Ali Hammuda – Enjoy Your Prayer #17 An Unforgettable Journey; Al-Fatiha P4

Ali Hammuda
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So when you are saying in your Salah Idina serums guide us to the straight path you are saying,

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amongst other things, guide me Oh Allah to the path of Islam.

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The question that arises here naturally is I'm already a Muslim.

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So what is the need to repeat this dua again and again? What is the significance of it?

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Surely this is the kuffar who will see value in Idina Serato Mr. Kane, but for me, I don't think there's any more value left to take from this drop because Alhamdulillah Ahmadiyya Muslim,

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and that's this misunderstanding is perhaps largely the cause to why this dua is so underestimated, and so under appreciated in many of our lives.

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I want to show you now your brother, your sister, and I promised you we would do this last week that this dua of Idina Suraj, and Mr. King is the crowd of all believers.

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It is the very top of the pyramid, the highest part of the hierarchy when it comes to making requests from Allah, you cannot request anything more important and beneficial for you and more comprehensive than the statement of guide me to the straight path. And allow me to show you why this is a multi dimensional, multifaceted, multi layered DUA and I want to show you several of the layers that are found and compressed within this one dua that Allah has gifted to you and I

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ignore pay him he mentioned this, and I'm just going to adapt his work and translate.

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He says that

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there are two scenarios to begin with. We're going to work our way up. To begin with there are one of two scenarios either you are a Muslim or either you are non Muslim.

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So when you say he didn't say rotten Muslim, you are saying, oh, Allah put me up on a path of Islam.

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This is useful for you as well as a Muslim. How do you know that the Islam that you are upon? Is the Islam that Allah Almighty wants from you? Is it not Islam has conditions? Is it not that Islam has Nullifiers? How do you know that the Islam that you are upon is the complete Islam that Allah Almighty wants from you? So when you say, oh, Allah II didn't say rotten, Mr. Team, you're saying, putting me up on a path of Islam? That's number one.

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Then the layer above that, now that you're upon this path of Islam, is it not that two scenarios apply here as well? Either you have knowledge of this path, or either you are ignorant of it?

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Is it not that we are here to study our religion and to remove the veils of ignorance from ourselves? Is it not that there are things that are halal, things are haram? Things that are detestable things that are preferable? Minor sins, major sins?

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So another two scenarios apply. Now that you are a Muslim, either you have knowledge of this religion or you don't. So when you say Idina surat al Musa team, you are also saying, Oh Allah, give me knowledge of those things about their religion that I don't know, teach me. And the Quran says, Rob Bizzarrini. Alma, say, My Lord, Increase me knowledge.

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So when you say hitting a certain Mr. Kim, you're saying, oh, Allah, number one put me upon a path of Islam. He didn't set out on Mr. Kim, you are also saying, Oh Allah teach me about the things of Islam that I don't know. Number three?

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Is it not that you may know and learn about your religion, but then discover that you don't have the ability to act upon it? Correct?

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Is it not that some people know that HUD has an obligation, but they don't have the ability to carry it out, there's no money, there's no health etc. So

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some people they know they have knowledge that Ramadan fasting

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in the month is an obligation, but they don't have the ability to act upon it, because of health, etcetera.

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Some people they know that Zika is an obligation, it's part of their religion, but they don't have the ability to give why because they don't have the money, then you solve for example.

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So you may be upon a path of Islam, and you may learn about the religion, but then you discover that what you don't have the ability to act upon it. So when you say dinner, Suraj and Mr. Team guide us to the straight path you are saying put me all Allah upon the path of Islam, and you are saying, teach me about Islam. And you're saying, give me the ability to act upon the knowledge that you told me.

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Correct you with me? Layer number four. Now that you have discovered that you have the ability through Egypt in a certain Muslim Allah has given you the ability to worship Him, you may discover something else.

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I lacked the motivation.

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You may discover that you are lacking the inspiration to carry out what you

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We know you should do.

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Isn't it conceivable that you have the ability to do something but your heart doesn't help you?

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When you wake up in the morning for salatu fudgier, and you hit the snooze button,

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is it because you didn't know that failure was a requirement? No, you know, it's a requirement. Is it because you lack the ability? I mean, are you are your feet, your legs not working? No, your legs are working.

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So what's missing? The tofi? The inspiration?

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Correct. When you hear the dawn of the masjid down the road, figuratively or literally, and you choose to pray at home next to your bed? May Allah Pardon us? Is that because you lack the ability to go to the masjid? No, we have the ability to go to the masjid what do we lack? The

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the drive the inspiration, the desire that helps us get up and do what we need to do.

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So when you say he did not set out and stop him, you are also saying oh Allah put in my heart the inspiration needed so that I can get up and do what is required of me. Whether it is Salah, whether it is hijab, whether it is the abandonment of a sin or a haram relationship, give me the tofield to act upon the ability that I have put the inspiration in my heart.

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So now that you have said Idina Serato Musa team, and Allah has put you up on the path of Islam, and enough Serato Mr. Team, Allah has taught you about Islam, he did not set out and Mr. Payne he has given you the ability to act upon what you have learned. And he did not set up in a Muslim he is now giving you the inspiration to actually worship Him. There is another problem

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that when you worship Him subhanho wa taala, you discover that you don't have your class. You don't have sincerity. Your heart is going south. You're looking to please someone else. So when you say Idina Serrata must have been guided to the straight path, you are also saying, Oh Allah, give me the sincerity required to unlock this act of worship and make it purely for you.

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And then if Allah has given you sincerity, there is another problem, you may discover that you're not doing it according to the Sunnah. So there was a bit of high there was an innovation involved, you're not doing it according to the prophetic way. So when you say he didn't say rattle, Mr. Team, you're saying, oh, Allah give me a diva conformity to the prophetic way. So you accept my act of worship? That's how many things

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five or six, that six? Is there anything left?

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Is it not that some people do our best with all six of these things? But then they change their religion at some point in their lives.

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So when you see it in a Serato, Mr. Kim, you're also saying Oh ALLAH Subhanallah Serato stalking keep us

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upon the path of Islam. Keep us there. Allow us to live there and allow us to die upon it.

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That is why Allah subhanaw taala He tells us to say in the Quran, Robina Allah to Zulu banaba data, data, O our Lord don't cause our hearts to deviate, after you had guided us. Do you not know of hearts that deviated

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maybe yourself at some point in your life? You went through a spiritually challenging time when you weren't all there? That's you and that's me.

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He didn't know that. You know, people who used to attend a class with you in the masjid who used to pray and now they don't. People who used to sisters dress a certain way, Islamic way and now they don't.

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People who used to say La ilaha illallah and now they don't what happened? That seven component

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of guidance to the straight path. Ie O Allah keep us firm upon the path of Islam.

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That was missing.

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Do you see dear brothers and sisters how important this do is? Do you see how in need you and I are Aro, Idina Serato Stuckey.

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And that is why they told us not to be blue Tamia. He said about this dua, he said when he had cancer and foul dua I you know who I am and who do I fit it in?

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Is it for this reason, the greatest of all two are the most beneficial of old law and the most comprehensive of all dua is the dua of Al Fatiha in a Serato Mr. Kane guide us to the straight path Allahu Akbar Ilaha illa Allah.

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So now, when you are in Salah, and you say I mean when you finish your Fatiha meaning, Oh Allah, please answer my dua. Amen. You say it from your heart.

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You say it from the depths of your essence.

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Because you have just remembered all of the layers that are found in the meanings that are encompassed in

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Idina Serato stalking you see me in your I need those things, I need those levels

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in a certain study, guide us to the straight back

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then you will say Sirata Lavina. And I'm telling him

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that path Oh ALLAH of those who you have conferred your favor upon.

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That's the path I want. This is from the Mercy of Allah, where he reminds you in such a subtle way, that this path that you're upon the path of Islam, though it may seem lonely at times. It is a path that has been traversed and continues to be traversed by many people.

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You're not alone.

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You say guidance to the straight path. That's just an abstract idea.

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Meaning is just a path.

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The second part of the IRA humanizes it, where it reminds you that there were humans and jinn and angels, prophets and messengers as well, who are upon this path, so you're not alone. So that gives you so much motivation in the face of mockery belittlement, estrangement, et cetera. Which path is it? Oh Allah that you want me to stay upon? So Robin Levine and I'm telling the path of those who aren't your favorite Oh Allah, who are the people who Allahu Allah, He who earned the favor of Allah. Some scholars say this area is in reference to the angels.

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Slaughter, let you know and I'm telling him the path of those who have earned your favorite it means the angels, they are the ones who went on this path and the earn the favor of Allah.

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Others they said it's the prophets and messengers from the scholars of Tafseer.

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Others they said, it's the believers at the time of Prophet Musa and Prophet Jesus Asia.

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Others have said, it is in reference to the Sahaba companions of the Prophet Cyrus and others have said, it isn't in specific reference to Abu Bakr and Omar on our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa. These were the ones who earn the favor of Allah. And no doubt these opinions as you can see, they are intended to be as EmCell examples. They don't contradict one another. It's all part of those who have earned the favor of Allah.

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And that is why Allah said in chapter four so that when these

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were made up Allah Our Rasool, whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, what is the outcome for hula ECAM Allah Dena and Allahu Allah him, they will be with those whom Allah has favored, who are the people who Allah has favored is explained, meaning the beam from the prophets was said the 18 the Syndics, those who always attest to the truth of Islam was Shahada. The martyrs was Salah Hain and the righteous ones. Were happy without ego, Rafi. And this is the best company.

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So you say Who are those who have earned the favor of Allah Surah two nears Nyssa Chapter Four explain to you that this includes the profits. It includes the sum dx, it includes them artists, it includes the righteous ones.

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So this is empowering, and salah, you say he did not swear out tell Mr. Team guidance to the straight path Oh Allah, which path so you're out there Latina and I'm telling him the path of those who have on your favor. And now you're just thinking of the angels and the believing gene who are upon your path as well. And you're thinking of Ibrahim and Musa, and you said, and you're thinking of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and you're thinking of the Sahaba, you're thinking of the 10 who are promised paradise, you're thinking of Omaha, meaning the Mothers of the Believers, wives of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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you're thinking of the tabby I mean, all of these images come into your mind. Because they were all upon the path of Islam, Siddhartha leather, you know, and I'm telling him,

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those who have your favorite Oh Allah.

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And then you say leading metal Dubai lay him well, that was

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not the path of those who earned Your Wrath of Allah, your anger, and not the path of those who went astray.

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So you will say in your DUA, which path it is that you want the path of Islam? And who are those who covered your path? And who are those whom you want to avoid? And not will be I lay him those who aren't the anger of Allah, who are they, the scholars of Tafseer, they say, Allahu Allahu alayhi. Those who earn the anger of Allah is in reference to those who had knowledge of the truth. But they chose to not act upon it.

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And abolish those who went astray. They are those who missed out on the knowledge, they didn't have the knowledge of the truth. And so they worshiped Allah upon ignorance. And that's why Allah Almighty said Alladhina it now Hamid kita for those whom we have given the Book

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Yeah, the foreigner who came out Yadi funebre. Now they recognize the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a prophet of Allah, just as they recognize their children.

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So imagine they recognize him just as they recognize their own children. When you go to the nursery to pick up your child, and 50 or 100 Kids come running your way. Do you become confused which one is your child and you take the wrong one home is oh my goodness, I've taken Richard, whereas Mohamed, this doesn't happen.

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So he said the same way that the Jews recognize their children, thus, they also recognize the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And even though it's happening, or it's a very interesting narration in his Sierra,

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he says that when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam arrived in the city of Medina, and he'd reached the city of Cuba, he was coming into the city of Medina now for the first time, and he had settled in Cabana, just before he arrives in Medina. There were two Jews who made their way to see him from a distance to discover if he was the prophet of God test mentioned in the or prophesized in the Old Testament. And their names are how you've been locked up, and Abuja said his brother, the daughter of a doctor, her name was Sofia, of course, she will grow up and become the Mother of the Believers wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So she said, I was the most beloved of all little girls to my father and to my uncle Abuja acid. Whenever they would see me, they would drop any child that they have, they would leave him or her and they would carry means that so they loved little Sofia. So she is talking about a time when she was still very young, and she remembers the incident very vividly. She said, When the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam made his way to Medina, and he was now in Cuba.

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My father, and my uncle Abu Yasser.

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They went to Cuba to look at him from a distance.

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And when they saw him,

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they came back that evening.

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She said, they were CAD Laney Kassala Nene mourtada In em, she and Neil Hawaiiana. They were tired. They were fatigued. They had left in the early hours of the morning, and they'd come back at night. And they were walking side to side in slumber in weakness, staggering.

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And she said, So I run up to my father and my uncle, as I usually do a little girl. And she said, they didn't even look at me. They were so burdened by something. She said, I heard my uncle saying to my father, who are who? Meaning Is it really him?

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And my father said, Yes, it's him. That's the prophet of God mentioned in the Old Testament.

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He said to him, a daddy who who was with me to who? Can you prove it for sure. Are you absolutely certain? He said yes.

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So uncle abou Yasser said to her

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phenomenal people come in who? What are you going to do? What's your stance on him?

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And he said, I had our to whom Allah He made it, he will be my enemy until the end of time.

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So the knowledge is there. But there was he said, There was envy, that the final prophet would come from the Arabs, and he did not come from Benny surah. Eel, the children of Israel or that, that line of Prophets, so they recognize him. So Allah says, not the path of Allah Duby Allah Him those who earn your anger those who knew the truth, but they chose not to act upon it, and not the path of Allah alone. Those who went astray, they didn't have knowledge of the truth, and therefore they didn't act upon it.

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So you have three levels.

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You have those who had no knowledge, and no application. Those are abolished, those who went astray. Then you have the level of those who have knowledge, but did not act upon it. Those are not dubiously him. Beyond the anger of Allah. Then you have the third level, those who have knowledge and they act upon it. Those are when Allah Allahu Allah He those who have earned the favor of Allah Subhana

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Allah you did not do barely him. What a bunny. Here you say, I mean,

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I mean

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what does me mean?

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Some of the scholars they say I mean means Allah Who mustered up oh Allah please answer the DUA.

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That did me the he said it means Allah Humala. Toka yerba Raja Anna Oh Allah don't let us down in our hopes in you.

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mean oh Allah don't let our hopes down in you.

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Or it means Oh Allah, please answer our dua Allah who Mr. Jia

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and he

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or it's recommended that you are to extend the pronounciation of

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mean or Takara will hobble custody you recited in a shortened way mean

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why even 100 the companion he said semi auto Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jaco rubeola him while a ball lean, Amin Jambu do we have out there who I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, I mean at the end of Al Fatiha, you have to be household the whole he elongated his voice with it mean this is one interpretation. In another narration which Buddha would rate he said, your thought will be householder, he would raise his voice with it.

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mean he would raise his voice with it. This is in another narration in the Sunnah webydo would.

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And that's the other half of the majority of scholars. That when you say I mean, you do it in an audible way, if you are reciting Salah if you are in Salah, there is an audible salah, but you're not going to Asia, where you're reciting aloud then you say mean aloud. If you say if you're reciting al Fatiha in a Surah or in a Salah where it is quiet. Oh hold on acid. Then you say I mean quietly. The Hanafi is of course they have a different method here. And one of the narrations of the Maliki's, which is that I mean should always be quiet and they have their evidences for this as well.

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this is a nirvana of Allah Almighty, that other nations have showed envy towards us because of the blessing of Amin and how we recited in a unified way.

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And the proof and perhaps I will leave you with this narration.

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Imam Al Bukhari writes

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on the authority of Artesia

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that the Jews once came to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they said to him as Sam Wallach meeting, may death be upon you, instead of saying a Salah Malik May peace be upon you, they removed the lamb. So it becomes a SAM which in Arabic language means death may definitely upon us stuck with Allah thinking that he wouldn't realize. He said to them while

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it may be upon you, our mother I Isha.

00:22:21 --> 00:22:24

This isn't Sahih Muslim, she noticed what they just done.

00:22:26 --> 00:22:51

To play with words, to send a subtle insult at our prophets Allah Allahu Allahu wa salam. So she said, barely Sermo Aleikum. Wa Rahmatullah. He will only barely come. She said, No me death be upon you, and the cause of Allah and made the Wrath of Allah fall upon you. She said this because she had her husband, and he sought to stop being insulted in this sly way. And he said to her, I Isha Mullen, calm down.

00:22:53 --> 00:23:05

In Allaha, Rafi when you have bereft Allah, is there a fear? or Allah Almighty loves us to be gentle and to behave in a gentle way? And he does not love and flesh Allah does not the flesh meaning obscene talk.

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And then she said to him,

00:23:10 --> 00:23:12

didn't you hear what they said?

00:23:14 --> 00:23:15

He said, Didn't you hear what I said?

00:23:17 --> 00:23:31

Meaning they said to me, a sermonic. I said, Why don't you come? So she said to you, didn't you hear what they said to you? He said to Didn't you hear how I responded? I said, why they made me upon you. So Allah Who Will Answer my dua, but He will not answer theirs.

00:23:33 --> 00:23:38

It will fall upon them, but it will not fall upon us. And he said it will fall upon them until the day of judgment.

00:23:39 --> 00:23:59

In another narration, there was an addition and this is why I've mentioned this scenario to link it with me and he said, oh I Isha. He explained to her, why they have this type of jealousy towards us. He said in the Himalaya sudo nano Allah che in Maya so do that a yeoman's job it Letty had an Allah who will tell you

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why. Table Atleti hudon Allah hula walborn Luanda, Wa la colina Khalifa and email me I mean,

00:24:08 --> 00:24:19

he said, Oh, aren't you Sure? There is nothing that causes them more envy towards us than the day of Friday dua that Allah guided the Muslims to and they were misguided from

00:24:21 --> 00:24:35

and they envy us for the Qibla that we have. We pray to one direction that Allah guided us to and they were misguided from and they envy us for our statement of Amin behind the email.

00:24:37 --> 00:25:00

So you and I will just say I mean, you don't realize that when that is broadcasted across the globe, and they see it and others it causes a real problem in the hearts of some admiration in the hearts of some some non Muslims, but a real frustration and perhaps fear in the hearts of others as the Muslims in their 1000s they say I mean in a unified

00:25:00 --> 00:25:07

What is behind the Imam? It's fucker. It's an honor, a privilege and a cause of pride for the believers to say I mean

00:25:09 --> 00:25:11

and here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:25:12 --> 00:25:47

recommends is to say I mean with the Imam when he says I mean, because if your Amin coincides with the mean of the Imam, or your mean coincides with the mean of an angel, your sins will be forgiven. He said alayhi salatu salam the hadith of Bukhari and Muslim when you authority of Abu Huraira either and then Al Imam Musa immuno vermandois For me, you know who that mean al Mala Iike goofier Allahu Martha Donna made them behave when the Imam says Amin say mean because if your E Amin corresponds with the meaning of an angel,

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then all of your sins

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are forgiven Allahu Akbar.

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So with this Alhamdulillah we bid farewell to Surah Fatiha Alhamdulillah it was supposed to be just scratching the surface of this mighty Surah we bid farewell to Surah Fatiha and next week we delight Allah We continue speaking about the emotions of Salah was all alone and Amina Mohammed

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