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With the opinions of the move assumed when we come to an idea, what is an idea? There's many opinions. The majority opinion is that it's double horses that are charging towards the enemy. And I'm going to describe that but just in brief now, the the majority opinion is that it's horses. And there is also a famous opinion for the Abbess, lovely Aloha, Northern muscle Denali, robiola, one that eats the camels as they head towards and harsh. So in wonder opinion, which is the majority, it's the war horses that are going towards she had been severely left. And on another opinion, which is a famous opinion is that it's the camels as they're going towards, for the sake of Allah. So now

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we understand that the end of pseudo designer spoke about the smallest deed, myths.

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And the beginning of certain ideas spoke about the greatest. If we're speaking about the horses, then that is referring to Jad v. Sevilla. If we're speaking about the camels, then that's and camels as they march towards unhashed. And that is also a great deed in Islam, with these two mentioned, and there is a link between them too. There is a link between the two opinions, those who said it's horses and those who said it's camels. If I have time at the end, I'll bring it all back to you together. And how do you make sense of both of them and how they cook? How do they come both together to form some incredible understanding in our deep incredible understanding of life I get

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they will mention it okay. So we begin with the slaughter over we live in a shop on it was he was really mad about him first as an idea to pay. This low at the beginning is unswayed so long, so he's taking an oath by an idea. He says, I swear by an idea of when an idea comes from the word that I do. And now do means animosity and hatred, when you have hatred inside of you towards someone. So an idea of those who are running in battle, they're charging towards the enemy. They're not looking left or right. And they're just charging straight ahead. So last question, he says, Well, at the end, I swear by the battle horses that are charging ahead, not looking left or right, and they're

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full of hatred from the inside. I are they frustrated by something, and they are running, and they're going so fast. And that is what an idea is now you need to understand something from the beginning. So you can set a scene for this, that this kind of oath, it grabs the attention of the Arab that listens. Why because the Arab, he loves his horses, they love the horse, they take care of the horse, the horse shows loyalty to the Arab, he loves it. So he loves to hear about the horses, you know, back then in the Arabian Peninsula at that time around the Kaaba and so on. How would people keep? How would people be entertained? What was their form of entertainment, like nowadays,

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the form of entertainment for people is, go to the movies, for example, do something he does, there is any forms of entertainment now. But all that was didn't exist back then. How they used to entertain themselves is one of them used to get up and there was a fire, let's sit around the fire and come give us give us poetry spill out some poetry. That was the entertainment. And the poetry that they used to mention was so picture is that if he just sat there and heard, it's like you're watching a movie to begin with, right? The words were very rich in the language, each word that came out, had a picture to it. So the color and it speaks the style of the people and the language of the

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people. And the people are into the horses. So at the very beginning, this is capturing the Arabians his mind it's capturing his mind. So when a lot of Zoysia he says we'll add the ad. And by the way, when a man takes an oath by something, he does that to bring and grab the attention of the people. It's like yeah, this is like me. That's for example, the thunder standard on worldly sense. If I say now one more he you're just Oh honey, what is he gonna say off to a lawyer? There must be something great here. What is he taking an oath might. So this is exactly what's happening instead of what law he allows origin can take an oath by anything he wants any of his creation. This is different tours,

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we only take an oath by Allah. So Allah is saying, I swear by an idea. Okay, what an anomalous origin will quickly give the subject he's going to take some time to describe these horses. And as he does so, the Arab is getting into a bit by bit. So law social at the beginning, he's saying I swear by the battle horses that are full of animosity and region anger from the inside, and they are charging ahead and ad the ad is a feminine plural. So in other words, a lot of swearing by female horses. Why? Because the female horse on the battlefield is faster than the male horse. So this is even getting more interesting for that he loves the horse and above all, he loves the female horse

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because it's faster than amasses Baba. Baba, is the sound that the horse makes as it runs and in the painting of the horse. You see if the horse was standing

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It makes us sound, that sound in Arabic is cold, so he will follow us. If it starts walking, and it makes us sound, that sound is called ham ham, it will follow us. And if it begins to run, and then the heavy sound that comes out of it, that heavy breathing is called Bob hon. For now. Yeah, nice. Hello, ma Alonzo is describing war horses that are charging ahead. That's why you can see now the screen in front of you, horses that are running, and they're breathing heavily. And the reader or the rider that's on top of them. He's also called the reader, he can hear the sound of the horse, which illustrates how fast it's going, and how furious and how angry and vicious it's from the

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inside. Also, the professor Laura hammer home, Amanda mentioned that Bob can in essence, in essence, is the sound that the dog or the wolf makes. In essence, it describes the sound that the dog or the wolf makes. When a pack of wolf goes, he goes after the prey, right? It creates a sound it's called Bob had this word. First and foremost, it was used for the wolf. But how come now it's being used for the horse. This is very important. What we're learning from this is that Alonzo Shelley's already given a very powerful, any image at the beginning, allows origin is comparing the battle horses that are charging ahead now he's comparing them to a pack of wolves. And you know, a pack of

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wolves won't go after the prey, unless it's certain that is stronger than it unless it's certain. And it's confident that it's stronger than it and that what it's going after is too weak. So it runs after. So already now the first area is very powerful allows or gently saying that these horses are charging, and they're so furious, and they're so confident that they're brave, and they're more strong than who they're going to. Now this is incredible. And as the Arab is hearing this, he sucked into the story even more, because that's the kind of horse he loves. So now he's into it. From the very beginning, while at the air to Bob had the most of Hannah Montana, he says fun muriatic

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pothead. And by the way, he is going to come now the next four are going to begin with Phil Moria fun movie about a formula for supplements. Whereas the first a a began with and well. And the difference is that the first one was the waltz whereby an idea, the fat that comes now, in Arabic, it's called fat without. And what does what's its benefit it does, it tells you unnecessarily what is about to come after the fat is connected to that which came before the fat. So we learned now that the first five as our continuous one seen, everything is connected with each other.

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That's the purpose. And the other thing is that the fair implies speed in Arabic things are happening straight off to each other. And if I was to say,

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Mohammed, that means Ahmed came in immediate laughter in Mohammed kingdom, what isn't even a second between them. And if this is different than saying what Mohammed that would mean, Ahmed came and then A while later Mohammed came right. And it doesn't even mean that it's in order. Anyone could have come before any whoever. But the fare necessarily implies order that have to happen in order and necessarily implies speed. This is all happening all in one go. So that's the first thing for an idea to Panama says fun, muriatic kata. So he's already described. A few female battle horses charging towards the enemy full of anger. And they're confident that they're stronger than who

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they're going to. And they're breathing heavily. The second description is filled muriatic acid have fun Maria is describing those horses again. It comes from the word and moodiest comes from the word our Jani, our net Sharla has a say our meaning

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when you make a spark by striking two objects together, in order to light a fire that's moodier, to strike to objects. So as these horses are charging, they're creating they're creating Spark, spark is coming out where from, it's coming from the metal plate that's on the hoof on the foot of it, and it's hitting on to the rock of the earth. And as a result sparks are flying all over the place. So now the camera it was like it was at the at the mouth of the horse. He can hear it breathing heavily. Now this camera has gone down and what he can see on the screen is sparks flying all over the place. For moody it could have the word could have it means a violent strike that is really

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really loud. Like it's it also comes into play when you read the other half. That then even that damage itself has a strong and allowed sound which implies that the word cotton is a violent strike really loud. So cotton is implying that the the rider that is on the horse now he's charging ahead. He can he the horse breathing heavily and now he can heat up

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Violent strike have its roof on the earth, he can hear it going hard. And then if you look down, he sees sparks flying all over the place. And you don't need to Pamela in order to create the spark, in order for a spark to come out, this, the object needs to be any need to strike the object really fast. If you get to, like a middle in a stone and you hit them like this, nothing's gonna happen. Unless you hit them really quick, really quick, then and only sparks will come out. So in other words, for moody advocate, he now is implying that the horse has reached top speed. It already told us that in the previous era when he said Bob panitch breathing heavily. Now a large social goes on

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to insert this is intense, insane speed. It's going really quick. And the other thing is that the sparks you can only see them at night. So that means these war horses are charging. And what time of day it is it's at night. They are charging at night, and they're running at night. Now this is still the trailer. This is a trailer now we get into the second scene alarms or Julie says funny movie or the super fun movie or the movie or the comes from the word of Allah. And Avada means to attack and it means to ambush. So these charging horses they're about to attack and ambush the enemy. Now we're getting really close to the enemy line. And when are they going to attack

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it's happening in the early hours of the morning. So they've been traveling and running the entire night. And now it's morning time The sun has just risen and the redness has gone. The redness of the sky has gone and it slowly bit by bit you can see that these horses are still running. also had a lot of fun movie.

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This is how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yani This is how he would attack the enemy. He would attack them after solid television. And he would not attack at night. phenobarbital Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when he used to arrive to the enemy grounds at night, he used to order the entire army to camp to encamp sit down, we're going to encounter the entire night. And then the next day, he pre selected vision. If he heard the event being made, he won't attack. And if he doesn't heat the event being made, then he attacks because that's a sign that those inside are disbelievers, very important from this, that will amount will hammer home Allah from this, they mentioned that the

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event is an obligation. It's aware of you. Actually, this is a it's an iconic symbol of Islam. And there is an iconic symbol of Islam, especially the event official, especially the event official. Why? Because it's it's the only it wakes up the people from their sleep. The one who wants to fire the person who wants to fast is given notice that stop fasting now, the one who's praying is told now stop praying and come to select the treasure.

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And if it's made that treasure, it will basically protect you from any fighting. Yeah, look how important it was from there. Remember him Allah mentioned that there was a version or more of the Allahu anhu. He used to say, low level healer fedwatch Amanda lecanto. And Xena, he said had not been for the responsibility of being a Khalifa and an imam of the Muslims. And that was a huge responsibility. I did not mean for that. If I wasn't a believer, I would have been involved in all my life, I would have chosen to do it. When the vsam Allahu alayhi wa sallam. When he spoke about the reward of the warden, it was something incredible. Why is that this this symbolic icon of the

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deen remains alive and it never dies. And maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in Sahih Muslim, he says come after so half Muslim he says that Apollo Anakin, Yama, gamma and we know that the longest neck on the Day of Judgment is the neck of the woods that what does that mean? No Mo Mo law he says that the people that look forward to our laws mercy more than anyone else other than zero this is what it means that their necks are the longest meaning them longing for most mercy more than anyone on that day. Allah subhanho wa Taala insalata facility says we all know the woman Arsenal woman Arsenal cola man die no more. One of the opinions die in a more he's another that

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there is no one who can be better than the one who calls to Allah, meaning who could be better than the one who makes an ad? Why is that the case? Because after the event, what are we supposed to say a lot of mama bear the Adama determine. So what the national economy meant. One of the strongest and perfect incomplete forms of power is the event itself. So this is why they say that the event is supposed to have a beautiful voice and that way that it comes from from the word Arsenal, who is better any beautify this, the sound because this is basically a complete down to the deen of Allah from the very beginning words of it to the end of it. It is $1 and a call to the oneness of Allah

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and to that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is is the final messenger of Allah and then calling the people to goodness and so on. And it was an

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Sono Ensenada was the event itself now. So we moved back to the subject of the movie a lot is now being is warhorses a charging, and it's at night, and now they're about to attack an ambush and what time of the day allows Superman during the morning. Now so Panama

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and attack is about to happen during the morning, you'd assume that the best time to ambush would be when, at night, you go in subtle at night stealthily inside unnoticed, that would have been the best time. But when when the attack is happening in the morning, so that implies even more braveness and confidence of these war horses, that they're not even going to use the mind as their to their advantage going in at night. That's a weakness that's not us. We're strong. We're going to go in during the day, and we're going to commit what we're going to do during the day, daylight in front of everyone, so that it be known how strong and how brave you are. For this is even implying even

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more braveness and strength to these warhorses, well, you know Subhanallah, Yanni, the one who attacks or robs during the day, that's something really scary. Someone who attacks someone during the day, or kills someone during the day or robs a bank during the day that it terrifies the community even even the media when they broadcast the story that will make point out of it and headlines will be for example, brazen daylight robbery prevention that daylight, you know, or man fatally shot. Any, any muscle and daylight attack, daylight attack, no mention a daylight attack. Meanwhile, if a crime was to take place at night, you weren't he man shot finally at night, because

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that's obviously the police of crime is at night. So you'd it's not a big deal. For these horses. They're so brave, and they're so confident of this attack, that they're going to attack in broad daylight, which is implying even strength even more strength and bravery further to what was mentioned in the previous to a movie awatea. Also an movieart, this word Ihara, it means to go deep into something. Like for example, if I say a heart or virtual ballot, that means that the person went deep into the country. So if you end up in our spring, right, that's in the middle of Australia, then that's you did something called the Hala. In other words, what does that mean? That

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means that these war horses aren't just going to attack the enemy on the outskirts of the town. But they're going to go deep into the town. When it's Pamela what a scene This is, this gets really exciting for the Arab is the easiest. And for anyone that is attached to the car, and in giving it any careful ease, he gets attached to the scene. So this is entertaining for the Arab, he wants to hear this. And you know, you gotta appreciate the fact that when the Arab he's this, he's looking at his horse, and he's just admiring. What an awesome horse. What a loyal HOST OKAY, incredible it is. No, I wish I can own one like this. And he looks at his horse, and he probably is patting it and you

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know, good go, this is good work. This is exactly what I want from my horse to do. So, keep going. Now, the action begins.

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What tells us the action begins because the first three were all in the nominal form, they will announce. Now the next two

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are going to be in verb. So for a foreigner for two verbs, and a verb is an action word. So now the action actually begins. So how am I how am I does that the first three is a nouns. Now when the action begins, he used action words, he uses a fab fact he says, for a third net, be he nakara. She's very intense for a thought that comes from the word a thought. And I thought it means to cause something to rise as a result of speed. Anything that rises as a result of speed is called alpha. In other words, these battle horses are charging a charging ahead and something is rising. What is this thing that is rising knock on knock on is dust, dust is rising. And you know, when something goes

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really fast, it causes a trail of dust to sort of any cloud up in the sky. Fate leaves that trail of rising dust behind it. So these horses now they're charging so fast, they're painting.

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sparks are coming all out. The night has finished. We've just gone into the day, and I thought maybe he inaka and if the camera was to be zoomed or go to the back, you'd see a trail of dust rising. And then the around you know in the morning, in the morning, the Earth is moist. The earth is wet in the morning. They call it the What do they call it the morning dew in the morning. So how could the How could the dust rise? In other words, what this implies is that these horses are going so fast, so fast, that the moist dust underneath them is quickly

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drying and as a result it's going up. I thought maybe he NACA Subhana. Allah the word nakane as well away

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from them for soon he mentioned that NACA NACA

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nakane also refers to voices that are being raised, yelling at one another, that is not fun. And also, he said mean a knock, knock and also means to dive deep into water. Right? So, so what it means for something to rise. Another meaning is for the sound, the voices themselves to rise. And another meaning is to go dive deep into the water. So the idea is this, that the dust is rising, as these horses are charging inside of the enemy lines, the dust is rising, and it's getting so thick, and visibility is becoming very limited, that they are literally surrounded, right, you know, when someone dies is surrounded by water. Now they are literally surrounded with dust, it's all over the

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place. And when you're surrounded with dust, you can see each other. So what do you do? You yell out to each other. Right? So now the writer from one host to another he screams out? Where are you Lizzie's name and no and all you can now it's a it's chaos. It's it's a battlefield was about to happen. And this guy screaming to the sky because he can't see him because of the dust that is there. So I thought maybe he nacala social. He says in the next scene, he says follow suit. Maybe he's Jamar This is now getting to the right to the end of this is just about to begin now. He says philosopher maybe hegemon? Well supply comes from the word wassup, and what it means to penetrate

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deep into the middle of something. So what does that means unless it for something that be we penetrated deep with it? altogether with it? What's this with it with the dust. And in other words, these, the soldier that's on the horse, he's used the just the dust to his advantage to get right inside the middle of the eye of the enemy. He's used the dusties advantage to break straight through the army and the enemy line. And to get straight into the middle. Chapin a lot. These horses have finally arrived. Now for something to be hegemon. After a long travel at night, they have now attacked the enemy. They've penetrated deep until they've reached the middle. And how almost is

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German altogether? All of them. Now that's really weird. Because you see the ID is this this this is teaching something really powerful for something to be hegemon. Here's the thing, when a battle is about to begin, when a battle is about to begin, the army it approaches and the enemy's standing in line, obviously, it's morning, so they're awake, and they're standing in line. And the army is in rows upon rows upon rows. And they already they carrying their spear they show. So you know what happens, those that are coming to attack them, you know what they do, they would sort of stand behind. And they would send in groups by groups that don't go in all at once. That's crazy, you kill

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yourself like that, you send one group and you leave the others as backup. When the first group is tired, or some of them being being killed, they retreat and another group goes in and starts destroying the second and the third and the fourth rows of the army of the enemy. But this year,

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Pamela German all together at once. They just went straight in. No one is up the bank and they only this this as a military skill is a disaster. This is a big mistake. But if they did that, then the ID that allows origin is bringing is that these war horses have been traveling for quite some time from the night until the morning and they're breathing heavily. So they should be exhausted by now. And they did not take any break. And there are a few in number IDF meaning a few in number there not a lot. And they're not and they didn't just attack on the outskirt they actually penetrated deep and muggy out and was Sapna and they didn't go in a few at a time. They all went in at the same time

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Shama Mahatma, Yanni, it's like that they and it's like these horses were created for war. They were created for the idea, the vicious hatred on the inside, and mostly in broad daylight, all attacking at the same time. We don't care what happens. That kind of attitude is being brought for this horse now. So Pamela, they've crushed their way through into the army line. And they've reached in the wassup right in the middle. And they're in the middle of the army. The air they meet in the middle of the enemy, the enemy was in front of them. Now a few seconds later, they're in the middle of this enemy. And the dust is all over the place. And they're yelling at each other and the fight has just

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begun. And you should have had a lot by now. The Arab that is listening is so captivated into the scene, the theme and so captivated into the scene. No mention of the Day of Judgment. No mention of

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You mentioned that Omar is one. No, no How are loving that, Nadine. Now that's what he loves. He didn't give me any Dean Just give me entertainment like that. Give me a story for he's so into this by now, because it's speaking about that which he loves. And that which he is attracted to, for the purpose of the first five, if I were to grab the attention of the Arab, and to anyone who listens, and they do that pretty well. Now, the Arab continued, go on, this is the most exciting part. Tell me what happens to that horse. And what happened in that year and what happened in that battle. What's happening next, the Arab is full of concentration. He He wants to know, and he really needs

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to know what happens next. But then, you know, what happens this week is the screen goes black, finish. That's it. The trailer has ended normal the next day in the insert, and it will be in a canoe, paddle. Now, before I begin with this, tell you what's happening.

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The first five, eight was the object of the oath. Now the subject begins, now is what a law wants to say all along. But he didn't just say At first, he said it with this introduction, because now it's going to make a lot of sense that if he was to just begin with instead, and they'll be like, no, but before I move on to the subject, I want you to realize this, what is the Arab thinking as these as being recited, you see, this is the, this is going to give you the understanding of how to connect the object with the subject. Gary's admiring the horse. He loves the horse that's been described in these areas. He absolutely loves it, he will do anything for it. On top of that, he loves the battle

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horse. On top of that he loves the female battle horse because it's quicker.

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On top of that, he loves how obedient and loyal this horse is,

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is is it's willing to die for my sake. You know, there's, there's a natural instinct in animals, that when they see danger, they run towards it or away from it. They run away from it. What's wrong with this horse? It sees danger in front of it. It sees species and 1000s of people lining up, but it doesn't matter. It's willing to risk its own life. For the soldier that's on top of the aerobus is Yanni is amazed by these horses loyalty, and its love was handled by any one a loyal horse. They even dimension in research and study. They say that the most loyal animal to the human being after the dog Acoma. kumala, is the horse itself. The horse is treated well. It is the most loyal animal

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to the human being Alpha Dog. So Pamela, you have to have a mention a story of a person that owned a horse. And he was young, he treated it well. It was so loyalty, that the day he died, it went up a cliff and he committed suicide it killed itself, right because it was attached to its owner.

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The Arab appreciates the loyalty of this horse. That's what he loves, that it does anything for him. He feeds it, he takes care of it and you do what I want you to do. A lot of social now, he says what he wants to see. He says in an insert le abila canwood. He says, no doubt, certainly, an insert the human being, especially when it comes to his Lord is canoed is ungrateful. Is disloyal. Or Subhanallah Yanni. In other words, you tie the objective of subject matter is lost urgency. In other words, the loss of Hannah hotel is seen that this wasn't about the horse. It was that didn't even go into the idea. It wasn't about the horse. This was about the incentive himself. And what he's

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saying, Look at the loyalty. The horse showed its milestone. Hey, you insane have a master result? How come you didn't show him the same loyalty? And how come you didn't show him the same gratefulness? This horse was willing to die for you? And as a slave of a law, are you willing to die for your boss and you're willing to die? Are you willing to do what your master wants for all along Alonzo Hill wanted to see in an insane and it'll be like a rude questioning the loyalty of the human being to his questioning the gratitude of the human being thing is that just like you love that from your horse, you should have understood that your horse, you're the one who has to be in, in slavery

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to Allah subhanaw taala in appreciation of Allah subhanho wa Taala for he says in that insert and abila Carruth, this is a shock to the gaffer, and to the machico. He's This is a shock. He's following all along the story. And this attacks him all of a sudden, and it doesn't just attack him yet. He anyway attacked him in his heart, because his heart was with the story. And he doesn't want to hear things like that. And as soon as in an insert a little bit like Rudy said, it hits him right where it hurts right in here in the insert, and they'll be like a rude and allow social you said and instead the singular, the singular is used and instead, just like in sort of the sencilla the

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incentive singular is used.

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Los Angeles call it insanity Oh man,

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you know, you know the insanity any the singular is used that when the singular is used, then that means just you got to think about the singular instead, the only insane you're supposed to be thinking about is yourself, right? When it comes to the one insane you're thinking about it yourself no one else. It's like a loss or gently seeing that this area in an incentive to be reckoned with each and every single person should reflect over himself and his own canoe to his Lord, question himself. Has he been loyal to his Lord or not? Has he been loyal or not? Has he fulfilled what Allah wants from him or not? He needs to question himself this and the other thing what's important to

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understand in the singular that is being used is that you know, sometimes people hear or listen to hear or listen and then they'll say

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Oh, if only my friend was him, if only this person was here, why are you thinking about others? You're supposed to be thinking about yourself instead think about yourself. Right? Yeah and you think you're here for a reason I'm What brought you here for a reason and he didn't bring your friend for a reason. And and when Allison is given advice is given p some people are like this all they think about he wish he was here what what he was supposed to hear that he that was exactly for him that he wasn't here for a reason and you're here for a reason. And insane the first incentive the first think about is yourself in an incentive that almost has to be like a rude, why did he say

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never be and not Lila? He

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could have said sit in the inset lay, like I

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said in the inset lobby. Now these two names, the name of Allah and the name are very powerful.

00:31:42--> 00:32:25

The name Allah comes from the word Allah and Allah the name of Allah is the name of the one who we worship. And it implies what we do for the sake of Allah. Yeah, and all your worship, and your fasting and your solar can your solar and any good you do. That's called that's under something called the Hebrew here. That's what you do for Allah, the what the things you do for the sake of Allah. And what Allah does for us. It comes from his name of Bob, which is the hidden Boolean, what a lot does, so allows you What did he do for us, He created us, he sustains us. He provides for us, he teaches us right? All this is a federal law, he'll in a bed, want to learn those for the servants

00:32:25--> 00:32:33

and for the slaves. So this is why a man would say, or Moodle or back home. And then who's our backup he will come to the scribe and let the Hello

00:32:34--> 00:32:39

Hello, taco Mondavi lemon publico, Angela Mina Santa email, and he sent down the water for you right?

00:32:42--> 00:33:23

Now on service, similar to Calico, that's up when you hear the word or what you're supposed to be thinking what he's done for you. And when you think of the word Illa, you're supposed to be thinking, What am I supposed to do for him? Right? This is the relationship or the implication of these words. So amongst us in an insane lobby, locker room, why did he say no biggie can so Panama disease, he adds further humiliation to the human being himself, in other words, a massage and he's saying Why? Why did he become awful? I'm loyal, and why did you become disloyal and ungrateful? was an Iowa, you know, I give everything you need. I was your Bob that gave you and I created you and I

00:33:23--> 00:34:01

sustained you and I provided for you. And I allowed you to see with your two eyes and to use your two hands and to heal with your two E's and I gave you everything on your own. And you're still like an ode to Panama. In some of the facilities they mentioned that an insane is actually referring to an insert here means and careful. Just like in the previous surah Allah azza wa jal, he said walk on an insane human, the human being would see to the earth What's wrong with you? What What's wrong with it? And who would say that? a disbeliever would say that right? Because the believer knows what's wrong with him a lot already told him the same thing here. They said that in an insider, I

00:34:01--> 00:34:06

will care for you to be locked in an insider, they'll be like

00:34:08--> 00:34:45

some of them have assumed they took the approach as to not limit it and say it's only the catheter. lender. There are some Muslims that their attitude towards the Lord is the same thing cannot so let's speak about the word kanoon. The mufa surah Hama Hama mother is a canoed means Kahoot Kahoot means carpool. And Carrefour means to be ungrateful to the favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he's given you. That's what canoed means, means to be ungrateful to the favors that Allah has bestowed upon you. So in other words, Allah has blessed you with so much and he's given you so much, and the purpose for why he's given you what he's given you is to worship him. That's the purpose of

00:34:45--> 00:35:00

it, getting everything your own, and everything you have. You see the earth itself is is at your disposal. Allah azza wa jal created everything on the earth for your sake. Right? What's the Harada method of the journey? I mean, he said

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

jected everything on the earth for you use it the way you want, right? So the trees are for you, the animals are for you, you eat from it, you do whatever you want, the Earth is subjected to the human being, then Allah azza wa jal has given the human being the money that he owes, the hand that he has the AI has, Allah has given him the intellect he has, and so on. All these things that our mind has given the human being I want, what's the purpose of it, they are a tool to help you in your purpose on earth. And your purpose purpose on earth is to worship Allah Subhana data. In other words, everything you have in your own is a tool to help you worship allows origin, a tool to help you

00:35:38--> 00:36:20

eventually accomplish that purpose on Earth. The human being is cannot The one who doesn't recognize the one who doesn't realize that everything I have was supposed to help me worship a lot. That's the Canon that is the canon law. And cannot they also say is, um, copper canwood also means to separate, to disassociate. In other words, in an incentive never be like a node, meaning the human being, he separated himself from his lump. He separated himself from Allah. Why did he separate himself? Why is the human being ungrateful to Allah? Why is he separated himself? Why is he disloyal? The answer is about to come. But it doesn't come now. It's gonna come right in the salon to if it's gonna come.

00:36:21--> 00:36:54

And you know, Subhanallah you refer to this area with the beginning of the soul of the horse doesn't do that. The horse is loyal. It's a loyal horse. If you treat it well, it will never throw you off its back. The horse will never separate and run away from you if you've treated it well. But the human being is glued to his arm. He will separate himself from Allah, he'll become lazy, he'll become tired. He'll only develop this mentality I need a break off from worship right now. I can't do anything now. The horse isn't like that to the human beat. How come the human being became like this? What is the reason for that? That reason is about to be mentioned

00:36:55--> 00:37:11

in the insert, and it'll be like we said Canute means to be ungrateful. And the word that the poet uses for ungrateful is Cuckoo. Emma would say, in the insane aloka food movie, in in Santa kofu in the insert, Allahu muka fell.

00:37:12--> 00:37:19

So what's the difference between canoed and kung fu? And what's the difference between them that a lot in salt and IDF said can oh they're not sacred.

00:37:21--> 00:38:01

And by the way, you can only once is mentioned in the Quran and only here. Now, you need to understand the words and the choice of words in the Quran is very precise. Allah did not say in the solar in an incentive there will be like a fool. He said like a rude Carrefour and collude. Both of them together have one thing in common, which means to be ungrateful, but then canoed has an extra meaning to it has an extra meaning far worse than before being committed is far worse than before. And now what is crude, crude? My brothers or sisters, the extra meaning it has over four is that number one, it's in the pattern of found so it rhymes with the workflow and anything that rhymes

00:38:01--> 00:38:22

with the word firewood. They refer to it as syllable Bella. It emphasizes, you see, can you see that well before that, that while is the word of emphasis. In other words, cat food means ungrateful, can rude means extremely ungrateful, extremely ungrateful. The other thing is that

00:38:23--> 00:39:03

this type of gratefulness, this type of ungratefulness, this canoed is that you only remember and you only mentioned the problems and complaints in your life. And you never mentioned the fevers and the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon you. If that's such a person, then that is exactly what Canute is gunning for example, you asked someone but how is life? He says, well, long journey where he gives you a list of problems, a list of problems, and he won't mention what is good in his life. That is the canoe. He can focus on all the problems in his life. And he forgets Yeah. And he the many blessings that he has in his life. That is the attitude of gratitude. And this you see it a

00:39:03--> 00:39:30

lot, for example, in marriage counseling sessions, a son and the brother comes in and he has a problem in his marriage. But what's the problems in your marriage? What he's got at least one of these and this and that and she's here and this, okay? But okay, because, you know, tell me something good in your marriage something or to be honest, that's him being honest. I don't know. There's nothing good in the marriage. Like whatever if your mind is what kind of what is he going to say if that's him being honest, right, Danny?

00:39:31--> 00:40:00

This is what Canada is. You got to focus on what is bad and what's a any of complaints and problems and you can't even remember what is good selling. You go to your fridge your home, you open the fridge, and then Shalimar Shalimar eight kinds of drinks, 10 kinds of drinks and then you just open it and you're really upset because the Coke is not there. That's corrode, yada yada. What about the other types of drinks there? Well, you couldn't see any of that. Couldn't appreciate

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

What was in it? You're just focusing on one thing that is missing. And exactly this is what canoed is in the in Santa Clara de la canoed Panama, the human being. And it is this kind of attitude. And this is a disease, and there is a reason for it, why does the human being end up being like that? It's gonna come, it's gonna come in the soul. But you see, the idea is that people would spend the entire day people will spend the entire day

00:40:26--> 00:41:04

looking at what people drive, what what money do people who got the pay rise who didn't? who's married to who and who's getting married tomorrow, people just like this, who travelled when who didn't travel with the whole day, he's just monitoring and observing what especially in our Facebook makes it easier. WhatsApp makes it easier, and just observing. And at the end of the day, end of the day, he goes back to his house, to his wife to a meal that is prepared in front of him to his kids, all these are blessings. But he doesn't see it. He doesn't see it. At the end. He sits there and into his bed. And he sleeps in his bed, where millions outside don't have bed to sleep. And what's

00:41:04--> 00:41:40

the last thing he sleeps on? What is worrying? How am I going to get that parents like him? Or how am I going to get that house like him? When am I eventually going to get the car exactly like what he was driving to work? This this is this is for this is a very serious attitude. And I tell you, you Anissa Pamela, this attitude of connote it begins from when you're small, who this is why as parents, yeah. And the worst thing you could do to your child is to take him to a toy store is to take him to a toy store. You know what happens in a toy store, there is not a single child on the face of this earth, that walks in a toy store and comes out happy.

00:41:42--> 00:42:18

He walks in, you buy him a toy for $20 for 50, yummy, let's say for $200 you buy him at all, he walks out is not happy. He's looking at the $4 million merchandise that is still inside. And when am I going to get this? And when will I get this? This is good. This is condone? And this is very dangerous that when you teach your kid, how about that, we'll get it next time we'll get it next time we'll get your own teaching that you got to teach him to be grateful for the house, as opposed to what he wants, you know, the only the thing that you want is that which you desire. But the thing that you have is that which Mr. xojo gave you, and no most definitely what I might give you is the

00:42:18--> 00:42:53

best toy, as opposed to what you get. And you need to learn to be grateful, you know, from from a young age, and then you start growing. And once this person grows, he was in that mentality. He's in the attitude of just looking around him and not appreciating what he has. And he just complains about what there is. So a person like this will grow into the community. And later on when he gets involved with the community. What can he do? All he can do is point out the problems in the community. And this is problem with our community is this and that and that and that told me something the community has done good. Tell me something I can't I don't know. I don't know that is

00:42:53--> 00:43:32

an attitude of canoed. And Muslim is not supposed to be like that, that is a description of the character in Santa Clara de la cannot look at this. Certainly the human being, especially when it comes to his Lord, He is ungrateful in that instead, there will be healed I can know that even with him being canoed even with the human being being rude, and disloyal and ungrateful to his master. And Ahmad knows this, and Allah mentions it as a statement and as affecting the client almost still gives him he still gives him and he doesn't punish him. And he gives him over and over and again, and he blesses it. And he still allows his body to function and his eyes to see right and inflamed

00:43:32--> 00:44:10

to still drink water, and he's still able to do everything. So Pamela, why, why why does Amazon still give him even though he's gonna do two things, number one, because Allahu wa sobu. He's extremely patient. And so Allah azza wa jal delays this person, maybe he'll wake up from this heedless drunken state that he's in. Maybe eventually he'll wake up, he'll do obatala and he would come back and he'd recognize the favors Allah has given me. And the other thing is that, why would Allah give him this is why? Because this dunya is worthless to a loss of Hyderabad, it's got no value, right as individual Allahu alayhi salam, they would describe that, if he had any value to the

00:44:10--> 00:44:33

amount of a whim of a mosquito, then he wouldn't have given the disbeliever a drop of water to drink. That's if the world was to equal the wing of a mosquito. He wouldn't have given in other words, what does that mean? Maybe it's less than the wing of a mosquito. It's less than the wing of a mosquito so have a lot that he gives him Wouldn't it be so long while you're selling

00:44:34--> 00:44:37

and he once upon a time he's walking in the in the streets of Medina

00:44:38--> 00:44:55

and he found a genuine asset. What's a god a sec, he found a deformed sheep. A carcass of a deformed sheep egg dead laying on the ground. So he picked it up from it's deformed, he God set meaning it's got small ears. He picked that up from his ear. And he said to

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

me says who would buy this for one silver coin? They said they are

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

Hola Hola. Even if it was alive, who's gonna buy it mine is deformed.

00:45:06--> 00:45:50

And now it's dead. No way No one would get it for them and Melissa I sent him He said to them on La he that this worldly life is more worthless in the sight of Allah Subhana data than the worthlessness of this sheep in your eyes isn't worth less than that. Now. I don't wanna give you an example. And if I was to walk out now, and I found a carcass of a donkey, right? That's it's been laying out in the sun for five days. And it's like it's inflated. And it's disgusting, it smells bad. And I took it and I cut the meat out of it. And I washed its meat and I got rid of the smell. And then I season the I barbecue that I called the offer a barbecue and I made a sandwich for you. I

00:45:50--> 00:46:18

love tomatoes and lettuce and onions omashola and the source and it looks beautiful. And I say here eat it. Would you eat it? Would you eat it? But the thing is, we're all eating it. We're all eating it and if some of us are asking for seconds, this is exactly what the dunya is from the inside it's dirty. And on the outside it's beautified Amazonian who says it knows Allah Allah of the Z natella lira blue Houma. yamasa no matter what Indonesia eluna Allah

00:46:20--> 00:46:40

subhanaw taala very important listen to understand a lot of socially singing the listen and obey Allah kanuda mama gives it doesn't matter. We'll give it and he'll keep giving him until this person either wakes up or he dies the way he is. And then Allah azza wa jal he says we're in no other early color Shaheed wait no anaesthetic Allah Shaheed, but before this, this incident

00:46:42--> 00:46:49

is the a&e, it's the second last place in Nepal and with the word insane would be mentioned. That's it.

00:46:50--> 00:46:54

After it, there is one more insert mentioned, which is sort of the last word

00:46:55--> 00:46:56

in that insert. And

00:46:57--> 00:47:36

that's normal mention of insert after that, but this is the second last one. And the one that is coming after is even worse than this. And that is the peak and that's the reality and when we get there to suit up and also we have an immense task of getting all an insane from the beginning of the call and today to see how it built one over the other. And the peak of corruption. The peak of loss is that a lot describes the human being in INSEAD and I think that's a very powerful area. Once we get the chair lock, we will only mentioned something about it. Why no other than Nicola Shahid, Allah azza wa jal, he says, And certainly, the human being, especially when it comes to that,

00:47:36--> 00:48:15

meaning, especially when it comes to the fact that he's screwed, especially when it comes to the fact that he is he is disloyal to his master. He is truly a witness upon himself. In other words, alarms are actually saying that the human being is a witness against his own ingratitude. He's a witness against his own ingratitude. Shaheed. What's the word there is a word Shaheed and there's a word share he says we're sure he didn't want to shoot. A lot did not say we're in Nevada, then he can assure him, he said la Shaheed what's the difference between share heat and shade? shade is something that happens once and you witness at once. Shaheed is to witness something all the time

00:48:16--> 00:48:32

because of that, yeah, sure. He meaning to witness something all the time continuously witnessing so long so gently saying that the human being is a witness to his ingratitude all the time, not just once, every single time of day and night. He is a witness to his own in gratitude,

00:48:34--> 00:49:15

a massage and he says Bennett insane or other NFC basura welcome Aviva that the human being is a witness against his own self. Even if he was to make 1000s of excuses. Well, I'll call my zero. For this is a scary reality, that the biggest witness that is brought forth on the day of judgment against you is yourself. And you know who are in court, when someone's done a crime and they want to bring a witness, they bring someone on the outside, but in the last court, the best witness that will be brought against you is your own self. They've got enough sick, the old Malaika has either sufficient is yourself a witness against your own self. We're in Nevada Valley gala Shahid meaning

00:49:15--> 00:49:52

that the human being is a witness against himself on the Day of Judgment, his limbs will talk, his house handle speak, his feet will speak his skin will speak his tongue will speak and he becomes disabled he cannot poke anything anymore and he'll object to his limbs as they witness against it. Well you know, some have a law INSEAD ya know, Allah velika Shahid in this dunya. So, you know, and sometimes you feel like, from the inside, you feel you're not doing enough, or you feel that you've done something wrong, or you feel that you're in greed and you haven't shown gratitude to a law the way he deserves, or you feel the shortcomings on the inside. There is another condition. That is one

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

more thing to witness against your own self. You ask yourself, no one will give you the best answer better than yourself. Ask yourself

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

I am a loyal to a BMI loyal to my Lord. Have I done what I need to do? The best person that will give you the answers yourself? Wait no other than Nicholas Shaheed. Now the issue comes. The problem comes, why has this human being being ungrateful and disloyal to his master? Why we're in who have been highly religious elite, and this is the disease and there's a cure after it. But Allah now mentions, how come this human being has been canoed? ungrateful, extremely ungrateful to Islam? You know why? Because

00:50:34--> 00:51:18

he replaced the love of Allah is origin for something called have been hired, and hired an Abbess and Mujahid obey Allah Nomad, they said that who and men hate his money, hate his money? Why is it called money? Why is it called hate? Why did Allah say wait? No, they have been men inertia Did you see a lot socially speaking from the human beings perspective? That because the human being thinks it's good work all that good? Why would they have been hired? And Jani Evans they are the only one who mentions that I'm hired here. Dunya anyway, no, they have been men Lucha de Wynonna herb B. Daniela Shadi. In other words, the problem is that he is extremely extremely loving of Wolf and

00:51:18--> 00:51:58

loving of this dunya. That's the problem that has entered his heart. And as a result, it made him disloyal and ungrateful to his master, Lucha de Lucia, di D comes from the word shut, and shut the means to tie in something really tight. So in other words, the problem is that this human being has been locked up and tied to his wealth. It's like now his wealth is easy, man. He works behind it. It's tied him and his worldly life is tied in and he runs behind it, and it should eat it's tied really strong. One thing that was the problem, and you need to understand my brothers and sisters, very importantly, money isn't the issue. Money is not the issue. You could you can have a million

00:51:58--> 00:52:37

dollars in your pocket, that's not a crime. The crime is if $1 was to enter the heart, that's where the crime is. Let me he said what? Bill higher hope, love and where is love, love is not in the pocket. Love is in the heart. So when you make $1 into the heart, that's where the crime is alive. So Julia solothurn Fisher, he mentioned what a boon and madhab Benjamin that you love that any illiterate bring inside. And when the love of money in the world entered the heart, you know what it replaced, it replaced the love of a muscle pattern with data. So a person like this, his only concern is his work and his money and what he's going to do with this money, and how he will

00:52:37--> 00:52:42

beautify this worldly life so that he lives for the few days that remain for him here. That's it

00:52:43--> 00:52:51

could have been Heidi lasha D This is the complaint when loss of Hannah hautala he says look how incredible This is. He says

00:52:53--> 00:53:28

man can you read will hire a doula man can you read anyone who wanted the worldly life? You know what I mean? Yeah, and he wanted he just default just having the thought and the intention of I want still don't have anything let's say you're poor you have nothing but you wanted a massage and it destroyed him on what destroyed such a person in the a woman other than hire the junior woman or the rassada This is the next day after that man can you read we'll hire the dooney agenda Manisha also had a lot

00:53:30--> 00:54:10

to want to know sooner they can live in and he wanted to know what was the crime in the area. The crime was that he wanted that doesn't mean he had the crime is he wanted for this is where the disease is what it would have been highly Lucha de Panama the previous era told us what is going to happen at the end of this walk it will silicon elbows in Zana it will Zilla it'll shake and everything inside of it will come out. The human being himself and the money everything will come out. Then he'll realize how stupid he was. Then he'll realize how sick he was. When he sees this money all around him that same money he loved that same money he ran after now it's coming out of

00:54:10--> 00:54:27

the grooves it's coming out of the earth for free. Now take it no no no one wants it because it's meaningless now it's worthless on that day. Well, it never would have been highly leisure deed. Then Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He goes on, I found a message before this. And now I say to

00:54:29--> 00:55:00

Jani, if the love of the Hereafter, if we love the Hereafter, in the same manner, we love this dunya everyone would attend for those. There is no question about that everyone would interpret those. But Allah azza wa jal, he made this as a test. So you ask yourself that the love of the hereafter and the love of this life, which one is more, and according to that you'll know exactly where the man is. What is the what's the cure for this problem and when one loves wealth and he loves this dunya as the

00:55:00--> 00:55:14

I just said this, he was the reason for why the human being became canoed. But why did he become canoed? Because he loved this love it entered his heart. Okay, how do I cure that? What's the cure for this? Allah azzawajal mentions the cure now, he says la Alamo is

00:55:16--> 00:55:32

cool, go visit the grave. That's that's the cure for visiting the grave and remembering an award and remembering death that itself would kill that love of the hide inside of the heart. So this is why the war ends with a powerful warning and a reminder from Allah. He says often a Alamo

00:55:34--> 00:56:17

doesn't he doesn't miss human beat Doesn't he know of the time when whatever is in the grave is poured out. But filler meaning everything in the earth is dug out you and your money and everything that you ran after the law come out on that day, man, Yanina, whatever is in the earth, everything that is inside would come out. So the idea behind this is to visit the grave. The idea behind it is to go visit the grid or who and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said come to Omaha to Kumasi refers to the cuckoo. He said, I used to warn him and forbids you from visiting the grave. But then I gave you permission to go visit it because it reminds you of the hereafter because it reminds you

00:56:17--> 00:56:22

of the hereafter. As Pamela when you go to the cemetery, and you look at the cemetery,

00:56:23--> 00:57:01

keep in your mind that underneath the earth, someone is enjoying his time. And the other is having a horrible time. One of the two there's nothing in the middle, one of the two, either that is a place in the paradise, or it's a pit of the fire. One of the 200 This is a scary reality. He's had a lot. A lot of people worry, they worry about on top of this earth. Yeah, I know when am I gonna get married? And when am I going to move in? And how am I gonna do it? He's worried on top of the earth. A little Did you know that the worry is underneath Earth even more than what's on the earth. He has the worries on top of here all right, compared to the worries underneath. If an animal is ever

00:57:01--> 00:57:32

filled, or Mexico, or when one when a person forgets about death, and he forgets about the Hereafter, you know what happens, his heart becomes hard. And when the heart becomes hard, it begins to move further away from a law, it automatically moves away from a law moves away from or moves away from the lessons moves away from a solid finish, he begins to move away naturally, and it will keep moving away until it becomes even harder until it reaches a stone for Microsoft coloca.

00:57:33--> 00:58:11

Java, now it's become a stone. And when it becomes a stone, when this heart has become a stone, the I won't say T's anymore. When crying when he hears the word of Allah when he sees a reminder in front of it. When it goes down imagine a heart like this like a stone. When it goes and visits the grave when someone is being buried. Instead of the heart recording, His phone is recording. So standing in front of the grave and recording. This is a serious issue. This is a point that this person's heart has become like a stone now that the heart can no longer record. He needs to record with his phone now. So he begins to record. And after this, once the heart has become like a stone,

00:58:11--> 00:58:54

it be any it envelops and it becomes shrouded it becomes overcome with blackness and depression and darkness and sadness. And when one is depressed and sad, he busies himself in this life. And he goes off to the luxuries of this life. And he will do whatever it is game after game play after play. And his mind is saying oh there's nothing else to do. There's nothing else to do. This is exactly how it happens when when one stays away from the remainder of a war. Meanwhile, on the opposite hand, when someone is continuously remembering death, thinks about the death. He goes to the grave. During the day, during the afternoon during the night from time to time, to remind himself, he will

00:58:54--> 00:58:57

continuously remain in contact with a loss of Hana data.

00:58:58--> 00:59:21

And whether he's at a lesson in where he's connected with a law, whether it's my prayers that he's praying continually or fasting that he does continually or I've got to say he does continue on or whatever it is. Once he's got something that connects him to a lot. It softens that heart it illuminates that heart and as a result, that is how peace and tranquility is eventually me Subhana Allah.

00:59:22--> 00:59:28

Allah azza wa jal is Singh of La Alamo is arborfield American cuckoo next era hustler Memphis Hello second last day of the surah

00:59:30--> 00:59:43

what connects these two together allows usually seen just like everyone would be removed from his grave, no one would remain remain remain behind in the same manner everything in the chest of secrets and intentions will be brought out. So he says

00:59:46--> 01:00:00

whatever is inside the chest, what's inside the chest, the heart and whatever is inside of the heart will be exposed and brought out on that day. How similar comes from what Vaseline to peel something you don't like how you peel on orange peel a banana everything will be

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

pulled out that heart and everything you hit the inside, everything will be brought out. The previous was said from a young man with color. It spoke about the smallest deed that could be seen yada. Now the Suba is mentioning something even smaller, you can't even see it's the intention that's on the inside, what is hidden on the inside that will be brought out? Or you know, this sort of spoke of a crime that's inside? What is it? What behind? That is exactly what have we brought out any hustlin Fs loop that Allah subhanaw taala concludes the floor. And he says in our bedroom became your main lobby. Indeed the Lord concerning them, the people that were on this earth, those

01:00:36--> 01:01:12

disbelievers that was conveyed to us Lord, especially on that day, he is fully aware of them and what they do. And he mentioned again, yo man, even the show may even came already in the previous little Yama, even your student nurse or status, right? So and we said that it implies anger. So this is like the peak of the anger that has reached the soul. And what he's saying on that day, especially on that day, allows origin his hobbies. With him, he is fully aware of them. This is different hobbies, meaning he is fully aware of the inside and the outside. So it was a perfect word to be used in the sutra because it spoke about what is on the inside.

01:01:13--> 01:01:43

A Memphis salute, what's the purpose of the air for a lot to tell us that what's inside will come out. The purpose of this air is to tell you clean your heart from now is the purpose of the air and what he's wanting you. Everything in the heart will be brought out on that day. So the purpose of the air you better clean your heart right now. Clean it from the love of the dunya that it has cleaned it from the greedy things that's inside of it. Cleanup from the hatred and the animosity and the jealousy that it has towards other Muslims cleaning, cleaning.

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A lot of people and I say be concerned with cleaning your heart more than cleaning your code. Then when you clean your clothes, that's like for the eyes of the people to see your clean. But a clean heart is for loss of data to seal and at the end of the day of the season looks at the heart to be focused in cleaning the heart and more concerned in cleaning the heart than cleaning the outside of yourself. This is the idea of the Swabian delighted and next week we'll continue our study of the syllogism as we begin with Fulton that comes after we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the colored people will benefit from the reminders of Aladdin Julio Veliko La, La Silla Bella

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