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How and when to pray Eid Al-Adha Prayer if still in lockdown 1442-2021

Abu Bakr Zoud


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On Adelaide is supposed to be prayed from 15 minutes after sunrise and you have all the way until 10 minutes before then abort. That's the window. You can pray in any time during this time. And it is not to be prayed immediately after celestial fissure, wait until the sun rises by 15 minutes. According to Yanni, certain opinions have a low limit. And when you pray, select Delete. You gather your family or you can print individually and you begin it's a prayer that is allowed. So you recite aloud, there is no event there is no karma, because then in your karma is only for the obligatory prayers. You begin by saying Maha kebab and you repeat that seven times. Then you read Surah Fatiha

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and solid and Allah Subhan Allah because Allah that's the suit novel as you can read anything else that you know, you complete that workout, and then you get up for the second workout by saying Allahu Akbar, now you've gotten up. Now when you're up you say Allahu Akbar once again five times this time you read Zoltan Fatiha and then sort of the last year adega Hadith last year, that's the sooner otherwise you can read whatever you are comfortable with and whatever you've memorized, well, you finish that trigger. And that way you have finished solid allayed. And remember, when you're making this technique seven times and five times, you're declaring a loss greatness. It's not just

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words that we're repeating that have no meaning. Every time you say Allahu Akbar, it weakens the heart. It strengthens our relationship with Allah Zoysia it humbles the servant and it settles the disturbed heart. Allah Akbar Allah Akbar a new repeated from your heart Subhana Allah you'll see its effect as you pray Select Delete, and if you missed these there could be a lot of seven and five, then it doesn't matter just complete the solid and beautifully laid out that prayer is a correct prayer. My brothers and sisters in Islam after you finish selected read

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there is no hope but necessary to be done at home and if you did so, then there are also opinions of the erla that say that this is something that is permissible. Once you finish select the lane which is the minimum you get up and you congratulate one another that's when you say the Kabbalah homie now I'm income aid Roberto