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The conflict between the people of the Sun and the people of the Earth is a major conflict, with four major conflicts: conflict between the Sun and Earth, conflict between the Sun and Earth, conflict between the Sun and Earth, and conflict between the Sun and Earth. The conflict is important for understanding the psychology of the people involved. The sun and Earth are seen as a form of light, and the importance of understanding the rules and regulations surrounding the day and night is emphasized.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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o salat wa salam ala rasulillah

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all praise and thanks belongs to a loss of Hannah Montana and made it nice and blessing of Allah be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I saw follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam said Mr. Pillai died.

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And inshallah Allah will begin our study of soul of the shows, which is the sooner that is straight off, the sooner the better. And before we begin with this, we mentioned that

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we learned about certain conflicts. And to be pretty accurate, there was about four conflicts that are most important what Allah mentioned to us.

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The first one that is important to understand, so we can tie it up with sort of the shrimps. One of the first conflicts that was found in the sutra was at the beginning of the solo and a lot of surgeon said one time

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and this conflict was between the disbelievers between polish and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we find

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pretty much that this was an attack on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Having formed his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that he has now become permissible. In other words, his blood has become permissible with duration, they're now willing to kill him. So there was a conflict between the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the disbelievers of Galatians. Also towards the end of the surah, Allah subhana wa tada says, One Latina, Latina homeless haben, Mashallah, he said and those who disbelieve in our end, and you know, disbelieving in the ayah, which is performed in the Ayat of Allah is indirect Kufa in the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because who's the one that's reciting the atom to the people, in the messengers of

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Allah to send them. So if you were to disbelieve and deny the ad, then basically that means you are disbelieving in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam himself. So the plan almost becomes like a package, you can say, this RV Center, and again, it is the messenger and the message, and this is one in itself. So this is the conflict between the people and pretty much you can say, the messenger and the message me the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the disbelievers that was the first conflict that was mentioned in the solar. The second conflict we find is basically the conflict that everyone suffers. And that is the struggle of day to day living. And that is in the

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eye of our allies.

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In Santa Fe, that we created, indeed, we created man of the human being in hardship. And of course, this is also a conflict between oneself and how you know, from the struggle of day to day living. This is basically that was in the air. So this was the second conflict, the human being between his own self and living from day to day. The third conflict we found in the surah, was the conflict between basically we can say the arrogant slave, and his master, which is a muscle pattern Medina, between an arrogant slave and a lot of soldier, this was in the eye.

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that this, this human being is insane? Did he assume that no one had control over him? What did he assume that no one saw him, you know, when you begin to assume no one has control over you. And you begin to assume no one saw you, then that's that's arrogance, that in itself is arrogance. So there's this conflict that we found in the surah. And this is titled as the conflict between an arrogant slave and his master, where he didn't appreciate a loss

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and was never fearful of a loss origin. And the fourth and last conflict we found in the soldier was between one attached to this wall, and the people in need the conflict between someone that gave preference to this rope the life attached himself to this world, the life and him and the people that were in need. And we found these in the IoT world, a lot of social he called the human when he invited the human called upon him to jump into a locker. He said, Jani falaka hamanaka. And you know, the people, they refused the people that refused to take on the elevated client. They refused it because of the attachment they have to this wall. So when they identified when they realized and

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when they realized that DACA was you have to spend money in terms of freeing slaves and you have to submit

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had money to feed the poor, and you have to spend money to take care of the orphan. And not only any orphan any needy, like extreme extreme needy matoba, right. So once the once the person once the human knew this, and how much wealth is going to be taken out of him, and how much sacrifice he has to do, he backed out of this October and he never jumped in. So they became this conflict between the one that attached himself to this world, and the people that were in desperate need of such people's help. Now, with that being said, these full conflicts that were found in the soldier,

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there was what you can call also the sort of there was what you can call pretty much the central air. And basically, the central idea, the theme, the message of the previous sort of just sort of the ballot was the Iowa had a Navajo Nation. And we guided him to this two elevated paths, we guided the human being to the elevated paths. And we said that the two elevated paths was one path of good and one path of shock, higher and sharp, the two paths an evil path and a good path. Now, this sort of sort of the ship's is almost an explanation of that one statement, why they never merged in. So this swap, it's going to basically what it's going to do is it's going to explain the psychology of

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the people of the two paths. And this is basically an explanation of the knifes and we find in this one line surgeon says one FC one so when he takes it, he takes an oath say I swear by enough's by the soul by knifes, by soul webmaster wear hat, and he who balanced it and proportion and this is going to come very soon. And this is going to basically be the the actual explanation of what happened. date. So it's very important that we understand solar and bullet and the conflicts that happen in that solar and we mentioned full conflict, and there's also going to be full conflicts mentioned in this surah and all of them are going to be

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contributing towards us understanding the nuts This is what a lot of soldier wants to do in this soldier that he wants to give us an explanation of the psychology of the people of the two paths. That means the psychology of the knifes itself How does it work? What did the laws give it? What did he inspire in this knifes and this will come pretty much towards the middle of the solar when he says one of

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these four is basically all about explaining what the nuts is. And what does it mean that Allah created the evil and he created the good and did he just the create the evil or lift you like this go do the evil whatever you can overdo it what kind of mechanism was this knifes given in terms of how it's going to fight the evil and how it's going to incline itself to the good This all comes in shallow data once we get to that

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that we begin with the soul of ours origin begins with shrimp syllable

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and this is a sort of that begins with a sip or a series of hosts we're going to find what shrimp syllable one kamari one now I had one lady that was one of the and all these wire wire wire at the end is basically I swear by I swear by I swear by. And we've already seen swore that began with Earth's in Judah ama, for example one nazjatar haka, one National Party national. And then we saw one freshly won a national worship.

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And then this was sort of the ballot that was the first one of the shots oxido.

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To read, it better let you stop and then book seems to be heaven ballot, I swear by the city. So we've already seen and we'll see many more right towards the end of the worship. See, when we when we read the suit often when ladies out, then we'll have one also what to say to the CD. And this is all basically what's known as in the format. Now we've shared and we've spoken a lot about both. But there was one opinion that I never brought to your attention, which I read recently, and this was mentioned in the book learners and Joanne said this was fun.

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Anyway, what he said he shared an opinion that was mentioned regarding the oaths. And he said when a lot of So Jim says, for example, a sham See, it doesn't mean I swear by the sun, is something that's emitted in the area, and that is one of Bishops. In other words, what that translates to I swear by the Lord of the sun. So in other words, Allah takes an oath by himself only by himself, he takes it upon himself. This, this opinion, although it exists, it was refused. And it wasn't accepted by the majority of the scholars. However, it's something that is there. But why do we say that it's a weak opinion and that it's not actually

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Among the majority of the skulls, because we know that since somebody has created everything, it is for him, and it's permissible for him to take an oath by whatever he created. So if we said, worships and it meant I swear by the sun, that's alright. That's understandable. That's correct, because a lot of so you created the song. However, that's why it was rejected by most of the roadmap because they said, when you say what patience, I swear by the Lord of the sun, in other words about taking an oath by himself, then that means there was a problem in the understanding that Allah can take an oath by his creation. So we refuse this and we put this opinion to the side, because we do

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acknowledge and we believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala may take an oath by whatever he created. So saying, what chumps is better and saying that it means I swear by this son, or for example, one also, I swear by time, instead of saying what Bill also, the first opinion would be much better this is what you only almost agreed upon. And as we said, we know that a lot of soldiers can take an oath by any of his creation. However, we also understand that the human being can can only take an oath by a loss pattern or data. So for the human being, you're not allowed to take an oath by other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not to take an oath by the sun bowl by the moon, nobody know by the night.

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None of this only by a lot of soldiers, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, In the Hadith, men can hardly find

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anyone that is going to take an oath, then let him take an oath by a lot of supervision. And if someone was to take an oath by other than alone, for example, someone takes an oath by the soul of his mother, or the soul of his grandfather, as this is something that is common in Arab tradition, they take an oath by the trust as well by the manner, all this is not allowed. And if anyone had fallen in something like this, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, Man Hannah for the lady

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in a llama, that anyone who takes an oath by other than Allah, then immediately you should say that in a in the law, and there will be an expat that sin and that any bad deed that he fell into, so we say, below for it to do a little muscle head over time.

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Okay, when Allah subhana wa tada and him being the greatest Alavi when he takes an oath by something,

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then he points to that, that, that it points to the greatness of that object, right. So they say that allow them nioxin will be lovely, that the greatest the great, and this is a law, if he was to take another than he'll only take an oath by that which is great. So the fact that a lot of Zoysia takes an oath and swears by the sun, just when he says what Shamsi, then this teaches us how great the sun is. And it teaches us also to ponder and stop and reflect over the magnificent creation of the sun, you know, and just to count a few things, yeah, the sun, and what kind of solar power it provides, imagine, there was no sun, what kind of power energy would exist, you know, pretty much

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there'll be nothing. Also the sun, when each day keeps us warm during the day,

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you know, unlike countries that, for example, don't have somebody for six, seven months, it is really, really cold in those countries, anyone can even step outside his house, except that it has to be around the fire, or around the heater. So these are some of the benefits of the sudden the greatness of this magnificent creation is why Mars is taking an oath by provides this power for us and keeps us warm during the day. You know, even when the sun is out, people feel safer during the day because the sun is out. Right as opposed to the night people are more afraid in the night in the day. So this is also one of the blessings, the safety or security we have during the day, because of

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the light of the sun, you know, also the sun, the power and the light of the sun is needed for plant growth for the plant to grow. And then eventually to give off its fruit. That's the process of photosynthesis, so that the light the sun, the light of the sun is required for this. This is just counting a few things that are the blessings of the sun. Not to mention that there is many more that perhaps we don't know of that perhaps only a lot of soldiers have and exactly what kind of benefit the sun is is giving. So this is why a lot takes an oath.

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And when a law says worships, then it necessarily it means stop and reflect over what the shrimps is. Right? So it's not in the area just to say I swear by the sun and then move on. You need to reflect and what kind of greatness and how much of a blessing this creation of allies is upon us. They must have had what it takes an oath by bullhead he says what Shamsi

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I swear by the sun. That's one thing that he says, Well, that's a completely novel. And I swear by its

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Baha, it means the soothing morning, like, the glue of the sun,

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basically is two things. When the Office of the Attorney was so happy with the other sorry that Debbie rude, they said that her hat, it means bow hair, the light of the sun. And I swear by the sun, and I swear by the light of the sun, that's what other said that means and the Heroku. In other words, what that means is the entire day. So I swear by the sun, and I swear by the entire day, the majority opinion as our best while they allow that and we says that

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it basically it means when the sun has just come out completely, so that you can see the sun. And it's not difficult to look at, it doesn't irritate the eye, and it's a creamy, soothing glow. And it's not really blazing, it's not bright, it doesn't irritate the eye, this is what happens. So basically,

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is the time in where the sun has just completely come out.

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And it's not like early early morning yet it's just has completely come up around circle has already come out. And it still has this soothing glow to it, this brightness to it, that you can see it and it doesn't affect you won't harm your sight. That's what I have is the time of warhead. So now so shall he takes an oath by the sun and Bible, which is the soothing glow of the sun.

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Now this as we said a lot so john has taken two Earths, he swears he took an oath by the sun. And then he took an oath by its soothing light was chumps and then what will happen is something else. So an oath by the sun, and another by its contribution, you can say oh by a quality of the sun, one one is by the sun itself and another is a quality or an attribute of the sun. Masha, Allah He said that the haha. This worked for her. It was attributed with the sun, because it can only happen with the sun. So the glow of the light of bullhead can be used to anything else.

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You can't describe, for example, the light of a lamp as the head of the light of a torch as the head of the light of the moon as the how the light of the stars as this

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is exclusive. It's an exclusive feature only for the sun cannot be used for anything else. This is why I was it was chumps. And then most appropriately, he said, How do you describe the light of the sun. The only word that fits the light of the sun is this word bowhead. So, this is why it was used as opposed to any other word that is out there in the Arabic language. So with Shamsi, what will happen,

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Welcome very

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And I swear by the mood as it follows it.

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The word

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comes from the word Tourette in our and it can also come from the word

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timboon. What that means tality. laverton basically means to read something. And it was good dilemma because when you read you basically follow the lines that are on the page. So that's the level 10 to one, it means to follow something. So will come every event that I have, am I saying and I swear by the moon as it follows it. What is it in this case, it's referring back to the sun. So we'll call Mary evaton, a shrimps. And I swear by the moon as it follows the sun biologist, he summarized this. And he just showed him that and he said pat it as it follows it. And this, this pronoun is referring back to the sun itself. So notice in the previous Earth, there were two things there was the sun,

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and its soothing light. Now the third of the solar is the moon. And it's not given a unique quality wasn't given something unique. It was given this you can say this subservient position to the sun. In other words, it's obedience, in other words, the authority of the sun, and what kind of authority The sun has over the moon. So the scholars say that this refers to the first 15 days of the month, and you know, the first 15 days of the month, that's when the moon the moon breezes straight up to the sunsets. And this is what it means by follows it. And this is known for the first 15 months for the first 15 days of the month. What actually happened

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Is the as the sun sets, the mood comes up. And this is one company that I swear by the moon as it follows it in those first 15 days show gannavaram Allah, He says he that I have feet, you know looking at, you have another opinion, he said, what it means is that it follows the sun, I swear by the moon as it follows the sun, it means that it's reflecting its light of the sun. Similarly, from what he said that the moon, it takes its light from the sun. And this is true as well. So now that the left hand is basically two opinions, the one on one hand, you have either data, meaning either that I have said, I swept by the moon, as it follows literally follows the sun. And the other

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meaning we have either today.

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Or swept by the moon, as it follows the sun in terms of it takes its light from the sun. So that's also following because it takes something from it right? For example, when you when someone says he is someone that follows the air, that means he took something from the floor, and he put it in his life, and he implemented it. So that's true to say that the moon follows the sun, in the meaning that it takes light from the sun, and it puts it in itself and it gives it up. So when we say someone follows the plan, in other words, he took something from the planet, he put it in his life, and then it manifested outside to and in terms of his character, his behavior towards me how he

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dealt with and deals with people.

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So in saying this, you might be questioning and Okay, if there's two opinions, then what's right and what's wrong, as we say, and I keep saying one of the very important principles interfere is that if the two opinions are correct, we don't refute one another, we say they're both correct. And this is what brings us even more clean and clarity to the plan. So these two opinions are both accepted. And they both taken as an interpretation for the air. And we say that these two, make it even more clean, give it give the AI a much more comprehensive understanding. So you need to understand that the city is different.

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For example, you have an issue and in this opinion, one opinion to one says you can do this one says you can't. And no one no one person can take two opinions. You can say sometimes I'll take this and sometimes I'll take the other opinion at their seat is not like this two opinions, they both accepted. And two opinions would actually be very best for the eye because it will give it a much more comprehensive meaning and an understanding. So this is one company that Allah and when Allah subhanho wa Taala described the moon, he described it as welcome on Munira, c'mon, Munira as a description was money. And money on basically means something that has taken some money and it's

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reflected. So the word money in itself gave us the understanding that the sun that the moon takes its light from the sun, and then it's reflected onto the earth. Welcome on Moodle. There are lots of how to whatever takes an oath by a noun and he says one

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and I swear by the date and the How is the date as it gives brilliance to it. When the head evasion net house swept by the day, as it exposes it, as it gives brilliance to it. When is it

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the sun the sun again referring to the sun. The word Jelena comes from the word Jana and it comes from the verbal MOUNTAINS NEAR Disney basically it means to clean something and to make a distinct polish and shine. So for example in Arabic you say

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this is something known in also among the Lebanese and among the Arab culture is when they say jelly, jelly means for the jelly bean jelly beans go and get the basically the the plate or the cup whatever it is, and wash it gently will get some soap and the sponge it and wash it. Right That's jelly. So let's see, I swear by the day, as it does this jelly as it does this. This this verb this action of jelly to the sun. What that means is just to give you another better example is say for example you have a lamp and the lamp is covered with a piece of cloth. When you remove the cloth that's the idea. That's when you remove the cloth. What happens you allow the layer to shine it's

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full brightness. You allow the you gave the lamp a change

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adds to expose it's light, right. And similarly, the plate is dirty, right? So when you wash it, you gave it a chance to bloat, you gave it a chance to shine and be clean. A lot of sorgente saying that the dairy is what makes the sun extra it gives the sun exposure. Also in India, like in classical Arabic, the Arabs, when they would describe a woman, or a wife that beautified herself to her husband, they would say the gelatin model up to this gender, this is a word, what that means is that she the wife, she exposed her beauty for her husband. So you can use the word gel net. In other words, there was this exposure of beauty there was this exposure of brightness from the woman to her

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husband, the verb that was used was the gender so much is one that had evasion.

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And I swear by the date, when it gives the sun the ability to show the full glory.

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So my eyes are generally speaking about the day that it gives the sun a chance to show it to me, it gives us at the sun a chance to show its full glory. It's like the sun was covered. And when the day comes, it shines the sun, and it allows the sun to give that glow and that shine that he always carries that he will always see during the day. Then a muscle panda what it says well lately, I have and I swear by the mind as it covers it up, covers what up covers the sun up as it covers the light of the sun.

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Now all these Earths are surrounded around the sun. And therefore the the central theme of the oats is the sun at first almost is worships that is so then he said that was the light of the sun. Then he spoke about on karma. What did he tell us about the moon? He just told us that the moon follows the sun. Then he told us something about the day. But what do you tell us about the date, he just told us that the day allows the sun to expose its full glory. Then he told us something about the night. But he didn't say anything about the mud except something related to the sun. And that the night it covers the sun. So everything was revolved around the sun. And this is why you'll find the

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end of the year, it's all hair. Well, what we'll have are many that I have gender hair,

00:27:32--> 00:28:11

all this hat and Arabic In English, it means it it and this pronoun is referring back to the sun, the sun, the sun, the sun. So the Trump spoke about the news about the day about the night, but only broke them in conversation to give us more detail about the sun itself. So there's something huge happening about the sun, and everything is revolving around the sun, the moon wasn't mentioned to give us something about the moon, it was only mentioned to tell us about the day the mic was mentioned. Just to describe what they are, they were only mentioned to describe something about the sun. Now you understand how everything is related around the sun.

00:28:13--> 00:28:35

And we'll see later in the solar, the parallel between the creation of the Sun and the knifes this something that's going to be really powerful in the soul. And how the sun has these different roles that is happening to it. You know, once it's giving off its light, it's being followed, the light is being taken away from it,

00:28:36--> 00:29:15

then it's it's being given a chance to glow and shine, then it's covered. So we learned that the sun goes through different roles, different things happen to the sun, and also just like the knifes the knifes goes into different stages, and it goes through different roles and different things that happened to the knifes and this is going to be the actual parallel between the knifes and between the sun itself and these incredible lessons that Allah subhanho data teaches that they will share this once we get to the end. But now moving on with the app. He says what lady their chair straight after there's another he says was so mad, he

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was so mad.

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And I swear by this by the sky and I also swear by what created it or by what constructed what constructed it The answer is of law. But you know we would have expected was that you were men and banana and I swear by the sky and who constructed it didn't say and who constructed it? He said and what constructed it. Now let's just get a little bit deep in this so we can understand.

00:29:52--> 00:29:55

You know if you don't know someone you don't know someone you don't know his name.

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

What would you ask? you'd ask brother who are

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Who are you? When you say to someone who are you, you're expecting that he tells you his name? What are you expecting is that?

00:30:09--> 00:30:33

However, sometimes you may say to someone, what are you? When you say to someone, what are you? Then basically, what kind of answer Are you expecting? You're expecting an answer that will, he'll tell you about who he is his qualifications and his attributes. What I'm right. I'm a mechanic, for example, what I am an electrician. So who

00:30:34--> 00:30:47

would give the answer basically, pretty much the name, but what are you will give the answer of what qualification? What attribute does this person carry? So when a lot of Xhosa says,

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so when he says one map, and I had my map, and

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then basically the question that's coming up here, is what kind of power can do that? I swear by this guy was cement, one map and I had at one time and I swear by what Kyle? Or this is basically a question that's being brought forward? And what kind of power that can do this?

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What attribute does this bean have, that he can create this enormous, magnificent sky? So the human being is asked to stay? He's being asked to stare at the sky? And just ask himself, what kind of power must he be that creative discard? So

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what kind of power must he be that he created this guy? another opinion of one? Banana? Of course, the first one. The first opinion is that this is an masuleh. Man no sooner basically means that it's true for it to be one man. So if you say it was 71

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if you say it's mammal sooner, then basically what that means is to say what's about you, woman Burnett, which translates to I swear by the sky, and I swear by he who created it, right. But I told you that the implication of Matt, it's giving us a was origin is forcing us holders to reflect that when we stare at the sky, we ask ourselves, what map what kind of power must have created this time. So we begin to think about Allah subhanho wa Taala as attribute and how many magnificent of accretion it is, but in sense of the name of abundance origin. And Avi, for example, what kind of power he had, that he created, the unquie, and so on, these are the names of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The other opinion of women, they say that this man is man and must Maria, man Muslim, what that means, the meaning of woman

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would would

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do would mean that how remarkable its construction. So that basically is the infinitive form of a statement, which basically implies astonishment. So to make this brief and easy, was submitted.

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And I swear by the sky, and how amazing its construction, this is the other meaning of what happened, and how amazing it's construction. And by using the word banana hat construction, then this illustrates that it wasn't always there. And it was constructed, then it became a sky. But it was saying that he created it, it means it wasn't there didn't exist to begin with, then a lot of soldier created it and it was there and it was a Skype also better comes from the word v net. And B that basically means to, to fuse things together, so that they become inseparable, for almost a seamless creation. Now, let me just mention a few things about the sky. So you can actually reflect

00:33:53--> 00:33:57

and ponder over how amazing this creation is. Because the I was

00:33:59--> 00:34:14

in the second opinion, it means and I swear by the sky, and how amazing how remarkable how astonishing how magnificent is the creation of the sky, what is created, what is the magnificence of it just like what we mentioned above the of the sun, you

00:34:15--> 00:34:16

know, when you when you studied

00:34:17--> 00:34:59

it, put them together? A few things. A lot of neuroscience elementary has taught us that the sky is 500 years from the earth. The height of the sky from the earth is 500 years and F's without pillows did. I didn't already say that he lifted the sky all the way to where it is 500 years to get there. And there is no pillars that car carrier, there is no pillars that hold it. And you know, like you see a small construction like the budget, or like the house or like an office like a building whatever it is, there must be pillars otherwise the roof or instead, either the pillars are right in the middle there in the corners. One way or another

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

They carried by pillars of the magnificent creation of the sky, comparing it to our creation cannot even begin to compete.

00:35:08--> 00:35:11

The other thing is that the sky Monosodium says, how

00:35:13--> 00:35:55

much the human being to stay and look at the sky. And then he says, I thought I'm in football, the questions, he asks a question. He says, Do you see any tear or rip in the sky? In other words, as massive as the sky is, there is not a single crack or a tear in it, you know, the roof that we have on top of our head, whether it's whether it's at work, or at the masjid or at your house, most definitely, there's something of a crack, or something of a tear, something that needs some patchwork, right, but this guy has it is there is absolutely nothing. And there's no renovations that happened to this man. And it's been there seen somewhere on social credit. And it remained that

00:35:55--> 00:36:39

way until the day he destroys it. Right? This is something of the magnificent creation of the sky. And it's also it's a seamless creation, as he said, seeing what a seamless mean, seamless means it's all one piece. It's not pieces stuck to each other. Like you see, the roof is 12345 boards that go next to each other. But this is the roof of the roof of the house, for example, is 12345 tiles, and tiles that are stacked on top of each other. But the sky isn't like this. It's one seamless creation, everything is just one piece that will stick it all up together to there was nothing that was missed in an art. That's what seamless means. And so yes, we've had a lot above all of this one

00:36:39--> 00:37:21

ball mentioned to you is that it's balanced. The law says facil where he balanced it, as well as symmetric. It's balanced. So this balanced mean, that is nothing higher than another part. And there's nothing lower than another part in the sky. It is all one balanced, smooth. Let you know, for example, if you go out on the street, if it rains, you'll see a puddle of water here, a puddle over there. That implies that gives you the understanding that the road is flat, it's not balanced. But the sky isn't like this. It's somewhere you know, just think of this at the large scale of the sky. Wherever you traveled in the world, you'll see the same sky. And that wherever you see it is

00:37:21--> 00:37:35

described like this 500 years up, no pillows, no football, no cracks, a seamless creation, it's balanced, there's no dips, there's nothing high, There's nothing low. It's all balanced, for some have a lot. This is why a Montessori teacher would say

00:37:37--> 00:38:15

I swear by the sun, and how amazing how perfect, it's crazy. And this is just a few things we shared. If you were to do a research at deep search of the sky, from end to end, you'll find much much more incredible things that why this is why a lot of soldier take takes an oath but then Allah Subhana data takes an oath by opposite to it and he says well out of the womb I am I swear by the earth. And what America had this mat also most will not in terms of we say masala Did you mean what I swear by the earth and what kind of power it must be that

00:38:16--> 00:38:28

that spread it out that laid it out? Also that could be Muslim here, which means and I swear by the earth, and how remarkable how incredible its vastness and its layout.

00:38:29--> 00:39:23

So, one is making the human being ponder over the remarkable powers and attributes of a lot. This is one opinion that man masuleh it's it's making you reflect and ponder over the remarkable power and attributes of a lot. And the other opinion makes us ponder over the remarkable creation itself. But understand this just to brief it one more time, one banana hat for the summer, and then one on behalf of the owl. This one has two meanings to opinions. One we say that and most hula men most hula means I swear by the sky or in this case this I swear by the earth and what kind of power? What kind of power to spread it out? This is of course speaking of a lot of soldier, man masuleh forces

00:39:23--> 00:39:44

you to reflect over the Creator Himself, which is a lot. The other opinion which is man must Berea would mean I swear by the earth, I swear by the earth. And what remarkable, incredible creation it is, or what remarkable, incredible vastness it has been spread.

00:39:45--> 00:40:00

This, this opinion would force you to ponder and reflect over the creation itself over the earth itself. So one opinion makes you reflect of our water soldier. The other one reflects a reflect makes your

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Reflect over the creation itself, that is the sky and the earth.

00:40:05--> 00:40:48

The work perhaps it would be used when the Arab would would go to a castle basically, or a huge, huge building. And you couldn't see the end of it. Like, for example, you know, sometimes there are houses, there are buildings that you go one route, it opens down another route another route to another room, you can ask yourself, when does this gonna finish? When is it going to finish. So another word that describes that is mafia, mafia, this is the word that's used to describe something that just doesn't end, it's very, very far as far as the eye can see. And so when they used to say beta locate, that means a house that is well spread out, you know, it's very, very large, it's

00:40:48--> 00:41:26

usually spread out, that is the same word that was used for the earth, one of the one Ah, ha, ha, it makes sense to use it for the earth. Because as far as you walk in the earth, you'll never get to the end, you can always see it as far as the eye can see, and you keep moving it as fast as it is, this is why the word Baha came, because behind means this vastness and the spreader. Now, we can including and shovel data. Going back a little bit, at the beginning of the solar, we said everything was this is very important to understand. Everything was centered around the sun, but from what shows you how

00:41:28--> 00:41:53

many that shed, a lot makes us reflect upon them first, upon the sun itself upon the first earth, why? Because this is the function of the old, what is a function of the earth, is that it stops you right in every area, and you begin to reflect and ponder over. That's the purpose of the purpose of the other isn't to just rush through reading and move on the purpose of an oath that I told you this

00:41:54--> 00:42:13

is stop and think of it. And this is why for example, at Fisher was just won a VA out of all fuel funding very, very short, not long, while also you know, what do you need to know? You know, what happened better than I mean, stop, when you will and inertia, you know, what,

00:42:15--> 00:42:16

right? What Shamsi

00:42:17--> 00:42:17


00:42:18--> 00:43:04

be very short, and it's a whole area, the Earth is a whole area, what does that mean, and a must stops and makes another error. That means give it time, give it time, don't rush through it stop at the end of the air reflect overall and most of what I just took an oath by, because if he's taking an oath by something that's really incredibly serious, it's something huge. And to understand the lesson of the solar, you must understand the earth themselves. Because there's always this coherent relation and link between the object of the earth and the subject of the earth, right object and subject for those that don't know what that means. Earth is always split into two parts, two parts,

00:43:04--> 00:43:19

there's the object is the subject. So if you say, Well, I'm going home, when while he when you say, Well, why do I swear by a lot, that's the object of the bar law. What's the subject I'm doing? Right? So now what he took an oath by the sun,

00:43:20--> 00:43:33

and then on earth by the glowing light of the sun, and then another by the moon as it follows the sun, and then an oath by the day as it gives the sun the ability to shine and glow, and then another five and nine, as it covers the sun.

00:43:35--> 00:43:38

And then what does he want to tell us and then he takes it by the

00:43:39--> 00:43:46

by the by this guy, and he takes it upon himself, woman, banana, for example. And then he takes another five,

00:43:47--> 00:43:53

and who's by who spread it, which is a lot of surgery. And then he takes an oath. Bye.

00:43:54--> 00:43:58

Bye bye. enough's wonders. Never seen one. So Well, before we get

00:44:02--> 00:44:13

the sun when you speak about these four things that I'd love to get both. But in and of themselves, there's a conflict, there's a conflict between the sun is in conflict with the mood.

00:44:14--> 00:44:18

And the day is in conflict with the mind. There are total opposites.

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

People who live in the nature, people who live in the desert, they have a total different experience to us who live in homes, in offices in buildings. Why? Because for us, it's night now, but the light is on. So we really don't appreciate that. But this is a time where we shouldn't be able to even be able to see each other. For people that live in the desert and live in nature outside. By now they can't see each other right unless they have a little lab. In other words, they can experience and really appreciate what the mind is. Now if I was to put you in a room that has a lot and just kept you that you wouldn't know whether it's day outside. It's not outside.

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

Whether the stars are out whether the sun is up whether the moon is up, you know. So this is pretty, it's difficult to understand it in our situation and where we live. But trying to think of it this way, that this the the sun, the moon, the day, the night was really, really experienced with people that live outside. And that's what the essence should be people should be experiencing this stuff. So now, the day that might the sun and moon, they are all in conflict, they're all in conflict after each other, the sun goes, the moon straightaway comes out, the day goes, the night comes, it creeps in, then the mouth is going away. when the day comes with the sun comes after. Once it's gone, the

00:45:41--> 00:45:58

moon comes up and this thing is happening in the sky. It's all in conflict. But insane conflict, there's something that you need to understand, then I break the rules, all these things all these creation of a much better breakthrough. And a lot of surgeon says ATSC.

00:45:59--> 00:46:36

Three can come up with a laser set for now. That is not it is not for the sun to overtake the moon. Nor does the night race, the date. And they all foot each in an orbit. So they have rules that they follow. And they eat the sun the moon the day the night. Although it looks like there's so much chaos, and so much conflict. But they all have rules regulations. And they have laws and they abide and they followed by it. And therefore because they abide by the laws and rules, what happens, there's harmony.

00:46:37--> 00:47:15

There's harmony on Earth. Because of that discipline, it creates harmony for us, which is happening up there in the sky, it still affects us down here. And it gives us harmony. People know how to organize their time. This is what I'll do during the day, when that comes, I'll do this, right, if the sun comes out, we'll do this when the night is out, we know when to go fishing or not because of the moon. And people can basically organize the day. And this was important for us back in the time that they used to have to know to go fishing to get some food back for their for their house and for their family, it was very important to calculate it according to the moon. So there's these things

00:47:15--> 00:47:46

created harmony on Earth. When the sun the moon, the day the night are in order, it creates harmony for us who are people on earth. Imagine this harmony disappeared. And imagine that the sun and the moon and the day and the night came up whenever it is and there was just chaos and everything happened on its own accord, there would be also a chaos who would be affected by us through our lab will be affected by what kind of chaos that will happen up there. So now it's very important to understand that although there is conflict up there,

00:47:47--> 00:48:29

you need to understand that it's all maintained in proper order, because they have laws that they abide by. And when they're in proper order, it gives us harmony. And you know, like for example, if they went out of the order, we say that's poliana similarly, you know, if the ocean, the water is in the ocean, right? If that water was to come out of the ocean, Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to this as Don map, the water rebelled. If the water was to come out of the ocean, that's the water rebellion, it will cause chaos First, there won't be any harmony. So everything is abiding by a Muslim handle what that as well by his command, and everything remains where it is. And everything

00:48:29--> 00:48:41

is moving in the cycle a lot of stores and once it once it follows the law by the case that it abides by its law, it's making creating harmony first. So now it is very important to understand this.

00:48:42--> 00:48:47

Because later on in the soil life social is going to speak about the mood. And he's going to say

00:48:50--> 00:49:11

that the mood they borrowed because they rebelled because they rebuild. So had a lot while he's teaching us that his creation. Look how much improper order it is it doesn't rebel against the muscle pattern with that, we're talking about things that are in the stock. So you know, we are about to learn that these conflicts are in the human being

00:49:12--> 00:49:45

is going to come down to the A at one FC and one is a wire. But I'm going to leave this for next week because there's going to be a very huge discussion on what is a wire, just like a muscle panel, what data has balanced the creation, see how everything is in conflict. But everything is balanced, and everything creates harmony for us. The knifes is the same way. The nuts, there's conflict inside of it. there is conflict inside of the nuts. There's the evil that caused you to do evil, then there's this knifes that cause you to do good. That's enough.

00:49:46--> 00:49:59

There's enough amount of it so it tells you to do that there is enough similar where the blame word is all the guilt. It makes you feel guilty. There's a heavy conflict happening inside of the knifes itself. So this is why it's

00:50:00--> 00:50:51

Important now they'll share this with you next week. Why am I introduced the solar with magnificent huge creation and teaching us about how there is conflict, but everything is in order. When everything is in order it gives us harmony. Now he will describe our enough's what kind of conflict is inside of it. And what keeps it at harmony. What gives the nuts is harmony, very important to understand that he says when I've seen and I swear by knifes, he didn't say one Neff see that there is not an effect for the other there was an effect what shops will come up. One Natty one lady was 71 out of the Oh and by the by the I swear by the but when he spoke about the knifes he didn't say

00:50:51--> 00:51:27

what Neff see and I swear by the knifes he said I swear by enough seeing that all explained to you shall know what that means next week, and we'll explain also a knifes Why does it have the word knifes? What's the best translation for love? Some people say it's so some people like to translate it as posted. The closest word perhaps in English is conscience although it doesn't give all of its meanings. It's very difficult word to translate. Why enough's was called a knifes. We'll have to discuss that and then one has to wear hat What does this one has to wear heavy and then

00:51:28--> 00:51:51

the poor hat that a lot of soldiers instilled or inspired into this knifes evilness, what am goodness right and all very very important to understand this with the nuts and how the knifes works and the conflict that happens in between and how to keep it at harmony, inshallah to Allah laska muscle Canada to make us people of people who benefit from the reminders of

00:51:54--> 00:51:59

the love of cinema Bella Garden of Eden Mohamad while he was happy as mine