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Come to the little bit out of mean sort of low cinema back in the Vietnam commonwealth and he also had a dream about

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almost solely for him Allah to Allah Vicki's heavy reliance on a hint she bad before the victory

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for the decree will have theory

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Yeah, he misread it for now he says in this chapter in the book of Chapter The Garden title in chat, entitled The gardens of the righteous, and chapter of the virtues of the of mentioning Allah and encouraging one to do so.

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And to be able and sorry, early Allahu Anhu I didn't to be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called

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mancala La Ilaha illa Allah whack the hula Chilika lagoon cola will handle Wahoo ally coalition or the ashram or Ratan Khanna CheMin took her out of the unforeseen meanwhile it is married

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the promise or on the authority of Abuja, you will and Saudi, may Allah have mercy Radi Allahu Anhu may Allah be pleased with him. He says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, He who utters 10 times that Allah and Allah wa will actually take Allah Hello and welcome Al Hamdulillah Krishna and Kadir which translates to mean there is no true God except Allah. He is one and he has no partner with and with him he has, he has one and he has no partner with him. He is the sovereignty and he is his is the praise and he is omnipotent. He will have the recompense he could equal to that of freeing for slaves from the progeny of Prophet is my

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there's only authority of Muslim and Behati so in this beautiful Hadith we see that the prophets Elijah was suddenly miss mentioning again, and this chapter being vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala showing the virtue of mentioning Allah subhanaw taala his name, which is particularly again the statement of Tawheed the statement of the oneness of a lot let in and Allah wa Abdullah Shukla there was no one there is no God but Allah and no one. There was no partners with him, which is interesting here. The first thing you say is there is no God but Allah but then you ensure and say, last year, he kinda there is no partners with him, no one will call him and the reasoning behind him

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having no partners is because he has the full milk and milk is the Dominion and dominion can mean everything that is other than Him. He is the one that has control of it is the owner or the king, as we say Maliki or Medina mean that he is the owner or the king and some say the owner the king is more eloquent than the owner because the king has full ownership. So when looking at this, we understand that the Prophet ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the one that is a full worship and total worship, and the worship to Him is alone without any partners. And because of that he has the milk and because of this reality level hummed, for him is full praise. And this is what is important. We

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say Alhamdulillah Hera, Bill Alameen, All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the heavens and the earth are the Lord of everything in of all of creation. So when seeing Allah subhanaw taala and understanding at hand, remember that he's praiseworthy for everything that which has been given, and that which has been taken away, because his hand his mercy, or his, his praise, is worthy, because of his wisdom. And his wisdom is built on his knowledge. And his knowledge is that of all of creation. And because of his love being that he is the one that loves all of His slaves, and will do it. He has a love for all of his slaves, he only wants good for us. And that all is a manifestation

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of mercy. So we just didn't went through a number of names of Allah subhanaw taala, that are all interconnected. But because of the reality of all of those names, whether they stand alone, or they are connected in some type of relationship, he deserves praise for that. And this is important, because what we see what happens with the law may be what we don't anticipate or what we don't want, but when we remember that he is deserving of praise. Always remember the name for example, and hiking. He did it for wisdom. That is befitting Subhan who went to Allah and the Prophet SAW Selim says Whoever says I should have

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more rights and this is important as well, because we don't know the reason why he said I should. We don't know why he said 10 One we can say okay the dean is Witten is odd number is praiseworthy Allah is Witter. Why did he mention an even number? Why did you mention an even? We say Allahu Allah Subhana. Allah knows best. But importantly, one says it's 10 times can an attic Autobot Autobots the unforced mean, well, it is male. And I don't know why he mentioned for

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particular, slaves or particular

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servants, we say slaves from the progeny of Prophet is mine at acnm. I have to review that. But particularly when seeing that one riches is 10 times obviously we mentioned this after the Salawat you can mention the land and allow it and then we're going to handle while acquisition Kadir and also this is mentioned when you're going on Safar will Marwat the province of Salam used to say this, when he would go upon suffer what? Marwa the virtue of this dhikr it can also be mentioned McLaughlin, it can be mentioned at any time in sha Allah Tala. So know that this is a heavy virtue as well, as was mentioned in the Hadith yesterday, that it is the keel and the reason it is heavy on

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the scales. And this one even gets a little more descriptive, being that they free for servants from the progeny of Israel and freeing a servant is something that is in Islam. So and that is very, very great, because at that time, we have to understand that was a portion of economy. It was a way of showing a level of an economic status, because it was something that had obviously a person, but Subhanallah there are circumstances that lead to that if we were to go into that further later. It's something that has a lot of wisdom in its particularly the etiquette of Islam, in regards to slaves. So we will also put down and make us of those that mentioned the Beautiful Names of Allah, that

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magnify and mentioned his oneness and his greatness and recognizing that that greatness, there is no comparison to him in any shape, form or fashion. And when we when we repeat this and say this over and over again, it strengthens the intensity of our love and honor of Allah in our hearts by saying something 10 times and may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that are consistent in that and allow that consistency to be something that strengthens our Eman in the holier than yes

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I'm not sure about 100.

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Not sure about 100 times a day afternoon. Not sure.

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Yeah, I will guarantee

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you will be the most

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I don't recall the most likely we're going to read if it's going to be like to read and show them. I'm not sure about 100 I can't remember. But there's many, many a hadith has to do with the virtues of the code of Allah subhanaw taala particularly with numbers

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like after a Shah when you mentioned Subhan Allah 33 Hamdulillah 33 and Allahu Akbar 34 right is particular Hadith on that other than 3333 After the settlement, so again, inshallah we will reach their Hadith issue but I don't recall that in sha Allah but Allah Allah

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medical if you come

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there's other Hadith that mentioned this after the silhouettes and MK two all of them all

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so this is more of a generic general Hadith but they're also specific Hadith as well inshallah Giacomo here. It was question Omar. He looked at me like are you going Christian? Okay. Michael I think of so now I can totally get it.