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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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All praise and thanks belongs to a loss of Hannah Montana and made a decent blessing of Allah be upon the servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to our followers, my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam settimane comala, to Lolita Allah, Allah

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and Charlotte Allah today, we'll begin with the second half of user. This is where we left off, and it begins with solid analysis. So from now on is the second half of user sort of the learner is a makansutra no disagreement among that it is a Moroccan solo. And of course, it's early makansutra. So reveal was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam before his usual and because it's a makansutra it addresses the issue of the day of judgment and the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. These are the two things that the guru felt I have a problem with. And the plan of course, is relevant data. So what comes in the Mk consola is like a medicine and a cure to exactly what the

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problem is at that time. And of course, in the meccan period, the time is that people don't believe in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala they have a problem with this we have a lot of zosia with the tech we'll have a lot and I also don't believe in the Day of Judgment. So you'll find in the maca saw that the topic that recurs over and over always these two, which is the day of judgment and the the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and sometimes it includes a third which is the idea of the Quran and yonny Allah azza wa jal speaks about the integrity of the Quran. Now surah Dalarna is from among the songs that are referred to as Alamosa behead. So in the Quran, there are seven songs that

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are referred to as Alamosa. behat. And these are songs that begin with the root letters of scene bat and hat. And they come in the past tense in the present tense in the command and in the verbal noun, which is the Infinity form. What that means is that there are songs that begin with sebat saw that begin with you said Behold, and there is one soldier that begins with Subhana Allah D, D, and there is sort of a slot, and then there's the one that begins with the command. And that is sudo tanana, which begins with Sabir, his model began early. So you have subhead which is the past tense. Somebody lame F is similar to a method that is similar to soft, salted and hashed and salted Hadid

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and then you have the present the present tense, which is your sub decoding lane efficent. These are only two SWAT solos.

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And then you have the verbal noun sapan which is sort of the the slots of Hannah money I saw the ID. And then finally you have the command. So this comes all around in all its forms and the command is set Bismillah began Allah and it comes only once and it's useful to Delilah. And from among the seven, which are known as and most of the head from among the seven. And from among the entire plan. Solid Allah Allah is the most is one of the most beloved to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is found in a hadith The one who narrates in where he says can also bind some of the low on your head boy, the surah Subhanallah beacon Allah that the prophet SAW, he loved this solo. And what

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proves that he loved this surah is the fact that he used to recite it, alongside with sala de la Shia in specific prayers like solid, solid and Juma solid.

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Solid is the spa the prayer that's for rain, you also find the praise any region sold in selected whether you read sooner than Allah along with sola Tamasha. And if we're going to speak about the the wisdom behind why he recites these to swap in these specific prayers, then the first thing you notice is that he used to recite them when there is a large gathering of people and when the prayer is allowed. So last time we said about sort of the barrage and sooner than

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that the promise or send them would continuously recite them in Salento bar Salatin and in occasions in selected Asia, but some of these solid secret if you don't speak out, now they're silent. Now sooner than sooner than Russia.

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These two sides of the province on our solemn would recite them in prayers, that Firstly, they are allowed. And secondly, there's a large gathering of people. And it's true that the Jamaat is a large gathering of people. So that is a huge gathering of people more than Jamaat, then you have selected this this part, which is once a blue moon, it comes whenever it's necessary. Then there's a large gathering that comes to this and selected whatever you can think of selected water, probably in the army in Ramadan, and the time that people pray it, there's a large congregation, and there's a large audience that attends this type of frame. So this is the first thing he realized he recites them in

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solid that allowed and where there's a lot of people and

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why so because these swore they carry great reminders. There's a reminder of the day of judgment in the soil, as we'll come to explore. There's a reminder, there's a lot of warnings in the soil, and the province are seldom will take the opportunity when the people gathered to remind them of these great reminders. So in other words, these two swords are basically a summary of all the reminders that you can find in the plant. And they put in these to soil. And the best opportunity to remind the people of this is to find a place where they're all gathered. And this happens in Juma happens in a minister spot and in winter. So this is why the prophets are seldom would recite. And one of

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the greatest matters that is ever spoken of in the sutra is the matter of the speech, which is how the soldier begins, his mother began Allah, which is declaring the perfection of Allah Subhana what that is going to take a bit of time to explain what some small began.

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Now, interestingly enough, you find that the beginning of the surah

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is what he said, in the end of the solid, or in the end of every locker. So the beginning of America is by reciting Surah Fatiha de sola. So if we were to take selected Zuma, for example, you resigned sort of defense, then you're responsible at the at the end of that,

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which is now your institution. What do you say so panel.

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And what is amazing is that the brain itself has two sides. Now, this action of yours has two sides, and there is only one affair. So you recited the command, you said submit a small beacon Allah, which means it's a command saying declare the perfection of your Lord the most high and then you set it and then you did it. There's an action at the end in where when you go into your obey that command you said and now essential cannot be an honor. And of course we know that the closest you can be to Allah Subhana. Allah is when when you're Institute right, maybe you can, for example, when I speak to you about the distance between you and the sky, is it is uncalculated distance between

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you and the sky. But the distance between you and Allah subhana wa tada is as easy as making mobile and getting into Suzhou. This is the distance between you and Allah subhanho data, and the closest you can be totally innocent that is when you are in Suzhou. Now you know what this proves. It proves that this

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sub be his mob because Allah is the only and the most powerful AI that will bring you close to a loss of Hannah who died. Because when you're in Suzhou What do you say? You say so Pamela Bella, so it proves that this area, is the area that will bring you ever closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala stick to this ayah abide by the commands of desire. And this is the only way you're going to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so the most complete, and the most perfect disappear you can ever do to Allah is that your institute, why because your body is making this be that is when you're in that position you're in your body is making test B and also your tongue is making this V when you

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say Subhana Allah, nothing could be more greater than sujood when you come and speak about the declaration, or declaring a lot of xeljanz perfectness and this is something we can add.

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Now to connect the previous solar with the beginning of this solar

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in the previous solar solar deposit, we found that the last a was from a helium calf Irina

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and there was a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala telling his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he commanded him. He told him give

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visco for a bit more time. Let him go give them a bit of a while, forget him now turn away and leave him. And this indicates that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was concerned about the planning and the activities of the disbelievers, which is one of my tells him, let it go leave him because he was concerned. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala turns the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam attention in a different direction.

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If you are not to worry about them, is what a lie is telling him. Don't worry about them. Leave them for a while, then the question is, what should he be worried? or What should he do now since he is waiting, then a lot of zosia he says and he commands him again. You wait. And as you're waiting, Sabir his mother began earlier. This is the connection. So there was a command. Wait, leave them. And now the disorder begins with another command. As you're waiting, or since you're waiting,

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someday smaller, we can focus in this time on the speed. And so it's been a command, it has been a command to the messenger of some allies to declare the perfection of the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The most time

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Now, another beautiful contrast you find between the two saw is that in Surah, two Barak, part of the style of the solar was that a lot of zildjian emitted his name, what we discovered this, and we found that a lot of zosia in solar auto pilot never mentioned his name, his name was emitted, because he didn't want to put his name next to the arrogant cofell. So for example, you see Julio coming back in depth Allah said, he said that man was created from gushing fluid. He didn't say that a lot created men from gushing fluid that wasn't heard. Similarly, Allah says yoga to

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the day in which secrets will become exposed. He didn't say, on the day where Allah will expose the secrets he kept his name a secret, he kept the hidden you find in Nevada luxury lapada. When Amara Xhosa says Verily, he has the ability to return him, in other words, you go as a sperm into the woman and you come out alive, you can remain in debt you come out alive, and you go into debt and you come out alive, but unless it in who he is able to return you a lot didn't say in the law

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that Allah is able to return it. He admitted his name. And the final one we see in the solar when he said what I keyed okay that and i'm planning a plan. He didn't say were key to love Okay, that is planning a plan. So the bottom line, or the spiral of the solar solar power it is that allows origin immediate, his name. Now how do we understand this beautiful contrast between sort of robotic and an

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in silico parrot, we said in its entirety. Allah's Name is emitted in this solar solar Allah, He begins with his name, subbase mela, big and arlette, these two names of a man in this area. And then there's the name of Allah and Allah. So it's almost as if he is filling the void. That was in sala de, Soto sotapatti. There's no name of Allah, no mention of the name of Allah. So now in disorder, it is as if it's filling in that void. So Allah mentions and begins with two names of these are big and an Allah.

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Now some of the scholars like giving a Josie like him online is to see them mercy, he says that submission is not because Allah means social capital.

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And then this has been narrated

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from Allah.

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That they would say Subhana Allah, after listening or reading some some business model, can you say some business model because they would say after Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah professor and move on, even they were asked by some of the Sahaba at osito Filppula don't came too early.

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Are you increasing in the bullet? He says no, but I am abiding by this command. Because it's a given that he's saying Serbia is not a big and Allah so I'm responding to this command and same sub panel have been earlier. And this is why sometimes you only find in Ramadan and if you've experienced this, you're in Yuma that if the event was Jani to be aware of

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This, you'll find that when they pray and they recite and begin, solid that Allah subhanaw taala began. Then there'll be a small pause in where he's saying Subhan Allah, Allah, and then he continues reciting the sola and this is no issue if you were to do this by now

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actually the proof, the proof for this

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why do we say subhead out of being straight after the word of the as a businessman I began earlier. This is actually proven in the Hadith of the prophets I send them in when this area was revealed to the messenger. When this error came down so we can honor the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he ordered his companions, his Yahoo huffy, Suzhou decom, put this in your suit. And when the error was revealed to the process, lm for sub dish Bismillah a beacon of him he told his companions is Yahoo, heffy, Roku Echo, put this in your Roku. So if you were ever to ask whether it's a business model, it also cannot be allowed to have a bit of income from then we say came from this hobby. When

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this was revealed. The seller said make put this in your pseudocode and the other one which is in sort of the word para for the smell of bacon, Avi

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put it in your record. Now what I want to do is I want to share with you the wisdom Why do we say so cannot be an AVI in the record and why we say Subhana Allah in Suzhou This is really, really beautiful, something magnificent, something I was reading on recently, which made a lot of sense Suresh Amato, share it with you.

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So in our record, we say sapan, our BM, Avi is what we say.

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it is a command from a loss of Hana data, which comes from the infinitive form this B, that's where it comes. And the speed. What actually that means is to declare the perfection of a law by disassociating from him any defect or any imperfection. So when you hear something inappropriate about Allah, you say Subhana Allah, if you hear any imperfection or defect, about Amazonian you say so Panama, for example, what's in what's something inappropriate to hear about Allah, as the machico say, Allahu Allah, that Allah azza wa jal has begun. And so now this is inappropriate towards Zumba. So when you hear it, you say so Pamela, when you say so hello, actually, you're saying you're saying

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is the alarm is above and beyond all perfection? This is what you're saying when you say so Pamela, and this is a large audiences in the Palais de la. Then he said Subhana Subhana. So like, if someone wants to say a lot as a son, for example, yes.

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Or humbling that the most befitting thing to say is Subhana Allah because when you say Subhana Allah, then it means you are declaring the perfection of a law. And above all this year at disassociating. From a law, what is imperfection and what is as a defect. So if someone says Allah sleeps, for example, you say so Padma. So paralogue would mean that you are disassociating Allah, from this defect, or from this imperfection. Now to speak. It comes from the word Sabha, or Seba, which actually means to swim means to swim. And this particular word, there's a lot of words in the Arabic language that are referring to swimming. But this particular word, it refers to a type of

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swimming, where you don't go under the water. Rather you maintain your level, it's like you're floating.

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It means to float, swimming, and you're floating and you don't go down. So now, what does flirting have to do with remembering a more or declaring a loss perfection? What the splitting happened floating, or swimming have to do with the speed. You see, when when something floats, it retains its level doesn't go down and it doesn't know doesn't go down

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and it refuses to go down. So when we say a loss of Hana what data is beyond any imperfection?

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We declare this perfect level of a loss of Hana what data and do we do not say anything about him that brings that level down? That's the concept of the spear and that's how it's related to something that floats a lot of social history and it's like something that floats

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Something that floats doesn't go down. And similarly, that this we have a lot of GA, is to declare this level of perfection for a lot, so much so that it never goes down. Now, the wisdom in why we say this in our gurukula. And in our suit,

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we say in our core sub sub panel of BM, Avi, so cannot be an athlete. Now we said sapan means something which doesn't sink, or fall, but it keeps its high position, it floats, it is referring to that the perfection of a law is something that doesn't drop. This is so bad. Now, a lot of us don't know or sorry, when we say in our court, we say sopin at this end at the end, and if known at the end, it refers to abundance and a lot something that's in excess. So in other words, sapan would mean abundant, and loads and loads of perfection. Just for example, if someone was thirsty, we say our chair, we have this Alif moon at the end. And when you say and if known at the end, that means

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this person, you don't say I'll train unless you're extremely thirsty, you understand, or you don't say not sad, which means sleepy, unless you're extremely, extremely sleepy. So sapan would mean extreme abundant loads and loads of perfection. Then we say sopin our hobby, we say a hobby. Now that means abundant perfection loads and lots of perfection, to not be to my master loads of perfection to him. Now, the meaning related to recording this is that by bowing to a large origin, we are standing in a position that is lower than our normal standing position.

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Which means we are not in a state of subhead. You understand when you're in this state, then you are in an imbalanced state in an imperfect state. And you're saying here's some hanabi. So you're acknowledging is that you are imperfect, you are imbalanced. And who's the most perfect one? Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you by by you doing this, you acknowledge that you're imperfect, right? This is what sapan means. And you're acknowledging that Allah azza wa jal, he is the one that is perfect, and he's always perfect, and it's abundance for him and it's loads for him. Now, this is why we praise Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah be showing that we are humbling ourselves to His

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perfection. When you do this, then you're in an imperfect shape. So you can acknowledge and humble yourself before the laws and acknowledging he's the only one in the perfect position. Then we say sapan out of be an athlete, we say an athlete and have him here. And we'll say why. And our theme comes from the word album.

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And other means the boat is a boat. But a boat is called album, because it's strong. And it's firm.

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Because it's bone, it's a strong and firm. So Alonzo gel is our vehm. In other words, he is strong, his firm and he's powerful.

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And he said our veem there's a yet between the vault and the mean and this year implies consistency. In other words, our V would be best translated as that he is consistently strong, firm and powerful. This is our theme. And you'll find that also in the word Aleem, for example, I mean what does it mean? Aleem would mean painful, Allah means painful, but alene means consistently painful. Now when Allah speaks about the cofounding Jana, he doesn't say whatever they're available and they will deserve all that will get a painful punishment. He said I've been alene a consistent painful punishment. So you know that teaches you the pain they feel the first second in the fire is exactly

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the same pain they feel a million years later. While in this life, you have your finger on the fire. Initially it's going to burn. But as time goes by, then the pain decreases. So the in between that comes just before the second the last letter implies consistency, something that's continual that will never stop. So allows origin He is our V m. In other words, his power and his strength.

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Then he's firmness is something that's consistent. And look how this how the law works. When you say this in your court,

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we praise Allah Subhana Dada v. Why do we say allow him in rigor, because when you are in brookover, you are in one of the most unstable positions.

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And so even if a really strong man was in record, and a little child was to come by and push him, what happens, you lose stability, you won't be able to keep stable as as opposed to being stagnant. So when you say so cannot be an RVM, when you're actually acknowledging is that you are saying that a lot of soldier Yeah, admitting your weakness before Allah. And you have been put in a position of weakness that you are not so strong anymore, you're not RVM anymore in this position, that even a strong man if he was pushed, he'd fall off. And you're putting you're being put in this position and saying I love him. In other words, you're declaring I'm not

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allowed Zoysia is a lovely said it comes perfect in where you say it, it comes with the wording and with the action itself, this is some head on. And now, you say another thing which is so hanabi olana different word is said which is an honor. And sapan of course we send abundant perfection is for a lot of zodion Allah, Allah would mean the consistently high. And now Subhana Allah Look at this. When you say subpanel or be an arleigh, you say this in your suit. And Allah means the most high suit is when you bring the upper part of your body the most, beginning the beginning of your body, which is your head, the highest part of your body, you bring it to the most lowest of the

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earth. So you bring your head down to the earth. And you say there are bn Allah, that He is the Most High. So now you acknowledge you're in the lowest position, which is a humble position. And from there, you acknowledge that he is the highest, it doesn't work that you're so passionate about Ireland, because you still have a load yourself. Go down and lower yourself until that sit, you cannot get lower than this. There is nothing lower than suit, nothing is lower than suit. From there. Now say Subhan, Allah, Allah acknowledge that he is the highest. So before he acknowledges the highest, you gotta get into the lowest position. So a lot of this is how Yanni the wisdom behind

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saying I've been in this position, and it means the strongest. And in this position, you're not the strongest you can be. If you're pushed over, you'll fall. So you're acknowledging that a lot of zosia, he is the strongest. And in this position, you have the lowest it can be and you're acknowledging that from the lowest

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is the highest. And there is a very beautiful Hadith in where Allah the prophet SAW said that he says

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11 books in what a man or

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woman said the law of when there is a woman, nagging or found law that allows origin or the promises of them, he said that he swears regarding three matters.

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Three matters. The first no charity shall ever decrease the wealth, someone gives a charity, the promises will never decrease your wealth. That's one. Another thing he said is whenever one forgives people, then a mob will magnify his honor, that's another and the third, which is what I want to highlight on, he said and he who humbles himself to before allows origin, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will raise his rank. He who humbles himself to a law, and the most humble position to allow a zone is the position of Suzhou. And what is opposite the humbleness, arrogance. And what is arrogance. arrogance is when you have your head high up in the sky, that's arrogance. You don't look

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at anyone. If you do see someone, you turn your face from him, you have your head stuck up high in the air, that is arrogance and opposite to arrogance is humbleness. So if arrogance was having your head up in the sky, and humbleness is opposite to arrogance. So humbleness would mean that the uppermost of your body will go down to the most lowest, and this would be the humbleness before a lot of Zoysia. So this is a promise from the province Allah, that Allah raises and lifts the ranks of people that humble themselves before Allah azza wa jal and of course we know this in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in where a companion came to him, and he said the rule

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of law I want to be your friend in the paradise

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So how is this going to happen? Please companion, he is worried about how this the messenger is now with us, later on we get to the paradise, a lot of worries, he's somewhere up somewhere. And this companion doesn't want to lose this relationship is just getting, think of how they used to think so how to love this is they wish they can compare it to what you wish today or what people around you wish these companions wish is how am I going to guarantee myself that will be your companion in the paradise. So then the prophet SAW Selim, he says to him, I'm near Allah and fck because what is

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he says, Look, I'll guarantee for you. But help me

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that you have to do one thing. And that is do a lot of suit perform a lot of suit. Why? Because the most viewed you perform, the more that that means, the more humble you are towards Allah. And when you're humbled, oh, Lord, there's a lot of promise, and your rank goes up. And the rank keeps going up until you're new to your company, you're in company of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this is an honor that we say in our suit. Now, a lot of soldiers go back to the he says some businessman have bigger and

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you find in the in the air, that a lot. He said some businessmen have begun,

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what is the name of Allah subhanho data, as opposed to the other 98 names he could have used? A lot could have said subedi SMA line, Allah Allah, or some bismil Hadith in Allah the Quran impossible, but from the 99 Names of Allah He chose. So what does this teach us?

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You know why, because at the heart of the relationship, Allah is the origin has with us is the term of this is the heart of our relationship with a lot of surgeon, he is an opposite of his out your lab. And that is the heart of the relationship with Allah, they acknowledge he is the master, and you are the the slave and what it means. It is a word that includes and it means that the one that has complete authority over you, and the one who gives you gifts, and the one who owns you, and the one who has mastery over you, these are all meanings involved with this word. And so when you think of love, love is translated best as master. When you think of Master, then automatically, the

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opposite comes into mind. And the opposite of Master is a slave. So when you acknowledge he's the Master, what you're actually saying is that you're that this is the relationship. And by the way, you need to understand that every single name of a model Xhosa, we have a relationship with every name of Allah, some way or another, we have a relationship with it. So to give you an example, when you say Allah is Allah, that means he is the master, what is your relationship with this name? That your that when you say about Xhosa is and Hakeem, what is your relationship with this name, you're acknowledging that he is the old wives. And why you saying this. You're saying you're not always,

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when you say he is?

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What is your relationship with the name of harlot, that you're saying, You're the one that's created, you'll have a look at every name is like this, you say from the names.

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When you say a man, and you believe in this name, then what you're actually saying is I'm in need of this one. You say, I'm in need of this marfil this is the relationship we have with the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now,

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this attitude of a mind being mind,

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if it is absent in your life, if it is not there, then you will find people that will not acknowledge allows origins perfection, when people come out and say why is I'm not doing this with me. How Kabbalah did this to me, how come I took this from me? You know? What is the wisdom behind this? When people can start talking like this? Then you know what? The heart of the matter is that they have not accepted one thing about a law. And that is he is up and I am

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when you start questioning a lot of it means you have an issue with the word Oh, that's what it means. Every time you say his name Allah. You remember, he is master and you're asleep. And how does a slave speak to his master?

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When a slave mentions the name of his master, there's humility. There's humbleness, there's an acknowledgement of higher power. This is even now if a slave was to speak to his master

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All of these come about there is this acknowledgment of this a higher power above me. And there's also a fee included as well. You know, a slave is someone that always fees us master. First of all, these are attitude, this attitude of acknowledging Allah is Allah has to sink into your heart when you make this bit of a larger version, so this is why losses to Hana sub Bhisma are bigger. Because if you don't acknowledge

00:35:32--> 00:36:21

this name, if you do not acknowledge is your master, then the dispute is gonna come out fluid, it's not gonna come out correct you won't come out true. Unless the speed unless the name of this concept of a mod being Master, and you are a slave. You have no question in this whatsoever. Unless this concept sinks in your heart. Now you're able to make the speech of Allah and you're able to make perfect and complete this behalf Allah Subhana Allah Allah azza wa jal mentioned this specific name of his sub basement or beaker. Then he says in all conclude with this, finishing the air, he said an ally so he didn't just say something smaller begin stop, although that could have made so much sense

00:36:21--> 00:36:26

as well. He added to an ally. Beautiful how an ally comes in the solar

00:36:30--> 00:36:58

in the previous solar solar to pilot, a last version called our attention to something that's very high in the sky. Was semi, that something high? What Barack won the lack of a bollock and national circuit what was up Barack, it was this piecing bright stop. Where is this? Something that's in the high position, by the way, for the most part. Now let's see how this works together.

00:36:59--> 00:37:21

We are impressed by this apart as I tell you, you will not appreciate what stars mean until you go out to the desert and see it. And then last week, I only had a glimpse of this when I was in in Perth last week and there was a camp and we went out to the camp. It was about two hours from Perth.

00:37:23--> 00:38:07

It really really dark but this is this is an area where there is no lighting whatsoever. It is purely that you turn off the torch he cannot see what's in front of him. And to be honest, will not he cannot see nothing. And because sky was clean. And online, he we sat there. We had this fire, we turned it off. And we looked up. And I've been to Saudi and I've seen something but not anything like what I've seen in Perth. I looked up and we seen stars fall and we seen really bright stars. And these really, really bright stars are what's referred to as emotional relief. Bright, brilliant star that you can see off altissimo been homeless and homeless other really bright stars. These are

00:38:07--> 00:38:10

stars that you can see right now, you walk outside.

00:38:12--> 00:38:59

But there are stars that are much smaller, and they're not as bright. And then in the billions in the billions you look up a lot he had a lot the whole sky is full of stars. And then above this, you see the other the other stars that that usually we all see now that you got a sudden you see these twinkling bright stars. So Pamela, something really amazing. You need to go out and keep going going driving outside of the city until you see no more lighting around you than an early look up. And you see the stars. And so Pamela blessed us we saw as a shooting star at that time. And we had the opportunity to give a talk about what the Yanis shooting style is and how he follows the ship on and

00:38:59--> 00:39:18

so forth. That was a very, very awesome experience. It is something that you surely must do. It is something that carries on and carries reward because it is only trying to understand the last word and contemplating on a loss of Hannah Diana's creation. literally millions and billions all stuck together.

00:39:20--> 00:39:22

In sort of the public, we read a national therapy.

00:39:23--> 00:39:59

And we said that we are impressed by the story and by the stars that are above us, this beautiful, magnificent creation of a modern version that's high above in the sky. But Allah says in the surah, there is someone even higher sub is not big, and Allah, Allah, Allah means the Most High. And this L at the beginning, it translates to the most time and when you say the Most High. That means you're saying there's nothing harder. Right? So Pamela, you're in the previous solar spoke to you about something that's high

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

That's something really impressive. But there are my saying there's someone even home. And he's,

00:40:06--> 00:40:16

you know, so Hannah was amazing how this name of Allah azzawajal comes to conclude this a. So who is above all these things

00:40:17--> 00:40:22

that you find impressive is Allah Xhosa? Allah, Allah comes from the word of Allah.

00:40:23--> 00:40:29

Allah means Hi. You know, last in is something that's great, I mean granted.

00:40:30--> 00:40:50

And there's another interesting connection here and we'll conclude with this one. inshallah, during the previous surah Omar concluded by saying in namiki, Dona Qaeda, right, a lot has been said, and he informed that the kuffaar are planning a plan. They're planning

00:40:51--> 00:41:37

and Allah subhanahu wa Tada, for sorry, yes, they are planning a plan, they were actively engaged in making a plan to destroy the mission of the province Isola, that was the plan. And we discussed the plan was to kill the messenger some of it yourself, which in reality is actually a plan to destroy a loss mission. Because the promises alum, his mission is what a loss of habitat I gave you. So ultimately, it's a loss mission. So when the gopher planning against the prophet and against Islam, then they actually planning against the loss of data. So they are trying to undermine the intent and the guidance of a lot of Xhosa and this revelation that he has revealed, but Allah is beyond and

00:41:37--> 00:42:17

above all their plans. He is an ally. So his name Allah comes again, some very small began Allah. So as much as you people plan, there's always a plan coming from an Allah, which is even greater and higher than your plan. It is coming from the most time. And one more is that in the previous solar, there was an allegation made against the plan. The cofell said that this plan is a casual talk. They said Kowloon hasn't, and we said hasn't is weak. In other words, they said that this is a weak speech. It has no benefit to it. It's just casual talk. And a lot of soldiers have responded. He said,

00:42:19--> 00:42:23

No, it isn't. It's not a casual speak, it's speech that you benefit from.

00:42:24--> 00:43:16

Now, to say that the plan is, is casual talk to say that the plan has no benefit, then you are not talking about the speech, who you're insulting, you're talking about about the speaker, which is a loss of data. And when you say the other end is of no use, then you have actually reduced the perfection of a muscle Hannah what that and now this sort of begins as a refutation, sub base model began Allah, you understand? This is very important to understand these things, how a lot of soldier responds to the kafele. They accused and they made this allegation the Quran is of no use. And when you say the poor and is of no use, and this is gamma law, and the canavalia, the wording of Alonzo

00:43:16--> 00:44:08

origin, is actually an attribute of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you say that his word has no use, then you said that his word is imperfect. If someone was worthy of no use, then it's imperfect. So a lot responded. And he said Saturday, and Sunday we said declare what the perfection. So these people said it's imperfect, imperfect, what can I say the words of ALLAH is an attribute of a law, which deserves completeness and perfection. So now that's why he responded, sub desmo beacon Allah, declare the perfection of your Lord. How do you declare by this associating any imperfection or any defects from Allah azzawajal and then he ends up by saying, and Allah the Most time, we ask them, to

00:44:08--> 00:44:19

give us a clear understanding of the soul, and you make us any people of color and people will benefit from the reminders of the Holiday Inn normally your vertical further rally. Is there any questions before we conclude?

00:44:20--> 00:44:26

label some aloha Cindy Marbella. carlina. Vina Mohammed while he was happy, as many