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Motivating words from Shaykh Zahir Mahmood on how Muslims should aspire for more.

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saw a man he's walking like this. Oh my god, Ilana whipped him. He whipped him. And he said, may Allah destroy you. But do not destroy this deep

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muscle. Muslims are meant to be motivated people. You know, you're sitting at the shisha lounge.

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You know, shala bro, what will revolutionize the world?

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Bro, we got to take Palestine over. It doesn't happen like that. Many of those, you know, people who have martial law, who are religious, who pray five times a lot, but that's as far as they go. And somebody told me and you that we are religious, somebody told me and you because we come to the machine, because we have a beard because you have a hit job. And 100 lead is all part of the team. But somebody told us that you're practicing. Let me tell you his light.

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He's lied to you. So we have in our mind that I'm practicing Bro, I don't need to do anything more.

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The person's lied to you. When she Farben chief up into abdillah she saw a group of people. And these people, you know, they spoke very softly. They will like this.

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Like this. She said Who are these? And she was told me that it's so hard. These are people of abstinence. These are people who stay away from the dunya. And she said, I saw

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I saw Bob. And when Omar spoke you could hear him when he walked you couldn't keep up with him. And when he struck you, you would feel it. And she said paella there was no greater desire he then

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there was no great desire.

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Why? Because these people had sat with the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they had seen a man on a mission. A man who was motivated for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Sahaba say, when the Messenger of Allah said Muslim would walk, we would find it impossible to keep up with him. Because he was a man on a mission. He was a man who was going somewhere.

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He had the intention. And I asked you, what's your mission?

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What's your mission in life? What do you want to achieve in life?

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What's your focus in life?

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Do you actually have a focus? What do you want to achieve? And I'm looking at speaking from Islamic

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perspective. I look there's people who are from, you know, different, different levels, different standards here. But every single person should have an aspiration.

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Every single person should have a focus. So what's your aspiration in life? If there are people here

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who are not praying, then you need to stop praying. But you need to put a system in place which will allow you to pray you know, you hear brothers, you know, family member, the old saying, Oh, I'm cool. I'm gonna start praying soon. See him six months later, I'm cool. I'm gonna start praying soon.

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What have you done to stop praying? What is stopping you from praying? Is it the TV? Get rid of? Is it the PSP? Get rid of it? Is it your friends, your companies, then get rid of them? send them a text message. There's a few there's some changes I'm making my life. And if you don't hear from me again, then you're one of them. And only joking there.

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But make a change. make a change. If you are praying, then how much to allow to put on you do every day. How much do you read of the Quran? How much thicker due to? How much about the deen of Allah? subhanaw taala do you learn?

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Where do you want to be after a year?

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People for businesses they have 100 year business plan.

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And you see brothers and sisters who have been practicing for 1015 years, and they are exactly where they what they are exactly where they were. A story comes to mind that a group of young men they were sitting by the Kaaba.

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This young men were very pious young men, Musa obey or worship knows obey both of them the sons of the betterment of Amara, the Alon,

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Omar, and Abdul Malik of number one. All four of these were sitting by the Kaaba

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They say this is a holy place. So most of Zubair says to the rest, desire, desire something. So they say you start. So he says, I desire to marry the daughter of the saint or the Allahu sukeena, and the daughter of tala Hutton, Obaidullah Fatima, and I also want to be the governor of Iraq. And they all say, Army. And the time comes that he marries both of them. And he becomes the Government of Iraq. Then they asked for what to lose the battle of the land, what do you want to be? And he said, I want to be,

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I want to transmit the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they say army, and the time comes, that he also he also becomes a Mojave is dwis accepted. Then they asked Abdul Malik, number one, they asked him, What do you want to be? He said, I want to be the highlight. And they all say army, and the time comes, that he becomes the heading. And then they asked Abdullah, the son of Komodo blossom is a What do you want to be?

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What do you desire? Tell us what do you desire. He said, I desire

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I desire

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and shala he attained what he desired for but these men didn't just desire they worked for it. They made an effort for it.