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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of alternative methods during the Islamic faith, including the use of father's and mother's fluid as opposed to the mother and child. They also mention that children cannot be protected from transmission through a third source, and that adoption is possible through a partner's actions.
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We can't have children are we allowed to use alternative methods like IVF.

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Our scholars have said that as long as the child is coming from the the husband and the wife that you don't take anything, either the sperm or the egg or the pregnancy to a third party, as long as everything is done within the husband and wife couple, even if you have to go to the doctor and have artificial insemination, but it is the using the father's fluid and the mother's egg, then it is permissible. It is impermissible to go to a third source either for the sperm or for the pregnancy. If for some biological reason or medical reason, the mother cannot have a pregnancy or the father cannot produce sperm. In such a scenario. There is no way to produce a biological child other than

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to make dua to Allah for a miracle and miracles are always possible or to decide to take care of another child and to adopt a child within the Islamic framework of adoption and the lives of

There are some couples who are tested with facing the situation where they are unable to have children the natural way. What alternative methods are permissible? What can be done?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers.

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