Repentance isn’t a complicated matter

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness in Islam and how it is a complex and difficult process. They also mention the use of words to express regret and the importance of letting people say their mistake before the next court panel. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to make a statement about their mistake and bringing their mistake to the fore.
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Toba is not a complicated matter in Islam. It's not something complicated and difficult. It is something very simple. That was taught to us by most of

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the love and look at the mercy and the compassion of a lost origin. That it is his two parents who died who taught us how to make a Toba. You know, in the story of Adam alayhis salam that we just shared when he committed the sin. He felt bad about his sin. He felt horrible about his sin. How is he going to talk to Allah? How is he going to express that he regrets what he did? And how is he going to express that your law? I'm in need of your forgiveness. He didn't even know what to do. He had no words. There was no way at that time there was nothing. Allah subhanho wa Taala news, the honesty and the sincerity of Adam alayhis salam, so Allah so Allah says in the Quran, Allah, who

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probably he can he met Adam alayhis salam was given words from Allah subhanho wa Taala. A lot give him words. Imagine that. That's how much a law surgeon wants you to make Toba that he guided us to adobo. He guided us to the words were supposed to say that would earn as a complete forgiveness of sins power law, or law. He's the one who knows the laws origin and he knows him for his forgiveness and for his mercy would love him so much. subhanho wa Taala laws or shall he says Adam received words from a law? What were these words that Adam received? A lot of Xhosa Lee says in suit of color or better Valentina. fusina Lena Otto Hamner, Linda coonan, liminal ha serene. These were the dryer,

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this was the words that a lot of so shall give Adam at least Shut up, and his wife where the words were about Zoysia ctmc say, or better.

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Start your diet, when seeking a loss, forgiveness with the word or better our Lord acknowledge that this is your law. This is

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our love comes from the word tarbiyah tarbiyah. Meaning when someone discipline someone, when someone looks after someone, when someone takes care of someone, that process is called a total beer. You know, like a parent to his child, when he looks after him, nurtures him, disciplines him feeds him provides a safe environment for him. This is all called a total beer. A lot of soil from his names is on lob, which comes from a beer. So when you want to make a desire to seek a loss forgiveness, begin by saying Rob

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and when you see the word or better, remember a loss compassion upon you. Remember a loss care and love for you, remembering the fact that you're just standing and making the door. That's almost care for you. That's a lot of compassion and love for you. That he allowed you to stand before his hand and make it while that's an honor to stand before a long surgeon. raising your hand making a dryer is an honor. So many people are deprived from this. So first, you need to be sincere and honest, like Adam alleys that was sin, see how he wants to. He wants to express his regret because of the sin that allows or shall give him these words. Now when you feel that in your heart, worried about

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your sins, Alonzo he'll be the lead enables you to make this again by seeing or banner. Remember loss, compassion and mercy when you see the word or banner. Then the words were of Adam alayhis. Salaam. He said

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on fusina we wronged ourselves, we oppressed ourselves. That's right. When you're making a tober blame yourself, no one bought yourself, blame yourself. You're the one that fell into the into into the wrong. You're the one that committed the sin. Don't blame the don't justify the sin don't blame anyone blame yourself for center and this with the word volum nanfu senate when you're blaming yourself, when you are seeing and acknowledging Allah I wronged myself, this humbles the servant. It humbles you before a lot of social and one of the conditions of an accepted Toba instead of person humbles himself before the last panel that and acknowledges his weakness and acknowledges his sins.

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Say it before a loss origin senior law I acknowledged my sin, I acknowledge it I am weak. I fell into the sin. That was because I was weak and I was tempted and and my desire overpowered me and I fell into it. You're so panic. You do. All priests belongs to you. You owe the almighty the old perfect and I remain a slave and a servant of yours for them. nanfu Center. We're in the middle of Atlanta. What are Hamner Lennar? coonan nominal ha serene and if you do not forgive us look at this look at this humility of Adam alayhis salam in his

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outfit Lana What are Hamlet and all law if you do not forgive us

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If you do not bestow Your mercy upon us, surely Linda coonan Amina ha city we are going to be from among the losers. Allahu Akbar, Kenny that that's that's a given you're a loser. If Allah subhanho wa Taala does not accept your Toba and forgive you. Just like in the vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam cursed such a person that witnesses the entire month of Ramadan at the end he is not forgiven for. So this is the Toba that we're supposed to be making. And the power of a Toba is that he earns a person complete forgiveness of his sins and brings him closer to loss. Pleasure brings him closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala is love