What’s the Value of Dunya?

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what's the value of dunya? What's the value of this life we're living?

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Is there anyone in the world that can better define dunya then also lies sallallahu wasallam, who was who was sent as a mercy to all of the people on the dunya

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Russell lays out a lot. He was a lambda for Christianity sort of serum. He was walking by the market in Medina. As he was walking, he found a dead Jedi Jedi is the son of a goat, small one.

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That Jedi was dead, and its ears were chopped off.

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It was rotten, it was disgusting. The Prophet went down, grabbed the Jedi.

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And he told the for habit a eucom. Who amongst you would buy this dead goat if you wish to say for one day, even $1 for one day? That's a habit that auto Sorolla Who in the world would buy such thing, it's dead, it's disgusting. Who would take it who would take it now the offers for free who would wish he would have something like this? That's a habit said.

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Even if it was alive, we will not take it because the way it looks with a chart is let alone It's that he said for law he for law he and the Prophet doesn't have to say well, why does he have to say well, like he doesn't have to, but he said for LA he let do near one Oh Allah La manera de la comunidad de la dunia the value of dunya. in the sight of Allah is less is lower than that dead disgusting goat is compared to you guys. So what are we fighting for? What dunya is causing our ties of kinship to be cut when the father passes away? And the will is distributed? people not pleased? What dunya is the reason for people to break up in their friendship and relationship? What dunya

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what dunya causes a person to a suicide. Why? Because someone was proposing to me and someone rejected them. And it didn't work out why why why? What are we talking about? So I have to make sure we show you the perspective of dunya first, before taking any further step into this discussion. One more?

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No, so like so it was so sudden, he was sitting with Sahaba and all of a sudden he says now a man from gender is about to enter.

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All of us have every single one of them immediately rotate their heads looked at the door Who was that man? Because their concern is gender, the afterlife, not this life. They understood the goat they understood that disgusting life we live in corruption lies, killing bloodshed, cutting the ties of kinship, corruption all over the place. Get understood. It's all about here after it's all about a lobbying please with me. That's all what matters. All of them looked amongst them without the love and laugh. Every Hadith mentioning is authentic, unless I tell you otherwise,

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are the loving and look at this detail. He says the man that walked in his beard was wet look at look how much they focus because they truly one gentleman.

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And he grabbed his slippers with his left hand.

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And he placed his slippers on the shelf.

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Second, aerosolize last time, second day, out of nowhere, all of a sudden now a man from Genoa is about to enter everybody looked again, they're not bored. They want to know what Who is that man? What difference does he do? What is it that he does that gave him that rank, the

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third day, all of a sudden, it finally converted them into an agenda now a man for whose promised Paradise is about to enter and that man doesn't know the Prophet is saying that about him.

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And it was the same man first, second and third day of the loving number last may not be pleased by him he was could not handle this anymore. He went to him. He said, I have a problem with my father. We had a fight. And I told my father that I will not speak to you for three nights.

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So would you mind if you host me for three nights?

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The man said Sure. Let's go over Abdullah once is to go check this guy life out what is it that he does that Allah made the Prophet know that he has this rank and he's still alive? He's still alive. He went to the house. And he was monitoring every single step and I will not exaggerate if I say every single blink

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of the law says when he was sleeping that men when he would wake up in the middle of the night. What does that mean?

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What does it mean? Sleep

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was waiting. He would wake up in the middle of the night he would say Allahu Akbar and Nicola, but he would not step up and prepare related

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Pray that night prayers

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until you go back to sleep until he prayed for God.

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Abdullah says I spent three nights with him and a kid to an 11am Allah, which means I was about to not just be okay with what he does, rather, I was about to be little that what he does, there was so little compared to what we do. So now the law went to the men and he said, to be honest with you, I have no dispute between me and my father. Rather, it was it was the prophets of Watson, who said three consecutive days that a man from gender will walk and he were the same person every single day. That's why I came to monitor and it could not find anything special about you. Sorry to say that. So do you know what made you have the strength? Do you know?

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The man said, As you have seen, that's all what I do.

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After loving number, a little painful moment, I couldn't find anything special. He's walking outside the door. And then Abdullah the other men, because Abdullah Abdullah, hold on, hold on, hold on. I think I know.

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The Lord rushed. What is it? He said, throughout his day, he makes sure before the days and ending that I empty my heart, from any hate from any grudge from any envy from any jealousy, any ill feelings and my heart is empty. I empty it. I forgive everyone, everyone. Then I continue with my day after loving him says he has he This is it. This is it. This was a last parent data. That's why I'll give you that right because of this. And then he says, land Okay, this is what we cannot handle very tough, but we're going to work on it as much as possible. For forgiving others, he was promised paradise while still being alive.

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Now, after hearing this, do we have to continue the car talk anymore? Do we have to talk more and more until nine o'clock? Is it worth it? Isn't it enough? So how about that good is enough to us, for two lines a lot he was a metal cylinder

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was walking and and he said to the Sahaba

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had a lot of value dunia

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as much as the wing of the fly.

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The Kaffir will not even drink a sip of water.

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So the dunya is such an invaluable point in the sight of Allah and extent it's not even worth the wing of a mosquito.

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Just realize that so can our beloved parents

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forgive us forgive their children? Or just mentioned eight categories really quick? Our parents, can you please forgive us for life? We know most of us know that the number one priority in our life, the number one person that we should fulfill the rights our parents according to the Quran and Sunnah. Number one on Earth, the whole world stops when your mom says, Give me a cup of water. The whole world stops you go get a cup of water. Would you please forgive me if I was a millisecond late?

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seek forgiveness from your parents for life. Oh, my dear beloved Auntie, and uncle and parents. And I know my mom and watch this because my mom watches every video that I record. By the way, she checks what I say any politics, anything I do wrong. And she advises the cosmic method. Why did you say that?

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So I asked my mom to forgive me for a law he had told my mom and our parents not forgive us, we'll live our life and our life, we will be doomed in this life and the afterlife. No matter how religious we may seem to be. We ask our brothers and sisters to forgive their older siblings. If one day you went to go to soccer practice or to a party, and you ask them to give you a ride and they were so lazy to drive you and they ignored you and you missed the party. Forgive them, forgive them.

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For the brothers and sisters, forgive your younger siblings, if they were ever annoying throughout your life, knocking on the door and running away, calling you names and making fun of your voice and the tone and the language.

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Be patient especially if they go through the age of puberty when they're stubborn. I got a private message on Facebook by a sister. She says brother me and my younger brother with a we love to watch your YouTube videos. So since my brother appreciate your videos and your watches them, would you please please do a video about anger management and patience. Because my my brother younger brother is going through the age of puberty and you know they're stubborn. They're angry. So I tell her to watch this with her brother forgive each other.

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Can our younger brothers and sister forgive our parents? forgive your parents? And Allah knows the older they get. What happens? The less patient they become. Allah says in the Quran, don't even blow heart. Not even saying a word Don't even say

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well, how Huma I know say anything that would hurt them anyway in any shape. I look at steer a move the closing the door hard don't do that.

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Rather, work Allahumma Karim, rather say something that is gentle, full of love and respect to your parents. Can we forgive our parents and be patient with them? forgive all your friends and relatives, forgive your friends colleagues at work and neighbors and all everybody around you forgive them. forgive your friends, even if they were non Muslims. Forgive them regardless what they've done. forgive those who wronged you and oppressed you hold on.

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I'm not saying give up your rights, secrets, but without having any ill feelings. Be like I'll even Have you thought about the line. He was fighting another Muslim due to dispute that happened between them without any further details. The fact they were killing each other. If karma time comes, Allahu Akbar Allah with that one who's he's fighting with

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this society. And this is like we got caught between us no problem. Go to the lawyer. We fix things out we have lunch together.

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ill feelings aside, solve the cases secret rights? Is it clear. But whenever you have the upper hand

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and you can overpower the person, use the route of forgiveness. forgive forgive brothers and sisters. The value of forgiving Why should you forgive Why? Why that pain in your heart? Why? That sister who emailed me she was explaining her life in a very brief that she volunteers in almost every convention that happens somewhere in North America. She says I have access to all that she up can think about.

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And I don't want to give you any more details. Because as I tell you, brother about me a little more, you will know who am I.

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But I'm emailing you hoping that you might help me somehow.

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And then who came to propose to me when I was 19 years old, promising to get married to me. Years and years passed by and he never comes in Africa men and proposes trying to go from the rear window. He eventually stops talking to me. Now I'm 26 years old and I'm not married anymore.

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Not hoping to get married anymore. She says I wake up every day hoping the attacker would come and hit me so I can die. Look at the volunteer that she doesn't have much Dean and how much knowledge we thought she would have.

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I tell her also to forgive that man. Why? Why I know it's painful.

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I mentioned three reasons pay attention, three reasons. Number one

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So sit down. He said if you forgive your very law hula, Allah will forgive you. Forgive and Allah will forgive you forgive an ALLAH forgive the Prophet promise to you, I guess doubting this? What does a lot for giving you mean?

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With a stock photo? What does it mean?

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Pay attention. When Allah forgives you, three things occur by the will of Allah.

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Number one, Allah will conceal will forgive Takuya see Tara pay job over the shortcomings which you have done in this dunya how many times were you behind the screen? What is something you're not supposed to be watching? How many times were you in a gathering listening to backbiting and a lot concealed you I did not expose you? How many times how many times how many times did you drive over the speed limits. And Allah wills that the cop does not see you how many times how many times when you when you forgive that people have not forgives you, and he conceals your shortcomings. That not just that hold on. And when you go into here after and you're in front of billions and billions and

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billions of people,

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and everybody's naked, naked,

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with a Hamsa. And you don't even hear whispering between billions of people, and you'll be called by your name. So and so the son of Swords will come Hello, Elijah, come and meet your Lord or Jabbar to negotiate and to talk about the things that you have done. Had you forgive the people and Allah will forgive you. Allah will hijack a curtain that no one amongst the billions can hear the conversation between you and Allah. And no one can know what's going on behind these closed doors. doesn't stop here the lastly when you ask Allah to forgive you now when you are stuck for a while you feel it. Now when you forgive you feel it I Allah will forgive me in sha Allah.

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Allah put a hijab between you and the Hellfire gender a century gender is sin free. No one is allowed to go to gender with sins had you forgive. Allah will cover your sins and will not make you have to filter out your sins and Hellfire will put a blockage for you. So concealing you and dounia concealing you in front of billions of people when you meet him and putting a barrier between you and Johanna. Can we forgive now? Can you forgive now what what more? Are you amongst the ones that are saying brother? No, no, no, no talk as much as you want. But the thing that happened to me I will never forgive that person. No, no, no, no, no

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Tough it's difficult No, no, no way. Soft in the heart. Soft in the heart massage your heart literally stuck through last.

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Forgive an A level forgive you. Number two.

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When you forgive brothers and sisters Look at this. Your reward is on Allah subhanaw taala

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim feminists

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have a judo who Allah, Allah, and whoever forgives and makes reconciliation. Your reward is an ally. Your reward is on Allah. Do you guys comprehend what we're saying right now?

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When I tell you your rewards that Allah when I went for Hajj, and

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the man who was organizing the Hajj group literally robbed us, literally robbed us. And he told us in our faces, that he can't do anything about it. We paid for his five star hotel, he gave us three stars, no problem. We're not angry about three stars. But we can be paid for five. And he told us our faces do something about it allow

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such painful moment my mom was with me and our brothers that he was with us. He cried. Because he was the one who was getting the Holocaust and so on. He felt guilty, so much pain in our hearts. We told the people what should we do? What should we do? They said, Go To who? The Ministry of heads without attach. What will happen? Once you go there we acquainted history, they're very liable. They actually go and help people out who have been robbed by their agencies that had groups. So we rushed. We went there. We personally talked to the Minister himself. You got proof proofs, receipt receipts, anything else? Yes, ISO record and has came that we had. And we happen to record the

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conversation which used to say, beautiful, we give it to him. He said, I got

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your reward is on me. He said that was confirmation. And we said Let's relax.

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Let's relax. Before I move any forward. firm enough alpha was a Jew who Allah ma from ever forgives and makes your constellation what happens? Your reward is on the Ministry of Hajj, Allah and Allah, what the demand do will lie the next season didn't come except that that man was exposed. And that agency was shut down and they were trying to give us back a portion of the money which we lost. A lot of stress administrative head how far you want to go after that. I tell you forgive and your rewards are done.