activities like selling houses and giving water. The speaker also mentions that anyone who is patient and gives good water will receive a breakthrough in their life.
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steadfastness is the only key to success.

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And it is the secret to happiness in this life and in the Hereafter. And every goodness that happens to you in this life comes because of your obedience for most part of that in the midst of a lot of other usnm he said in a Hadith, listen to this hadith in Allah inala there yo minute hustler

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in the mind, of limb minahasa your puppy have dounia where you said

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he says very, a lot does not treat a believer unjustly, never treats a believer unjustly in regards to his good deed. Only when you do a good deed. A lot doesn't treat you unjustly with this good deed. If a lot there's a lot to do for you, when you do a good deed, maybe some low value or send them he says a lot would reward him in this world. And he would give him reward in the hereafter. Yanni for every good deed you do in this life, a lot reward in this life. Every select you do, you will see its reward in this life before the hereafter. Every letter of the Quran you read, you will be rewarded for it in this life before the hereafter. Every fasting you do its reward will get to

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you in this life before the Hereafter, every soda you give, you will see its reward and benefit in this life before the hereafter. So Pamela, and on top of all this reward in the hereafter.

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layoff minute shuffle, it means that a lot of social deals justly with you and that just do the good deed. Just do the good deed. Just hold on to steadfastness. Convince yourself. This is the only path to happiness. Any goodness you do in this life. It's reward you're going to see in this world in life. Whenever you sell a model, how do you sell and he says woman near

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Roma, anyone who seeks patience. Anyone who remain patient, Allah will give him patience.

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