Enter Ramadan with GOOD THOUGHT in Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative thoughts people have when they think of Allah as a threat, including one person who thinks he will throw them in hell and another who thinks he will be released from COVID-19. The segment also talks about how Allah has been trying to convince people to avoid the virus and suggests that forgiveness is a big deal.
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Don't enter this month with a negative thought in Allah that he won't forgive you. And that this nerd and Anna I cannot have any any chance I don't stand a chance before Allah. Allah He entered before I arrived here, I sat with someone

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Jani, where I was overseas. And Yanni I wanted to interview such a person on a certain matter.

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And I said to the middle, what what's your thought of Allah massagin? Allah He their word was to say, I believe ALLAH is going to throw me in hell.

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Why you would you have this idea about Allah. And we had a discussion, a very long discussion. But why is the people that exist that think like this around Allah? Because what do you think is what do you got?

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For interim avant, and always in your life have positive goodfood in Allah azza wa jal that he will forgive you that he will free your neck from the fire be Nilla the one who has good fought in Allah, Allah is more generous for him to shock you on the Day of Judgment and give you other than what you thought in him. Allah azza wa jal does not play tricks with the servants and they are thinking good all your life of Allah. And then you think you come on the day of judgment. And Allah azza wa jal will play a trick with you and through you in your janma by the law for the one who thinks like this or that Allah, think good of Allah, positive Allah and do the work. Because the only one that is

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stinking good of Allah is the one who's putting effort you do put your effort or Tober in Allah who is still found anything good of Allah. Don't confuse their good faith in Allah and you're doing nothing. Worried for yourself, worry for yourself, be careful. If you're going to do nothing and just rely on good thought Worry about yourself. I mean, you put effort with dryer labor. After that comes the good this is where good forte is supposed to be. That's the correct positioning of good thought. After effort that comes from you. Now thinking good of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah Sojin is able to Why do you think negative of Allah, when you think negatively of Allah, as though you're

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saying Allah is unable to forgive me? Surely,

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this is a huge statement.

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you ascribe inability to Allah azza wa jal, and that could be on the border lines of COVID.

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Allah azza wa jal cardiod look at the magician's of Crown practices practicing magic was shared life when they saw the truth in front of them. They fell into suit one session wiped away an entire history of shift and see yet

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what kind of forgiveness was Allah azza wa jal give a person who worshiped him for 30 days and hoping for His mercy and forgiveness one such that

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everything was forgiven 30 days, Danny This is a big deal for don't allow the show bond to convince you otherwise no