Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-022C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 164

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of reflecting on the creation of skies and the earth is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be aware of multiple gods and practice reflection on the creation of skies and the existence of the universe. The speakers also discuss the benefits of living on the earth, including being habitable, sustainable, and flexible, and the diversity of life across various parts of the planet. The importance of providing for the creation of new species and the use of God in the process of creation is also emphasized.
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Now what are the evidences that there is only one God? Well look at the next idea. Allah subhanaw taala says in a few hulky summer, what you will, indeed in the creation of the skies and the earth, walk to laffy Layli, one AHA and in the alternation of the night and the day, and then the ships, and then the rain, and then the revival of the earth, and then how Allah has scattered creatures all over the earth, and how Allah causes the wind to change, and the clouds that are suspended between the sky and the earth, there are in all of this is the Comey Yorklyn look at the end of the eye, there are signs for a people who use reason, meaning people who use reason, people who use their

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mind, who make the connections, right, who observe these things, who reflect on them, they are able to make that connection that all of these things exist, because there is only one God, if there were multiple gods, this would not be possible, if divine attributes were divided, okay, or there was a being that is not all powerful, and all evil and all knowing, then all of this would not exist, it would not be possible for all of this to exist. So basically, in this verse, we are being invited to reflect, to not just look at the creation around us, but to stop and reflect, to do to fucker, enter the bush, right? And to reflect on the verses of the Quran or to reflect on the signs of the

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creation. Remember that this is actually an act of worship for which we are rewarded. And every single one of us deserves to reflect on the creation, any This is not just for people who are studying to become doctors or to become researchers or to become geologists or, you know, to study different sciences, etc. To become climate activists. This is for every believer, every believer must have a share in difficult enter the Buddha. Okay, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before prophethood, what do we learn, he would go to the cave, and he would get to Hannahs for multiple nights, meaning he would just remain in devotion and contemplation, and he would dedicate

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worship to the Creator. And he would do this for multiple nights in a row. You know, Khadija de la hora, and how would prepare food for him and he would take it, and he would stay in the cave away from people. Because reflection is something that you cannot always do with people around you. You need time alone. You need time away from people in order to reflect. Because when you're with people, what happens? First of all, you're conscious of the fact that you're not alone. People are there. And when people are around you, that means they might need you. You might need them they might say something that will interrupt your thoughts. So every single believer deserves to spend

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time contemplating, we see about Ibrahim alayhis salam in Surah Maria Maya 48 He said what our Thursday LUCAM he said I will leave you all meaning his family, right in Soto and Jeremiah 75. We learn what Canary Canary Ibrahima Mallacoota Sarwat you will. Allah subhanaw taala showed Ibrahim alayhi salam, different signs within the dominion of the skies in the earth. So he saw the sun he saw the moon he saw the star, etcetera. And he reflected, we learn about Medea or his salaam insolate Maria Maria 16 Even tuber that mean Alia McCann and Sharqiya that she also retreated away from her family to an Eastern place so that she would be alone. And there was a screen between her

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and the rest of the people. So she would be alone in contemplation and in worship. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his example is the best. How did he teach us to reflect on these things? And to you know, spend that time in introspection, and in reflection, you do that, especially when you worship Allah subhanaw taala because when you're praying Salah you don't talk to people, people don't talk to you. You don't look here, you don't look there. You cannot check your email. You cannot be watching anything on mute. Right? It's just you and your thoughts. Right? You're talking to Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so often in a he would be found praying in the

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night, especially after his family would go to sleep. And he would be making Dora Allah who will fiddly Allah forgive me. And we learned that once I shall deliver on her she mentioned how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with her and then she woke up and he wasn't there. So she went to look for him in the night. Or rather she found him late.

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Leaving. So she followed him. She went after him. And where did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam go, he went to Alba Pierre, the graveyard. And he was making dua for the deceased that were buried over there. So the prophets of Allah who Ernie he was salam, he would spend time alone, in reflection in prayer. And this is something that we also need to do, we need to exercise that as well. This doesn't mean that we cut off from people and for days, we are gone on a retreat, we're locked up in our room. We don't talk to people know, every day, five times a day, you get a chance to spend time alone with Allah subhanaw taala. So honor that time and use that time well, and allow

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yourself to just you know, sometimes look out the window, look at the sky, look at the trees, look at the effect of the wind, the rain, and reflect. Because if we don't reflect, we will remain superficial and shallow. We won't be people of depth. So here specifically signs are mentioned signs and what first of all, he Hulk is somewhat evil in the creation of the skies in the earth, meaning how Allah subhanaw taala has brought them into existence. And think about it any there's so many planets that exist so many stars that exist within the universe, but from what we know life exists only on the earth, any different planets that are within our galaxy that we can't live there, and

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how obsessed we are with space travel, that we want to explore life beyond the Earth. And we're not paying attention to how we are damaging this beautiful earth that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has created for us. So think about how the skies and the earth were brought into existence, how they function, what their contents are, what their form is, and how beautiful their appearance is, in total mbi 30 Allah subhanaw taala says I welcome your Latina Kufa who Anisimova fuel opera Canada retcon FurFur takuna Houma that Have those who disbelieved not seen that the skies in the earth were one entity and then we separated them both we separated them and that is how we brought the skies in the earth

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into existence, which are aluminum, equalise che in high and made from water every living thing, a follow up, no will they not believe. So reflect on the origin of the skies in the earth, how Allah subhanaw taala brought them into existence, the fact that there was a time when they did not exist, Allah brought them into existence, and how the Earth is ever changing and the sky is ever changing. And then look at the vastness of the sky. Right, it's layers. And remember, there are seven skies, in certain Mulk Ayah three and four most print artist says Allah the Halacha savara cMoy Tim Tebow balca, the one who has created seven skies in layers, and we are only able to perceive and have

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access to the first or rather the lowest sky. Okay, because in order to go beyond this level, you have to go through a gateway, we learned that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went for the Night Journey slot when Mara Lodge, he was taken to a gate. All right. And then, you know, there was an angel appointed at that gate. And that angel asked Who is it Gibreel responded, it is Jabril. And the angel asked who is with you? He said Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has he been called? He said yes. And then the gate was opened. So we're not able to go beyond the first or rather the lowest sky that summer or dunya without going through that gate. So imagine now that how

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vast how vast space this universe is. And this is literally just the first sky, just the first sky. And then there's actually seven skies. How massive is this creation? how huge it is? Any Allah is the maker, the creator of a summer worth you will earth this is no ordinary thing. And then the creation of the skies in the earth, you need the way that they have been created. It's not random. It's not random. Anything about how within the sky within space in either so many great stars was somehow either through BlueJ and the stars, the sun, the moon, galaxies, even what's happening, they're moving into there yet I have seven Allah's puntata says was summer either till hubback The

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sky containing pathways and those pathways we cannot see. But what

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What that means is that whatever is moving within space is not moving at random. It's going on each entity each celestial body is going on its designated path. Right as we learn that coulomb fee fell akin yes but whom that each is going on its orbit. In surah trc nya 40 We learned that each is going on its orbit and they don't collide with one another. So for example, let's shim so yum Bella and to decal Kumar, what Elena Saba could not, it is not possible for the sun to catch up with the moon, in the sense that to collide with the moon, any there is a time when each of these things will cease to exist, right what Jumeirah shumsa will cover the sun and the moon will be combined together will be

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brought together. And yes, there are times when you know certain stars or certain galaxies, they do come to an end. We learned in pseudo duckweed, I have 15 and 16 about Unharness, el Jawaharlal Kunis, the retreating stars, those that run their courses, and then disappear, the black holes in it think about firstly, how massive they are. And then the fact that they're not moving within space at random. All of this is a sign that there is a being that brought them into existence. And then he knows about them, he knows about them, he is looking after them. He has created them in a very specific way to study anything about space, anything about stars, and you need knowledge of physics.

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And what is that numbers, formulas, any very specific things. So when everything is so specific, how could all of this exist without a creator? How? And how could all of this exist without someone who is closely watching over them and taking care of them? And if there is a being, and there's definitely a being who has made all of this news, carefully watching over all of this, controlling all of this, imagine his knowledge, his power, and His mercy, His mercy? He, what is the function of the sun? For example? How is it benefiting planet Venus or Mars or Jupiter or any other planet within the galaxy, and there is no life over there. Life is on earth, we are the ones who are

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benefiting from the light of the sun from the heat of the sun, the particular distance we are at from the sun. What does that show the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala on us on the inhabitants of the earth. Right. So in the Hawker center were to well out. And now think about how Allah Subhana Allah has created the earth. Look at how vast the earth is for us. Right even though the earth in comparison to the universe is so tiny. But for us, it's so vast, we have long bucket lists, we have dreams of places we want to visit just within our own country, or the province that we live in. And we want to travel to all of these places. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of cough is seven

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one of them other than air and the earth we have spread it out. And then within the earth, how Allah subhanaw taala has created different types of soils, even different colors. So for example, in sort of the word I have for Allah's Pantera says we'll fill out of the guitar Omata Jawi, rots in the earth, there are neighboring pieces of land, and he they're different. They're continuous one next to the other. But if you look at for example, sand, I remember I lived in Karachi Pakistan for many years and we would visit different beaches, right? You'd go to one beach, the sand over there is like light brown, almost orange, you go to another beach, the sand over there is gray. And then you

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see the same Arabian Sea alright but different beaches that it touches. The sand over there is of different colors. So get on with the job a lot. And then the Earth is not all sand. There is also mud and mud we know is not all the same color. You go to Africa different parts of Africa. Very beautiful rich color. You go to Canada at least where I live, it's very dark in color. All right. So with our Mocha Java dot there is soil that is so fertile soil that is not fertile. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions about how you stop the mat in where hidden that you know the same water is given to the earth. But then each part of the earth girls something different, wonderfully Lubar

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Allah Allah Berlin, Phil local, and we favor some plants over others in flavor in

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Taste you're growing basil for example in your backyard your brother's growing basil in his backyard. Yours Masha Allah very fragrant, beautiful leaves very flavorful his not so much what's the difference? Both of you give water alright both of you have planted in soil, but one the soil is better the sun is better you know so overall the produce is better. So the variety the variation that Allah subhanaw taala has kept within the earth and sort of the fact that I have 27 Allah subhanaw taala mentions when we know the valley Judah don't build on our homegrown mock telephone Alwan hoo ha Wahhabi will suit that even within the mountains right there are those mountains with

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you know white stripes or red and then some are very dark in color. And you go to Saudi if you travel between Makkah and Medina you see mountains that are any so dark in color, and with nothing on them just rock. So, this variation in the earth, and then the fact that the earth is such that we can live on it, we can build on it we can cultivate, we can travel in surah Taha if 53 of us panel Tara says Allah the Darla can will other than the one who has made the earth a cradle for you. And if you think about a cradle a cradle is supposed to be a place where the baby safe. So just like that the Earth you're safe in here in the sense that this is a place that allows parents Allah has

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made habitable for you you can survive over here you can live over here. Even though when you dig deep into the earth, there's lava or around the earth there are so many dangerous things that could destroy a life on Earth, but still the earth is habitable for you. Well, Seneca comfy has stolen and Allah's pound Tata has inserted for you paths within the earth, so you can travel from place to place. So in Nephi Holcus summer what you will help in the creation of the skies in the earth how Allah subhanaw taala has raised the sky so high, how vast it is how organized and flawless perfect it is, and the earth. Look at how it's so stable for us. And it allows life to exist and then it's

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also beautiful. And then secondly, walk the leveleleven Maha in the if the laugh of the night and the day meaning in how they differ from one another. The night is dark, the day is bright the night is for rest, the day is for work, darkness of the night, it causes you to become sleepy, the brightness of the day causes you to feel alert in the night. The way that you can sleep in the night is not even comparable to daytime sleep. There is a huge difference. If the laffy lejana hot and each plays a different roles the night plays a different role the day plays a different role. Each brings us a different benefit. The night is cool, the day is it can be hot, or vice versa, depending

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on the climate. And the place you are in. Also think about they're different in terms of length, sometimes the night is long, the day is short, right? And that affects your mood, your temperament. So if the laughing lejana hmm. And then if the laugh also means their succession, right there alternation that how one goes in the other comes in sort of taquito 1718 Allah subhanaw taala says we're Laylee either us us was super heavy that manifests and by the night as it closes in, and by the dawn when it breeds the morning when it breeds any the night comes to an end and the day comes in. In total hadith is six Allah subhanaw taala says you really do lay left in the hallway, you need

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to know how often late Allah causes the night to enter into the day, and he causes the day to enter into the night. Any you causes this succession to happen very gradually. It's not like a light switch that all of a sudden, any second, okay, the sun has set now we're in pitch black. No, it doesn't work like that. The light of the day gradually disappears, and the night comes in. And then the darkness of the night also gradually disappears, and the day comes in. So the difference in the night and the day the alternation of the night and the date and the fact that you know, this is something that we expect this is a very reliable schedule. There is a routine over here and that

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also affects us. Even though any we know that the night is going to replace the day the day's going to replace the night. They're not stagnant in this routine. The length of the night keeps changing the length of the day. Keep

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is changing throughout the year but that is also predictable so what the leveleleven haha this is not happening at random and then willful killed at the third refill Buhari Bhima Yun Pharaoh NAS and the ships that sail in the sea carrying what benefits people in total McMinnville, nya 22, Allah subhanaw taala mentions where I lay her while full keto balloon upon the camels, and also upon the ships, you all are carried. Alright, meaning you're able to travel over water on these ships. And this is amazing, because water technically you put something on it, it's going to sink, but not everything syncs. Right, there's things that float. So how amazing Allah subhanaw taala has made the

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water that yes, certain things will sink in it. Like for example, if you drop a needle, it's going to sink. But if you have a massive ship, massive ship that is way heavier, that is way bigger than a needle, it's not going to sink, it's going to float. And because it floats, we're able to travel far off places. And for the longest time people relied on sea travel even now this is a luxury, right? But you see what is mentioned over here specifically the ships carry what benefits people any food equipment, building materials, clothing, fuel, books, any so many things are still transported overseas because it's far more cost effective. Right? So who is enabling who is causing all of this,

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even today 90% of world trade is carried by sea because it's cheaper and it's faster. And then the next thing is we're not under allah Hamina sama ima infer here because of our demo to the water that Allah subhanaw taala sends down from the sky that revives the earth and this water comes in different forms right and so to remove me noon I have 18 Last parenthesis and Zelda Amina sama EMA and be covering for Eska now who fill up We sent down water from the sky in a certain measure certain quantity any the amount of rain that falls again, that amount is not random, the place that it falls that is not random. There is a certain measure first can now fill up and then we cause that

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water to stay in the earth in rivers and lakes in icebergs literally for us can now fill up we're in our I love the heaven below called the rune and we are fully able to take that water away from you. So water that falls down from the sky. And we think that we have such advanced ways of irrigation having clean accessible water, but we still depend on rain a lot, a lot. Any there are so many parts of the earth think about California in a way if it doesn't rain for long and yes, it does not rain that often. Look at how beautiful that part of the Earth is. But still there are parts of it which are struck by drought, trees are disappearing and then fire after fire. Allahu ukla any This is a

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sign. So the water that Allah sends down from the sky and then in particular that water which revives the earth sometimes literally there is one rainfall and the land turns green in Surah to Siena, 33. Last parenthesis what I had to learn will herbal Mehta to a hyena will originaire mean her husband for men who yell cologne assigned for them is the dead land, which we bring back to life. And then we cause to come out of it grain from which they eat. All right. So the revival of the Earth is something that we depend on for our survival. And then the next thing is the creatures that are spread all over the earth. Woba Fie, Hammond Kalida. And literally any part of the world

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you go to, there's something that lives over there, something that exists over there, any inspite of how extremely hot it is, or how extremely cold it is, there is something or the other that lives over there, in the coldest and the most hottest of places. It's amazing. I mean, think about how penguins go all the way to the North Pole. They gather over there, they lay their eggs over there and then they protect them they guard them and then Subhan Allah and he how in minus 80 degrees Celsius. How astonishing that how Allah subhanaw taala provides for every creature in different parts of the earth. In total and Jeremiah 38 Allah subhanaw taala says woman in DAB button fill all

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the while

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Law in Euclid. rubiginosa, haihe illa amomum I'm salcombe that there is no moving creature on the earth and no bird that flies with its wings. Except that these are all communities like you. Right meaning just as Allah has created you, Allah has created them. Allah provides for you, Allah provides for them into adulthood is six Allah Subhana Allah says we're mum and dad but in fill or the Illa Allah, Allah He does owe her. There is no creature on the earth except that on Allah is the duty to provide for it. So Allah subhanaw taala provides these creatures, how do they live? You know, if you have a pet at home, sometimes you lose track of, you know, the food supply, right? All

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of a sudden you realize you're on the last packet, you're on the last can and then you have to run to the grocery store, buy food. And you know, you have to feed it in the morning in the afternoon, the evening. You have a schedule. It's exhausting. Exhausting, right? But look at how many creatures there are on the earth. And Allah subhanaw taala provides for them.

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Then the alternation of the winds. What are three for Leah how sometimes the wind is a wind that brings the Wrath of Allah, the punishment of Allah, it's destructive. And then there is wind that brings the Mercy of Allah because it brings rain and relief into the rigid Ayah 22 Allah subhanaw taala says we're out of seminary Yeah, hello, welcome. And we are the ones who send the fertilizing winds into it more Surrett while Musella to rofa philosopher theosophy one Nash Latina Shara and how the winds becoming gust after gust and how sometimes they've come so violently right into that yet with that end that the winds that scattered fall, how melotti will crawl and the winds that carry

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heavy weight, any look at the heavy clouds that winds are transporting from one place to the other for Algeria to use straw and the winds that blow so smoothly, so easily. into to that yet I have 4142 We learn about a Riehle Hakim, the Baron wind that literally brought death and destruction to the people of odd that it wouldn't touch anything except that it made it like brittle bones, that it destroyed everything in its path. So with the serif area, and then, you know, the wind, we depend so much on it for trade for travel for, you know, weather reports Subhanallah with a serif India, and then what's the haben Musa Hudy been a summer he will the clouds that are subjected within the sky

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and the earth, meaning they are suspended within the sky and the earth. They're not allowed to just float away into the space and then the water just goes away? No, they remain within the range that they're supposed to be in. And how these clouds come together. Allahu Akbar in surah. To note I have 43 Allah subhanaw taala mentions LM Tara and Allah her use G Sahaba. And some may you Ellie for Boehner who so Maya Angelou, who will karma Do you not see that Allah drives the clouds, then he brings them together. Then he makes them into a mass. And then you see the rain emerge from within it. And He sends down from the sky, from mountains, any clouds that appear to be like mountains,

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they're so tall, and literally some of these clouds can be as tall as mountains. So what comes down from these really tall clouds, hail, and that hill, Allah subhanaw taala causes it to fall wherever he wants, and he protects whoever he wants from that hill. And with such storm clouds, sometimes there's also lightning So with regard to lightning, you can do center burpee Yes, how will bill absorb the flash of lightning would almost take away the vision of people in South Florida I have 12 We learned about a Sabbath the call that Allah subhanaw taala causes heavy clouds to be brought into existence and to move from one part to the other. This is not happening at random. Was Sahaba Musa

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hurry bein a sama it will add in all of this there are a yachtie Not just one sign but many signs many lessons become ERP alone. But these lessons can only be for people who understand who study these things, reflect on these things, and who make the connection that there is someone behind all of this in sort of cafe 38 Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he has created the skies in the earth warmer Messina Milou job and no fur

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Teague even touched us, any Allah subhanaw taala did not get tired on creating the skies in the earth. The Bible says that God rested on the seventh day. That is not true. Allah subhanaw taala created the skies in the earth in six days as we learn, and will mama Santa may lube, we also learned in another place where Lemuria resulting in a loss Panatela did not get tired on creating them. So whether it is the upper world, the Higher World, within the skies, or beyond where the angels are, and where paradise is, or it is the lower world, the earth where we are, and all of these have been created by Allah, and he knows everything that's happening within them. And he's

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taking care of everything that exists within them, and he hears you and he knows you. He cares about you, He is merciful to you. And he think about it, you in comparison to this whole universe are what nothing, any nothing Subhan Allah, but Allah subhanaw taala hears you when you call upon him. He answers you when you talk to him. So yes, he is a Rahman Rahim. He is the Most Merciful. So now when we know this about Allah, that he is the only God he is the only one who has brought all of this into existence. What does that mean? That means that we should dedicate all of our worship to Allah alone. And that means that we should love Allah subhanaw taala the most

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