Abu Bakr Zoud – A Prophet who died for 100 years just to learn one lesson

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a prophet named Jesus who mentioned a town that was destroyed and woken up by a socialist. Jesus taught the pastor that a young man called Azza wa jal would cause the town to die 100 years. Jesus faced accusations of being too socialist and eventually faced the same consequence when he woke up after 100 years.
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Hey, Evan Garfield Rahim Allah He mentions that he was a prophet of Allah, or saying he passed by a town that was dead and ruined, and it was destroyed. And he looked at it. And he said, and he had he left.

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He looked at it and he said, How is Allah so I'm going to give this dead town life again. How

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he looked at the problem before he looked at the solution. So as a result, Allah says, Allah

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azza wa jal caused him to die 100 years, just so he can learn one lesson, one lesson. What was that? Listen, when he woke up after 100 years, he says on

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an Allahu Allah cliche in Cadiz. Now I realize that a lot of socialist capable over all things, but to learn that lesson, he deserved to die 100 E's Allahu Akbar.

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