How the Devil Decorates the Sin for Mankind

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shavon from his whispering to Adam, what did he respond? He said to him that listen to me. He said to Adam, this

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alone did not forbid you from this tree.

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Except because he doesn't want to make you two kings. Adam and Howard a lot doesn't want you both of you to be kings. So he forbid you from the tree. otaku nominal holiday. And Allah doesn't want you to be in here forever. So he said to Adam, isn't this paradise beautiful? Don't you want to be a king? Don't you want to live in the paradise forever? Don't you want that? Oh Lord forbid you from ministry? Because that's its effect. That's what it does. It brings you goodness, it makes you a king if you ate from it. It makes you live in he forever. sapan Allah shavon decorated the scene. This is what he did. He decorated the scene

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in Surabaya last soldier he says that a police set the Adam has a do look at a shot in old one will kill Abdullah Shall I take you to a tree that if you were to eat from you will live forever. This is the tree of life.

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The Tree of Life a long walk about a lot of socially COVID the tree that is how long and forbidden

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and he's a police giving it a name other than its name, beautifying and decorating the sim by saying to Adam Adam, this is called the tree of life. If you were to eat from it, you will stay in the paradise forever and

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you will become a king you will own what you lie. You will run around the way you want. Allahu Akbar and how many times has the show been done this with us? For every scene we fall into a lot of soldiers he says was a young fella who shaved bottom up man whom that a shape on beautifies and he decorates the sins for the people he decorates it for them so Pamela wouldn't there be some Allahu Allah your send them in the Hadith? He tells us that one of the signs of the Day of Judgment at the end of time you some Muna who believe me, people will give the home a name other than its name. So Pamela, Yanni, for example, our LIBOR interest, what's it what's it called today? benefits. You see

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how nice that name sounds? benefits. At River at river is the is the denounced name, the negative name, the Hello name that we know about. Today, the banks would call it benefits. Islamic banks would call it alpha where it where it just sounds like something good. So Pamela, Xena fornication and adultery in the world. It's not called that what do they call it? They call it entertainment, personal services as a beautiful name to it. So Pamela, this is the plan of Shabaab. You better be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam, a shape antiques that now nasty name that we know for the SIM, the repulsive name that Allah gave the sins, the negative name that's given to them, and he

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converts it in something beautiful that sounds pleasing to the ears, and pleasing to the hearts, Xena, Xena. It's called personal service entertainment. And you see the brothels that are out there? What kind of names people give them? What kind of Beautiful Names people give them. Moonlight for example, and other names that are pleasing to the ear and pleasing to the heart so that the scene now is disguised and you don't even know about it.

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Alcohol What do they call alcohol? spirits you know in Arabic They call it mushroom all bets are here. It's like a spiritual drink. It uplifts your spirit, when a lot colder Alhamdulillah you see the words

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that it gives it the nastiness that common is

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spelled along drugs, drugs, even drugs. What names do people give it today? They give it the name of speed. You know sounds good speed gives you a rush in this life. ecstasy. ecstasy means overwhelming happiness. This is what ecstasy means it means happiness. How did something pathetic, such as a drunk become called ecstasy, which means happiness. It's the pilot of the ship on he removes the nasty name of the harmony replaces it with something that sounds pleasing to the ears.

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Somehow the last panelist incredible incredible. We have ice ice. It just sounds cool. It sounds cool. Sounds perfect. marijuana. They call it cannabis cannabis. It's like a plant. It's an innocent plant. And this is this has been the plot of a shape on from day one with Adam and he set up a lot of social told Adam Don't come near the street is 2,000,000,003

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Yet when a police would give you more saucer hits at him shot on hold, this is this is the tree of life. If you were to eat from it you're going to live forever a lot about my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah told us this and along, told us the sin of Adam, Allah you set up Can you realize now for why Allah will tell us the sin of Adam not to expose Adam, but to teach us, us us teach us we suppose to be inspired by the sin of Adam Alec is set up so that we are more careful when a Shabbat next time comes to fool us and triggers when this entire world doesn't name what's how long, how long anymore? They give it other than its name. This is from the plans of Sherborne from day one. He

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did that with Adam Elisa. When the reseller mom told us you some moon mo behind this mean that people will call the scenes other than what they are known for. That's how Shabaab deceives us. That's what he whispered to Adam. He decorated the scene for him. Allah azza wa jal, he says, you know, the machine, the disbelievers of Mecca when they used to kill their children, how did they end up killing their children? A lot of Zoysia Lee says that he gets a urinary catheter in mineral mushy kina kotla. Allah Diem Shaka on Zen young he was decorated for them. They thought it was a good scene. They thought it was a it was a good thing. Let's bury our daughters alive. Yeah, it sounds

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good. Because it's going to give us honor. It's going to give us our manhood in the community. And you know, it's not going to be an embarrassment for us. Allahu Akbar, a shape on a show Bob took something that is harm. And he made it that beautiful to people to the point where they you assumed fooled. They thought burying their daughters was a good thing was a positive in their life was something that is going to bring them more honor and dignity among the people.

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How foolish can men be when they follow the footsteps of a Shabaab. But yet again, the problem is because we don't understand the methodology of a shaper, so we easily fall into his traps. This is why it's important to understand what the shape on intends to do with mankind, and how he deceives them how he fools them. So power, law, law, social he says, when a law social spoke about a man, he said, Well, I can never have better in a woman a man was a Yahoo for you to become, as for a believer, a lot of social media, indeed his heart, he man was a Yahoo and a lot decorated and he man in our hearts. The believer sees sweetness in a man. He sees happiness. His eyes become cool and

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delighted when he sees the worship of a law when he hears the word of a law calling into the worship of a law. And the fact that a lot decorated and beautified amen in our hearts. That means the hearts they are allergic to sins. The heart of a true believer, it's allergic to sins. We're going to see now when Adam fell into sin what happened to teach you how a believer is allergic disease. How it's like it's like water oil that don't mix. The heart of the believer is the water. The oil is the sins that's coming on it. It might touch his heart. He might do something very quick. It fades and it doesn't mix into his email. The believer preserves his email. He keeps it clean. So Pamela law

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socially says was a Yahoo for you