Mohammad Elshinawy – The Relationship between Fasting and The Quran

Mohammad Elshinawy
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Testing looking at cm as a prescription that remedies you and awakens you

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to that state of being conscious of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so that the Quran may work its wonders inside of you because Allah azza wa jal said this is a book in which there is no doubt for them. And once again, it is guidance for the people of topbar. And so that is the beautiful relationship between fasting and Quran. And the beautiful cycle. The more fasting you do, the more tougher you have, the more you benefit from the Quran. And it continues that way.

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One of the signs that a person has purged many of these ills from their heart and then they're closer to being more and more people of Taqwa is that when they deal with a love, they are detached from his creation. Now will he be laughing?

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And when they deal with Allah's creation, man Felty Mina de la nefs. The Scholars say when they deal with the creation, they are detached from their own egos. They're like a third party. It's not like, you know, conflict of interest me versus you. It's not like that at all. And the early Muslims used to do this so well, that one of the best ways to measure your tempo and your progress in this month of developing inculcating, you know, growing your example is by hearing and reading about their lives. Today, I was reading the biography of Ibrahim and Adam, Rahel, Allah was one of the greats who had people that are very known for their, you know, their detachment from this world. They're

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devout worship, he used to benefit so much from the cycle, we're talking about that he wouldn't just go to the Ramadan, he would fast every single day of the year, of course, with the exception of the days that are hard to vast like read, and he would hardly ever sleep at night, he would always spend his nights with the Quran.

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And you see as a result of that, such wisdom, such strength, and such selflessness like absence of the ego, you know,

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one example is that he used to be fasting every single day and people would ask him, are you fasting or even today, you're still fasting. People would ask him, are you fasting? And he would tell people look at you know, people talk about being self aware nowadays. Look at how self aware he is the insight Allah gave him the disclosures of what would give him by virtue of that life that tougher than you know that it has its life on his heart. He used to say don't ask anyone if they're fasting, obviously outside of your body. He says don't ask anyone if they're fasting, because if they are, they will become happy to tell you Yes, I am. Right. And if they're not fasting, they will become

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sad that they couldn't tell you yes I am. And both of those are signs that you're looking to show off to the meeting both of those compromise your sincerity fasting is all about sincerity, right? Subconsciously awakened due to Allah and dealing with Allah one minute left, I can still eat right some of them. One minute left. I can't eat yet until a thug. What does that do? That is a sign of sincerity you looking at the clock, not looking at people's eyes, because Allah said those times, right? So he would say don't ask people if they're fasting. He used to also say you know the signs of his strength. We will tell people strengthen your deen meaning your taqwa so that you will have

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no need for the kings. I don't need anyone's approval. I don't need anyone's support. I have Allah. He says, Ed, don't be like the Kings, who thought they had no need for them. If you have a need for the the developers actually creation, not wanting to serve the creation, and able to see his way through that cobweb of our you know, ulterior motives inside of us. But with regards to being when he's when dealing with people, he has no ego. I'll recall just two stories that I made a mental note to share with you from today's reading. One of them is that as he was walking once,

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five minutes I have

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a Jewish man just tried to provoke him. And this shows you by the way, there was discourse between the Muslims and the non Muslims. And this was not they were coexisting in society, but he just, you know, wish to poke him. And he said to him, oh, Imam. Is this dog's tail more pure? Or is your beard more pure, like the dogs always licking his tail and it cleans it real well stuff. And you mustn't think dogs are dirty. So what's more viewer who washes their hair more? You your beard or the dog is said, Of course, if you're in that situation, imagine how you would react what he had reacted without ego. He reacted in a way that was even a reminder for this person that was pretty clearly

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trying to be disrespectful. He said to him, if this beard winds up in paradise me I can say right now, if it winds up in paradise, then it's better than

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Your dog's tail. And if this beard winds up in the fire or at the villa, then your dog's tail is better. It will not wind up in the fire. So what did the Jewish man say? He said eyeshadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow, Muhammad Rasool Allah He became Muslim and said, Well Allah He Maha de la Colombia. This is only the character, this egoless character of the prophets. And the more Eman you have, the more sample you have, the better your character. The other example when he was once

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outside of the city, he was just out in the open, you know, the buried deserts.

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He was he intersected just came across was met by a soldier, you know, called guy, Army weapons, short temper those kinds of people. Not all of them are like that.

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But you can imagine a warrior is not a gentle person generally that's hard to live two lives. That's what was so amazing about our problems all sudden, he was the most courageous warrior and the most gentle human being.

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So anyway, he met this soldier in the show soldiers hope was asked him Which ways the city so he said to him at that time, Ron, Ron Ron could mean buildings, but not also means developments to develop something so to develop place and after desert city. So Ibrahim always thinking to help people, he wanted to give him a reminder as well, a lot. So he pointed out the graveyards, because those the cities from the graveyards is where you really built, right? So he pointed out the graveyards. So my guy thought he was trying to be a wise guy. And so he smacked him on top of his head, and he cashed them. He was bleeding. When he got to the city and us got around, the people ran

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out to your crazy, this is a running battle. It's the greatest amount of students you have to defend a felony still in the field. Let me help, like, how could you do this? So he read to him and he said to him, so sorry, I didn't know and so on and so forth. He tried to apologize. So Ibrahim led him back in the whole lesson.

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In Rahim led him Rahim Allah said, when you struck me, I asked Allah to give you Jana. Why? He said, Because I knew I would be rewarded for this injury. And so I didn't want to get good because of you the reward and then you get tormented because of me, because I you know, pushed your buttons and made you advise your inappropriate time. Selfless, right? Being with Allah without creation and dealing with creation without your ego. Let that be a measuring stick for you as this month progresses. May Allah help us and you find this apple lighter. Well, some of us have had a lot to kind of eat them early. He was on the beach right now.

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