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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah neurobiol alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah vasudha NaVi Karim. All praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gave us life who gave us energy, who gave us a week, between last Wednesday and this Wednesday. Imagine to yourself, everyone has a unique situation, what happened to you? For this, say Alhamdulillah for the Muslim is not half glass empty, or half glass full. The Muslim says Alhamdulillah there is a glass and there's a table to put it on. The Muslim is happy that there is something and whatever is there Alhamdulillah. And this type of mentality is very difficult to bring about. Trust me when I tell you or I request you to trust, when

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I say it's very easy to say, oh, be thankful and you can giggle at it and say oh yeah, that's a great philosophy, that you're just happy that there's a table to put a glass on. But at the end of the day, that is what we've seen from the prophets. We've seen someone carry the same message for 900 years, we've seen a prophet have his people dissected through shade lawns rational tools, remember through music and through the other components that she thought his son had to deal with. But at the end of the day, he never gave up. So with this we say Alhamdulillah Suhana la he will be handy he are either the holly the he What do you bought NFC he was in at the outer she he was Amida

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Kalamata, and we say that all praise and thanks is to the perfection of Allah and 100 times every day, I tried to do the same as well. What did you say between last Wednesday and this Wednesday? At least 100 times a day. But did you say a stealth feudal law and with that, we also added a stealth utilize to clean ourselves over law forgive us. And Does anyone remember the vicar that was supposed to prepare us for this week's class? Suhana law he would be handy he Suhana law Hill. I'll leave this as we've narrated in the seventh volume of Bahati. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever mentioned Subhana law will be handy, how perfect majesty, how glorious is a

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law with his praise, who mentioned this phrase 100 times Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us these words and the Prophet peace be upon him said, even if this person committed enough sin or enough against sin is such a difficult word in English, if they transgressed enough to fill all of the ocean, Allah subhanaw taala will forgive it, because it's not the sin that affects us. It's not turning back to Allah. It's not missing. fudger not missing the dawn prayer. That is the grave mistake. Of course, that's not gonna happen every day. But the grave mistake is not having the decency to wake up. It's not eating your mom's food and leaving the table that your mom wants. It's eating the food, throwing

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the dishes, and she'll wash it, she'll take care of it, you'll do everything but not having the decency to say, Oh, my wife today food was good. Oh, my mother today I enjoyed not acknowledging is where the sin lies, is where the transgression lies. And today I pray that Allah Subhana Allah blesses us, so be isn't Allahu taala. With this, we praise Allah, we prepared ourselves as much as we could spiritually. Now if you can quickly help me out what are the three components to a complete believer? And if you don't know, just nod your head like this for the sake of the recording, because I'm sure whoever's watching this at home is like, wow, these people don't talk at all. So if you're

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not gonna answer, just do one of these, they don't know. I'll take care of it. So the three things what's the first component of believer? is knowledge? Excellent. The first concept of a believer The first component of the triangle is in Arabic under the hood of the second component, faith, spirituality, fear of Allah, US praying throughout the night. I could be the greatest enemy person, right? Lots of knowledge. I may or may Allah give us knowledge. I mean, wakulla visit near Alma. And we say Allah give us clean knowledge. But if I don't have the spirituality, have you ever heard that speaker you hear them? It makes sense. But as soon as you walk out the door, it's gone. Why? Because

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the deliver of the vegetables, he doesn't keep his own stuff fresh. So what he gives you, it's not going to be that fresh. And the third component after I have knowledge, excellent activism, after I have knowledge after I have spirituality, so I have the knowledge of Allah. Why is it so important? We'll get into that at another point. But we are now going to start at the end of the list number three, yeah, you had Muzammil. Yeah, you had mudassar

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for annville stand up

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Be active, alert the people around you, if people are talking and reminding you about being thankful because it's Thanksgiving, don't shy away from the conversation, be active, go and feed them go stay at the shelter, go give your time and give your energy, knowledge, spirituality and activism. If we started at the end of our list, the beacon of light, the climax of activism in Islam, Ibrahim, Adi Sadat was set up, and you can't find anyone else who was more active. And I really mean this because it's not just that he was active as a prophet, but he was active from the beginning of his life. So for this purpose, we're going to dedicate a few spots. This is not i'm not going to try to squeeze

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it in today. So let's take a few basic foundational things. Number one, Ibrahim artist, Saddam was born in what we know as today, northern Iraq, in Babylon. So in the northern Iraq areas we knew of a young boy who was born, his name was Ibrahim it is saddam. Now we're going to use for the sake of the story. Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran, Li B he as well as that his father as a, but there's a little bit of extra here. Some people might discuss whether it was his father or he was raised by an uncle and a lover referred to him as the father figure. At the end of the day, does it affect our story? Not really. So someone in his life most likely dad could be an elder uncle, Nate

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was named as up. He also was born during the time of a great king. And when I say King, I want you to think President of the United States, right most powerful man in the world. These kings made our presidency or even our kingship look like nothing. Right? These were kings who would say I want 1000 people dead. Or I want to say I want to free 1000 prisoners. These are people who were kings, literally demigods, if you will. And the name of the king that lived during the time of Ibrahim Arya, Sarah, you know, Nam rude, okay, so his name was num, Ruth and this king was, he had a god complex. He had a very big God complex. He believed that look, I control everything I control most

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of the things that go on in the universe, right, he had a little, he had a little tin to fit around coming up in him. Born in northern Iraq, he was born during the time of num root of the king who was also known as num root. And there is a few points that I want you to pick up from today. Number one, he is mentioned 73 times in the Koran in 25 separate surahs. And in those 25 separate Sutras, the entire an entire surah is dedicated to him, Ibrahim, so usually I would say surah ambia ayah number such and such, but today, we actually get the opportunity as we saw in the Prophet new story, his surah number was 71. Today we are going to see Ibrahim Ali Salam story. But something interesting

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happens at the beginning of Ibrahim is that I'm story. Allah subhanho wa Taala paints a very broad picture. God Himself tells us about Ibrahim alayhis salam in his surah without talking about him first. So today's objective First off, if you can start from surat Ibrahim, and we all know this is in the 13th jus 14th Surah 13th bara 14 surah where Allah subhanho wa Taala and come along with me, you can take it in your phone, or you can follow along with I want you to see the surah that Allah subhanaw taala named Ibrahim, how did he begin? So if you could set the presence set the tone right now, you have never heard Quran in your life, you came to this big room, someone is talking to you.

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So for the first time you're listening to something called Quran and this book and tell you the name of this chapter that you're going to read, that you're going to listen to is called Abraham. And there's something very specific about Ibrahim alayhis salam that I can't really touch. So before we read about Ibrahim Ali Salam at seven years old, at seven years old, some narrations tell us he questioned his dad. Then as a hot blooded teenager, he lived in a town where what did they do? They worshipped idols, American Idol, Indian Idol, Australian Idol, right? they worshipped idols, friends, let's be real. When you watch these TV shows, right? Someone comes out onto a stage and

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three demigods, judge them on how well they sing how well they perform. And basically these people will do anything to become the next idol. Hello. I mean, it's not a play on words. It actually is. They would sacrifice anything to become this idol. And once it becomes, let's be real, then that idol could cut half of their hair on their head. They could wear obscure clothes, they could do weird things to their bodies, and what would we do?

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Wow, that's amazing. They look like a monkey.

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But this is so unbelievable, right? We would be so overwhelmed by this. So for what it's worth, we don't know him as a seven year old. We know him as a seven year old as a hot blooded teenager after the hot blooded teenager, what happened to him? He was rejected out of his community. And we're going to touch all of these stories. And then where did he go? He went to a people who worship the sun, the moon and the stars. They worship the stars. Think about it. We live in Hollywood. Yes, they did. And in that he met a young woman. So there we see him as a as a husband. And then after that, what did he do with his wife left her in the middle of the desert. We saw him as a husband and saw

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him in that scenario, then even more, we saw him as a politician. When Ruth the king actually asked him,

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oh, can levy mavala polio was finally on the second page of the third just as a politician, he's talking to the king, basically, who believes he's a demigod, and he's talking to him. Then after that, we see him as a father, looking into his son's eyes. And we remember new holiday Salaam saw into his son's eyes. And his son said, Look, Dad, don't worry about climbing a mountain. But when Ibrahim Ali Salam asked his mareel I think I saw this in a dream. I saw this in a dream that I was slaughtering you, his son was prepared as a father. So think about the nurturing it would take, you nurture your son to the point where you say, you know what, son, today, we're going to burn your

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laptop. And your son says, Dad, are you sure? Yeah, inshallah, this is what we're gonna do. Then after that, we see him right. No one caught that right? I'm sure you've seen the YouTube clip of the dad who fought who took a shot gun to his daughter's laptop, anyone see this? Feel free to educate yourself on these things. That's what you call parenting. No joke is the daughter listed something, you know, like, I don't care about my dad something, something that took the laptop, made a YouTube video, posted it on Facebook, and then blew her laptop with a gun. He was not Muslim. So I don't recommend you can they can get away with that we can. So in this, we see him in every phase but then

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finally we see him at the highest stage where Allah subhanho wa Taala asks him to erect a building that will be known for the rest of humanity as the Kaaba, the center of the world. And there he builds the Kaaba and he turns back and I'm telling you we praise Allah we study we do everything and we think Swan Allah I finished praying soon I was like, This is so amazing. Got to pray sooner before I felt good.

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We feel good about our actions after building the Kaaba itself. What did he turn to Allah and say?

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Or Bana? Taka Bernina Oh Allah except for me that blows me away. Why didn't he say that's right Allah that's me. Here My name is all carved up in this joint. No, he said, I am nothing What I did was from your Baraka so look at look at the fact that we went from the age of seven all the way down to the bills, the caravans, he still turns to our line says, of banana.

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Please keep this as a phrase. So now I told you from his age seven all the way down to the end of his life, Ibrahim, another step that I need to get to you another core foundation. We today in the world are basically shedding blood over one main concept. Let's be real, right? So if you took away the worldly game, oil, land, global power, under what umbrella is, are all of these fights being fought in real in real time? If the fights in Palestine, the fights around the world mainly are being fought under what preta? What's the umbrella? We're doing it for who?

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right we're doing it for God in some essence, in some essence. It's either the fight between Christianity Christians will say

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that's the right way to go or the fight between Judaism or the fight in Islam. Let's take the blame a little bit fam. We need to realize there are Muslims out there who are hurting human beings under the face of God told me to do it. But Allah subhanho wa Taala put something extraordinarily unique in Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And in that you see a conversation that takes place in the third Jews were Allah subhanho wa Taala calls out to Jews Christians and the Muslims at large. And he says to the man Cana mo da he Maja who do Allah now Swanee King Ghana, honey muslimah he says Abraham was neither a Jew, nor was he was he a Christian. And the great part is your Allah subhanaw taala

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doesn't go out of the way and say he was Muslim. He says honey from muslimah which means Abraham believed in what we are all supposed to believe in hanifa. That's monotheism. So on top of being a father, a son, a politician, and top of being someone who took care of his family, he was also the director.

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interfaith, if we want the concept of what interfaith activity should be, it is Ibrahim, Adi saddam. And at the end of the day, he says the words or man can Amina mushrikeen, and he wasn't someone who associated partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala. I pray that you have noted down some of these features, we will discuss each story separately, but he wasn't someone who associated partners with a law and to raise his rank even higher. Abraham Ibrahim built the house that we know the Kaaba in Mecca. And after this, he made a dog you'll find it in the third quarter, the last quarter of juice, a one the first juice. In the last quarter, you'll see a robin our bath fee him Rasulullah a DA, a

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supplication that Ibrahim makes with his son. And because of this supplication, he says I pray that my lineage is blessed. Every single prophet after Ibrahim came from his own legacy, including who came from the legacy of Abraham, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I know we have some adults with us. So you may appreciate this just a little bit as a final note on who we are talking about.

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So Muhammad Rasulullah, the greatest human being to walk foot on this earth whose sweat smelled like Musk, I cannot explain more about him. But think about him. He goes on a journey. He travels through the paradise we all know it's all about small fact. After traveling through Israel, he stops at every heaven. And just as a fun fact. Well, who does he meet on the fourth heaven? Remember, his soul was taken there. Idris and his name in English or in Hebrew? Enough, okay, just I want you to know these things. Because when I say Ibrahim, all of a sudden I become Muslim centric. When I say Abraham, I have an umbrella that literally spans every religion that we have majority of the

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monotheism religions that we have, so know the names, know the name so that you can interact with others. So as he goes up, he meets enough he meets the various prophets. And every prophet comes and meets Muhammad Rasulullah. Except one, when he gets to the one of the highest heavens, he sees an old man resting against a tree. And Muhammad Rasulullah doesn't stand afar and say salam, mohammadu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walks to the feet of the father of prophethood. And he greets Ibrahim Ali set up and end the narration. It's very comfortable. You see a very relaxed, Ibrahim Abraham was very relaxed. It was like God, I mean, to offer you, I know you, I mean to offer you and

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he had yaqeen. He may do our 1000s of years before and he knew that he would meet Muhammad Rasulullah because when he prays to Allah, when he prays to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He knows a law will never reject. So my point is Mohammed rasulillah, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was greeted by all the prophets, except when he went to meet the Godfather. And I say that very openly the godfather of prophethood, when he went to meet him, Ibrahim alayhis salam allowed him to come forth, and he sat and he's had the time to spend with him. So with this, you now have the concept that from Adam, all the way up to the end of slavery, human beings have been given

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small shehryar small discussions, follow God, fear God don't hurt people don't kill people. Try not to associate partners. But at this point, the turning in human society in the civilization is a turning point that a law had to send one who would start a legacy and this is Ibrahim Adi Serato. Santa so I pray this is a very fruity introduction. Now fruitful, not fruity, fruitful introduction.

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Allah save us from fruity introductions. But now we start with the name of Ibrahim it said arm that is mentioned 73 times in the world on in 25 separate sutras in a surah itself called Ibrahim let us see what Allah wants us to extract from the story of Ibrahim not the details, the details, we're gonna get into his lifestyle what happened, but I want to see the main picture, but RFRO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. I seek refuge with my Creator, the only Sustainer of the heavens and the earth from shavon The Cursed Satan, the one who took his rationale and said, God, I know more than you, I seek refuge from him. And that refuge can only come from Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, In the name of

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Allah, With the name of Allah partnered and coupled with the mercy that Allah will give me I say his name and who is he Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful?

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Elif lamb ra the letters are only said separately and their meaning is not known by anyone except God. I would like you to take a moment and pause here when God's Allah subhanaw taala starts a surah with letters you don't understand what could this possibly allow the human being to think about? I'll ask the question again. You say to Allah your Creator if they know slit all glutton was stealthy guide me to a straight consistent path slit Auckland la Vina nom de la him The path of those whom you have favored lady love lubi Allah you him What a ball lien and not the path who have earned your anger through arrogance intentionally. Nor through those who in their love or in their

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emotion got lost you asked for for things right later my looby I think model bodied adults in the most half in the Quran, after one of God mean that's on the right side. What's on the next page with the Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem? What is it say? And if la mean so I asked a lot for things. And he responds to me with what and if a l m? Is what what am I supposed to do with that? So I'm asking you a question here. When you ask from your Creator, and he responds to you in something you don't understand, or you open the Quran, and even if you have never read Quran before in your life, and you see a Li Elisa Lam mean? And if lamb raw? What could these three letters be bringing your

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attention towards? take a gander? Someone Take a guess? Humble yourself. When you go to the doctor and you have cancer and he goes, it's a it's a malignant tumor and he tells you something to the effect, and you don't understand the vocabulary. What do you do? Stupid doctor? What do you know? No, you will never do that. You say I'm sorry, sir. I didn't catch that. Could you explain it a little bit more. You never go to someone who's explaining something technical to you and like you don't know what you're talking about? No, you except you don't know. And there is the key factor when we hear any lamb raw, humble yourself and say I know nothing. I want these four things from

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God. I don't even know how to get them. So Humble yourself. First step Elif law and if lamb bra only Allah knows their meaning. So I'm going to sit down, humble myself. I'm going to do something that our culture here does not promote. And that is to say, I don't know. And then Allah says kita buenas Allahu LA, a book v book. The only book that we sent down to you, Mohammed rasuna la, la cannito free Janice amin, oh Nova de la No, a book that we sent down that you may not understand immediately, a book we sent down so that you could take mankind from multiple shades of darkness Ludo. Matt Isla No. Voodoo math is the plural of darkness. Nor is the singular. Human beings will be

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involved in all sorts of weird things in Shere Khan in worshipping idols in disrespecting their parents in killing in murdering Little Women and children under the name of work liberating a land. I don't know if you've ever heard of that, but we do that very easily. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in all of this darkness, there is only one light mean of lumati the new DB is near of be him era zero clean laws. He is in Hamid. But then everyone says but I read on why has in this book illuminated me because Allah reminds us God says, Be in Europe be him. It is the permission of God Himself. Not his prophets, not Abraham, not Moses, not Jesus. Not Muhammad Rasul Allah. It is the

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permission of God Allah that we will be sled to the path Isla de la de la disease in Hamid, can you take down these two names for me? Allah subhana wa Tada. Our creator has more than 265 names. We know of 99 very easily, you know of them. But if you read in Bukhari and Abu Bakr radi Allahu Tada. I'm the best friend of Mohammed rasulillah. If you read some of his narrations, you'll find there are many more Names of Allah, I'd like you to know to Ozzy's means all mighty and all capable. Hamid, what does Hamid mean? Anybody.

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Simple Yeah. praiseworthy, most praiseworthy? I like it. He said praise worthy, praise worthy and when we praise a lot, then we dignify the book. So when we realize that we don't know a last hurrah,

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knows that we are all involved in multiple darknesses whether Jew, Christian or Muslim, this is where the branch opens up. Muslims can be involved in this darkness B is narrow beam Eros Latina Aziz and Hamid then Alice has an ayah number two let's make this slightly interactive. What does iron number two start is what is the first word in Arabic?

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The first in Arabic would be a law hidden a law he levy law Houma is

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to fill out in the story of Ibrahim before we talk about any Prophet, Allah says an ayah number two, Allah He levy to Allah belongs maphis wati wa marfil out. Take a quick grammatical point here. Allah subhana wa tada in the Quran many times says whatever is in the heavens, and what is in the earth. Here he says, whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is in the earth is in the dominion of God is in Allah subhanho wa Taala his hand. So before Ibrahim, people were worshipping idols, before evil, all him, people were worshipping things other than a lot. And after Abraham, people would come and say, God had a son, that David was the son of God that Jesus was the Son of God. A law reminds us

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why he knew really caffee in Amina

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Shadi and woe unto the rejecter, the disbeliever, the one who covers up clear guidance that God couldn't have any partners. God's perfect, how could he have a partner main message of Ibrahim, Adios, saddam of Abraham, that Allah subhanho wa Taala owns everything in the heavens and everything in the earth. And I read an interesting

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and interesting commentary on this. So Allah says, whatever is in the heavens, and whatever's in the earth, young people today, we tend to believe and I can say that I understand this, we tend to believe a lot. Yes, he understands everything in the heavens and in the earth. But when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, Allah can't see it. Right? Because it doesn't exist, where's the internet? It's not real. And sometimes we start to behave as if we post pictures and we talk about things. And I only quickly say this to my generation, I quickly say let's be a little bit careful. When Allah says whatever is in the heavens, whatever is in the earth, that also means everything in between.

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and in the virtual worlds that we create it is he Allah subhanaw taala Who knows? So for my young brothers, we know what we look at on the internet and know that Allah knows that that exists to that's all I have to say about that. And sisters when we post something on our Facebook when we say something no this much if you believe at least a lot doesn't know what's on Facebook CALL US Open surah 69 and know this much your Facebook will be handed to you either in your right hand for a man at Akita who beat you I mean, was she mad? That your book that is dictated every single moment in your life what you do your your status update? A law will remind you a computer could keep track of

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what you did, and how much you posted. These two they won't forget law you heard you saw here I don't wanna Kabira the person will take his book and say Oh Allah as narrated and as we read in Soraka what kind of book is this? that neither does it leave the small or the big? Whatever you do little cafe dynamin agha been shredded. So those who reject and cover up this fact. There's a strong punishment for them. Now three main components are going to be reminded to us about the people of Abraham and everyone who came after him and levy and is a boon.

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For you know, those who now a category is about to be defined here. three groups of people are going to be defined number one, those who choose this world over the hereafter. Can you tell me and explain this point just for a moment? The people who believe in religion will fall into one of three categories or have all three characteristics in them. As we discussed, there was nothing wrong with the people of God. What did they do? They built the Beverly Hills homes. They built the beautiful homes on the mountaintops either in the mood. We said there was nothing wrong with having a beautiful home. There's nothing wrong with driving a nice car but a Latina yes to Him Boone and

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Hyatt adonia lol what is the word Allah mean?

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On top above, giving more preference to this world than the hereafter. Why also do savvy

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young women young brothers and my adults Please listen to this. Moms are not they don't fall in this category. They love you no matter what happens. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the people who choose this world and say well this is real, right Black Friday, if I told you to stand up

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online for a 65 inch TV, right? And you'd have to stand in Hamidullah here, it's decent weather. But in New York in places where there's no electricity, trust me, people are doing what? They're lining up. They're lining up now. And then you told me, You know what, I think we should go to fudger in the morning is a good thing. It's called fudger. And if you wait there's no lines. And if you go to fudger, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the one who comes to find your praise in JAMA and reads on after fudger Allah subhanaw taala would get it is like he would have to travel to a valley and in that valley would be a red camel. The red camel we said is the equivalent to what

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Rolls Royce and I looked it up I really because when you say Rolls Royce, that's a very big deal. No, it wasn't a camel would have been a Mercedes, the red camel which was actually white when the sunset it hit it, and it glowed. It looked like a huge Ruby. The Rolls Royce. The prophets a lot is sunset praying fudger in the mustard

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and staying for some time afterwards. And reading Quran is as if Allah would give you to read camels every morning, would you do it? If you could have a phantom and a ghost sitting on 20 fours parked in your pot now I see it now hummed a little bit more, because they're like red camel, I gotta walk the thing and it smells? No, you get your Rolls Royce Phantom, you know, the carpets in the back? Has anyone seen carpets in the back? It's like a mink for your feet get lost in it. Unless it's everyday, he'll give you to the ghost like the coupe with the drop top. And you get the full version, the full version with the suicide doors. Would you come for fudger? Ask yourself, those

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people who chose this world Island era, they would tell you man, you're crazy. Go put my head on the ground five times a day. But then tell them would you sleep outside for a ps4? Yes, I would wrap myself in a blanket and sleep outside while you're sleep do an answer v Linda so the second component after people choose this world and say for example, I'm the guy who chooses this world and the brothers come over to me and say you know what, brother with some wisdom you should spend a little bit more time thinking about Arthur. What is the automatic response to the people of Abraham and every prophet after them? Why else would do non Serbian law and they tell people don't become

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religious? while you're still doing that they become obstacles in becoming close to God the Creator. And notice Allah subhanaw taala throughout the Quran also refers to himself as who or as national as robina What word does he not use all the time?

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He uses an only four times in the Quran but I want you to be aware and comfortable. A lot doesn't use a law in the Quran a lot. But he has he will use other names. Why? Because when I say a lot people say that's the God of Islam. So feel free to entertain use the word Lord when you're in these weekend's discussions of if there's any time to bring up a lot it's Thanksgiving for the love of God. right it's Thanksgiving even Christmas it's too hectic when it now is the time make make this conversation come up. So the people will say what you're doing unsurveyed in law, Allah subhana wa Taala knows that the people will come up with these arguments they will tell you don't worry job

00:33:12--> 00:33:49

What are you gonna do cover your head who's gonna marry you know, we're gonna marry you. And no, go marry you look like a mummy. And then you then you turn and say well, you also don't answer be the law you smile and say, Uh hum de la You know what? Allah made my pair God made my pair and God made me beautiful he didn't make you beautiful that's why you got nothing to cover. Thank you. That's Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Right so that that's why he you don't got nothing covered no problem. Just let it all out there. But for me, I have something I'm a treasure and treasures need to be kept proper. So then you should do an answer ILA. So after they choose this world and after

00:33:49--> 00:33:57

they say they say they try to stop you they say don't pray, what's going to happen Don't do this. They will tell you things whether it's from the physical

00:33:59--> 00:34:39

experience or even adults when you go to a wedding, young people they'll come and tell you what happened all throughout my life. Oh, you look like splinter You look like a cartoon. You won't have fun. This is your time to have fun. Yeah, what a go go out Please spend a little time. No, we won't tell your parents while you have to. Who are you? And finally the third component of people that will come after the time of Ibrahim Ali salatu salam are finally after you told them you should find this earth and you become a person of Allah. Then you say when every argument is thrown at you and the people started stop you from the path of Allah you still push through. Then finally what will

00:34:39--> 00:34:39


00:34:40--> 00:34:42

while you have aluna

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

they will open the Quran kita Bonanza Allahu la the book that was sent to the people and they will say did you know Islam allows for four wives. Did you know Islam at one point said and right all of the smiles at the top floor are now gone and they will start to scratch

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Actually small little things, and they'll say, you know what, five times a day prayer, I'm not really sure how you're going to get through that. And then they'll say, you know, in the Quran Allah says in Isaiah 282, of soar above the law, that for every one male witness, there should be two. What will you say about this? What is this chauvinistic religion? what yagoona means they will look for crookedness in the book, hula ecoffee, Bala Lymbery, the people who have one or all three of these characteristics, one or all three of these characteristics, they are far from guidance. Why do I bring up these points? Because at the end of the day, when you come and say a lot is correct,

00:35:41--> 00:35:54

Quran is the compilation is the seal of the message from the Bible and the Torah. They can't really get around that. So then they will attack on itself, and they will poke holes in your understanding of this.

00:35:55--> 00:36:36

hula ecofaith already married and I a number four, I think introduces Ibrahim alayhis salam at a completely different level. So everyone's been with me, right? I have one. This is a book that we sent down to take the people so that the messenger could take the people from multiple shades of darkness into light. And what was this light, the light of the message of Allah the Quran, the Quran was something that you didn't debate at the end of the day, it spoke of Abraham, it spoke of Adam, it spoke of Jesus and entire chapter in Quran is devoted to the mother of the Saudis that I'm the mother of Jesus, and confirms the virgin birth and confirms her chastity. So this is the final

00:36:36--> 00:37:21

thing. And then we said everything belonged to Allah in the heavens and everything that was in the earth. So don't reject this fact. Because at the end of the day, whether you believe in a law or not, he's not Santa Claus. You know, I think I can I think there is a lot if I believe that he's there, copper. Allah always been there. And we as human beings have a frontal lobe a higher sense that allows us to choose whether we are going to open our brain or we are going to stay limited to this world and choose this world Island. Era. Why you should do an answer v de la vida una hora de la ecoffee balani married and I love the lot, that fourth is Surah Ibrahim, WA Santa Mira zoo. And

00:37:21--> 00:38:10

we did not send any messenger not Mohammed narissa ra Salatu. Salam, that Moses not David, not Abraham, not sheath. Not enough not any one of the prophets in lab bill he said he told me he Libyan Allah whom we did not send any messenger except and he didn't say Aloha, what is loganlea? Luca means language. Lisa means dialect tongue. If Abraham it sometimes people were super flattered that he was super fly. If he used if they use the phrase, he used that phrase, elaborate. He said he told me he and when you get to the story of when you get to the story of the people worshipping the sun, the moon, the stars, he used their vernacular. He sat there, it's like me saying he sat in the New

00:38:10--> 00:38:56

Moon watching the Twilight. And then you're like, Oh, wait, I know that means something more and only one person admitted that they actually know but the rest of you. Right. So as he heard this, and he heard these phrases, he used the terminology of his people and so did every prophet or I'm a member of Sunni Labine Sani Paul mihaela Yogi Nana, whom he spoke clearly the Prophet Abraham up to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. He spoke to his people leave you begging Allah home so that the things would be clean and clear for you only law law who may Yeshua no matter how clear a prophet is, guidance or misguidance is in the hands of the Creator. So remember, Alif Lam ra What

00:38:56--> 00:39:39

did we do when we heard those letters? What do we do? We humbled ourselves if I can't humble myself in front of my Creator, guess what? He's also the one who has the entire bucket of guidance, the bucket of patient, the one who has the paintbrush to happiness is in the metaphysical hands of a law. And if we don't turn back to our Creator, for your little Allahu mania, he will miss guide who he wills. Well, yeah. De Manisha and He will guide whom He wills, please look at IRA number four, if you don't mind, because Allah usually says he guides whom He wills and misguides It's a tough word to say. But you can say he missed guides or people's actions shut them off from guidance, but he

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

flips the phrase here. Why? After hearing a prophet if you're so busted that you don't believe you're gonna get misguided. If you're so busted that you hear something in a lecture you hear something on YouTube, you hear something from a non a non believer, but it makes sense and gives you hedaya. Remember the example of the the soldier who blew up in Iraq

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

He blew up the wall he went in all the family members were dead. We set it a couple of weeks ago. And he the soldiers sunk in his chair because he was supposed to go inside of a home that was going to have, you know, resistance and whatnot and he blew up into the house and what was there a mom, her two kids, the husband everyone dead, except the wife. So the soldier fell and cried. And she came to him and said, insha Allah, this was the phrase and then the ayah masala mean mostly, but in Illa be eaten in LA, fun fact, of this amazing war that we are fighting and liberating. ask why 10,000 American soldiers have defected from our, our cause maybe they saw something that we don't

00:40:41--> 00:41:26

see on CNN and Fox, not 10,000 who said oh, this is too hard. I'm not gonna fight. But we see this in the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala, guides who he wills and if you have heard something that makes sense, act on it, by a lot act on it, that's all I can say to you, or been allowed to the Pooh bah bah, bah, bah, bah, blah middle. Adam Carolla in our country will have over law once we attain a level of rational sense. And we know in our heart and in our mind that it makes sense. The sense will get us into Jannah or lucky but straight on that path. If you know today and you haven't prayed all week, and today prayer makes sense. Makes a lot if you know covering your body makes sense. Just

00:41:26--> 00:41:49

do it. And at the end of the day, but what happens rather what if I start and fall off? You know, when I start I want to be strong. We don't know what life is going to be left wahoo ally xizhou Hakeem and he allowed the one who misguides tough word and the one who guides he Allah is the Almighty, how did we translate Ozzy's Almighty?

00:41:50--> 00:42:27

Oh, overpowering, overpowering all, Abel. And Hakeem what is hacky mean? wise, it has a little bit more depth into it. So if you can take two words in the word, Hakeem, there's a little bit more depth. I guarantee this room. There are moves in this room have trans more wisdom than I do. There are fathers there are working people. They have more wisdom. But hikma isn't just wisdom, but it is also authority. And now let's flip the coin. Do you all know some people who are in authority that have no wisdom at all? You ever see the congressman who said you don't have to be smart to be a congressman.

00:42:28--> 00:43:08

You'll find out so there are people in authority without any wisdom you'll find in a movie called religionists in rather interesting, horrible movie though it's a movie of proving that there is no existence of Allah subhanaw taala but he says you don't need to be smart to be in charge. Hakeem has halcon and it also has authority he Allah knows when to give us what when Allah knows when to guide us and when our actions when we need to fall a little bit. You could keep gifting your child and after a while your child will get will get a little spoiled. So when your child for example, we see it very commonly in American in pop culture, right What do parents do when their kids get caught

00:43:08--> 00:43:51

drunk? Not you Mashallah to be okay. Someone just passed out. When you when you watch what a parents do what our modern family and whatnot, what do they do that well, we beat we're more of the beating kind. Nope, most parents do what love my kids sit in jail. Right? They say let them learn their lesson. Now, why do we think about this? Because sometimes we don't realize there is a way to give and there's also a way to test Allah subhanaw taala is hacking. So we never question that what she has done. Now these are four is that really dictate to us. And immediately after this in the fifth sixth ayah Allah subhana wa tada tells a story about Musashi set up the next carrier of the torch of

00:43:51--> 00:44:38

what what was other than a cinema torch. He was knowledgeable and spiritual, but he was an activist and who was the greatest activist after him musasa Moses was one of the greater activists so as our time has expired, I will give you one closing thought and this is genuinely for and you're still wondering so what do I do with this enable him these are the first four is of the story of the surah named after Ibrahim Adi setup. So in this if you can take iron number seven, it's completely related to Thanksgiving and I think no a more appropriate time than this one I i n number seven, can anyone read the first words or two brothers? Can you read Sharla? What is the as

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

the word what is if you can, we don't do as much as I would like to we do a lot of history. So every time I say is what does it actually mean? It means when but when Allah subhanaw taala says what is that as then when he uses the word is what is he wants you to do? Perfect

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

Well done. Very few people realize that in the grammatical form, I was waiting for silence again, in the grammatical form anytime you hear what is all our, than our is, it means and remember when. And the crazy part is you weren't there during moosari Saddam's time. So what is Allah reminding you and remember when a wait you weren't there remember the fact that Allah gave a score on and without the Quran we would not know the stories of the people of the past. So after telling to is about the bunny Islam, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us what is that then our Bukola

00:45:36--> 00:46:26

Shaco tome and remember when Allah subhanaw taala said to our older cousins, the Jews, he said what is the center of bukem law in Shackleton, Shackleton comes naturally what word is making up their sugar. And remember when we told them, be thankful to Allah for what he gave you? What are in Shackleton, and what is the other Nabucco in shaker term, what Allah gave us for free seeing sight, the ability to speak propio scepters in our body when you close your eyes, and you can still tell where your fingers are, these are these are receptors in your body. Allah subhanaw taala said, I'm gonna give you that for free. But hey, act now be the first 100 callers to make sure to Allah, what

00:46:26--> 00:46:38

is another Bukola in shachar z that nachum and Allah will increase what he gave you for free, he'll give you more, what an income for him in the flesh he did.

00:46:39--> 00:46:46

But if you are a rejecter of this faith, if you are a rejecter of the gifts that God gave you for free,

00:46:47--> 00:46:55

then you will face the punishment of those who reject. Now how can you think Allah subhanaw taala besides just saying thank you.

00:46:56--> 00:47:33

Use that free sight, sound body mind soul to attain knowledge, spirituality and activism. That is how you think alone. Think about it, parents. If your kids kids came up to you and you ask them make your bed make sure you iron your clothes. Thanks for the kitchens clean and put away the dishes. You come back home the whole house is decorated in streamers and balloons and nothing work is done. Your kid has grabbed his harmonium if you don't know what a harmonium is just look it up and they start singing go Ollie's on how wonderful you are, right there. Start singing about how great you are as a parent, you will be like, Did you get what what are you doing? You're gonna you're gonna look at

00:47:33--> 00:48:11

them like your little. Okay, there, you've been hanging out with your friends. Right? Right. And then you realize that thinking doesn't come from the lips. It doesn't first come from here it comes through action. So in this next week, we even in LA hit Allah, we begin to open the story starting at the age of seven. And if I can take five more minutes, I will break the rest of this story. So the reason I narrated it number seven to you is so that you can realize throughout the weekend, whether you are going to celebrate or have a gathering during Thanksgiving or not this irrespective This is a time where people wish I we couldn't go to the grocery store. We couldn't buy batteries

00:48:11--> 00:48:48

for the camera without someone saying okay, have a good Thanksgiving. That's your little opening the door for you to say yes, it's a great time to be thankful. Thankful and mentioned Allah mentioned God mentioned Lord, or if you want to be subtle and you're at work, I know it's a lot of the ethics codes don't allow you to take the name of God at a workplace. Just say you know, it's got to be bid thankful to the big gut. It does something where it brings Allah subhanho wa Taala back into the picture and that awakes that within the soul of the person. Why am I stressing this every week? What did the Prophet say? All the prophets said *ed up the law How will your own be aware conscious of

00:48:48--> 00:49:37

a lot keep Allah in the picture subhanho wa Taala and Allah remember the phrase, make a law first and a law will make you first make a law first in the decision process in your life a law will take care of everything else. We close on one simple ayah Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah ambia I am number 51 through 57 but start at 51. What are the Athena one after the Athena Ibrahima whoosh de Allah subhanho wa Taala. God inspired Abraham Russia. He inspired him to that which is good. So let us break the little iceberg. And we'll start here and then in our next class in sha Allah, Ibrahim Ali Salam and the narratives and tell us at the age of seven young man, how old are you? Eight

00:49:37--> 00:50:00

Mashallah. So, do you have any seven year olds in here? Okay, call us. We're gonna make you seven for a day. Okay, we'll make you seven for a day. So he gets up, and I know the brother respectfully enough. So I will say this is his dad. So his dad is making these idols. I want you to know something interesting about everything that man truly believes in. It's always connected to money. So let's

00:50:00--> 00:50:44

Be real. In the beginning the masses believe that if you asked an idol, the idol will give you but poor people could only afford little idols. So Ibrahima is Sam's Guardian, we said Father, not Guardian used to carve statues. So sometimes if you were really sick, but you were poor, you would go up to a rich person be like, yo, can I borrow your idol? I really need to pray for something. So one day in this so everything's our money making scheme friends, everything was back then and now. So Ibrahim Ali Salam comes to his dad, seven year old Abraham on Islam comes over, and his dad is carving this idol. You all seen Dumbo, Dumbo the yes not. It's okay. Allah will forgive you. Okay,

00:50:44--> 00:50:53

some people are like, well, is this a setup? It's not that bad, even though there's some trippy scenes in there. So yeah, right that that that movie was not made for joking.

00:50:54--> 00:51:39

I don't know. At some point, halfway between Dumbo Dumbo and his friend get out of their mind drunk. And then that weird. color scheme comes up and it's like, I was little and I was like, This is not for little people. But for us. Leave Disney alone for a little while they need to warp our mind some more. So as we move forward, you remember Dumbo? So he's carving an idol that looked like Dumbo huge ears? So Ibraheem alehissalaam comes into the room and says, What are you doing that? He goes? Don't you see the big ears It has great wisdom. This God listens a lot. And what did Ibrahim Hassan say? He giggled he said, Oh, no, I don't see that. I see figures. And he pointed it out to his dad as a

00:51:39--> 00:52:20

child. He goes, I see big ears I don't see wisdom. I see you carving and then I see a snom and I see an idol I see the people in the town worshipping this idol at seven years old, not thinking please don't think that he was giving a dose to his data Byeon not at all in his own effect at seven he giggled and said no it looks like the gears dead it doesn't make any it doesn't look like something that we should worship and upon this his dad banished him is that said get out Why? And a lot of us like to believe and I don't mean to wave my finger at you but a lot of us believe that. Well his dad was so inclined towards the gods that he was offended. Let's be real here. What did the gods in

00:52:20--> 00:53:02

their household represent? Money cash cheddar all the lettuce in the world? So all they're thinking is like wait a minute, he's like Wait, don't tell me what's hot I'm in halaal Don't tell me not to sell alcohol Don't tell me to sell not to sell lottery tickets. Don't tell me to do a knockout on business kid who's gonna put food on the table who's gonna get you those new Nikes so automatically right automatically he backlash dot him and with this will pick up at the age of seven. What if he mighty Saddam was able to respond to his father and eventually what happened to him in his in his in his younger years. If you have the opportunity for next week, it is surah ambia surah m b. i a

00:53:02--> 00:53:23

number start at 50 and then roll all the way down to 62. You'll start hearing about Musashi Sena, you'll start hearing about Harun ra Serato Sam, but the main Crux is the fact that in his teenage years, he wasn't so subtle. He didn't say that. This looks pretty. This doesn't look so smart. What did he do in his teenage years?

00:53:25--> 00:54:09

He got his bat out. And he said, I'm gonna show you all what this guy can do. Right? I'm gonna show you that this guy, right he warm blooded if you will. So be isn't Allahu taala. We will get there. I make a request from you during this week. This week. We did a lot more capital and we did a lot more for it and I'm praying that you stay you stay firm on that for this week. Can you seven times after slot up in Abu Dhabi Ah, radi Allahu tada on has narrated in sound or Hadith after Salatu the fudger which if you could, because you have four days off, maybe you could pray one of those days in the mustard. Maybe one day. Remember sisters, remember the narration in Buhari and in Muslim when the

00:54:09--> 00:54:43

young ladies used to come to the province of LA to sell them and they used to be at the door of the masjid before the men would get their provider. Oh, yeah, you forgot to read that page. Don't worry, inshallah, do your best come for the Salah. If you can make further early prayer and after Sadat and fudger, I'm telling you this door, I will take you very far in life in general, young people, if you are at the door of an establishment where you're not supposed to go. If you're about to send a text that you know is not going to help your asset or if you're going to look at the wrong thing or even the pipe is right here. One door then you do whatever you want. After that, Mom and Dad, no one's

00:54:43--> 00:54:54

going to know one day after that do what you believe is correct. has to be Yeah, I'm gonna repeat after me please has been a law who

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

repeated three times has to be a law who has to be a lawyer.

00:55:00--> 00:55:13

Who has ba Allahu Allah is sufficient for me, La Ilaha Illa who there is no other deity creator sustainer authority worthy of worship other than a law

00:55:15--> 00:55:20

are they heeta What can to earn him we place our trust in public, Allah he

00:55:22--> 00:55:23

tawakkol to

00:55:25--> 00:55:29

wha Hua Babu la Roshi Levine

00:55:31--> 00:55:54

has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who, la de la Cal to wahoo our ob bhullar she loved him. And if necessary, you just take out your phone right now. I'll say it one more time That way you I know last week I didn't spell it out. It's on our do our review cheat at AQL online.com all 2924 hours that we cover, but if you take out your phone now I'll just said slowly.

00:55:56--> 00:56:08

Huss Bo Allahu La Ilaha Illa who are de da what can to tell what Cal to

00:56:10--> 00:56:55

wa Hua Rob Boone, aarushi. Arlene, and Allah is well Hawa Robin, our she loves him seven times, after Sadat and fudge. I have never made this request before in our class, but we have been moving sequentially. Now at the time of Ibrahim, I will ask you, if and don't judge, please don't judge. If you are weak in your prayers, if some of the five daily prayers somehow they miss, whether you're at work, whether you're busy, whether you're any reason, and I'm telling you as a traveler, sometimes we'll get on the plane and find your time will last for 12 minutes, because as soon as the plane goes up, I'm telling you, no matter what, if you can please under any circumstance, try not to miss

00:56:55--> 00:57:14

the prayer. Try to fill in the holes. So if you're making for make the fifth if you're making to try to add one more, and if you need a little bit of motivation. If you go online and type in a Lhasa prayer is a amazing, mind blowing picture of a huge Gemma who's praying so hard together. anyone saw this today?

00:57:16--> 00:57:21

all the buildings behind them are on fire. And there's a bomb dropping in the background. What are they doing?

00:57:22--> 00:57:22


00:57:23--> 00:57:29

I mean, if they can make Salah while bombs are being dropped on them

00:57:31--> 00:57:35

missing the office because of

00:57:36--> 00:57:39

missing Salah because some TV show is on.

00:57:40--> 00:58:20

I don't know. I just I don't know what to say. So it's an it's a very inspirational picture. And I keep telling you every day that goes on, from the earthquake during Ramadan to the shooting at the end of the shooting right at the beginning of Ramadan to the 900 mile wide storm. These are things that elders would have quoted in the past. Now we're watching them in real time we're watching a demo of 300 people were watching in the middle of Cairo. Well how many people gathered in the middle of Egypt? A lot of them when the when the revolution was going on? We are seeing these things real time so if there was a time to bring change in your life, why not? Why not now? Well as a good

00:58:20--> 00:58:48

Allahu Akbar all praise and thanks are due to Allah we close and conclude on these words and each outlaw if there are any comments or phrases you can keep it Brother Mohammed will close on this everyone please repeat a de la Allahumma al himI roosh v y v. Min Sherry Neff. See make dua for yourself make law for your family take 10 seconds ask a lot whatever you need. If you need physical things ask them a lot.

00:59:03--> 00:59:25

So handle a bigger a bit messy phone or Sarah Marlin more steady and when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and those who have problems with thanksgiving, it's Thanksgiving five times a day for most. So Happy Thanksgiving. Have a good time at your next prayer. Happy Thanksgiving and at the prayer after that happy things. Make dua prayed Allah subhanaw taala was set out