How to deal with Waswasah, the evil thoughts about Allah

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vehcile Assalam he was once approached by a group of Sahaba. They said to me out of Salalah neji doofy on fusina Shea a novel novel unethical lemma fee, they said there are so long

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we find something in our hearts. That is huge burden. Yani, we'd rather the choco than speak these words a lot. But what are these words? get any words of Kufa, La MaMa la said, words words of big words that he person is not supposed to say. They went to the fullest I send them and they said, we find this in our hearts. I will it was worse.

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So nobody saw Selim. He said our code was really a finding something like this. They said yes. He said to America, sorry, holy man. He said, don't that's a sign of a man. Allahu Akbar. Yanni. What's a sign of a man, not the evil force or a sign of a man. The fact that they're inside of you, and they keep circling inside of you. And you keep remaining silent about them. That is a sign of a man. That is a sign of a man. The only this is good news. For people that have this kind of worse, worse, relax, so long as you don't utter it and speak it out and preach it. Then B is the law here upon goodness. And if anything, this is a sign of a man How is it a sign of Eman Evan muzzleloader of the

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law No. He went past the Jews or the Jews they set them in Ireland was Russell fucile Latina. Yanni a Jew is trying to show notes I know he's trying to tell us all the way better than you how he said you people you Muslims you have us West and you're solid

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hamdulillah we have Northwest in our solid

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so he said the woman fellowship Oh no. Because being her up what she told me to do with a ruined destroyed hot anyway. By the house they are going to agenda with him is finished is always time on you. Never he's gonna come to the believer, the one that's still firm and strong upon his man. He'll come and try to bring him to becoming a hoody. Right. Even Yanni he said the woman a Photoshop Allah we call them Hello. This is how we deal with the internals worse. Jani, we disregarded we say at hamdulillah we never saw Selim even said to those companions Alhamdulillah Allah Viola decorada who was was a messiah Salim he gave them good news he told them and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah that

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these matters a lot. So I shall categorize them as was was a he categorize them as was was a And so long as they're inside. Lay you can leave alone of 70 levels. There is no issue at all. Reading Yanni. Also, what key was this issue is to read a at that mentioned the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala, who Allahu Ahad

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to see

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if and the sword will read properly with a conscious heart. When you open up in the meanings of the sword, what kind of was worse would remain a little chatter. It would shatter him. For even these are solutions on how to combat and worse worse in matters of belief.