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Lesson 9 _ Concluding Ramadan

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While eloheinu Osaka he has married my brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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eight mobilock the pump bottle love them in no income houska loss of Hannah horadada video except our worship from us. And I asked him Subhana Allah Allah that He forgive our sins. And we asked him Subhana Allah Allah that He make us among those who have been freed from the fire. My brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the conclusion of Ramadan. For some, they have finished Ramadan. And they've began the first night of chawan, which is the first night of April football. And for other people in this world, the life it's only a couple more hours left, before the blessed month of Ramadan ends and things go back to normal. And we ask a lot of social to keep a steadfast my

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brothers and sisters in Islam, there is something very important that you and I are supposed to recognize and realize as we come towards the end of this month, there is a worship at the end of this month that each and every single one of us needs to be engaged in. And we cannot forget this. But first and foremost, before I tell you what this worship is about, we need to first and foremost identify what the problem is, and why we are in need of this worship. This is the problem right now that all of you that are watching now and listening Who among us, Who among us can get up right now and acknowledge and say that his little newborn was 100% perfect. Who can acknowledge this right

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now, who can see that his little mobile was exactly what Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted from him, and and that it was deserving to a large portion. This Ramadan of his fasting was perfect 100% his prayers at night were perfect 100% his diet was 100% my brothers and sisters in Islam the fool would be the one who would see that might be better and my alarm alarm was 100% perfect and it is what allows origin deserves like about the fool is such person. However, the believer from among us is the one who humbles himself and acknowledges that no matter how good and what kind of effort he exhausted in this blessed month of Ramadan, he acknowledges that there are still shortcomings, there

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are still shortcomings and there are still mistakes that have taken place in this Ramadan whether it was in his fasting or his night prayer reading or an or his diet, whatever it is. So what what do we do as a result, now that we have acknowledged what our problem is, and that is that our Ramadan was at 100% we need to acknowledge this fact about him or him Allah He says, being pleased with your worship is a form of foolishness of the soul. He said the intelligent intelligent person, the Why is the same person is the one who engages in abundance is still far after his worship, because he acknowledges that he shortcomings that took place while performing this good deed. He acknowledges

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that there were shortcomings that took place during this deed and it wasn't 100% according to what a loss or deserves. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, we know what the problem is. The solution now when we work on it, it is an is still this is what we are supposed to be engaged in. And this is how we are supposed to be concluding the llama barn with is still fell to Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking a loss or his forgiveness. This is why today's AI is going to be around for some bit hamdulillah because the fear in who can utter whether for some behandelt Big lojack and maybe some Allahu Allah He was telling my brothers and sisters in Islam, he lived a life of the heat. He lived

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a life of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala he lived the life of a preaching the deen of Allah. So imagine his entire life, his entire life was engaged to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And yet, at the end of his life, when he was concluding his life, a lot of social reviews them sort of the muscle. And he says to him, be humble because the feeling, you know, skeletal muscle was one of the last saw that were revealed onto the solid muscle alone while he was setting up, and it was revealed on theme just before his death. And what was the advice in this area. Alonzo Hill was telling him for some Arabic, meaning declare the praise and the perfection of your Lord was still feared and

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seek His forgiveness. You see the conclusion of things should always be forgiveness, seeking forgiveness.

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Every single time we conclude a worship, we must seek forgiveness. For maybe some of mahalo Selim as he is concluding his life, a life full of Dharma in a law full of worship full of sincerity and honesty with a large social, the best of mankind. He is told by Allah conclude your life with is still felt for some bit hamdulillah because of fear in Ghana to wherever he's the one who accepts the Toba and accepts the repentance. So I shall have the alarm on her she narrates as in Sahil body. That when this error was revealed onto the soul and loss of the law while he was in Ghana, you kill me at all, if you record He was God.

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Subhana Allah who might have been our behenic love more fiddly, Allahu Akbar. He shall not be alone. While I'm here. She said that when this error was revealed on total solar muscle alarm while he was alone, he began to say in abundance in his record and solute in abundance, he would say subhanak Allahumma bene wabi Hambrick Allahumma fieldly someone put it in the comments so that others can see it. So paranaque Allahumma wabi handig szczepanik Allahumma banner behind the Alamo fiddly, she said, You feel an yaku he would say this in abundance. What does that mean? Only in his little core? What does abundance mean? If I say that you said this knickers twice or three times in your

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recording? So what does that mean? caffeine? Does that mean a lot? It is we're expecting at least 50 100 I don't know. Something that is caffeine, something that is abundant. That's how Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concluded his life with is still felled and doba he lived a life of worship. So we need to conclude our worships by seeking Allah subhanahu Wata Allah is forgiveness.

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And he used to say this in in his awkward suit. And this is a wicked that is prescribed for you and I to also see in our record and in our suit, so panic Allahu mala bene what the handig Allahumma fiddly, following the advice, I shall be a llama, she says yet a woman that he was interpreting the poem, you see in the diesel, Allahu Allah, you know, Selim living with the poet, Allah told him declare my praise and perfection and seek my forgiveness. So he straightaway began to implement that the moment this error came down, and he did not stop implementing this error until he died from the law while he was alone. And he's a role model and we should be following in his path. So we should

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be doing the very same thing. So this is how we're going to conclude our mobile with is still felt so powerful. Ah, this is true of the muscle This is the iOS speaking about us. Stubblefield. Who, in who can the weather for a loss origin is the one who accepts a tober no matter what the situation was? You see my brothers and sisters in Islam, when we make is still fall after Ramadan. It is not because of sins that we committed not necessarily seems that we committed. Rather, it is an acknowledgment that our mobile our worships there were shortcomings within them. There was something there was an error that happened maybe we know about it, maybe we do not know about it. That's why

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we're supposed to always remain humble sleeves have a lot social. And if you my brothers and sisters in Islam notice this and follow it up throughout our Deen you will find that after every worship, it is legislated that you and I meet is still fall and seek Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness watch after a solid before before we read ayatul kursi before we read all along before we say so para la la la la haut. But before all of this before I had to go see the first thing of the salette were supposed to say a stove for a lot of stuff that a lot of stuff that a lot three times. Why is that because of a sim we did.

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It's not because of a sim you did rather you engaged in a worship you prayed and what better than select as a worship for a long session. But when you say a little laughter so that this is you acknowledging that Allah Mysore that wasn't 100% perfect. It wasn't what you divert deserves. It wasn't what we deserve. How can we make a worship that Allah Xhosa deserves? We can't we can't. So what do we do? How do we rectify for our shortcomings? Now you say a stone for a lot of us so that that's the wisdom and that's the purpose for why is the Fall is followed up after a solid

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ziget we need you give Zakat Zakat and mad when you give a Saba you're supposed to make it still fall after it. Allah subhanho wa Taala is in Salton muslimin

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appeal salado ziget wanted to continually unfussy common hate into humor in the love or hate on what was still a federal law. In the law of all,

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at the end of the Muslim mill, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, establish a solid and give me a second, give us a cat, give your charity pay it. And then he said, was still futile love asked a lot to forgive you seek loss forgiveness. So even after the worship of Zakat, so Pamela, you and I could think, what could go wrong? What could go wrong? If I gave us a cat or soda? Why do I have to make it still fall after it?

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Because Allahu Allah, maybe you can't see an obvious room. But you need to acknowledge as a slave of Allah that definitely, definitely my worship isn't to the standard that a la social deserves of me. So you see is still fall, and that stuff Lola humbles you, and B is nilla. It patches up the wrong within this worship and Bismillah it becomes accepted in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala, it becomes perfect in the sight of Allah assertion. This is how a lot of Xhosa keeps us humble that no matter how much worship we did, we are always in need to ask a lot of Zoysia to forgive the shortcomings. And to accept that from us. sopin a lot. So that was a solid. You know, you didn't go

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around and see all that I gave. And I gave this much and yeah, and humbly LED, okay. What does that mean? Make it still fun, sit down, make it still fall, humble yourself. There must have been something wrong in that get something wrong as you gave it. We didn't know what it is. But you need to acknowledge that and make this default handle. I give you even a great example my brothers and sisters in Islam so you can really understand that promo bond should be concluded with this default, just like every other worship. Take, for example, the worship of an husch this this is a super example for you to understand.

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And has my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah Zoysia he says

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when advising the judging giving them instructions, he says from a few boomin hateful I fell bananas was still a federal law in the love of

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Alonzo Hill gives instructions to the judge the pilgrims that have just concluded that they are on offer. And now they're heading down towards was Delica because after all of them, which is the main pillar of the believers are supposed to head towards Muslim elephants sleep the night there. And then the next day is the day of the day of Hajj in where they actually go to Mecca and they do the Herbalife and shave their hair and slaughter and so on. But a lot of distortion he instructs, he said when you leave the mountain of Oliver, and go to miss Delica make is still fall, make is still fall that honor ask you this question.

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You know that the reward of Harish is that a person comes out of his sins as low a newborn. That's the reward. That's the ultimate reward of hash that allows origin forgives a person as though he was has come out from his mother as a newborn, absolutely no sympathy his name whatsoever. And the greater and ultimate reward after this is that a person deserves the paradise. So let me tell you this. When does this reward happen for the person that's done how it happens on the day of alpha, because that's the day of complete forgiveness. That's the day and whether her shares in the people are freed from the file. So that's where complete forgiveness happens. You're a new born on the day

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of our affairs, you come down the plains of Africa. And let me tell you this. So we just said, we come down the plains of alpha free of sin zero like a newborn. Yet, what is a loss instruction, what allows first instruction to the project as they leave out of it and go to was deliver the first instruction instruction, surprisingly, is still federal law. Seek loss forgiveness. So Pamela question this, my brothers and sisters question Why? Why are we making it still fall when we have just been cleansed? And we're newborns. What's the purpose of this default. You see, once again, that in itself is an acknowledgment that even if you are promised by Allah, complete forgiveness of

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your sins as though a newborn still engage in the action of is still fall. Because you don't know that has of yours that standing on our sofa. There were shortcomings in but from a laws mercy He forgave us already. And he admits everyone into the paradise for those that have accepted harsh but he tells us to make it still fall after that harsh

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Even though he has guaranteed as a complete forgiveness of sins, as a sign that you and I are supposed to acknowledge, that our worships are never ever 100% to what a loss or God deserves, how can it be? How can it be? How can anyone boast about his worship? How can anyone see himself in his worship? How can anyone develop arrogance? Because of his worship? How

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can a lot of people do it?

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and Danny, so Pamela, you know, in Ramadan, there are certain massages, some people pray one juice total we some people read the whole plan twice, three times in total. And you find that in a certain message, there are certain people that will go thinking you know what, we're hard for the sake of a law brother. Let's go spend hours and hours for law sake, let's pray hours and hours of the mind for Allah sake. Okay, that's all good that hamdulillah mama accept. But then the next day,

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he's developed arrogance against his Muslim brothers and sisters, putting them down, saying how much did you pray? Allah we prayed last night as user, how much did you pray how fishes or what did you do? I gave this much soda. How much did you give and begin to put the people down

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and begin to see yourself above people in your worship.

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This is a major sin. This This in itself could be worse than the scene itself. Because this is arrogance and a lot doesn't like arrogance.

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And there is no room in the paradise for arrogance whatsoever.

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Not even an en suite of arrogance in the heart. Such people unpermitted in the paradise, when a police showed some arrogance in the paradise, when he said, Oh, Lord, I am better than Adam, You created me from fire, you created him from clay. That's arrogance, the moment he said that he was kicked out of the paradise or Mina, Allah said, Get out. There is no room for arrogance in the paradise, which now means there's no room for arrogance in our life, especially when it comes to worships. How can one see himself in his worship, and become arrogant and proud and boast about his worship?

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That's why the believer after every deed humbles himself, and he seeks a last forgiveness and he acknowledges there were shortcomings in this deed of mine. I gave you the greatest example, which is that Hush. So imagine naumova how much more are we supposed to be broken for loss of Hannah who died and bigger loss or shall forgive our shortcomings in this month, and big Him to forgive us?

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How many of us did wrong during this month that you cannot deny? And how many of us did wrong that we don't even know that?

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From swearing, slandering, backbiting, mocking, cheating, whatever it is of the forms of bad that people do? What about the shortcomings of the heart, the heedlessness the opportunities of later than Allah gave us and we didn't even take seriously, except for who Alonzo shall give the ability to take these nights seriously. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, humble yourself. Humble yourself. There is no point to boast about your worship. Because even if that's the case, no one will enter the paradise with his worship anyway.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this to you Sahaba none of you will enter the paradise with your worship. They said to him, even you your soul alone. He said to them, even me, even me evil Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the Master of Creation, he will not enter the paradise because of his good deeds. Rather sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said he led a mother in law who got nothing except if a law soldier was to encompass me with his mercy. So in addition to your good deeds, you require it to be covered with the laws mercy before it gets you into the paradise otherwise, deeds on themselves by themselves not enough to admit a person into the paradise.

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So after a solid there is the fall after Zakat, there is the fall of the Hajj there is still fall after Ramadan, there is still for

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the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after he lived an entire life of a burden to Allah. He was taught to conclude it with his cell phone. I give you another example. The New Holland Hassan Mahatma think of this, how many E's did know how to use and engage in dour Seder? How many is 950 years whoever said that that's correct. 950 years of doubt what you mean

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Can you imagine a person 950 years calling to Allah?

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Allah Allah I've given you a couple of lessons in Ramadan and I still asked a lot of soldiers to give me the ability and the strength to keep on giving you lessons. Imagine no 950 years repeating the same principles. repeating these people accept a lot except the oneness of Allah worship Allah make them but Allah make us default on love. Not only that day and night,

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publicly in private, secretly individually in public newvalue salaam, the our Tama 900 and 50th. What a great worship. And it's an exactly what it was so great that Allah mentioned in the Quran. Allah Xhosa mentioned the best deed in the life of no Halley's Salaam, which will a study called Tama 950 years. Now let me get to my point.

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You know what a lot of social instructed him and what he did what he himself did at the end of these 950 years or more, he'd be amazed in sort of mohalla Zoysia. He says

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that at the end, he made a dry read that at the end of sort of No. He said oh bill, Phil Lee, Wiley Wiley, the allamanda have at a minimum one minute, one minute.

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He said Oh, Bill Lee, he asked the Lord to forgive him. Allahu Akbar, you know, and I when I learned this law, he shocked me 950 years of doubt, and there is no deed better than the deed of doubt. There is nothing better than thou. yet. He said, Oh Lord, forgive me at the end. He said Forgive me.

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So he himself acknowledged there are shortcomings in his tower. So Pamela,

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my brothers and sisters in step one, what if this is very serious for you to take on board is still found engage in is still false. Now, as you listen, I still have a lot of stock for a lot of stock for a lot of stock for the law. In your intention, this is still far after Ramadan. That's how you conclude.

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Panama is still far after Ramadan. A lot of social insalata Shula he says faster chemo la

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stand upright for a law. What does that mean? It means a deed or laws commands live a life of obedience to Allah that's what allows it is the Primo la be steadfast on the commands of Allah La for his sake alone, no one else you know what he says after

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was still a few Whoa.

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And seek His forgiveness. Two words put next to each other they summarize our life faster como la was still futile. That's a summary of our life. Anyone who asks you, what are you living for? Say, for still fuel for sticking with a little at the two last commands by doing that which he obligated and keeping away from that which he prohibited and then followed up with is still for why because your steadfastness on Talas, Dean will have a lot of shortcomings. And the best advice for people like that would be still fall seek a loss forgiveness. My brothers and sisters in Islam and they still fall is something that needs to continuously be on our tongues, because we are continuously

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engaged in worship. That's the ultimate in the grand prize that we want. That a lot it gives us that that's actually the reward of Ramadan. If you're wondering what was the reward of Ramadan? You know, there had Ethan avisar seldom said anyone who finds too Ramadan out of a man out of faith to allowance origin, believing that there is such a deep cobram about what the Sabbath and seeking laws reward Allah who would forgive him for his previous sins. And who ever prayed that night praise. Allah would forgive him for his sins and whoever stood in worship. During Laila to cuddle the ultimate grand prize was along with forgiving him from his sins. Can you imagine that?

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So we want the forgiveness. And what's so relevant to earn this prize? The most relevant thing is to seek forgiveness. If you want forgiveness if you want the ultimate prize of Ramadan, secret, most forgiveness just make sense. Seeking the most forgiveness from shortcomings that took place within the worship panela

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my brothers and sisters in Islam, activists, that also the loss of Allahu Allah Us and Them teaches us something called kafele to measureless. You know what fella dimensionless is? These are the words we're supposed to say when we end a gathering. So when people are gathered, right, it is a sooner that before everyone disperses everyone goes home. Whether it's a gathering in your home, among your family, whether

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In unmeasured, whether it's after a lesson.

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We're supposed to just before we disperse and everyone goes home, we're supposed to make something called Capella to imageless. Which is to say so panic Allahu morbihan, Nick, a shadow La Ilaha Illa and focus as stone funeral gap, what do we make a mohawk? Well, my brothers and sisters in Islam got fell out emotionally. So it means that if we said, only making Vicar of a light and nothing else, only speaking about Allah and nothing else,

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we did that.

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We are told that before you leave stuff a little more,

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because you didn't speak about a lot the way he deserves to be spoken about. acknowledge this fact to Panama, or they could have been other wrongs that happened in this gathering that you are heedless about. acknowledge this fact that a lot of news about them and you're seeking a loss forgiveness, how powerful this is. How powerful is our Deen to keep us humble? How powerful is it to keep us humble, to power, the law to power the law is the fault my brothers and sisters in Islam is a way of life. This is what my mom was teaching us that we need to continuously bigger loss origin for his mercy and forgiveness. Because that's the biggest problem we're going to have on the Day of

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Judgment. Not only that, but even in the grief, not only in our grief, but even in this world the life seems are a problem. They put a lot of burden and stress in our lives. They The reason for all calamities in our life. They The reason for all trials and tribulations in this world the life they are reason for the punishment in the grief, they are a reason for punishment in the hereafter.

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say if we clean from them, by continuously engaging is still felt. Allahu Akbar be vanilla, vanilla, that we are able to leave this world the life free of sin. And what a grand prize that would be. No punishment experienced after that whatsoever. Your paradise will begin the moment you die if all your sins have been forgiven. And one of those categories is to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala forgiveness from shortcomings that took place in good deeds. We have a lot of forgiveness to do my brothers. Imagine, we are supposed to make is still far after our worships. Imagine how much more is still thought is required after and how long that we do. After the obvious seems that we do mention

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how much more is still thought is required.

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If we if devices after Ramadan concluded with is still far after worships of the long nights of PM, raise your hand and cry and beg from us forgiveness. Imagine how much more is the Fall is required after sins after heedlessness after talking about others after the heart is dead.

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One mother the mother is great. My brothers and sisters in Islam when a lot of Xhosa described the believers in sort of the very Earth. He's another example, he said

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can lead Amina li li Mei Zhang.

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The believers they slipped a little at night. The Amal is telling us this is an A Listen, listen. No khaleel Amina li li Mei Zhang was only a couple of moments they used to sleep at night. So that means they spent the most part of the night insula to Allah. Now Allahu Allah with this tape was crying with the out of law, being affectionate, being emotional, crying, begging to all that you can think of. And then a lot of social said what Bill as how whom you start your own business have any time

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they filled up with is still for a long walk about an entire night of solid to lay an entire night of praying. And just before finishing the whole time, Allah azza wa jal highlights that the biggest thing they did at the time was his default. Can you can you can you understand this? And might have worship they followed it up with is still for me. Why did they do a sin? What's this the fall from? They are people that acknowledged no matter how many hours we stood before last session, no matter if our heels cracked and they began to bleed. No matter if we began to cry and we exhausted all our T's and we began to cry blood. No matter if all this happened. No matter no matter.

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No matter. We are still in need of making is still far after the worship because it wasn't 100% perfect to what a lot of social deserves.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam

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Then you realize I'm turning around the same point. But I'm just giving you an example of the example so you can really understand the point

00:30:10--> 00:30:18

I shall be aloha Anna. She said to the solar masala you're sending them if I catch Lena to put that in the last 10 nights of Ramadan

00:30:19--> 00:30:33

if I recognize or I feel like this is needed to Qatar, what should I do? What does he say to her from among the millions of dollars he can make? He said to her say Allahu Allah in the car from Allah

00:30:34--> 00:30:42

so Allah You're the one who loves to forgive and pardon so pardon and forgive me did you realize when you said this to our little

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did you realize that this is a draft of is still valid that is being said at the end of Ramadan? And that's how we should be concluding our

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from a million dollars she could have made Allah grant me the paradise or Lord give me this Oh Lord give me that. He said to focus on asking Allah to forgive you You know why? Because if a Murphy gave you don't worry about the paradise it's coming. It'll come Don't worry about it.

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If a lot of soil was to give you if he was to forgive you, soprano Madonna You don't even have to search for it's after that all of it Bismillah is coming It's guaranteed you know last week how we shared the LSAT Oh Mr. Philip the middle of become rush to a loss forgiveness and his paradise. You see how forgiveness was mentioned first in the paradise because if you aren't forgiveness This is a given the Paradise is a given don't even worry about it. So part a lot

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a lot for this is how we're supposed to be concluding Ramadan.

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Actually we have to be concluding it. So long as these deeds are done for a lot of soldiers sake seeking the most reward, then be the left forgiveness is guaranteed And so long as you follow your worship with is still fault. Then be vanilla he died he accepted and allows origin forgives you

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my brothers and sisters in Islam

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you know Ahmad bin Abdulaziz ahem Allah from among Hola, Muslim in the righteous Khalifa of Islam, Omar, Abdul Aziz Mahatma, what a great believer of Islam, read about his seal, read read about his life. But he wrote to Atlanta,

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he wrote to the townspeople, because he was the halifa. So it's obviously the halifa his role to write out letters, and dispersed among the different governors of states. He wrote, he wrote in this advice, you know, a little coming from the halifa something important. So he's trying to give advice to the people. And he's trying to give them the most accurate advice he wrote to them.

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And the movie shadow bill is still far. He said to them, sorry, he said St. Lucia Huracan village. Therefore, he wrote to the people advising them conclude the llama barn which is still far as Khalifa to muslimeen handing out a very important letter, before he told them anything about it before he told them anything about all this. He said to them,

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conclude your month with his cell phone. And he stressed upon it, that he wrote it in a letter. And he sent hundreds of copies around to the governors of states informing the Muslims focus on his default now, focus on his default. There it is tomorrow, relax, don't rush things before they place. Tonight is the night of eight.

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And it's the conclusion of samovar, we fill it with his still thought. And then we engage in the tech we have a loss of Hannah who are directly declaring his greatness for the occasion of eight, then tomorrow it comes then we pray solidly and then we congratulate each other afterwards. And you can congratulate each other before solidly. There is no harm in that because congratulating one another in the occasion. It's a cultural matter. It's not a form of worship, it's a cultural matter, so that they would see it is permissible to celebrate and congratulate each other on the occasion of any before the solid or even after. So that no problem. So going back to the idea of is still for my

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brothers and sisters in Islam. Very important ally very important that we conclude our Blissett month with his cell phone.

00:34:29--> 00:34:44

And I'm concluding with a few more examples in Sharla. One final thing Danny, I wanted to shed light on and mentioned to my brothers and sisters in Islam. If you want to look at the case also of a bad man that Allah azzawajal mentioned in solothurn footpod.

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

He spoke about how a battered woman will manage during the day. I'm sure not a lot of the homeowner. They're very humble in society. they carry themselves with humility and the best of manners when they're out engaging with people, then a lot of Zoysia

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

said the second quality is the ability to narrow beam Sujata Nakayama that they spend most of the night in suzu to a law in standing in solid for the sake of a law. And then you know what he said?

00:35:14--> 00:35:17

He said after that, when Lavina kulu, Nora

00:35:18--> 00:36:02

Johanna, they see immediately after the old law turn us away from the Hellfire unlock model. I thought that after a long night of worship, they be so happy and excited that they there is going to be some sort of, you know, a law give us a dose of Allah for our select online. Give us give us give us because we've worshipped you so much, and we've worshipped you so long. None of that. None of that. Rubber the sitter will not turn our faces away from Jana. Can you imagine it's like someone that's scared someone that's terrified and afraid. Someone that law please, please keep me away from Ghana. I'm doing my best. I'm trying to worship you. I'm trying to pray. I'm trying to do what's

00:36:02--> 00:36:02


00:36:03--> 00:36:41

I'll do what it requires. But Omar, please keep you away from Jana. That's the state that's the attitude if anything, it's teaching us the humility and that they will not carried away with the good deeds. game. We've asked that a month or that's plenty at some point in your life move on do something else. Are we prayed a long night? You know, we deserve a long rest now that it Don't think like that. Don't think like that worship continues for a lawsuit. When law he it's like you can see that when people forget worship altogether after Ramadan. There's something wrong in that.

00:36:42--> 00:36:55

Did you did you think that your worship was enough in Ramadan? to abandon the worship of Allah Baba to abandoned fasting after Ramadan? to abandon a sadhaka? to neglect the night prayers?

00:36:57--> 00:37:08

Why do people neglect my prayers after Ramadan? Why do people neglect fasting of Ramadan? See you later fasting? Next time we're going to fast this Ramadan 2021.

00:37:09--> 00:37:15

And then all these fake messages of where sad autobahn is departing. And what's all this?

00:37:17--> 00:37:49

A true believer is not sad when Ramadan departs. Because he knows that the same Lord that he worshipped him Ramadan, he can worship him after Ramadan. But the believer he said from a different perspective, that he is going to miss the days of Ramadan. The days of Ramadan itself, the days in which the paradise doors are open. The days in which they hold fire, the gates were shot, the days in which were the devils were chained. That's what he said about that perspective,

00:37:50--> 00:38:03

the spirit of law. But as for worship, they're not said about that. Rather and hamdulillah we fasted Alhamdulillah we prayed and hamdulillah we took advantage of Layla to cuddle, and we carry on our worship.

00:38:04--> 00:38:51

Yes, the doors do close after the mobile of the paradise. But did you know they open every Monday and Thursday. So you can live like this mini robot of yours every Monday and Thursday the doors of the paradise open. So in the VSA law that used to encourage to fast Monday and Thursday. And he says these are the days in which our deeds rise to a law. And I love for my deeds to go up to a large portion when I am fasting. So Pamela worship does not finish. If you neglect worship all together after Ramadan, then that's a sign that such a person was carried away with his worship, and boosted his worship and was arrogant about his worship, to say that I don't need to worship after Ramadan, I

00:38:51--> 00:39:30

did enough in Ramadan. Now I need to enjoy 11 months of the what the fool will do that a foolish person does that my brothers and sisters in Islam, be careful, don't fall into that trap. Don't fall into this trap. Rather, worship continues. And when you continue your worship, that's an acknowledgment that you're seeing all along my worship in Ramadan. Was it the standard, or law forgive us or law forgive us and I'm going to continuously prove myself and I'm going to continuously do good even after Ramadan continues can finish it. Because I was worshiping you not the month itself.

00:39:31--> 00:39:35

form of his default. That's a form of humility.

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

That's going to be so llamada your silom you said whoever found solomo from the bar who then follow that up with six days of chawan. Law social will give him the reward as though He fasted an entire ye. But you see an A for me. What gets me in this hobby is not the reward. The reward we can all speak about the reward beer. That's a beautiful reward.

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

What gets me in the Hadith is the word atbara, who followed up, immediately followed it up, there's no break 30 days of Ramadan, six days straight away after that.

00:40:12--> 00:40:56

He said the worship worship is just continuing that that when you continue worship to Allah, it's a form of humility. That adds a indirect way of saying it's thoughtful alone. It's an indirect way of saying a little more. It's like you're saying, you know, my first thing, I acknowledge it wasn't 100%. So I'm going to do six days of chawan in hope that they patch up the wrong and that's the purpose for why we found six days of your work as an acknowledgment or law. Our fasting was 100% what you deserve. So I'm going to do six days in hope that the patch up the error, the patch up the room, and they make my fasting perfect and be delayed except, so six days of chawan is a form of is

00:40:56--> 00:41:42

still far after another to form of his default. Even Zakat and photo itself is a form of his default. Like Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that from its wisdom is too hot in the sun, it purifies the fasting person from his sins and shortcomings that took place in Ramadan. Or the you need to understand this, my brothers and sisters in Islam, understand, Stefan continued worship after Ramadan is a form of his default. You know, Salah for him Allah, like, who was like an Imam Malik. Yesterday, Malik will email me chef Yuri, the companions of a chef. They were all on the opinion that it's much more preferred for a person doing a decaf

00:41:44--> 00:42:12

that he stay in the masjid all the way until selected that he only leaves the mustard to go to Select and then he goes to his family. And there is another opinion that suggests that the attic if when the when the person sleeping in the masjid for the 10 nights in worship, sleeping in the masjid, that when this the sun sets, when it's announced that tonight is the first night of show where the first night of a raid, he can go home. Not everyone does that.

00:42:13--> 00:42:25

But scholars and asenath would say that it's much more preferred to remain in the masjid until the next day and you leave from the masjid to salata laid before you see your family wine.

00:42:27--> 00:43:08

It is worship continues worship they wanted, they wanted the person to go from the worship of the gaff, and connect the street with the worship of lead. Select the eighth street from the attic if there is not a space between them. As worship this follow up, follow up. So Pamela, and this is a form of is still forming itself. acknowledging our love, we need our worships. We need the effect we need the rewards of our worship which ultimately is that these worships count towards a great deal of our sins and our shortcomings been forgiven. You see my brothers now you're probably trying or getting to understand the point better.

00:43:10--> 00:43:12

So my brothers and sisters in Islam

00:43:13--> 00:43:37

don't ever be carried away with your worships they are always filled with shortcomings. They always filled with shortcomings a lot of social told them the reasonable Mohali he'll send them by an extension the entire oma he said when I turned on the stack here, we knew this I you know, this sort of thing would fit well, on the stack field. Well, you're a bigger fosse beard.

00:43:38--> 00:43:59

He's the translation of it. Do not think amongst telling also long forget forget us for now put us on the site. Online cinco Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa said that do not think that by doing good deeds, you have done a great favor to a lot of social means. We

00:44:01--> 00:44:22

do not ever assume that by doing good deeds, you have done a lot of social favor. Rather it is a law who done us a favor by allowing you to worship Him, giving you the ability to worship Him, pray the long nights and fast these days of Ramadan and then allow social is a theme while your bigger hospital

00:44:25--> 00:44:29

and for the for the sake of Allah social.

00:44:30--> 00:44:39

Then be patient upon the commands of Allah upon the commands of your Lord also as the Tafseer of this era would suggest when they are big, meaning the amblyopic of hospital

00:44:40--> 00:44:55

and to the commands of Allah sergeant, remain patient with his patients mean how do I be patient with the last commands by continuing to worship him subhanho wa Taala so these are a few points I wanted to share with you about concluding

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

that we conclude with is still fall. We conclude the Ramadan bye

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

Following it up with worships, we do not stop at all. We continue to be a vanilla hidin. And especially we asked a lot of soil to give us that ability that we're able to always be honored by the fact that we are able to worship in their minds.

00:45:17--> 00:45:43

To my brothers and sisters in Islam seekers still keep that the first thing on your mind all the times after any form of worship from abroad is no different. And when we come to the matter of what is the best way to seek a loss or jealous forgiveness, plenty of ways by saying stuff a lot of stuff a lot, myself saying stop for a while remember the LA LA LA when you move to LA that also works

00:45:44--> 00:46:30

and the best form of is still for is to say, so usually still for and that is a momento de la ilaha illa and Halekulani or an Abu kawana Allah dico dico stop caring shadley mal Sana abou la cabina metakaolin with MB tofield Li. That's the ID Fallowfield Li, for Enola Luba Illa. And that CDL is default, it was prescribed that we see it once a morning once in the afternoon. I wouldn't be so long while he was in and told us that the one who says it in the morning and he's sincere about it, sincere and genuine about his his default to a law. And he dies in the afternoon.

00:46:31--> 00:46:34

He enters the paradise. And if you were to see this sticker

00:46:35--> 00:47:20

in the afternoon, sincerely, genuinely from your heart, with all honesty, that you acknowledge your sins online, need your forgiveness, and you died before the morning, such a person immediately enters the paradise. Why? Because the only thing that blocked the route to the paradise were your sins. And if they have been forgiven, now the gate has opened. So it's a one way highway to the paradise like about that's the relationship of forgiveness and the paradise that they stand an obstacle between you and the doors of the paradise. And as we said one of those categories of sins, or shortcomings within the worships themselves, focus on that kind of category to seek a lot of

00:47:20--> 00:47:22

social forgiveness from those kinds of sins.

00:47:24--> 00:48:06

That's the best form of stuff out. So this is the advice my brothers and sisters in Islam can include your mobile phone and your worships with his cell phone. Follow follow up your worships with worship, we are worshiping on more note the month. Yes, during Ramadan, we have more energy to worship Allah. Because Allah gave us that energy. And like as though he gives us the energy to worship Him. after Ramadan. Worship continues, there's just a little bit more challenge and a battle as the share of being released. And the greatest agenda is to keep us away from worship. So you need to fight yourself. And this fighting we struggle against the shield bomb, fighting yourself to get

00:48:06--> 00:48:51

up to make although in this freezing cold in Australia, I heard about fighting yourself to make Obu fighting yourself to pay on time every day, fighting yourself to earn a halal income, the struggles behind that a real Allah knows about them struggling to wear the proper Islamic dress code, and hijab for women and the Islamic dress code of men that they cover their our there's a struggle in that there is struggle, even the word of it is especially in that in the countries where there's heat, especially to sisters that may allows origin reward them in where they observe a niqab, the complete Islamic dress code. All of this is a struggle, a lot of news, the struggle is real.

00:48:52--> 00:49:36

The struggle is real over that. The struggles, understand that that's where the reward is. That's where the reward is. It's in the struggle itself. It's in the struggle, loss or jealousies When levina Yeah, how do feanor learn and the unknown sabudana those who strive and struggle for our calls in worshiping us in doing what a lot of social works in keeping away from Jehovah because that's a struggle as well. Let the unknown we are surely going to guide them to our path. Well in the law helemaal mercy and a lot is with them. icynene he declared the masini they've reached the level of excellence they are seen in the sight of Allah, which is a level way above and Mormon.

00:49:38--> 00:49:59

So the reward is in the struggle. So don't give up after Ramadan. If you're going to struggle to worship Allah from above, then say Alhamdulillah that's where the reward is within the struggle itself. So that's the advice that's how we're going to conclude or move on and into a world with this mindset. With this mindset we need plenty of is still fall.

00:50:00--> 00:50:27

We need plenty of effort for a lot of social sake. We need to also acknowledge online is not benefiting from our worship whatsoever. It's within Yanni. We don't say that we've done a lot of favor. Rather, he's the one that does us a favor. Mo nunatak. And Islamic law terminology Islamic laws socially says that people were suggesting that they dumped a great favor to a law or law said let them know.

00:50:29--> 00:50:45

Don't don't don't, don't don't. Don't assume that you have made a large social favor by accepting Islam and doing the works of Islam. Allah azza wa jal said in the eye a rather Bella mo na Alaykum It is Allah who bestows his fever upon you.

00:50:47--> 00:50:57

And had their complete email that he guided you to event and the faith and the worships because worships are a form of email. It is a man who guided us to worship Him.

00:50:58--> 00:51:17

In gunton saw the theme if you really knew that, if you really believe that. So we as believers are supposed to believe that it is Allah who guided us it's a law who's had the favor upon us, not us doing a law favor. when ever we learn from a terrible understanding that can go wrong with many people, so can a lot.

00:51:18--> 00:52:06

So help a lot of Zoysia except for us, forgives our sins, admits us into the paradise. We asked a lot of Zoysia sincerely, we asked him subhanho wa Taala. With all honesty, with complete genuine hearts with hearts that what his seek one is pleasure and his reward alone law. We don't want anyone's reward. We do not want anyone's appreciation, we do not want anyone's comment about any worship that any one of us those will your last comments. When you want a loss of appreciation, we only want a loss reward. We only want the paradise of a loss and ultimately to see a loss pan who died at all we want from ambition, renew that intention each and every single time you do something

00:52:06--> 00:52:52

for a lot of soldiers sake, renew it every time. We ask him supernova with the fact that the vanilla is our intention just to please him a secret what we asked him that he free our necks from the fire, that He forgive us. And he continued to bestow His fever upon us the fever of giving us strength and worship to worship Him. strength and power to worship Him. until the last day of our life. We asked him subhanho wa Taala for this incredible gift. subhanho wa Taala is Akuma Mohammed on my brothers and sisters in Islam. Today, I've kept the less than 40 minutes, so that he can have time with your family.

00:52:53--> 00:53:16

To do whatever preparations you need time for you is still fall, time for you that can be declaring the greatness of a long time to prepare for tomorrow's read. I asked a lot Zoysia that he bless you all, and that he experienced a bliss that they have read and that you enjoy that they and he filled your life with happiness and pleasure and contentment. And on that note,

00:53:17--> 00:53:45

being happy, being happy and instilling making others happy on the day of a worship, to worship, making others happy on the day of where it is a worship. Don't ignore that worship. So go out of your way to make people happy. And the first people that deserve this IO family members, your wife, your children, and your husband and your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your aunties, your uncle's,

00:53:46--> 00:54:30

your nephews, your nieces. It is a worship to make them happy. go out of your way by whatever it is of gifts. Invite them, obviously with the money, the restrictions that are in place, take that enough. But invite them make them happy. If you make someone happy in a day that's a worship the kettle football it makes the poor and the needy happy. That's why it's a worship. You see so Panama lol escolares to figure out except for us, just not taking longer than this. I asked a lot of soldiers to bless you all to protect your business at all. Have a good day. Hey, don't move out of my brothers and sisters in Islam, the cabo la mina woman come this is from me, and from my family to

00:54:30--> 00:54:52

you and your family and to the marvels of the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. molars origin filled out these with Baraka with new with happiness with guidance until we meet him subhanho wa Taala in Delhi Kolkata rally or some Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala he also be as mine was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.