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I still love him of Hungary land on bin alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Marian, all praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I still follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, one of the wisdoms or one of the reasons for why we read soul at the Gulf every Friday, and this is a very beginning lesson in sola together is that Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us what kind of attitude and what kind of relationship one is supposed to have with the poet. And no doubt this is the month of the quarter, we're already halfway there. And there's only halfway left. Only one is, one needs to understand what kind of relationship actually what kind

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of attitude is he supposed to have with the plant. And this kind of attitude towards the plant is a worship I don't

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consider that a worship actually is mentioned in the Quran as a worship and it happens more than once in the Quran, even in the attitude of Apostle allamani, or send them towards the Sahaba their attitude towards the poet and the angels, he will set up their attitude towards the Quran, for let's understand what we mean by that. And so from the very beginning of salted Gov when one reads and hamdulillah that's the first word that is found in Sula together 111 my brother's is a phrase that one others and one says in times of excitement when he rejoices when he celebrates over something that you say and hamdulillah that you finish the day if it was a long day, what have you learned

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that any method and your wife eventually gave birth? Well, how did you learn that you finished your degree or you finished your job or whatever it is, one we only he says and hungry love when you celebrate something, when he rejoices over something when you use any excitement, he says Alhamdulillah most of the times, so the very very beginning of salted cough that you began with and humbly led a freeze of excitement and a phrase of happiness. By the soul of the soul of the calf. It begins with happiness. It's beginning with excitement. Someone is celebrating something someone is Yani he's rejoicing over something. What is it? The few like the very beginning, it's someone who's

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screaming and hungry learn. What is it for what is he celebrating a lot. So Joe continues that he says, and levy and Zara

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and hungry and hungry love or praise and thanks for the longstone law, the one who sent down this book upon the server. You feel like the very beginning of the saw someone is celebrating the netball of the pool and he's saying and how could they laugh and love you and Zara and Abdelkader you need to understand and think of it like someone that is drowning in the ocean is in the middle of the ocean. It's it's during the nighttime storm and wind and the high waves and whatever it is, and he's about to drown. And all of a sudden he sees a helicopter coming from far. And it arrives right above him and he throws a life boy down. how tightly is he going to hold on this lifeboat and how excited

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that how much of rejoice is he going to the end cause he saved now this is what the whole idea came down during a time in which there was darkness filled in Mecca and the people's life were full of darkness. Allah azza wa jal describes the believers at the time about what he loved every minute of it and a node that allows or brings out the believers from the from the deep and from the shades of darkness they're in to the one life of Allah subhanho wa Taala this is this is what it was before the Quran, the people are drowning in the storms of fitna until the blind came, how tightly would someone in that situation hold on to that life by life boy, and how excited is he with it? That is

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the same excitement and celebration, one should have towards this plan. Like think of someone that is young, he is stranded in the desert, where he's about to die, but there's no water, there's no food and all of a sudden he finds a roadmap that leads to the to the closest town that you're in where you'll find some water and some food, how tightly is he going to hold on to that line, that yearning, that roadmap but this is this is his life there you'll hold on to a tightly with full excitement with full happiness until he reaches where he's supposed to reach. That is the attitude the believer is supposed to have with an attitude of celebration, an attitude of excitement and

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rejoicing over the planet. And this is the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us not just the knowledge we have applied and we're just gonna read it now and anyway try as best as we can. And then that's it. And we don't talk about it. We don't celebrate this event. My brother's home about the month of Ramadan is actually a 30 Day celebration of the choir. That's that's exactly what it is. If you missed the point of Ramadan and if you missed the point that Ramadan is a month in which the polarity is supposed to be celebrated, you missed the entire month all together a lot of soldiers when in the fight this month, he said shalom abode and lovey unzila feel with the word love

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you when it comes there. This is the specifies

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Something for most of our data he says, the month of Ramadan. How does he define it? He said it is the month in which the Quran was revealed. Before anything else He did not say that this is the month in which you found this is the month in which you're going to pray this is the month and whatever else is done during this month, out of the many.

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This one's the one he chooses to define shabu Ramadan with saying that this is the month in which the Quran was revealed. In other words, the spotlight is on the Quran 30 days of celebration, do you tell me about an event that ever happened in in the history of this world that someone celebrated an event more than three days more than four days, maximum more than one week one event is celebrated more than that, if anything, events are celebrated one day, maybe two days, maximum three days and then everything is over. Except for one event that marks a special event in history. And that is that event in which the program came down, it won't came down in one night. In a few seconds it came

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down the clock is no bigger than the hell up until I'm literally in South America. And as a result, the entire mind became blessed it was called play let them come up. And as a result in bliss, the the days around it and therefore the entire month became closed. And we fast this month and we read the club and we do so much of the good in this month is a celebration of this whole at the beginning of solar together is someone celebrating and rejoicing over the stem of the plant. And at the end of solar the gaff. There is also happiness at the suit of the girls in the levina. Mr.

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Gan at lone jannatul for those of us origin mentioned Jed net and for those who know Sula, Callie de una. And what is the lesson you're learning here that the one the one who was able to celebrate this glare and the one who rejoice over this pull out a massage and will fulfill these happiness on the Day of Judgment, the fact that he admits him into unfair doses

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at the beginning of the solar

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summit showing excitement towards this plan, and at the end of the solar, you have the mention of unfair dose In other words, in rejoice with this collab. Allah subhanho wa Taala will keep you happy and satisfied on the day of judgment that he will give you Jonathan for those be a delay for speaking about the worship of celebrating the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala in solitude, as he says,

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will be fulfilling it de

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lica folia flow who helped me manage my own to be fully let say it is by the fall of Allah say by the the blessings of a muscle panel data, and by this mercy they should celebrate. And

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they said what is football? What's this blessing of a mark? What is this blessing that we're supposed to celebrate over? And what is this mighty this mercy of us that we're supposed to celebrate?

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They said football,

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football love the blessing of Allah is that is that

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the mercy of bodies and so in other words, actually seeing in the eye is saying to them, that it is by the fact that they are guided to Islam, and that they have a plan they should celebrate, and they should rejoice. And they should be super excited and happy for this family or for who

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my own because it is going to be better than anything they gather and collected and that's in this world, the life or what they love. I know my brothers understand this and I'm gonna love that love. I know once he lived in Medina, so he went out of Medina and he went to the outskirts of Medina. And he took a servant with him a servant, a boy with him. He was expecting and waiting for the caravans and the camels to arrive. And this is the trade and the business coming from an airlock all the way to Medina. So he wants to go and greet this caravan, he leaves his house and he goes to the outskirts of Medina, with this young servant, this boy of his as he reaches the outskirts of Medina,

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he sees from a distance the caravans and the camels arriving business units coming through Medina, he stands there, and he begins to count how many there is. And he says for either here at home in Valley, and he expected a number and he turned out to be a greater number than that. First he's standing there, he says and humbly lady Tada. This is the nourishing he says I'm humbled and humbled. And then the boy that is with him, he looks at him. And he says before we let you have a journey, the boy is saying this is by the blessing of a law and by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he looks at him and he says to him, You like that? That is not what is meant by the a of a mouse or agency.

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But he he said to him, and his lab Mati.

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Night, this dinner that you see in front of you, and the end of the area says who are Halo nimesh Malone who are hiring, though at least labs celebrating over the fact that he has

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Have a stamp. And yeah, this is way better than anything you will gather and collect in this life. And you see your happiness, you see your excitement with everything that you collect in this dunya of wealth, and children and houses and jobs and work and whatever it is, your celebration with your excitement and your happiness with the plan is supposed to be more than that. Why? Because dunya is something temporary. Eventually it ends up going as you came into this life. You were born naked, uncircumcised. Therefore, that is exactly how you leave this studio live naked as well. So Pamela dunya that you're going to collect, and you're going to amass and you're going to put in your

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pocket, eventually something temporary, it will go away, as quick as he came

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out when he snapped is something that will remain with you permanent forever. It remains with you in this dunya and he remains with you in your grave. And when you come out from your grave. And on the Day of Gathering and inside of the paradise and the blessings of the Orion keep on going. The only good deed the one the people doing their Paradise is reading the whole app. That is the only good deed that they do in the in the in the Paradise is that they read the poem itself that yeah, this is something worth celebrating and being excited and rejoicing over in the resort or whether you're selling himself himself in the center. He used to celebrate the occasion of the planet. In a hadith

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in Sahih Bukhari he comes out to the Sahaba one day and he says to him on Zilla, Talia Salatin Lucha lamb Napa Valley ships. He said that last night alone revealed to me a solar and the solar is more beloved to me than anything that the sun would shine on. Anything The sun was shining. Yeah, and he is more beloved to me than this entire dunya because the sun shines on the entire dunya

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he said to them is solid and further in

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Flathead Medina surah, Surah 29,

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almost three and a half pages in the Quran. It was enough for us

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to declare his love for the solar and the celebration and his excitement for the saw, because of what because of 29 years he imagined the entire for what kind of event is that for the people to celebrate for the believers to celebrate my brothers in the stable Sahaba

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when the Lord describes them in the Quran, and they attitude towards the whole and he says what either on Xena to atone for me, Noam maniapoto

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II manner. So how do I know you're not among them? Who lived among them? The hypocrites lived among the Sahaba.

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So when I saw I used to come down, when I used to be revealed Sahaba it used to go round to one another. And they used to say to each other, are you concerned or too heavy man who's even increased with this area, then what's the general effect of it increases your email. So they used to go around the house and the one increased your event What the What increased your event Are you can say that well, he made a lot of social he says Lavina Amano melvina Avenue. As for the true believers, those who believe that to me, man, it increased the amount one second or hobbyist of Sharon, and they were full of excitement. And they were full of celebration and full of rejoice for whom your stepchildren

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at least they've shown that they're happy. They're rejoicing over this color. They're celebrating the occasion of this color.

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And as for the one who had a disease in his heart, he had a sickness in his heart, a lot of sores and he said you don't only increase them in their worry in their sickness in their disease until they suffocate it until they die this disbelievers that Jani

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was that this is not the attitude of a believer towards the collapse. The believer is supposed to he man is supposed to increase and with every area he's he's supposed to celebrate. And then this is gonna be celebrating 29 excellent and further, and that you're you have the chance of listening to the full hour, every single day of Mr. Jani. This is supposed to be a joyful occasion for you. you celebrate you can't wait to the end for the night to come so that you come and join the Muslims and pray and listen to the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala being recited this is this is an occasion you're waiting for. This is your celebration. This is your event. How do people now during the

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middle of Ramadan they give up and they stopped

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until the last 10 will come and get more specifically? The 27th through the 29th build the law oh come on together we'll pray this is the time the machine begins to go Yani begins to reduce it shrinks why an employer is supposed to be this is the month in which you're supposed to celebrate the player you celebrate it allows origin when he described Jews that accepted Islam he says when Lavina Tina who will

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be back on Zilla

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Stand the word here for those who we gave them the book before the Jews when they came to the full of Muslim alarm, why don't you send them and eventually accepted Islam, but they used to celebrate every

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one levena

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de la la, they would rejoice, they would celebrate, they would be excited with every single area that would come down. And this is how they would spend their entire life. So how long the angels have

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in an authentic duration, the angels because the Quran wasn't revealed unto them. As a result, they celebrate the pool and how do they celebrate it in a

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sense says that before you read the Quran, do use the Syriac use the siac, for burial. When one stands in solid, the angel stands behind him and he prays and the angel begins to come closer, closer and closer to Him until the angel puts his mouth, the mouth of the one who reads the Quran. And the Quran enters until he gets inside of the angel. This is the celebration of the angel lender, the Quran, it wasn't revealed unto him. So he loves to hear it from Benny Adam. And he approaches that and listens to him. And

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he mentioned that when you say the lay of the land, he came, he said I was reading the book. Last night, I was reading the whole app. And all of a sudden getting my horses outside were jumping. And they were making sound and they were jumping in and the clouds were coming down. They were hovering above our head and I spoke

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to him he said to him Did he can he can to Tatianna said, this was the angels they were coming down, listening to your citation. This is the celebration of of the angels of Allah subhanho wa Taala coming down, can't wait to hear this from the believers. Our attitude our brother, my brothers is supposed to be an attitude of joy and celebration with this collapse. And I told you a lot. He's the one who recognizes and learns how to celebrate this glad Yani. In other words, he understood what his value is. And he understood what his what his honor is, and what his identity is what we have a problem in this country. And we have a problem generally in the West, in where people die. Now I'm

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not just going to speak about our children and the future and that I'm speaking about older ones as well. It confused What do we celebrate? What is our identity? What do we celebrate that or do we celebrate Easter? Do we celebrate our Christmas? Do we celebrate our birthday? Do we celebrate Australia? Do we celebrate this thing? What do you have a plan to celebrate? You have a plan to celebrate. And if you did not teach that to your children as they grow, you find them eventually as they grow, they begin to become confused, and it will not end well in us if this is the unfortunate case that for most people, if the children were at school, or Yanni went to the cinemas watch the

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movie or hang out with his friend. When the father eventually goes and picks up his kid. He asked him how was the day my son? How was the movie? Tell me what about it. And this and that. And he speaks there's a conversation they discussing what just happened. But so how Lola when he drops off his son at school, and then he picks him up. There's pallets like someone died in the family, the families in the car is driving and no one is talking to each other. Celebrate the Polo with your son. Ask him what did you memorize? How much of the Quran Did you memorize? What sooner Did you finish? If you finish this if you finish, the sooner we're going to celebrate and I'm going to make

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a walima for your entire family. We're going to celebrate you memorizing the soda. This is this is something that is wanted Alonzo church and he said familia flouro celebrate the occasion of this bullet. Teach your children and teach those around you what the polarity is. And this is the month to do it. celebrate the occasion of this pull out my brothers it is something that is required so that eventually the child as he grows up, he understands what his value is. You understand what his honor is he understands where he belongs fat. Yeah, this is this is very important. This is a worship that our worship had more data enjoyed upon us in the plan. And there is something that

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everyone is supposed to hold on to at rejoicing over the plan. Celebrate the meanings my brothers in Islam.

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he narrates he narrates he says that when my father

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when he finished memorizing school at the bottom,

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he spotted that he sacrificed the capital and he invited the people while after he finished

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it he understood and he celebrated this number that Allah Subhana Allah Allah gave you well Yani Hamid Hassan so because he's a he's a he's a bit of seal of the poet. He said when I finished the Tafseer of the poet, and I learned that a bit harsher the last Kalani another scholar that Jani and bury which is a short an explanation of citation Buhari, he says when I look that upon his completion of the shot of the idea for for suicide Salah he did

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Lima that cost him 5000. He said therefore when I finished that,

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I did I believe as well and I invited two people to celebrate this occasion that I had finished the polar. My brothers in Islam and Islam on Quran and the teachings were have they supposed to be celebrated is supposed to be celebrated. And the celebration is supposed to be in your son to the point where he looks forward to finishing another area, he looks forward to finishing a little slower because of the celebration that his father and his parents are going to do for him. And over time over time, he begins to recognize what this will add is well like I tell you The unfortunate thing is that journey most of the times we do run competitions from time to time and I Ramadan

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Korean competitions happen, and then we do eventually the prize. That's why it's very sad that no one attends the prize night. Yeah, if anything, it's only the few kids that came to the Korean competition, and a few parents sitting on the wallet. However, this is the celebration of the hula is they said that no one attention no one is coming to show their children what we're celebrating and what we need. What's the thing that we rejoice over what we excited for, you pull out a might have to add in, we were honoring these children that memorized a couple of songs in the plan. And no one eventually rocks up and no one wants to show or it's just the minimum number that comes this is

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a waste my brothers in established my intent. You're not giving the true image to your children. And you're not being charged yourself with what kind of attitude you're supposed to have with this whole celebration. Look at the Quran and look at the words well whom yesterday she wrote, hallelujah flowers flow in flow, felt the flow. It's like a commandment it comes in through the nose, you must rejoice. You have to celebrate this family, my brothers in the seminar, this is what I wanted to share. And B is the leg data to understand how do you celebrate the polis is the most important part. How do you celebrate the polar by reading the polar listening to the forehead, coming to

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celebratory rushing, you can't wait to finish your food to come here to stand to listen to the word of Allah subhanaw taala This is all part of the celebration of capoeira. You can't wait to to study it among each other. You grab your family and put them together even if it was reading a ad together and celebrate these and encouraging your children that the one who finishes reading the sooner we're going to do a party for him. We're gonna get him a prize. We're gonna do this we're gonna do that invite his friend and give him that it's alright It's fine. It's alright that there's no problem. A lot of Zoysia wanted that from you and I will be his father did that his father sacrifices a couple

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that no he memorized all of that. And don't say you're busy. Don't do it. Don't say you're busy. And never ever say that.

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muslimeen halifa to Muslim and he has time to memorize this. And he has time for this quarter. There is nothing called busy busy from work but your your entire life was supposed to be busy in this book. If you at all learn and memorize this book. Then of course you can have more data than if you made this call and your concern about social will take care of your worldly concerns. If you made the hereafter will will last panel. Your main concern was ocean will take care of the concerns of this world we live and this is why in the insulated water you might hear him say Latisha Ali Baba homina don't make this world a lot of our main concern don't make it our major concern zhalia dunya

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barometer in other words that the one who makes this dunya is concerned another the hereafter and the police level that hasn't become his concern yet it is not the foremost first and foremost priority on his list that you only delay data may be here after your concern. Make the perennial concern give it time memorize from it's a memorize from it's memorizing the ayat of the Quran is us celebrating the full hour revise this read every single day bring your children together read read as a family the poet study the poet Danny let us have less often happens unfortunately. But other things are studied together in the family and other books are read together with the family. But

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when it comes to the

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depression, it says that there's a there's there's something there's some worry this will be any everyone is by himself with a can read can read wherever doesn't it's alright doesn't matter. Later on we'll send you can learn somewhere else that was the tip that was your celebration

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of emotion.

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The believer he recognizes he recognizes that this

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is a sign of

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love for the people that know if a mouse did not care about us he would not have sent us

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treated the gift celebrate this holiday celebrate your route to the paradise. This is exactly what the plan was at the end of the day. It's a road to guidance. It's a road to the paradise. It is a straight road straight to a loss of Hannah hautala We ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to celebrate this gift. When I asked him who had more data you need to make us people of blind people of the sumo Sumo muscle alone while he was under YOU KNOW WHAT ARE YOU VERY godfather It was a lot more cinemavilla Carlin Avira, Mohammed Wada, and he

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Most likely he owes you money.