Abu Bakr Zoud – How To Safeguard Yourself & Your Children From Adult Content

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a recent research on adult content on the internet and how it affects children. They explain that the research was conducted by scientists in the Western world and that it is a huge problem. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being verbally advised and not hesitant to speak about adult content on the internet.
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Allah azza wa jal he says in the Quran, put me in a boom in I'm sorry, say publicly announced tell the believers that the law their gaze. See that what does that mean? That means you're running away from the fitna, keep your eyes closed and away from the fitna. Because what you don't see doesn't affect the heart. What do you see with your eye? almost definitely have an imprint and an effect on the heart. Subhan Allah, see this Quranic advice that Allah azza wa jal revealed 1400 years ago,

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there is a research that came out recently speaking about adult content that appears on the internet, and how do we safeguard our children against it? This is a research they spent 1000s and 1000s and perhaps millions of dollars to see what are we going to do, there is a massive crisis on Earth. Millions and millions and millions are searching adult content every single hour of the day. It is a huge problem not only in the Western world, but also among the Muslims. This research that money was paid doctors who abroad scientists, psychologists,

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finally, you know what the result was when they mentioned how to safeguard the children from adult content online, that you said teach the children. Number one, when adult content appears to look away Wallahi that's in the research to look away. And number two, to speak to an adult about what had appeared in front of them on the screen. Touching the Quran for free for free. Allah azza wa jal gave us guidance on how to be verbally, Allahu Akbar. If only we followed the guidance of the Quran, we will not be in need of anything else that comes after that.

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