New Zealand Shooting

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New Zealand Shooting “And do not assume those killed in the cause of Allah dead…”

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We cry for the dead and we more than we feel grief and sorrow for the dead. But in reality, the dead are actually celebrating Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentions in the Quran and he says what a Savannah Latina pootie lofi severely leggy Amata Do not assume that those who died in the path of Allah are dead. Can he just the fact that you assume you're not allowed to assume, let alone believe they are dead? What has been the levena Portillo feasibility Lega? Mater? Don't you dare assume that those who died in the cause of Allah are dead for you, but your love we see them as dead. A lot of soy jelly says Bella, yeah, they're alive. But we see them dead. Under a beam years have gone with

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their Lord, they're alive and they're being provided for free he Nabina after whom Allah whom infamously This is the word Yeah, for you here meaning rejoicing, and they're celebrating what Allah subhanho wa Taala has given them from his unlimited blessings upon Allah for they're really alive and they're really celebrating and rejoicing over this moment now and forever. So there's no need to mourn their dead and there's no need to lose hope because they're dying and this is what's happening. rather go and mourn the dead that are still walking with a dead heart inside towards their brothers and their sisters.