Abdullah Hakim Quick – Aleppo Reflections And Resolutions

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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100 hero below the mean while RP but a little more talking without reward Illa Allah * Russia La ilaha illallah wa tahu la sharika lah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a solo solo la la la la la la he was happy woman da da wa t he was tender besonderer de la Omid Dean was settled into Sleeman kathira Ahmedabad for SQL will not see the talk of Allah azza wa jal or some evil ta

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or praise the due to Allah Lord of the worlds

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ensure that surely the best reward ultimately is for those who have Taqwa.

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And sure, surely there is no animosity, except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah has one and has no partners. And that Mohammed the son of Abdullah, is his servant and his last messenger and May Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, to all those who call to his way and establish his funnel to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I begin by reminding myself and you to surround yourself and to live with taqwa.

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And that is the consciousness of Allah. That is keeping our duty to Allah subhanaw taala. And remembering Allah in everything that we do.

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And I remind myself that we need to listen to the words of Allah, to obey the words of Allah azza wa jal, because he has revealed to us in a way that would be relevant to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Sallam

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over 1400 years ago, and continue to be relevant to us, until the Day of Resurrection. And that is that Oh, you who believe, Fear Allah in the way he should be feared

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and do not die, except in the state of Islam.

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Oh, you who believe.

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As we go through the events of the world, moving towards the Day of Resurrection,

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we have to remember that the words of Allah kalambo law algunos de la Allah, Muhammad, sal Salaam, this is the bottom line.

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This is the only truth that we can ultimately depend upon, along with the authenticated words of our beloved prophet SAW Selim,

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who explained what was in the last revelation.

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And Allah is telling us that we need to, to the best of our ability

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to have the consciousness of Allah to strive to our best standard that we can reach.

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And that we need to try to ensure in the best way, that when we leave this world that we leave in a state of Islam.

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This bottom line is something that we need to remember, as the politics of the world shifts to the left, and it shifts to the right. This bottom line is what the young people need to remember the most important element in your life. More important than your money. More important than your fame and reputation is your dean.

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It is your Islam.

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Because that is the essence of the struggle that has been going on from the beginning of time.

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Oh, you who believed

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last Monday, as I was flying over

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a section of the Middle East, from the Emirates. We flew just north of Iraq and Syria.

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And on looking down at the land,

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having come from Dubai, coming from the Emirates,

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it was two worlds.

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On looking down and thinking about what was happening below,

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that we are witnessing one of the worst genocides of civilian population since World War Two.

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Nothing in its savagery

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in the clear, evil has manifested itself in the way that we and the world because of now technology, are watching day by day, over 450,000 people killed millions of people displaced sent around the world.

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The strange phenomenon of the dunya that we are living in is that people are living in different worlds. Although we are in the dunya in some cases, it's difficult to relate to people in other parts of the world.

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In Dubai, we went to a place they call the Miracle Garden

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with flowers everywhere, a fantasy Dream Land, and people taking pictures of themselves in a fantasy Dream Land. And I wondered to myself people are in a dreamland here, eating the chocolates and thinking of the fantasy and other Muslims

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are starving to death and living in what is described by some people as a living *.

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two parallel worlds, but everybody is in motion.

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Everybody is in motion. And one thing that is sure that we all must taste death, we all must make the transition out of this world.

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And also pinata Allah revealed and circle NBR verse 35,

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kulu knifes in that he cuts on moat?

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What not blue or combust shortly. Well, Haley fitna what he lay now to the jungle,

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Allah has revealed every soul must taste death.

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And we will test you

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with good things, and evil things as a trial.

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And you will all return to us.

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And so the donor in some cases for people is a trial of shuttle

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have evil of pain of suffering. For other people, it's a trial of hair. It's a trial of good. And that might sound strange. And it might even sound strange that many of the companions of the Prophet SAW the salon. When they were with him. They said we were living in Iraq, we were living in difficult times. Sometimes we didn't have food to eat. We saw our families die. But our faith was strong.

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And then after he died, and the wealth started to pour into Medina, they said we were living in southern rock, we were living in times of ease. And now we're not sure about our faith.

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So in many cases, and it is a strange thing to say, and no human beings should be subjected to punishment and evil and suffering. But if we look at life, as the transition from the short dunya,

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into the barossa, into the academic,

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then in many cases, the people who suffered for Allah subhanaw taala, and went into the bottles up and now met the here after will ultimately be better off than the ones who thought they were living in a paradise on earth

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in a Miracle Garden,

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and they will turn and find the next life to be a punishment. Well, he has to be left.

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We have to remember

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that the crisis in Aleppo and

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in Syria, it is not an isolated incident. It is an ongoing assault

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on the Muslim world.

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And with people being evacuated out of Aleppo, and inshallah we have to pray that they can all come out of their safe, but that's not the end, because Islam is there. This is a process that we are going through. But the difference is we have seen the genocides in Bosnia, in Kashmir, in Yemen, in the Central African Republic in Iraq. In Afghanistan. We have seen it, but it has never been so brutally clear.

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as what we are seeing and facing right now

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is that people living under barrel bombs, missiles, chemicals, and the world is very slow to move stagnated in political differences. The bottom line,

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as many of the great old Mr. have told us in this time, is that the struggle is not based on our Adi wahoo dude.

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It is not based on land and borders, but it is aqeedah What would you say?

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It is based on belief

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and very existence. This is an existential struggle.

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And there are those who are committed to put out the light of Allah subhanaw taala

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They are permitted to do this. And Prophet Mohammed says that

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he did not speak from himself. He spoke from above seven heavens and Allah subhanaw taala through his life has given us

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understanding of what would come ahead.

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He has given us an understanding of the greater picture of things as we suffered through the minor picture that comes in front of us. And the tradition reported by tow band raviolo one that the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said in Allah has only allotted for it Masada hahahahaha, we're in the middle Coco mateesah, Yabloko matsuya de minha or Tito canadain.

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well up yet,

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the prophet SAW Southern was reported to have said, Verily, Allah showed me the expanses of the earth. In the LA Soleil art. He opened up the earth to him. And he informed me as the Prophet Sal Sutherland said, he showed me the east and the west. And he informed me that my oma would spread over and possess all that I saw of the earth. And I have been given the treasures of the white and the red, meaning the Byzantine Roman Empire and the sassanid Persian dynasty.

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And then the prophet SAW Selim continued, because in his mind, and this is one of the beautiful things about our beloved Prophet Mohammed says Allah, he cared about his oma and he's always praying and drop Almighty Almighty praying for the oma.

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And in this case,

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his tradition informs us

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that the prophets have seldom said we're in the cell to rob Billy Amati. Unless you have legal hobby send us an AMA while you sell it. allow him to do one min see what unfussy him yesterday how beta to home. We're in Nairobi Cali er Mohammed in the iva de tu casa en for inna who la you right?

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Well the liko home besonderheiten Allah Allah, Allah him I do one min see what unfussy him for yesterday how beta to willowridge tema de him min benei optare ha.

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So the prophet SAW some of them then said, I implored My Lord, I begged my Lord,

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not to allow my oma to be destroyed by a general catastrophe, and not to be conquered by an enemy alien to themselves, who would bring low their capital and leadership. He Allah azza wa jal said, Oh, Mohammed, my judgment is irreversible.

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I have decreed that your oma will not be destroyed, all at once by a general catastrophe

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that it will not be conquered by an alien enemy who bring low it's capital, city and leadership, even if all of the nations of the earth were to rally against it.

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But then the prophet SAW Selim continued, and he said

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that a lot told him but a group of your oma will destroy the other groups or take them captive.

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And so look into the future.

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And this hadith continues and the prophet SAW Selim said in number ahafo alaykum immortal Magdalene, what I really fear for you is Miss guided leaders.

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And he continued on

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in this long tradition.

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And at the end of the tradition, the prophet SAW Selim said, well, let's talk for 10 min Almighty, Allah

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Roman holla, for whom hotter yatirim Rola he said

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and that there will constantly be a section of my alma who will remain victorious, unaffected by the falling away of others, until Allah May he be praised and glorified, has issued his commandments for the movement of history.

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So the prophet SAW Selim spoke about a torrefaction almanzora.

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He spoke about a victorious party.

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He spoke about resistance, that there would be Muslims who would resist

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They would stand, even if everybody fell down around them.

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And that this would continue. And we look in our history and we see the onslaught that came on to the Muslim world, even from the time of Abu Bakr, Siddiq radula one, the people did riddle they they apostate it.

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And then later after, after a time Crusaders came, waves have slowly been, they came into the Muslim world slaughtering 1000s of people, but the oma stood.

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Then the Mongols came

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one of the greatest trials and some people in a time when the Mongols came and killed 3 million people in Baghdad. The writers were saying it is Fiamma. This

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is a Yama that we're facing, but the oma stood

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it stood. It would stood this murder, this savagery, and it bounced back.

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And so a toy for 10 months Sora continued but now we are facing the evil leaders that the prophet SAW some of them spoke about and in one Hadith, the prophet peace be upon him said yeah, kuno alaykum Kumara home, Sharon Mennella juifs they will be on top of you rulers who are more evil than the fire worshippers, Sharon Melamed you modules and sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we see it happening.

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bombing of civilians, destruction of hospitals, killing of young people what is the value in this? What is the value? What evil insanity construct the minds of a person.

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But we have 100 law in this nation. We are not like the ancient Egyptians or the ancient Babylonians, or the ancient Greeks and Romans, we have Allah subhanaw taala and a lot told us

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through the prophet SAW Selim that there would be a target for turn Mansehra that there would be Muslims who would resist and they will stand regardless of what happens what can we do here far away to be part of this thought if it's in Minnesota, what can we do the first thing is that we need to change ourselves we have to first look within ourselves

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to look at our own life our family our community,

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because a lot told us very clearly

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in the law, UK Roma be comin What are you can you do might be unforeseen. Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themselves. We are in a fitna. We were in a trial. And one of the descriptions of fitna is coming from how they clean metals with fire.

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It is purified with fire.

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We are in a major fitna all over the Muslim world.

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And we have to look at ourselves It is reported that a mirror meaning Omar laptop read the last one. When difficulty came with the troops when Muslims were suffering. He did not look at the numbers of soldiers.

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He did not look at the weapons, but he looked at believe is what is our practice of Islam? What is our relationship to the sinner? Are we for real? Are we not for real?

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So the first change we can all begin is within ourselves. And that is the beauty that Allah said, when that change comes within us he will change the conditions.

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And this is what has happened in the darkest days. When Muslims thought it was the end of time

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when they change something in themselves,

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Allah subhanaw taala change the conditions

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and they went from darkness into light.

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Number two, that we constantly make dua to Allah subhanaw taala in the day and then the night, every time we pray, to pray for the people in hollub. The people in it live in Mosul in all the areas where Muslims are suffering

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to make to are constantly for this as quiet as it's kept in Yemen right now. Every 10 minutes. There's a baby dying.

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It's a human humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.

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So we need to constantly make dua for our people right now make the job to help the people and help itself to come

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Out of this extreme circumstance, number three,

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too fast, to give sadaqa to do whatever we can dedicate ourselves toward uplifting the oma to live this evil off of us at this point of time. Number four, that we join efforts on the ground,

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local efforts, international efforts right here in this Masjid, our students have a petition, you know which day and hamdulillah get signatures for the petition. We also have the friend, the family program, a second wave of people coming in from Syria, right here in the center.

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So we can do something there'll be outside right afterwards,

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international efforts,

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there are webinars going on, there are demonstrations happening,

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to do something, to say something to do something to give our wealth. And remember, this is not an isolated incident, it is a process. It's a process of those who would love to put out the light of Allah, Al Hamdulillah, they will never put out the light of Allah. Number five, that we can speak to our representatives, speak to our political representatives, demonstrate right in whatever we can do, to force an end to the fighting

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force, an end of the genocide and slaughter happening in the Muslim world. And we need to make an intention

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and attention within ourself as part of our deep activism. This is beautiful as our students are active, sign the petition. So the students are now making an action that's the younger generation we want a generation that doesn't just just stand still frozen, but Move, move to do something to help

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and make special draft for the Mujahideen.

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There has to be the true targets and Mansehra that will have to stand up not extremists who are killing innocent people. But the true strong Muslims of the Latin meaning or is that an lol Catherine.

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They are humble to the believers and they are mighty in the face of disbelief. A balanced Thai fortune Mansehra. We have to pray to Allah subhanaw taala to bring forward this time,

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and to help us to be part of this time.

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Who can take a stand to defend the innocent and the weak and the oma who are suffering now, because politics is not going to work.

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politics has turned it to Polly tricks,

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is a form of trickery. That is going on in the name of so called democracy.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala has blessed this nation in the past, to come out of the most extreme circumstances and to bounce back. And we only can pray that Allah subhanaw taala will help us to change what is within ourselves to change what we can do around us and will help this oma to come out of this terrible situation. May Allah subhanaw taala protect the children of the home of Mohammed Solis Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect the dignity and the honor of the women of the oma Mohammed says Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect and guide the men of the oma of Muhammad's Allah. May Allah raise up leadership balance strong leadership and the oma to take us from darkness

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into light. And may Allah make our last words and all those who are dying in Aleppo dying in other places May Allah make their last words and our last word, Kelly Bella ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah seldom have to locally have the well stocked full lolly welcome. When he started he was the medium and coolly dumping stone Pharaoh in the who who will affordable him

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Alhamdulillah wa has a heart will follow the summit. Allah the lamb gathered what am youlet What am Yakuza Hakuna had? Suddenly what was seldom other sedara Muhammad Allah He was Sufi who baddeck Masada woebot

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Yoku Huck suparna Bok piranha Amira in the La la casa who use a Luna Allah NaVi. Yeah, are you hola Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Ooh, Taslima Allahumma salli wa salam ala ab decoda, zuleika. Mohammed, Wilder Allah He was happy education.

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What is the law one of the hola Rashidi Abu Bakr, Omar is Manoir de Wanda biometrika hamara amin Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo MoMA con la la tarea de la Adana, la robina led to the polu banaba data will have led a middle column in the council haha Allahumma Islam on muslimeen Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in a lahoma is that a slam move muslimeen allowing oneself Mujahideen historia aloha Munson which identity Philistine will be couldn't be mechanical of hammer Rahim. Allah must be Madonna Warhammer Katana What? Well, the camera was first Oh, that was too are you wanna watashi lubaina Western bizarrely hottie, Melina yeah Karim Allah Hama villain Muslim Mina well Muslim at me

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Nina one minute. I mean what I'm glad we're on particular camera he mean Evangelion como como la de la jolla. San Ysidro portable Wang ha, en el fascia he will won't cover body. Yeah, either from La La come to the Quran. Okay, masala.

Jumuah Khutbah/Sermon/Talk on December 16, 2016.

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