Abu Bakr Zoud – Raising Children upon Prayer

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of prayer in the life of children is discussed, including the use of the symbolism of a salt symbol and the importance of setting up a solid in one's life to improve their chances of praying. The speakers stress the need for education and training before the age of seven, as it is crucial for children to pray effectively. The importance of teaching children to pray at the age of seven to avoid wasting their time and causing harm, and to instill strong love of a person in their lives. Prayer is emphasized as a way to avoid sinful behavior and as a way to create events and trips for children to enjoy. Consistent prayer practices and opportunities for events and trips are also suggested.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while Allah He or sotheby as

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salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh so our topic for today is raising children upon a solid, the prayer and I'm going to share this with you in for discussion points in the lay data. I've typed them up there in the screen so that inshallah Allah you can see them move along with us. So my brothers and sisters in Islam the first point is that the one who frequently reads the Quran and the Sunnah

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would come across a number of places in where Allah subhanho wa Taala discusses the importance and the significance of prayer in the life of children. So for example, when we read in salt Malian Allah subhanho wa Taala he speaks about his Mary lolly his cellar, and he says all goodfield kitabi is married in homecare nurse all the Colorado carenado sulan de la sojourn speaks about the profit is Mary Lally his salon and then he highlights one of his qualities after this I recited a lot of social he says what can a Moodle level the salette user get? What can I not be model de la como la Zoysia Lee says that is Mary Lala, he said I'm Ken a model a la salette. He was a cat. He used to

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command his family, his children his wife, he used to command them and his entire oma to establish the prayer and to give Zakat Allah azza wa jal said about him. Again Angular beam obeah and allows origin was pleased with him.

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The fact that his marry lolly Salaam would instruct and command his children and teach them a solid allows origin was pleased with his Mary and Alan his setup because of that, the one who teaches and raises his children and nourishes them and nurtures them upon a solid is a person in which allows origin loves and that person is pleased with Allah subhanho wa Taala and allows origin is pleased with him. In another place in the poliana Lazor gel at the end of soul of Baja. He says what more silica was solid It was a lot more like a solid was COVID Allah Allah azza wa jal gave instruction to the soul the loss of the law while he was in them, and told him to instruct and command his

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family as well as the members in his household and he's in PI oma to establish the prayer

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what more like a slot was started earlier and be patient with the command so it's not a matter of telling your children to pray once or twice or three times. But rather be patient upon the instructions that you're going to give your family to establish the solid model that was started earlier. You find this also in in other places of the world and you find the laws origin speaks about Ibrahim Ali he said up Ibrahim Ali said he made he said oh beanie skin to me would really be where the lady visa in the Vatican mahalo morbidelli Yuki masala when a Bahia mala he said he was leaving Mecca by the command of Allah Zoysia he was leaving Mecca and obviously he lived in Mecca,

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his wife, her job, Baba la Juana, and his son is Mary lolly. He served he left them in Mecca. The story is famous, but when he left Mecca and he left them there, he made a dryer and he said or be a banner in a skin to mean to re at the wedding. Lady lizama in the bicycle Muharram he said, Oh Allah, I left some of my family, some of my family in an uncultivated on uncultivated land which is Mecca This is obviously it's barren it's a dry desert nothing grows there he left them there and he said he made it he said up I left them there be where the ladies are and debate tickle Maha bomb at the sanctified and holy Valley which is Michael McCullough. What for? Why did he leave them for he

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said oh banner Leo clean was solid, my lord I left them there in this barren desert, just so that they establish a solid so that the establish a solid and perform a solid in this land. Allahu Akbar. And then later on in that same day, he made a dua and he said, what a Zuko Mina, la la la Hamish guru, then he made over law provide for them and feed them and give them provision only so Pamela Ibrahim alayhis salam, meet the dua that Allah allow my generation to establish a solid that was his first concern. Then his second concern was an our law

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provide for them and feed them and nourish them and so on. So a solid the spiritual food was given precedence and preference over

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The actual physical nourishment of the human body it's upon a lot. And you also find as I sit here, this is the first point of discussion you will find that a lot of Xhosa discusses this matter heavily in the Quran, about prophets and righteous people and their relationship with their children concerning their prey. One of the final pieces of that in the Quran I share with you is your man in a suit look man also, we find that a lot of social records one page of look man alley you salaams advice to his son. And one of the advice of Look, man, Allah is certainty his son was Yeah, punia akima solid, establish a solid in your life. So Pamela, you need to focus and think of this, that

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look man, Allah, he said, I would have advised this son, so many things, so many things. But out of the many things, he advised him, Allah subhanho wa Taala choose to tell us a few of them. And from the view was that he would say to him up in a solid year boonie, my my beloved Son, establish a solid in your life perform a solid akima solid Allahu Akbar. And this this is teaching us that the greatest advice a parent should be giving his children is to establish a solid in their life. Because if children was to establish solid correctly in their life Bismillah hidayatullah, their entire life would be complete Bismillah hidayatullah their manners would be upright, their character

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would be upright, their dealings with others would be upright, because these are the fruits of a solid. These are the natural effects, positive effects of a solid, that they make a person upright. This is why it's important that we raise our children upon a solid because a solid is going to rectify them in a manner in their character and in their dealings with others was solid is going to instill within them the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the love for a loss or heal and the hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala so now I move with you to discussion point number two, and that is at what age should we be teaching our children pray? And notice at what age should we be teaching them

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a solid? Now you and I know all about the famous Hadith that is collected by Abu Dawood Allah and the Hadith is authentic and when the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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Moodle Allah Kombat solid, Abner Subbu boo boo boo Malaya worship and Hadith Sahih Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, instruct your children to pray at the age of seven. And he said what booty boo home and lightly hit them. I will explain this in the second point, hit them at the age of 10. Let's focus first at the beginning of this hadith. And never use all Allahu alayhi wa sallam is saying

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instruct your children to pray at the age of seven. In other words, instructing the children to pray should be at the age of seven. But teaching the children to pray and encouraging them to the prayer should be way before the age of seven. And at the age of seven, you're supposed to command the children to pray. That means teaching them about a solid should be way before this show you should be training your children upon a solid before the age of seven. And you know just like you train your children, how they brush their teeth, how to shower themselves, how to hold a spoon and how to use a full console. You should also be teaching and educating them upon a solid and how it's preyed

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upon our best lobby Allahu anhu he said, a people Serbia use only one of

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our best robiola one from the famous companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said

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wake up the children of Serbia is a person that is under the age of seven. He said to wake up the boy that is before the age of seven. Wake him up at night. You suddenly what else is done so that he prays even if it's one blocker, you need to get them used to select at night. You need to get them used to select them

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from time to time, wake them up so that they can pray one blocker with you at night. As a normal Gabriela one who said you're under musubi. You solid is out of a Amina hoomin Chemin de That a boy. Here Savi means someone under the age of seven, a service the boy is supposed to be taught the prayer

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The moment he is able to distinguish between the left and right hand lock. But when is that, you know, when do children distinguish their left and their right or where the left hand is and where their right hand is before the age of seven. So now the

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words were supposed to be teaching the children are solid before the age of seven, about human not caring about him or her like you said, Can we be no solid either

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that the companions they used to teach their children are solid when they tooth or when their teeth begin to fall out when their teeth began to fall out. And when is that, you know, most kids, their teeth begin to fall out the age of five at the age of six, some even at the age of four. The idea is the teaching the children are solid should be before the age of seven. By the age of seven, you're supposed to be instructing them. You're supposed to be telling them a lot get up and let's pray together and listen to this beautiful narration as well. The narration of an hasn't been nearly all of your loved one has an OB Allahu anhu, the grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in

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an authentic hadith he said, Alemany Jett de Sala law while he was a lump, Kelly married in a poodle hoonah Fie polluted with

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Allah. Allison, Eben Ali Baba lo han, just understand that he was born in the third year of Asia. He was born in the third year of Asia. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam died in the 11th year of Elysium. So that makes Hudson abila one eight years old when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam died

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eight years old, and he narrated this hadith listen to what he said. He said my grandfather, which is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam my grandfather taught me that I say a few words when I praise Aleta Luther, Luther Luther the

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Allahu Allahu madonie female had a funny female fate whatever led him to a late this is the daughter of a boo insalata Luthor. And hacer la jolla la one who is saying that my grandfather taught me this, that I should see in select the looters when the rissalah mama died, will say about their loved one when huseby alone was only eight years of age. So when did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam teach him how to make this dryer. When was an Hassan Obama one who taught to pray most definitely before the age of seven, most definitely. So this is why what I'm saying to you, my brothers and sisters in Islam, that the children are supposed to be taught a solid from a very young

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age, the moment the child knows his left and his right, the moment the child's tooth begins to fall out. The moment, the moment the child begins to understand. This is when you want to teach them a solid, commanding them to pray, instructing them to pray that comes at the age of seven. By the age of seven, he should already know how to pray. He understands understand that Hadith properly. That will also last a lot harder your Selim said Moodle, Allah,

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Allah to

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instruct your children to pray at the age of seven means the instruction comes at that time. But education teaching them a solid comes way before that, and the continuation.

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And by the way, with that Hadith, we learned that we're supposed to instruct the children at the age of seven.

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Before that, as we said, we're teaching them and we're training them by the age of seven, you're supposed to commend him. And he just before you pray, you say to them, come pray with me. Come join me in solid. If the child joins you in solid Alhamdulillah. If the child doesn't join you in solid, you pray continue doesn't matter. You don't have to force him because a salad is not obligatory upon him at that moment yet. So if you do not instruct your children at the age of seven to pray, then that's when the person is sinful. Because instructing the children to pray at the age of seven, that's worship upon the parents. That's an obligation upon the parents. So what you need to be

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doing, if your children are at the age of seven, you say to them, come that or whatever it is your child, you call him, you tell him come and pray with me. And then if he comes in, he prays that hamdulillah if he doesn't allow it, but you pray, you're not sinful. In this case, whether he prays with you or not, you're not sinful. However, it is obligatory upon you that you instruct them to pray. Okay, now continuing that Hadith interview, Salalah alayhi wa sallam, he said, Oh boo boo hoo Malaika Abner worship and hit them at the age of 10. Now this has caused confusion among a lot of people. What does it mean to hit children at the age of 10? Should we be hitting children at the age

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of four

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For solid or not, listen, it's very simple. We don't need to complicate things. Number one, this Habib has been explained in another narration, there is another authentic narration in where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What at the Boo home, at the boom, instead of the word robbery, boom, instead of the word heating, another generation mentions a double home, which means discipline them to the prayer at the age of 10. So this word in boo boo home, which means the heat has been explained in the oven duration, which means to discipline. So this is a discipline reform of hitting, which, obviously unanimously among the ultimate agreement, that this kind of hitting

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when the child is 10 years old, it should not leave any mark, no bruise, no breaking bones, not even a single scratch, not even redness on the skin, none of that at all. All of this kind of violence is impermissible in Islam, the point of hitting and lightly hitting disciplinary hitting a child at the age of 10 for solid is just to get their attention and reinforce within them the significance and the importance of a solid in the life of a believer. And I tell you something on this point, that if you train your children well, from before the age of seven, and you instruct them every single solid from the age of seven, one llahi, trust me, there will be no need. And no use for the second part of

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this Hadith, you will not need to resort to anything of such a wobbly boo, boo, homeopathic Nita, because a solid will become a part of them, it becomes part of the bone and part of their blood, you understand, and let me explain to you this discipline, reheating.

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Who has the right to this, obviously, it's the parents. But it's the parents that should concern with their children and they're solid. It's the parents that taught their children are solid before the age of seven. And then from the age of seven until 10, they began to instruct their children to select. So if you've been instructing your children to pray from the age of seven to 10, you know, you know what that means. How many prayers is that from the age of seven to 10. That journey, if we're gonna say that's three years, three years, times that by 365 days, times that by five prayers, that's 5475 commands.

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The one who's instructed his children 5475 times, and his child is at the age of 10. And he is still not praying, he gets to lightly hit his child, not someone who never taught his children how to pray, or wasn't concerned in his children's prayer. Now, by the age of 10, he's got something against this child because he's not praying. So he begins to EDM and shout at him and scream at him, and you're going to Jana, and you're doing this and that, that is not the right for such a person. This is right is for a person who was concerned with the prayer of his children who taught his children are solid before the age of seven. And then he continued to instruct his child after the

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age of seven until the age of 10 5400 instructions. Now, if the child is not praying, you get to lightly hit him. And I've explained that part. So can you see if you have taught your child how to pray before the age of seven, and after the age of seven until 10, you've instructed him 1000s of Times Online, there will be no need, the child by the age of 10, automatically will get up and he will begin to pray. And then this hitting him at home a loss it should continue with a parent from the age of 10. Until puberty, once the child has reached the age of puberty, then after that the child is responsible for his actions. You as a parent are no longer responsible for whether this

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child prays or not. For Hamdulillah, so long as you've taught your child to pray, and you've commanded him to pray from the age of seven to 10, and then from 10 to puberty. After that, it's up to him. If he prays Alhamdulillah. If he doesn't pray, he's responsible for his salad. The child himself is sinful, and the parents are saved from that sin. So these are the only important points that we need to understand concerning this, this hadith. And yeah, I told you, my brothers and sisters in Islam, if you neglect your job, and you don't teach your children or select your home that's going to be sinful.

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The child is sinful after the age of puberty and you share the sin as well. So do not make

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Blank their job. This is the greatest job you have in your life. To teach your children are solid. I told you why. Because if you teach your children are solid properly, and instill that love, which I'm going to discuss later on, instill the love of a sled in your children, then a solid is going to reform your children, it's going to make them upright in their character, in their manners in their dealings with others.

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So if you neglect your job, and your children, though, pray as a result of your neglect of the fact that you neglected your job in teaching them, you're the one that sinful while I hold our quwata illa ask Allah azza wa jal to save us from such a thing. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, get your children up for Salat. Even if they're uncomfortable with it. before the age of seven, don't say how Allah is young, they got school don't get tired, pick days, probably Fridays, Saturday, Sunday days where they've slept, you know, like, a few hours during the night, wake them up for select the lead something of the night prayer and hustle will be a long one who is praying so that

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the water before the age of eight,

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you know,

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sort of the law one who is telling us to wake up the boy before the age of seven to pray, even if it's one o'clock at night, which is solid and get them used to this, get them used to this. Now thank you for later on.

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The praise everything in life, it is the greatest thing in life, it's a form of gratitude to a large version of solid if it's neglected at an early age, then the children will neglect it at an older age. You know, and the older a person becomes, the more difficult it becomes to pre ask us the reverse. Ask our brothers and sisters reverts. That accepted Islam at the age of 40. At the age of 30, at the age of 50. Ask them in their struggles with the five daily prayers. You know, it is their home, Oh, hello, may Allah make it easy for them. And it may make it easy for all of us. But the ID, the older you get, if you're not used to it, it becomes much more difficult. And be if the length is

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greater reward for that for those that revert and then begin to commit to their prayers. But us as Muslims, your children are born Muslim, you need to teach them a solid before so that when they're used to it from a young age, they're used to it as they get older. Now finally, this is the final part, let me share with you some tips.

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And I wanted to share with you six ways

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to develop importance and the love of a solid in the heart of our children. The first point my brothers and sisters in Islam is

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teach your children are solid by example. Teach them by example. So what does that mean? You know, that children, they like to imitate their parents in anything they do? Anything they do, why? Because children see their parents as role models. So whatever the parent is doing, or saying the children also do and say. So now you need to instill love of solid in your children, by you being an example to them. This is the first and foremost point, be an example. Get up and make wobble in front of them. Tell them to come so that they can see you making.

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Make them at home. Make them don't just skip

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around and pray in a room by yourself in the corner. Don't do that. You know, let them have that. take them with you to the masjid if they're young. And they can sit or stand next year and be polite in the masjid and not make noise and disturbance. take them with you in a Masjid. Let them see you going unless you tell them when the time happens. Quickly, immediately get up, leave everything and tell them why you've gotten gotten up suddenly tell them I have a meeting with Allah now. And I cannot be late. Tell them these words when they're young, four years old, five years old, six years old, seven years old. Let them hear these words. Tell them boys, girls, we have a meeting with a lot

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now. We cannot be late. Hurry up. Let's Get up. Come my kids. Come see how I make Ooh, and make in front of them and raise, raise them in your house in front of them and then maybe a comma, and then pray all together as a family. Not everyone in his own room. So that's the first thing you need to teach them by example number two, as we said, start young before the age of seven children, you should teach them a solid before the age of seven by the age of seven you instruct them to pray. Number three, make a solid encouraging. How do we make it encouraging There are many ways

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I share with you two ways. Number one, make a solid encouraging by informing your children about the positive aspects of a solid. Yanni tell your children tell them these words literally write them down and discuss these words with your children every single day. If you can do for every single selected, be good. If you can't, then from time to time, share these words with them and repeat them, tell them tell them my children, a law surgeon, he loves to see us standing in solid law loves to see the surgeon standing in solid. Tell them my children. When you go into servitude, ask a law for whatever you want. Ask him for what you want. He created us all and he provides for us and He

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gives us a nice the most generous. When we go into salute my children make do I ask a lot for what you want time them with the worship of dryer, teach them the importance of dryer and then after select after the prayer. Tell your children What did you ask a lot in your suit? What did you ask Allah for in your suit and discuss tell them what you asked the law for in your suit. discuss these matters very important. Tell your children as well, that when we pray we are thanking and most of whom are that. Also that is an ultimate form of gratitude to Alonzo church and give them analogies. Tell them my children. If someone gave you a gift, wouldn't you say thank you back to him? Tell them

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now allowance or how many gifts Has he given us? He's given us life tell your children that he's given your mom and your dad as a gift to you. Tell your children that you know the food that we just had hours ago or we're going to have soon is a gift from Allah azza wa jal. This house we're living in is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala towards the car that takes us from place to place is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala to us. So tell them my children, these gifts require gratitude. They require a thank you. And the way we say thank you to Allah is that we pray Salat is a form of gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala teach them. This is how you make a solid encouraging. This is

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how you encourage your children to pray. You need to encourage them to pray by telling them what the status of dispraise in the sight of a loss of pattern what dad teach them my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is a responsibility upon your neck and your shoulders. Tell them that a solid is a gift from a large social opponents. Not a burden. Not a burden, Mama Masha Allah Allah.

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Allah never made a burden upon us. Tell them a solid is a law's gift to Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Ali. It's almost a gift to this woman and tell them that the short story in how a salad was prescribed. When did the solid come from a short story, just tell them that you know about Bali blowby Allahu anhu, the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died,

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and the beloved wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died. And after these, this event, which was that was a huge event in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. To the point that that he in wearable polygon Hobbesian died, that he the entire day died in two days. And the entire he was called

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D of sorrow and grief and sadness. The use of the law while using them was very sad. You know, that he lost two of the most beloved team. And after this, he went to a bar. And you know the story of a boy when he went to give Dawa to the people in a bar if calling them today a lot to the oneness of a lot. So they began to throw stones at him until they kicked him out of a bar if something Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he shouted that he's devastated solo while he was alive, he went back to Mecca. And soon after the event of a slot when Mirage happened in Wales, also the loss of the lohani he was almost taken from Mecca, to be to mock this to Jerusalem. And from there he was taken all the

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way up to the heavens. And it's there in where laws origin gifted him a solid, so that when he came back down to the earth and began to pray the five daily prayers, he was at peace, tranquil, satisfied, after those terrible events, all those huge events, those burdens that happened in his life. teach, teach my brothers and sisters in Islam, teach your children that Ocelot is a gift that allows origin gave also the loss of the law while he was in them when he was in the most depressing part of his life, when he was in the lowest part of his life, in terms of your emotional state, and so on. And this

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boosted his spirituality, this boost of loss or loss all Allahu alayhi wa sallam in ways like nothing else would have ever done. This is why NW sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he described his relationship with a solid, he said was right at all a tiny for solid, that the coolness of my eye and the delight and happiness of my eye was found in solid. So teach your children that a solid is a loss gifters not a burden upon us now and teach your children also that he has an ad for your solid. Yes, a child at the age of five. If he makes oboe, and he prays, he earns her sadad.

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Because any good deed that a child does before the age of puberty, he earns her Salat for it. And the sins are not recorded until after the age of puberty, Allahu Akbar, told her children, my children, get a head start in life. collect as many houses as you can, every search that every search there is a level in the paradise, tell your children nice encouraging words the positive aspects of a solid.

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And you will see how easily these words penetrate in their hearts. You will see these these are words that they are compatible with the human beings heart and mind and spiritual state. These words are compatible, because these are laws words, these are laws, soils words, these are the this is the information of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a lot of stories and created us and he designed us. And Allah Zoysia knows what the he is really what the he is ready to eat, and what the heart is ready to take him. So teach them the positive aspects of a solid, the children will take that in, don't absorb it, and be in a diner when they see you praying and on time, and never

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neglecting your salad. And you're telling them the benefits of a salad and you're praying a lot like well, what more do you need, now the children will love a salad, and they'll get up and they will pray a salad. So that's one way of how to encourage your children. And on that point. Never, ever yell at your children to get up for solid. Never bend the doors, smash the walls, screaming aloud to don't ever, ever, ever do such a thing.

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And avoid these words of get up and pray, avoid all punishing, you will go to jahannam if you do not pray over belaire the refrain from these words, do not speak these words to your children.

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I tell you why. I tell you why.

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Because when you show a harsh attitude towards your children concerning their prey, they will hate the prey. And if the prey, they're going to pray for your sake. And they're not going to be praying for loss sake. And this is a failure. And if your children are praying as a result of your screaming and your harsh attitude,

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then rest assured and know that this is done for your sake. Lahore, there's no sincerity in it. And as a result, it's rejected. It's not accepted. Well as we learn, so refrain from the harsh attitude, from the harsh words from the screaming and the yelling from the violent hitting. Avoid all of this, and understand that you as a parent are responsible with your salary as well. And you're responsible for your children's prayer as well. So teach them from a young age and develop this love with them for the Select and be in LA tala, they begin to pray with you. The second way in how you can encourage your children is through a reward system, prizes and gifts and so on. That's fine. That's

00:33:54 --> 00:34:27

permissible in Islam. You can say to your children, you know, whoever prays, for example, in one week, whoever prays in one week 10 prayers, we're going to give him a gift. Allahu Akbar. Now your child goes and makes a timetable. And he begins to Mark 10 prayers during the week, you know, during the week, there's more than temporaries but assign them to temporaries. Let's do this challenge. Let's do this kind of competition. And you can give them rewards and gifts and prizes based on that that's an encouraging way for children.

00:34:28 --> 00:34:33

One of these methods also that you're able to encourage your children to praise.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:41

Make the exciting events and trips after the praise. What do I mean by that?

00:34:42 --> 00:34:49

That if you're going to go as a family, to a park for a picnic to the beach, or whatever it is in where you're going to Halliwell entertainment.

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

Tell your children that we're going to go to the beach after we pray. After we pray. We're going to pre select the lawsuit and then we're going to go over

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

Going to pre select the markup, and then we're going to go to the restaurant. That way, the children look forward to a salad. Because now they know that when we pray, after that, we're going to go and have some fun. So make the fun after a salad, not in the middle of the of the fun, because the children, children are still developing that understand. So we'll just see a solid as being, you know, an attack to the entertainment or an attack on their phone. So we don't want to introduce them to it in such a manner. Children are praying, let them pray, if the children are playing, let them play. So you need to be wise, in terms of when are you going to instruct your children to pray,

00:35:46 --> 00:35:59

if you're going to go out somewhere, as we said, tell them when we pray, we will go, right. That way, they look forward to pray, and then they, you can take them wherever you promise them. By

00:36:00 --> 00:36:41

the fourth way, in how we can instill the love and importance of solid in our children, is by teaching them about a loss of Hannah who Medina, my brothers and sisters in Islam, without an understanding of a law, if children don't know who Allah is, then the prayer just becomes a ritual, you know, it just becomes something of a ritual, in a way, I just gotta put my hands up, down, up, go down, go up, you know, it becomes a ritual that lacks spiritual and emotional connection to a loss of Hannah hautala. We don't want to get there. So one of the most effective ways in how to teach your children

00:36:43 --> 00:37:06

or instill within them the love and importance for a solid is by teaching them about a law who is a law, who is this beam that we pray to? Who is our Lord, teach them about law. That way, once they begin to love laceration, once they begin to feel this love for a large surgeon, they are motivated by themselves to get up and pray.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:24

The second last point my share with you two more and we conclude in sha Allah Allah. The fifth way, is small steps. And you must be consistent. It's very important small steps and be consistent. What does that mean? It means that

00:37:25 --> 00:37:32

by the age of seven, when you're instructing now, you've taught them how to pray by the age of seven, when you're instructing them to pray.

00:37:33 --> 00:38:04

Give them a plan, tell them my children, I want you to pray to preserve the two prayers a day. Let's even start off with one prayer today. You know, for two months, one prayer they choose and let your children decide what prayer is safe the children see. And I'd prefer that it's solid and frigid, so that they can get used to it because that's the most difficult. Tell them Hello, this is solid confession, you're going to pre selected Fisher for two months, only a solid Fisher.

00:38:06 --> 00:38:44

That's a small step. And you need to be consistent. After two months, if they're doing good. And they're praying, they they pray that they choose, give them the choice, they pray that they choose. After these two months, let's add to that, select another solid for another two months, or one month, whatever it is, you see what's best for your children. And obviously consult them and get them involved in their own affair because this is their solid, they're responsible for it. After four months go by and let's add another solid. And you keep on adding and adding by the time they are 10 years old Bismillah.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:31

They are praying five prayers a day. They are praying five prayers are they being in a dialogue, that's where you want to get to. And the sixth law and this is the final point I share with you. But to be honest, this is a point. That is very important. And this is supposed to be with you as parents all your life. And that is that you need to make dua for your children that are law so you can keep them steadfast upon their solid and that a lot instill the love of a solid in their heart. And where do we learn this from we learned from Ibrahim alayhis salaam Salaam Ibrahim the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam he made it his drive was bizarrely mukhi masala tea woman giulietti he said Oh

00:39:31 --> 00:39:59

my Lord, make me from among those who establish the solid and meet my generation from among those who establish a solid Allahu Akbar, and allows origin except that this derived from Ibrahim alayhis salam and his children were from among those he established a solid, rather his entire generation became people who establish a solid right through total solar loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam even until today. You know when you and I pray today

00:40:00 --> 00:40:35

That solid that you and I pray is an accepted draft of Ibrahim alayhis salaam because he's the one who made the draft. And he said oh law allow my generations to establish a solid instill within them the love of a solid so that they establish it in their lives. Law What about my brothers and sisters in Islam one law one law there are so many people that narrate so many stories about how this was a life changer in their life concerning the prayer of their children

00:40:36 --> 00:40:41

or be Johnny McKinney masala tea woman do Li Yeti or banana.

00:40:42 --> 00:40:57

This is a huge dry it's recorded in the Quran. And when we read it we're supposed to reflect and one of the greatest reflections over this dryer is for you to get up and pray and make this dryer in your suit. Make this dry.

00:40:58 --> 00:41:43

Make it in every opportunity in weathers and except the dryer. Ask the last question that he allow your children to establish a solid ask the last version that he gives you a children the love for solar and Bismillah Lord Zoysia accepts your dry if it's sincere and you will see that that kind of change and behavior and attitude of your children towards a solid. This is it for today. Just below hate on my brothers and sisters in Islam. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from among those who established a solid we asked him Subhana horadada to make us from a bear the leg is solid he'd ask a law social to accept from a soul to

00:41:43 --> 00:41:55

forgive our sins and our shortcomings in the Julio Veliko called the rally or something Allahu wa sallam all about like identity carletti Mohammed II be as main was maliko Morocco to LA he over the counter

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