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How to increase love for Allah

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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The fourth manner that increases your love for Allah and earns you Allah's love is a fellow mohair be, to give preference to what Allah loves, over your own personal loves and desires.

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When you are being overcome by your desires, meaning meaning,

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at the time of fishers, you love to sleep and love to rest. But you know that Allah loves from you to be standing and praying, Salat al Fajr, for the men among the Muslims, for the woman better for them to pray in their houses.

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So, you love to sleep, but you got up and you move although and you're proud, Salette and Fisher on time. This increases your love for Allah and earns your mother's love. Because you have preferred what Allah loves over what you love. You know,

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you love to eat and drink. And you know that Allah loves for you to fast Mondays and Thursdays three days of every month. So if you and it doesn't even have to be monday and thursday could be just one just any day. Choose a day and Fast, fast

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while knowing

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that your body loves to eat and drink, but Allah loves you too fast. So today I'm going to prepare per prefer what Allah loves over what I love. And these if you do this consistently, it increases your love for Allah has solution.

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You know, you have money in your pockets. You have money, and you say you know what?

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I love this money, I have 100 bullets. I can spend it on myself and buy something for myself. But Allah loves that I give it in his cause, not that he needs it. But I need to prove that I love Allah has Xhosa and more than I love myself and love this money for myself. So if you give this $100 solid coffee severely low. That means you have preferred what Allah loves over what you love and your love for Allah increases. Do this every week. Every week do something, do something get out of this comfort zone you're in and prefer what Allah loves over you love are very important to do. And that's how you earn Allah azza wa jal there's love and you increase your love for Allah subhanho wa

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