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A Ramadan of change #03 – Preparing full timers

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Ali Hammuda

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Oh Rama

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merci merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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Now that we are three days into the month of Ramadan, it's usually around now where the initial hype of Ramadan begins to dampen down a little were people who used to pray the night prayer, and those who used to appear for taraweeh in the massages and those who made unlikely effort, we begin to see them fizzling out a little bit, numbers begin to dwindle.

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And it therefore comes as no surprise Dear Brothers and Sisters, why Allah Almighty decreed that lay little under the light of decree. The most rewarding night over the year has not been placed in the beginning of Ramadan, but were in the end of Ramadan. Now that on its own is a major lesson that Ramadan brings with it year in year out

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Laylatul Qadr summer at the end of Ramadan, being a lesson that

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a consistent Muslim is what Allah Almighty wants from us, you Ramadan, and after Ramadan. That is what Allah Almighty wants is still karma, consistency, steadfastness. As you know, to me, I had said and will Kurama tuna Zuma is to combat the peak of all honor. Is it being a steadfast Muslim, consistent, Muslim? It's true. Think about it. I mean, so many people you know, who may have started off with the correct Islamic hijab, but then later abandoned it. And others who started preparing an amazing Islamic project for their religion and abandoned it. And many others who started their lives as adherent Muslims and in their views began to change you know them right. And similarly, many

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people start Ramadan with huge enthusiasm, then it begins to change. Later to Qatar is there in the end for a reason, Ramadan is a preparation and preparation of full time Muslims, believers who are dedicated to Allah all throughout the year, Yara we asked you to allow us to live upon Islam and to die upon Islam and to be resurrected upon Islam. Allow this Ramadan to finally seal the deal. Rama

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Murthy merci

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welcome Rama

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