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According to Qur’an even Non-Muslims do Jihaad!

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Zakir Naik

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Episode Notes

According to Qur’an even Non-Muslims do Jihaad! Dr Zakir Naik
Lecture : Misconceptions about Islam – Dubai – Part 1 ( INTERACTIVE)

Episode Transcript

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Many people have a misconception and they think that Jihad can only be done by a Muslim.

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There are many verses in the Quran, which say that even non Muslim do jihad.

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Quran says in Surah, Chapter 31, verse number 14, we have enjoined other human beings to be kind to the parents in travail upon travel, the mother bore you, and in pain Did she give you birth?

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Immediately after praising the parents, especially the mother, there was continuous thrill. Look, man, Chapter 31 verse number 15 says that, but if your parents do jihad, strife and struggle to make you worship somebody else besides Allah subhanho wa Taala besides Almighty God, of whom you have no knowledge that don't obey them, but yet, live with them with love and companionship, here the Quran is talking about non Muslim parents doing jihad, striving and struggling to make the children to

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worship somebody else besides Allah.

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A similar message is given in Sudan Caboose, chap number 29 was the maid that enjoy not the human needs to be kind to the parents. But if the parents do jihad, they strive and struggle

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to make you worship

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somebody else besides Allah subhanaw taala which says Almighty God, then don't obey them. So your the Quran is talking about non Muslim parents doing jihad.

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And there are various examples of Quran mentioning non Muslims doing jihad.

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Not this type of jihad

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in Arabic with a Jihad fibula shaytan they are in the way of the city.

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What we Muslims should do is jihad, jihad in the way of Allah. And whenever the word is mentioned individually about jihad in the Islamic context, it is understood. It is just feasable Allah