Ammar Alshukry – Humility in Prayer 02

Ammar Alshukry
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From the last lesson on,

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continuing on, in the book COVID did I did with him, buddy,

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for sure,

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for sure in the prayer.

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And we spent last week talking about the different definitions that the companions gave, as well as what he mentioned that for sure, meaning the softness of the heart, it's being gentle, still submissive, broken, and yearning.

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And the prophet SAW the lightness, and I'm saying that there's a morsel of body, there's a piece of the body that hush, hush, I disagree with that either. If it has for sure,

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the entire body will have for sure. And if

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the solo had sort of had this as a coup that is corrected, then the entire body will be correct way that I said that, then it becomes corrupt in the entire body will be corrupted, it's the heart,

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and the different statements with regards to how the presence of the heart is reflective in the presence of the body. So if a person is moving around, and you're still missing that person's body during the prayer, then there is no stillness in that person's heart.

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One of the things that I wanted to just, you know, stop on

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really quickly, just to begin is the question of why is it that when you enter into the prayer, all of a sudden, you have so many different thoughts? Right? You guys, I'm sure have all experienced this. As soon as you enter into the prayer, you know, when you're talking on the phone to somebody, you can focus on that conversation, when you're watching TV or watching a video, you can be completely absorbed in it. But when you're entering into a salon, it's very hard to get absorbed in the prayer. In fact, it is almost the opposite. As soon as you enter into the slot you are you remember everything outside of the prayer, even things that were on your to do list from four days

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ago that you completely forgot to do. As soon as the slot starts, you remember it? Right. So why is that?

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Why is that? And I will actually make an extension? Does anybody experienced that same thing when they're reading the hold on?

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Not just in solo, right? When you're reading hold on as well. So why why do these two things? Why do you think these two things are? So they're such distraction involved in

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you know, just yesterday, I was reading the Hold on, and then it was like, the end of the day was the end of the day, and I just been busy all day. And then I open up almost half to read like half a page. And then I remember that I haven't called my mom all day.

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And I had forgotten to call her the entire day until I started reading Quran and then all of a sudden, it's like, oh, man, I

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forgot the color. Why is that? Does anybody want to take or want to inform us?

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What's that? What's what's the ministry? I thought, Okay. Okay, what's what's the from shape on? Why doesn't she have time to do so. So when you're doing anything else,

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you can sit in a class like this, and you can focus for 45 minutes, or 20 minutes at a time. 25 minutes at a time. And this is this is knowledge. Yes.

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Data. Okay.

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Great. Well, I'm not really excited at the fact that I mentioned that last class and nobody

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hit me back on it. Very good. So the greatest return on investment is in the slot and then the precise ation of the Hold on. I'm going to ask you guys next week. So

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this is an important concept to complete to remember because it shows you that and that's one of the reasons charlo when we get to it is why a person when they're commanded to recite the whole line, it's to say, our beloved ministry upon love, even when you're entered into this a lot because you're realizing that in this moment, you're just going to get attacked so severely.

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Okay, quickly. So now we get to the source of for sure.

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Who is our reader and

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the source? Oh, for sure.

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That is page 24.

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We ended at hypocritically humility, and now we're going to talk about the source of for sure.

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You're ready for sure. All right.

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We'll start by saying the author may Allah have mercy on him said

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it's in your head. Just stay out of the author.

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The author, the author, may Allah have mercy on him said.

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He said, the source of the tissue that gets placed in the heart is the notice of greatness and affection. The more gnosis a person has of Allah will show me as the hearts bury in their shoe and according in accordance to the gnosis they have of the one they have humbled to, and in accordance to the hearts witnessing the attributes that need to push you. Some hearts are humbled by the strength of their perceiving his closeness to his servants, and has seen their innermost secrets which leads to being shy of him most high and constantly being aware of him in every state of motion or stillness. Some hearts are humbled through their perceiving the magnificant

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of his greatness and his granddaughter, which leads to being in awe of him and magnifying him. Some hearts are humbled through perceiving His perfection, and beauty which leads to drowning in the love of him, and the desire to meet and see him. Some hearts are humbled through perceiving the enormity of his seizure, vengeance and punishment, which leads to fearing,

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he glorious, he is the mender of parts that have broken for his sake. He glorious as he comes close to hearts that are filled with humility to him, in the same way that he comes close to one who is standing in prayer, I believe discoursing with him, in the same way that he comes close to one who rubs his face and the dust when prostrating, in the same way that he draws nearer to the throngs of people visiting his house, standing and object,

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humility and urfa, drawing close and boasting about them to the angels, in the same way that he comes close to this service, when they invoke him, ask him and seek His forgiveness and the early hours of the morning, and he answers their supplications and grants their requests very good luck with that. So

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even red tape is discussing

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this concept, which is called inky saw, which means to be broken in front of allies again, and the importance of making sure that you are when you enter into this pair that you are caught, you are thinking, cognizant of who is your audience in this moment, who is whose audience are you in, and its allies derivative, and he says that some people their hearts become broken when they're reflecting on the greatness of a lot. So people's heart become broken out of reverence and love, some people's hearts become broken, while they're standing in front of a lot because of remembering his vengeance and his punishment, right. And you yourself will transition through these different

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stages throughout the day, by the time it might be loved. After a little bit of time, it may be fear, after all sort of time, it may be as you're going through these different days. This like if you've met someone, or you're interacting with someone, or interacting with your parents or interacting with your spouse or interacting with your children, you're interacting with someone and you know, you transition in your relationship with them throughout the day, you know, you did something wrong, you're kind of feeling a little bit,

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you know, a little bit cautious with regards to how you're dealing with that maybe there's a little bit of fear there, maybe disappointment,

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they your your mood change, you realize something that they did or you you've fixed the relationship. And now it's back to hope, where it's back to love. And so that person is having this living their heart is having this living, breathing, connection with a lot. So again, and so throughout the day, they are standing in front of a lot. And each time they have to remember, they're standing in front of a lot again. And so it keeps it comes to a level where that audience that they have or that connection that they have is so strong, where the salon itself becomes an appointment that they're remembering ahead of time. And then the salon ends up doing what a lot as

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it says in the salon that didn't have any factual mock up, that the salon itself prevents from fascia and it prevents from indecency and it prevents a person from evil, because that person is going to realize, Oh, I'm not going to do this. Why because at one o'clock I have an appointment with who with Eliza yet I'm going to stand in front of them. Right and I'm going to stand in front of a lot as the agenda with this pusher and with a brokenness due to his feet of fear of him and fear of his vendors and fear of his Enter. And so I'm not going to do what I would have done if I didn't have that for sure in the prayer. And I didn't have that strong relationship. And so the

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salon in and of itself will prevent a person eventually that connection will become so strong

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That'll prevent the person from doing fascia and decencies, shameless activities and when God and evil, and that's the province of the light, so that he said about a person, maybe that person is a person who drank alcohol prophesizing him said maybe that that person's prayer will prevent them from drinking alcohol at some point in time, the prayer itself is going to correct this person's behavior. And this shows us also the importance of

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focusing on the prayer and making sure that you know what this prayer is an anchor anchor for a person's personality, if I'm wayward, if I'm not doing everything that I that I should be doing that at least let me make sure that my anchor is strong, and that I'm praying my prayers on time.

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Right. And this is a great advice for everybody, that if I'm going to get one thing, right, that let me make sure that I'm getting the prayer, right, and everything else inshallah, eventually will follow. And that's the importance of focusing on the pair, again, and again. And so a lot as we get is the mender of hearts. And then he gives a number of beautiful examples of places in which a person's heart should be, you know, there shouldn't be this humidity with a lot as again, and he says, for example, a lot comes to the one who's in prayer, privately discoursing with him. And so you recognize that when you're in prayer, this issue of prayer that we just prayed, or maybe some

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people will be praying in a little while that you're, you're literally in private discourse with a lot as

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we talked about that last week, every such that should have a purpose. You know, I mean, we spend our entire day we spend 24 hours, we spend 40 hours a week, trying to get stuff, we're trying to secure benefits for ourselves. We're trying to remove harm from ourselves, we're trying to work why so we can not get evicted. And so we can get money so that we can do things, you need to manipulate so many different people in our spheres of influence, we need to manipulate our parents and our spouse and our children and our professors and our friends. And we have so many people that we interact with on a daily basis that we're trying to, you know, get things from, and we're asking and

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where it could be as simple as Would you like to go out to eat, we're hoping for people's love. There's so much that we want. And yet, we believe that all of that is in the hands of a lot. We believe that all of that is in the hands of law, the sisters may need some more chairs, but there are some shares here. So we believe that all of that is in hands of a lot. And so we have a lot to talk about.

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Every single one of us has a lot to talk about when we go into summer, we have a lot to ask for. And so, you know, maybe we'll get to this later. But we talked about it a little bit last week to the Prophet Celeste says if you ask anyone asked a lot if you're going to seek the help of an NC double A. And here, he says when you're in privately discussing with him, in the same way that he comes close to the one who rubs his face in the dust when prostrating and this rubbing the face in the dust when prostrating. It's an example of humility, brokenness, you know, even taymiyah scheffel Islam is considered one of the geniuses that Islam has has produced great scholar, he, when he did

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not understand an issue and he's a he's a scholar par excellence, as far as it's not goes mastered so many different sciences, wrote so many books that you know, could be considered PhDs. Right. And yet, when something and he was brilliant, he was said that he never saw his own eyes never saw anybody like him. You know, he was just that unique. Nonetheless, when there would be something that he wouldn't understand. He would go out into the outside of the city, he would go outside of the city, and he would rub his face in the dirt.

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He would rub his face in the dirt Institute, and he would rub his face in the dirt and USA young for him. So a man for him. Oh, the one who makes a man understand referring to an issue in the hold on where should a man was given understanding that his father was it? He said, Oh, understand, oh, oh, give her have a sudima understanding make me understand.

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And so here, he's realizing that this is spiritual access. This agent, this knowledge is understanding, this is something that a lot as we get is going to give you. It is something that a lot grants, it's a light that allows you to cast in the hearts of people. And so he would go and he would show this, this, that he was in a state of humility and humbleness to allies, though he did, so that he would be given knowledge. And so this is also something important to understand. You know, we're all sitting here in gatherings of knowledge, and we will all want to benefit. Mr. Maliki says, knowledge is not by a lot of narration. I know this, Heidi, I can quote you this. I know this.

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I know that. But rather he says it is a light that a lot casts into the hearts of his believing circuits. At some point, it's Sophia from a law it's a law as a degree allows you to see it's a it's a

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It's not just sight but it's also insight. And so you have all of these narrations, Imam Shafi, in his famous verse of poetry, famous verse of poetry, you know, I'm I wish I had photographic memory, you have photographic memory. And it was said that you would have to, you know, when he was reading, when he would just be reading, he would have to cover one page, because his mind would already start scanning the other page. And it would start memorizing that other page, even before he got to it right. So you'd have to cover one page before he could read an order. And then he said, at one point in time, he was walking down the street, and he saw the woman. And the story says that he the wind

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began to blow and a part of her link became uncovered. And that just he saw that image. And the next thing he knows his photographic memory is weakened. He's, he's not able to memorize as soon as as much as he used to, you know your mom, a shaved head, memorize the full arm before he was 10 years old, and he had memorized them what got very large collection of a hadith by Imam Malik before he ever met him just in a couple of nights, you memorize it. So he was used to just having this really, really strong memory. And then he goes to his teacher will give him ninja law. And what year he's complaining to his teacher, it's like, My memory is gone. Like it's not working like it used to. And

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so he says, she'll go to our key so heavily if I'm sure that Elijah can mousy, while hovering

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the famous verse that he says the couplet he says, I complained to again, my teacher about how bad my memory was, and he guided me to leaving sin. And he told me that this knowledge is a light from Allah. And the light is no, it says this knowledge is light. And the light of Allah is not given to a sinner, right. And so there's this spiritual aspect where we recognize that it's not just a matter of hitting the books hard and repetition and memorization, and all of that, it is insight, and it is illumination, or it is the light that comes to you from a lot. So again, and so here, you have this state of brokenness that a person does a person humbles themselves to a lot. And they understand

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that a lot as I did is an ID, or that a lot as a date is in pity. And a lot as a young is a reserved, it's not just a matter of hustling really hard for the things that you want. That's part of it. Half of Tilak good, is what you do, which is you know, you hustling and making sure that you're doing everything that you need to do to actualize what it is that you want. But the other half is where your heart is, and your heart always has to be recognizing that a lot as a dad is the facilitator a lot is the provider a lot is the Bestower and if he says no, then it doesn't matter who says yes. Okay. That he comes close to one who rubs his face in the dust when prostrating in the

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same way that he draws near to the throngs of people visiting his house standing and objects humility at alpha. Alpha is the great day in which there are no, there's no day in which a lot frees more people from the Hellfire, then on the day of Allah, and Allah as again, boasts to the angels. And he says, a lot comes near to the Hajaj and he boasted the angels and he says, Look at my servants, they have come dusty and disheveled. Right. And so they're in this state of brokenness. There's nobody proud. On the day of Otto, there's nobody you know, who's, who thinks highly of themselves. Everybody comes humbled on the day of Audubon, everybody looks like you, everybody is

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has a journey similar to yours, if not a greater journey than yours. And so people on the day of alpha are very humbled and that is something that is beloved to Allah. And then he says here, he comes close to his servants when they invoke him ask him and seek His forgiveness and the early hours of the morning and he answers there's applications and grants there's for requests You know, there's a heady you know,

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how these can be divided into two categories. there's what's called moto attic and the second is called a had a had means a single narration and was allotted am UT Muhtar water m Uta WATT ir. multilateral means that it is narrated by so many people at every level in the chain of narration that it is impossible that they all are lying. So, for example, is there anyone here that does not believe that a place called Australia exists?

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Does anybody here who does not believe in Australia?

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Okay, who here has been to Australia?

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to people, everybody else though, we have 100% agreement that Australia exists although 98% of the people here have never been to Australia. My question is How are you guys also sure that a place called Australia exists for the ones who have never been there? Are you guys also Sure?

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What's that?

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Okay, so why do you believe if the majority believes Why do you believe

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The majority believed in the tooth fairy if you guys believe in it.

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Okay, so you see it on the map. What else live in? Tell me what what Tell me what you guys have heard about Australia.

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Okay, there are kangaroos there. What else have you guys heard?

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What's that giant spiders? I've never heard that way. Sure they have access. They have access. What else? You guys come on guys go drag this out this example I wanted to be quick and painless.

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Okay shrimp on the barbie. Okay, great. What else?

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Did goes great.

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So you guys are basically saying that the narrations that have come to you about Australia have reached this level of tomahto. What did we say till after this. So many people have narrated it to you that it is impossible that they all be lying is impossible that your entire life, you have declared this to be impossible in your mind that everybody who's come and told you that there's place called Australia and it's all the way on the other side of the world. And they have kangaroos. And they have koalas, and they have shrimp on the Barbies, and they have accents and the information that's coming to you is consistent. And so now it's reached a level of certainty in your mind, even

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though you've never been there. This is called tilaka. It's the highest most authentic level of Hadith where you're basically saying, so many people have narrated this Heidi from one generation to the next, that it is impossible that it all be alive. Okay. Now, I'm telling you this because the Hadees that I'm going to mention to you is Muto it

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and that is that the prophets of Allah days and then he said that Allah azza wa jal descends in a manner that befits His Majesty at the last third of every single night. And he asks, Who am who is asking forgiveness of me that I may forgive them? Who is repenting to me that I may accept their repentance? And who is asking me that I may grant them.

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These three things. A lot descends in the last third of every single night, asked me these three things.

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Over 4040 companions narrated this howdy 40 companions, that's a lot 40 companions, that's definitely the latter. And every change every Let every generation after them was multilateral. So

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over 40 companions there, this statement means that also the loss of the light a senator must have mentioned this statement many, many times in many different gatherings. That's how 40 of them all heard it. And they all narrated from the province of allies in the province of allies send them is telling us this over, you know, 240 different companions for them to narrate it. What is the point? What is he telling us? What does he want from us with this information?

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He wants us to believe it and then

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act on it How?

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Right? You know, they talk about the Magic Hour.

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This is the hour in the last day or two every single night, Heidi divide the third, you look at Monique time, what time is 535 20 something and then you look at what time fidget is. And then you divide that into thirds. And that will give you the last third of the night. And so every single night, every single night, a lot as it descends in the last third of every single night and he asked these precautions, who's asking forgiveness for me right now a lot as I guess doesn't know what I will be less hiding.

00:23:41 --> 00:23:43

They are seeking forgiveness from Allah.

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Cattle Kareena Mina lady my job as hiring me as they would sleep little Eliza get is praising those who sleep little over the night, and they seek His forgiveness in the time. So half time is the pre dawn time. Our lives again is every single night asking for these three things, who's seeking my forgiveness right now that I may forgive them, who is repenting to me that I may accept their repentance and who's asking me that I may grant them. And so the scholars they said that whoever says that they want something. And how many of us say that we want stuff every single day, and no people who want stuff. The scholar said, if

00:24:25 --> 00:24:33

a person says that they want something, and they can't find it in themselves, to wake up for the hedger to ask for it, it must mean that they don't really want it.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:39

Because that's the hour. And so here

00:24:40 --> 00:24:42

a miraculous pointing to this time,

00:24:43 --> 00:24:44

saying this is a time for you.

00:24:46 --> 00:25:00

A person with a broken spirit, a broken heart, humbly the darkness. There's nobody there that you converse with your Lord at that point in time. And one of the things for us to ask for in that moment of Sangha is to ask a lover

00:25:00 --> 00:25:31

For sure, ask a lot, the sweetness of the prayer. So ask a lot as we did to make us of those who love reciting the whole art. And that is one of the applications of the progress of lightness. And it taught us to make for law, make the Quran, the spring of our hearts in the light of our chest and remove our busyness and under other of our stress, right, because if a person up until this point right now, right, we're attending this class, every person is everyday going into the prayer, and I'm not enjoying it. I'm not enjoying reciting the full time.

00:25:33 --> 00:26:15

I'm in a good position. Why am I in a good position? Because I'm thinking about this. There are so many people who have just turned off even the the the trial of it, they're not even trying to better their relationship. It's going to take time, it's not easy, these hearts are very rusty, we're going to spend some time polishing them and, and making them making them healthy again, but we at least have to really pay attention to the goal and then enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey. You know, some of the scholars they said that one of them. I remember hearing him say that I I struggled with gambling debt praying the night for 20 years. And then I enjoyed it for another 20 years. I tasted

00:26:15 --> 00:26:27

the sweetness over 20 years I'm praying so long as after Asia and trying to pray for and one night on and when they often struggling really hard. I'm struggling with it. It's not easy. But then after he passed that

00:26:29 --> 00:26:37

and he broke through that barrier, that obstacle he enjoyed the sweetness of of gambling for 20 years. So it's going to take time but let us continue.

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00:26:44 --> 00:26:53

there is nothing that tends to the brokenness of the servant more than closeness and response. email, SMS, may Allah have mercy on him records and his book

00:26:54 --> 00:27:15

with his his snan to Emraan, Eben qussair. Who said, who said, RON and RON said May my lord Where should I seek you? He replied, seek me with those hearts with those whose hearts have broken or my seat every day I come close to them via one arm span and we're not for this they would surely perish.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:21

Ibrahim even alginate may Allah have mercy on him records and his book.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:34

Yep, with this isn't to just Jafar bit Eben Suleiman Who said I heard Malik given dinar saying Musashi Salaam, asked my God, where should I?

00:27:36 --> 00:28:10

Allah mighty and magnificent revealed to him was that seek me with those whose hearts have broken for my sake, for I draw closer to them by an arm span every day. And were it not for this they would surely perish. I asked Molly given dinar, what is broken hearts mean? He replied. I asked this question to one who reverse the scriptures and he said that he had asked the same question to Avila, Eva Nelson Salaam who replied, broken hearts refers to those that have broken for the love of Allah mighty and magnificent rather than the love of anything else.

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The authentic sinner proves that Allah is close to the heart that is broken by his tribulation, patient at his decree, and content, Muslim records on the authority of Abu huraira that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah might and magnificent will say on the day of the rising Oh, Santa Claus, MLA Salaam I was able to get you did not visit me. He will say My Lord, how could I visit you? Well, you are the Lord of the worlds. He will reply Did you not know that such and such a servant of mine was ill yet you did not visit him? Did you not know what were you to have visited him you would have found me with him. abou I am records via the route of demre that everyone showed

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up? said alomost Hi revealed to Sally salon. Do you know why from all people I chose you for my message and speech? He replied, No, my Lord, he replied, because none was as modest and humble before me as you were. Okay great because I can look at so I don't want to just pass over these narrations because it's not a matter of quantity. It's a matter of quality. Our interaction with these narrations has to be at a at more depth, because that's where change happens. And every single one of us here, we should have the intention if we haven't made the intention yet that we want to hear the speech and follow the best students. Right I want to I want to change tonight I want to

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learn what Heidi's even if it's just one or I want to learn one statement, and I want that to teach, I want to change. I want to come out a better person a better have a stronger relationship with a lot. I'm going to act on something here because it's not just information. You know, what made the Sahaba so unique as a generation. Was that there

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Our approach to the Quran and the Sunnah of the province level by Islam was completely different than every generation that came after

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the generations that came after they learned to teach. So I'm learning so I can go teach, I am learning so that I can debate somebody learning so that I can be inspired, motivated, I'm learning so that I could do this or do that. So people, you know, approach for different reasons, after they companions, the companions. However, their approach to the whole and the cinema was like a soldier approaches a bulletin board.

00:30:35 --> 00:31:14

What does my lord want me to do? And I'm going to go do it right now. What does my lord not want me to do? And I'm going to stop doing it right now. As best as they could. And so that's why it actually took them a very long time, many of them to memorize the Quran. For us, we sit down or memorize a page, two pages in a day, half a page, whatever, we'll knock it out. And then you hear something like, I might even have thought, taking 10 years to memorize sort of the Buffalo, not because they're immortal, the lion who was a slow reader or a soul memorizer or something like that. It is their approach was that they would not go past 10 verses until they understood what the

00:31:14 --> 00:31:53

instructions of those 10 verses and implemented those 10 verses in their life before they would go on to the next. And so as you can imagine, you can see how their reaction and their experience to the law, even at best, he says, when you hear Yeah, you will have a nominal. Look lendit you're here. Why? Because either a command is coming. I mean, once you get Yeah, you will live in Um, oh, you will believe there's either a command coming in that verse for you to do, or there's a prohibition for you to stay away from. And so when we're reading these statements, let's you know, immediately remember that the first person before iron is addressing and the sun is ever addressing

00:31:53 --> 00:31:58

is always you, it's always you. So look at it and projected on yourself.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:27

So here for example, you have this hadith where the Prophet Allah Allah says, that was suitable muscle the lightest and him says, Allah will say on the day of rising, oh, son of Adam, I was sick, and you didn't visit me? And then any one of us will say, Jada, how can I visit you, you're the Lord your God, the Lord of the worlds and then a lot of people will point to somebody in your social circle somebody in your family and he will say, didn't you know that so and so was sick.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:57

And if you had went and visited them, you would have found me there you would have found me with them. And so this is a reminder now just immediately implementable. go and visit the sick. Don't Don't turn away from it. You know, I one of my teachers, the one of the busiest men that I know, super busy. So much. So I get bothered when people come to ask him for stuff because I know that he is so so so busy. And then one day after Mother's Day.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:09

We're at the mission we pray mostly been some guy says, Hey, I'm gonna go visit so and so somebody I know, he doesn't know he has no idea who this person is. Do you want to come He says, Let's go oh,

00:33:11 --> 00:33:19

my God, I don't have the time to go over that. I know you guys. But I went with it because the show was going. And we went. And we sat for 20 minutes when we visited this person.

00:33:21 --> 00:33:40

But that's this heading. And here. This is authentic Moosa being asked by Laszlo again, he's, he's asking a lot, where am I gonna find you? And he says, find me with the broken. You know, there's a statement that I heard once, that says that there are more sincere prayers set in hospitals than in churches.

00:33:41 --> 00:34:09

Right. And I found that to be very profound. And add massage to that there are more sincere prayer set in hospitals than massage, and churches and anywhere else. And so if you want to be in that type of, of a place, and a space, go to where the cigar, go and sit with them, the profits little by days, and then he says that when a person stands at the head of a person, they are surrounded by mercy. And then when they sit down, they're enveloped in it.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:44

They're immersed in mercy in that moment where you're standing with the sick person and you don't have to stay for a long time with the sick the province of Alliance and then as soon as they you sit for a very short time with the sick, but you give them some good news. You give them some bush law, you give them some, some hope, and then you leave. And that's it. Right But it is important that the other beautiful thing here is this notion that we've been talking about intisar being humbling yourself, I know something even for me, I'm reading this broken, broken like What does that even mean? But just humbling yourself in the presence of allies? And I remember hearing, Chef Saleh and

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

Milan sit have a little lazy mama measure Koba, and he's one of the most spiritual people I've ever seen, like on YouTube. He's amazing. This man cannot give a lecture without breaking down and crying out of the on reverence of law. Yes, so jealous just watching him. It's like what type of relationship do you have with a law

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

he recites a verse of the Quran and there's just tears. And everybody's just watching him like, what do you. But anyway, he was talking about being humble in the presence of a lot, and he's in the first place. And the greatest place for a person to humble themselves, is when they walk into the houses of Allah. So when you walk into the message, when you're in a place like this, you recognize that you're not in your house, and you're not entering into the house of the week, or that you are entering into the house of Allah. And so that is the first place where you humble yourself, you don't raise your voice, you don't have any of that arrogance. Don't bring any of that with you into

00:35:35 --> 00:36:02

the messages and realize that you don't know. You may be arrogant to somebody. And that person is closer to a lot, much better to a lot or much better with a lot than you are, no matter who you are. And then he gave an example, he said, Allah as though he did forgive prostitutes from Benny Ancelotti. You guys know the story, because she gave water to adopt

00:36:03 --> 00:36:05

a lot forgave her sins.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:47

Now, did he know that her status had changed? No. In fact, they would still have judge her next day they after, as a prostitute, she was a prostitute two days ago, she was a prostitute for our Milan. She's walking amongst the people, and they're judging her, they're looking at her. And they can only judge by that word, nobody knows the N word, right? But they see a prostitute. And she's walking amongst them having been completely forgiven by Allah. And that moment, she's in a status way better than anybody else there. But you don't know. And so the whole point is, you should not be arrogant towards anybody, no matter what your status is, and no matter what their status is, because you

00:36:47 --> 00:36:58

don't know who's walking into a room sinless. And you don't know who's walking into a room, having done something that a lot as we did, appreciated and written for them to be able to people who have parents, okay.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:04

The first thing to be lost is

00:37:05 --> 00:37:17

this modesty and humility of his with none other than push you and that is beneficial knowledge. And that is the first thing to be raised with knowledge. And insight records the beat of jubair if an affair or the

00:37:19 --> 00:37:20

story of Oh,

00:37:22 --> 00:37:23

that one day

00:37:25 --> 00:38:09

someone looked at the sky and said, this is the vessel to which knowledge will be raised. A man from the Empire called zeod. In Libya said, messenger of Allah, how is it that knowledge will be raised and now that it has now that it has become firm and our sec preserved it? He replied, I thought that you were the most intelligent of Medina's people. He then went on to mention the misguidance of the Jews and Christians, despite their having the book of Allah, mighty and magnificent jubeir said, so I mentioned Shabaab event hosts and narrated this hideous gem. And he said, oh, god spoken truth believe. Did I not tell you the first part of knowledge to be raised? I replied, of course, he said,

00:38:09 --> 00:38:14

push you until the time will come that you will not see a single person having

00:38:15 --> 00:38:36

a similar hobby is also recorded by their movie via jubair. Even a fair on the authority of public out there, though, from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The end of this heavy has jubeir said so I met a Baba Evan of summit and I said to him, will you not hear something from me that I heard from your brother abou.

00:38:38 --> 00:39:18

I narrated to him what a vulgar that had narrated to me. He said, upload there that has spoken truthfully. If you wish I will narrate to you about the first knowledge to be raised from the people will shoot soon will come a time when you will enter a large motion and not be a single person having it. It is said that the version of Messiah is the stronger version. Side Yvan bush Bashir narrated on the authority of Gaza on the authority of both husband may Allah have mercy on him on the authority of Shabbat even that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first knowledge to be raised from the people will be crucial.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:32

This was also recorded by Abu Bakar, again, of memoriam on the authority of demre. Hubby as a morsel heavy, a similar statement is also reported as the words.

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

So here you go. The first knowledge to be revealed or to be raised from the people is kosher and the prayer. That's the first thing to God and so you might come into a Masjid and it'd be packed and nobody, not a single person have to show it not a single person. And I've seen this so many times. So many times you have decided where people will fight the mom of the mom

00:40:00 --> 00:40:26

Recite a sutra other than select few sutras of Jerusalem. Why is that? Is it because they love the sort of drama they love football? Love it because it's a third of the Hold on, that's their attachment to the soul? No, it's because I want this select to be done with it's five minutes or less, or that's it. So the man recites a longer passage of honor a different story changes it up, people get upset, or why they're getting upset, because there's no for sure.

00:40:27 --> 00:40:47

That's what it is. There's no for short, there's no interacting with the words of a law, there's no this is the, this is the this is the words of God that are being addressed to me. Because if that was the case, that you'd want to hear the entire Quran, you'd want to learn everything, you'd want to be guided within the modality and I want to be able to navigate through my life.

00:40:49 --> 00:40:50


00:40:52 --> 00:41:07

I want to be able to talk to a lot. And so I don't mind if the mom goes into studio for two or three minutes. However long because I've got so much to say myself, I want to get lost in the prayer. You know, I was I went to Texas and

00:41:09 --> 00:41:12

and I was told they have this 100,000 person stadium.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:18

Okay. And if you are when you go to the football games,

00:41:19 --> 00:41:22

are you anybody here from Texas a&m? Okay, do you have there?

00:41:24 --> 00:41:24

Okay, okay.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:27


00:41:28 --> 00:41:57

when you go to the football game, you can correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I was told that when you go to the football games, all of the actual undergrads have to stand the entire length of the football game, is that correct? So football game is how many hours to three hours. And they have to stand, they have to stand and if they sit down, so the parents and all those guys, they can sit down for the game, but the the undergrad, they have to stand during the entire length of the football game. And if they sit down, then one of the older, you know, classmates can tell them stole

00:41:59 --> 00:42:39

the thumb Get up, right? And this is enjoyable, like people are there and they're flying with it. Because they're so engaged in the game and the experience and all of that. I'm thinking to myself, if the mom goes five minutes longer and thought, Oh, yeah, 10 minutes longer and thought, Oh, yeah, everybody's upset. Everybody's upset, or in any salon. Everybody's upset. Why? Because there's no engaging, there's no engagement in the actual soul. Right. And so it is, this isn't far fetched what they're talking about, there may come a time when the entire message nobody will have for sure. That's what they're talking about. Right or something even more.

00:42:40 --> 00:42:44

So one of the advices that some of the people give about

00:42:45 --> 00:42:58

the Imams is that they should be studied malefic. And they said that people should only recite from a certain like the, you know, the last three sections. So you don't hold people long. And in your own personal.

00:42:59 --> 00:43:14

When you do your own personal prayer you can do as long as you want. But you have to keep that in mind. When you're a man you have to keep it at a certain chapter. Absolutely. But again, that does not mean that the Imam should never recite from from the heart.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:49

I mean that so what do we do? We tell people, oh, we need a we need a half is for to be the amount of our mystery. We need a half. So we need a half. Why do you have a Sabbath? All you need is the last half of yours. You only need a half a software that right using it anybody other. And so the whole point is the time Yes, the person should be cognizant of people's time. And the thing the story of that is either digibind is a great companion novelist who lost their lives and he is a scholar for multiple Sahaba. In fact, the province of Eliasson him said he's the most knowledgeable of this oma regarding Iran and Iraq.

00:43:51 --> 00:44:07

And he said that on the Day of Judgment, the amount will be resurrected, and rather be ahead of them out of this coma via footstep, he's ahead of everybody. But the alarm would go and create a show with little sort of loss of a light, etc. And then he would go back to his community and he would leave *.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:49

And more I would meet with students and buckled up. And it was so long that at some point, one of the people in the prayer stepped out of the prayer and prayed their own prayer and left. Okay. And so the people, you know, they criticize this guy, they're like, he's a monk. He's a one off. He's, you know, he's all he's ever gay, you can't hang. And so the man went and told him I saw the loss of the license on the profit, subtle bias, and it was incredibly upset and he summoned me. And he said, unto him, I have a town and he says, Are you a cause of fitna a lot. You're, you're bringing trials to the people, you're testing the people, you're bringing them these problems. And then he said,

00:44:49 --> 00:44:57

Whoever Have you lead them let him light in the prayer. But lightening the prayer, by the way, again, does not mean although a lot

00:44:59 --> 00:45:00

of us have other ideas.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

Read this long source, here's the point being is

00:45:05 --> 00:45:24

coming back to enjoying the pair. If a person enjoys the pair of shorts out of hopefully we want to get to this point where we're lost. We actually one day we just say, oh, let the man go longer than one day. If the amount goes into overtime, we get as excited about overtime in the salon as we do when the game goes into overtime. You know, we want to get to that point.

00:45:25 --> 00:45:29

Okay, let's read beneficial knowledge and all of that and then wrap up.

00:45:31 --> 00:45:33

Even though beneficial knowledge looks like it's a long chapter.

00:45:35 --> 00:45:36

Okay, do you mind if I just read this chapter.

00:45:38 --> 00:46:10

beneficial knowledge, beneficial knowledge is that which impresses itself on the heart leading to its quietude and humility, it's being meek and shy before a lot and it's breaking for his sake. If knowledge doesn't impress upon the heart in this way, and instead is merely something spoken on the tongue, it becomes a proof of a law against the son of Adam, which will be established against him and others, even Massoud said there are people who recite the Quran yet it doesn't descend beyond their throats were to reach the heart and take roots there and it is then that it would benefit. So here, knowledge is of two types knowledge of the heart and knowledge of the tongue knowledge of the

00:46:10 --> 00:46:37

tongue is that what you're able to quote a losses this and that and this and that. The prophets have said this, and that knowledge of the tongue does not benefit. In fact, it is evidence, evidence against the person on the Day of Judgment, because you knew, and in fact, you could quote, and in fact, you read what benefits knowledge of the heart that which takes roots in the heart and is affirmed by action that would you do? question here? Does that mean that I should stop gaining knowledge? Because I don't want to get too much evidence against me?

00:46:39 --> 00:46:49

Somebody might say, well, it's been a nice class, I'm not coming anymore. Right? There are people who might think that type of a position, ignorance is bliss.

00:46:50 --> 00:46:52

What is your response to that?

00:46:53 --> 00:46:56

Check yourself before you. Okay, thank you.

00:47:00 --> 00:47:01

Okay, other than

00:47:02 --> 00:47:04

lyrics from 1992?

00:47:07 --> 00:47:20

What would you respond? I'm asking you, somebody says this to you. They're like, No, I don't want to come to anything. I don't want to read anything I don't want to read hold on or every verses and evidence. It's once I know, I got to do it. So it's better not to know.

00:47:30 --> 00:47:37

Think that even if the person doesn't implement, they should still come? Okay. Because there, them being in that

00:47:38 --> 00:47:58

environment. You don't know when I'll give some guidance. Very good. Right. So the knowledge itself will guide you eventually, right, just like we talked about the soul of the soul that will guide you, the knowledge itself will guide you. And that's a wrong, that's a wrong perspective to take, which is,

00:48:00 --> 00:48:02

I don't want to change.

00:48:03 --> 00:48:24

And so I'm just not going to learn, you know what the goodness is. And instead, we have to ask a lot to guide our hearts towards the goodness and trying to become better. Because there's two things that are important here. One is that you have to recognize that your real happiness, you know, the happiness that we all strive for, and want the Muslim and the non Muslim and everybody

00:48:25 --> 00:49:02

that's really, in following the guidance, adolescent. Doesn't matter how many self help books you read, doesn't matter. You know, all of that, that you do. In the in the end, it is with a live agent. There's a beautiful Hadith I quoted so many times, the prophet SAW mobilities and then he says inaudible headquarters with a theory and now let the multinational have that the Secretary's power agenda. province. The licensor says the Holy Spirit cast into my essence that no soul will pass away until it completes both in statistics and its lifespan. So the province of the lightest and then says but Lago

00:49:03 --> 00:49:14

meaning both of those things are going to come to you 100%, you're going to get everything you're provided a wealth and happiness. This is not just money, it's happiness, and health and blessings and all of that.

00:49:15 --> 00:49:31

You're going to get all of that that's written for you, and you're going to get your lifespan you're going to get every last day every last hour every last minute. So then what is his advice, his advice is picked up a lot well educated. So then fear Allah and seek out those things beautifully.

00:49:32 --> 00:49:35

Seek out that is beautiful. Seek out

00:49:36 --> 00:49:52

your life beautifully. And then he says Well, I mean, let nokomis Delta risk he says and do not let the delay of that is make you seek it out in a way that a lot has prohibited. We desire happiness, we desire love, we desire companionship,

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

and a lot as we just says we're the province that I send them commands for us to get married and not have any relationships outside.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:10

But it's delayed and I'm in college I'm in high school and to me that's like a huge delay I'm 16 I'm 17 I'm 21 I'm 31 I'm whatever

00:50:11 --> 00:50:57

don't let that delay make you seek it out in a way that allows it has prohibited why because the province of Elias and him says for my en de la la You know, it What is with a lot is not secured is not acquired, except by his obedience. The reason why we get risk getting money is because of what it facilitates of, of resources right? And the reason why we we see companionship is because of the of the comfort and the end the companionship itself. But the problem is the lesson it says those things that you are wanting, they're not acquired except through a loss of obedience you're not going to get it a person may get us to a couple of quick transactions out on business whatever, but

00:50:57 --> 00:51:19

then they don't see any of the botica that they wanted and that well a person is seeking love and all they get is heartbreak and being used and abused and sadness at the end of all of it. So the prophets the voice and it says all of this that you want is all in the hands of a loss of speaking with a lot and so that's number one ask for number two I completely forgot because now we're not

00:51:20 --> 00:51:23

okay so beneficial knowledge

00:51:26 --> 00:51:34

says even mister says there are people who are excited to put on you it doesn't descend beyond their throats were to reach the heart and take root there in it is then that it would benefit okay.

00:51:35 --> 00:51:43

It hasn't said knowledge of sweet types knowledge that is superficial utterance upon the tongue that is a lost proof against the children of either one who said it hasn't who is that hasn't.

00:51:44 --> 00:51:57

That that is the last proof against the children of Adam and knowledge that takes roots in the heart that is beneficial knowledge. This is also reported by an SME live mercy on him from the province level lies in him as a mood setter. Hadeeth he also reports it

00:51:59 --> 00:52:06

from jabil. Delano and ns will be allowed to the province level by the senate but it is not authentic as a hadith of his soul aleida Center.

00:52:07 --> 00:52:21

Anyway, so he's saying it's also reported by it has said that it's not authentic, hence the Prophet so I said have been formed the dust that despite the knowledge that the people of book were given being readily available to them, they did not benefit from any of it since the primary goal beyond this knowledge was missing.

00:52:23 --> 00:52:33

It's reaching their hearts such that they could experience the sweetness of faith and realize its benefit of achieving fear and penances. Now just stop right here. So the time of the province of Iceland, the Prophet is saying

00:52:35 --> 00:52:59

even though the People of the Book had their books, they weren't benefiting from it, it wasn't reaching their hearts, they were carriers of it. And now we have more information access to more information than any generation of the Muslim Ummah ever. You want to use Google search, you want to see it Google Search you'll have on your iPad or on your iPhone 1000s of books.

00:53:01 --> 00:53:11

It's not due to a lack of information, we have all of those, you have to hold on to delete coded with all of the device ID and all that good stuff on it. But we're not interacting with it.

00:53:12 --> 00:53:29

We're not interacting with it. We're not sitting there. And you know, just taking one thing, you don't have to take everything from every single class and from every single lecture that you hear. You don't have to think everything but just take one thing, and then immediately act upon it. And that's why, you know, the library certainly has this beautiful statement

00:53:30 --> 00:54:04

that I love. He's talking about the companions, you know, what made them so different. And he says whoever you seeking a patent and follow the path of those who have passed away, whatever it costs have been hammered. They are metal in the halo mentality fitna is because you don't know those who are living, what's going to happen to them, the trials that happen in their lives, you don't know how they're going to end. So follow the path of those who have passed away those who have passed away, and they passed away on goodness, those are the ones who follow. He's talking about the companions. And then he says they were the best of this oma, they had the most righteous hearts,

00:54:04 --> 00:54:41

they were the least superficial and they had the deepest knowledge. The companions were not about frivolity and superficial ness, they, they, they could care less about that. But he also says they have the deepest knowledge. And what that means is that he didn't say they have the most knowledge. He said they have the deepest of liveliness with himself as a great scholar from the Sahaba, one of the most learned about beforehand. He said they had the deepest knowledge and what that meant was that a single Heidi that a companion learned penetrated their heart in a way that did not penetrate any other generation that came after. They immediately acted upon a heartbeat or an eye in a way

00:54:41 --> 00:54:59

that nobody else did. It transformed them in a way that it didn't transform anybody else. You have someone like him I'm talking about grace scholar is one of the greatest of all time he had memorized 1000 1000 Hadeeth. 1 million Heidi. I don't think there's any companion who had

00:55:00 --> 00:55:28

Millions statements have also been lost or stolen memorize even though heads are not a million statements. It is all of the chains of narration that's also considered a Heidi. But the point being is that they had memorized so much the generation that came after people like your mom and your mom and dad. And not only that, they didn't just know the physical of one companion. But they mix between the folk of many companions, they would know the power of this companion and this companion and this companion. So they, as far as information they had more,

00:55:30 --> 00:55:46

but even mystery, didn't say they had the most knowledge. And maybe one of us, you know, we memorize some books and memorize all of this. And we might know more than many companions. But they had the deepest. And I give you an example, short example. And we'll end with this.

00:55:47 --> 00:55:48

And we'll end here,

00:55:49 --> 00:55:54

which is the end of page 30. I don't even have a thought. He tells a story.

00:55:57 --> 00:56:00

When he was young, and married the father model the lineup.

00:56:02 --> 00:56:07

Fatima used to grind barley, she used to grind barley.

00:56:08 --> 00:56:28

And I used to carry water. That was his job, he used to go and he used to carry water for somebody. And so he would carry the water until his back hurt, started to have back pain from that. And Father model, they lied, how used to grind barley until her hands above the law and how it became calloused.

00:56:30 --> 00:56:42

So one day, they're talking to each other, and it is complaining about his back and she's complaining about our hands. And he says terrible, so the loss of the lightest, and has to cure some servants.

00:56:43 --> 00:56:45

So why don't you go and ask him for a survey,

00:56:46 --> 00:56:48

and so forth. And out of the lot he goes

00:56:49 --> 00:57:11

to ask him for a service. We all know how much personal loss of loss and loss Fatima when she would come into a gathering, you would always get up and he would say, How are you receding and he would, she was the one who resembled him the most from his children and all of that. So she comes to ask her, you know, she says Princess, and he's daddy. So she's coming to ask daddy for a service.

00:57:12 --> 00:57:44

And so the province of the lightest, and then he says to her, no, by law, I'm not going to give you and leave and so far. Now who's ever so far out of so far, the people who live in the masjid, it's like the people who are on welfare in the state of Medina. And so the progress little by they send them a saying to her, I'm not going to give you a privilege that I cannot afford to give to every last citizen of Medina, even out of so far, if I'm not going to be able to give them a survey, I'm not going to give you a survey, even though she's his daughter.

00:57:45 --> 00:58:12

story continues that night. I'll be there'll be a lot and I think it'll be a lot hunter says that after him and his wife have laid down to sleep that night, the province of Elias and asked permission to enter at the door. He comes. And he stands in between the idea of the lion Who says I felt the coolness of his feet on my skin and saw the profits of the lightest and then said to them, shall I not tell you? What's better for you than a servant?

00:58:14 --> 00:58:24

Yes, tell us a little bit. He said every night that when you go to sleep, you say so kind of like 33 times at hamdulillah 33 times a lot more but 33 times that is better for you than

00:58:26 --> 00:58:46

the other map. They commented on this. And they extracted on this. And they said the Chroma that the remembrance of love strengthens the body. It gives you actual strength. So here the province of Iceland is directing them to something that will help them in their day to day chores and their work and their manual labor. the remembrance of Allah.

00:58:47 --> 00:58:54

I'd even never thought of is telling the story. Decades later. He's immutable meaning he's a middleman.

00:58:56 --> 00:58:56


00:58:58 --> 00:59:01

he's lived through battling Maui up

00:59:03 --> 00:59:08

near the end of his life. And he's telling this story about the province of Alberta.

00:59:09 --> 00:59:24

And he then makes a comment. And he says, ever since the profits the licen and told me this, I never once went to sleep once went to sleep without saying so pound a lot 33 times a lot of times a lot about 30 times.

00:59:27 --> 00:59:58

Never once 30 years, who knows every single night, because he learned one thing. I've told this story so many times, and I can't even tell you. I can't even say any that I've come close anywhere to every single night before I go to sleep by this panel out there. They had the deepest knowledge. It wasn't the most knowledge they had the deepest knowledge. There's always one person who likes to challenge the person who's teaching right. So there's one person in that crowd who says that he maybe thought he says not even on the day of Sophie

01:00:00 --> 01:00:07

Even on the day of Sophie, you know what the day of Sophie was. The day is the feed was the day when the army of it clashed with the army of

01:00:09 --> 01:00:23

the day of it when the army of Malia clash with the army of it. And that day, more Muslims died on the day of Sophie. Then in all of the battles, from the day of Sophie,

01:00:24 --> 01:01:06

to the time of the last little lady ascended combined, more people died on that one day more Muslims died on that one day than all of the Muslim campaigns combined. You're talking about the expansion of BB into the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire, you're talking about mining, the expansion of the Muslim Empire, you're talking about also lost the Leviathan, you add all of those casualties. And on the one day of Sufi, more Muslim died than all of those combined, I'd never thought he was seen walking on the dead. And he was screaming out to his son, and he was saying it hasn't. I wish that I had died before this day by 20 years. I wish that I never saw this day, everywhere he sees he

01:01:06 --> 01:01:29

sees Muslims dead. Because both sides are Muslim, right? We say that the war in American history that had the most American casualties was what? The Civil War, right, both sides are American. And so that day, you can imagine the trauma and the stress and the anxiety of that day, where you are going to ask a lot as though you're going to be asked by a lot about the day of Safin and it is responsible.

01:01:31 --> 01:01:32

Or it is a leader of that day

01:01:33 --> 01:01:34

in Milan.

01:01:36 --> 01:01:42

Even on the day of Sofia, when he laid to bed that night. He's so paddled out there either times, 100 times.

01:01:44 --> 01:01:53

Right. That's the way that they would interact with the text, that's the way that they would interact with with the heritage from local lots of alliances. So I hope that inspires all of us to

01:01:55 --> 01:02:14

really, really try to bite onto what we learn. It's not about how much you learn, but really, it's about what you do with what you learn a lot as a gym, make us of those who fear this, hear the speech and follow the rest of it. So the lightest and I'm gonna do it assigned to Samsung. I think we're going to be going earlier Now, every week.

01:02:15 --> 01:02:20

And so, if it's okay with you guys, we'll be starting right after 730

01:02:21 --> 01:02:34

does that work for everybody? Does it not work for anybody? Okay. 730 So, so pretty sure. Yeah. We're gonna start after the show, but you guys are more than welcome to come and actually create a show

01:02:35 --> 01:02:36

as well.

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It shows at 730

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