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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom we find the previous few suitors, the core main theme being three main topics, or whether it be speaking about the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam was speaking about the last day or speaking about the Quran that has been a core theme of the previous few suitors. Or indeed we find the core theme of the Quran is based upon these three themes and a few other themes that some earlier I mentioned the seven main eight themes inside the Quran that the Quran revolves around, whether it be the concept of Naboo or reseller, prophet hood, and

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the sending of messengers are like rules and regulations, that belief in the last day, likewise, belief inside the Quran or belief in Allah subhanaw taala. These are core themes inside the Quran, the Quran begins to repeat itself again and again, that not every single Surah rather near enough, every single page will emphasize these core elements. Because you find that the foundation of the believer needs to be robbed at least to be firm regarding what they believe in, the more weaker the faith, the conviction is, the more weaker the actions become towards Allah subhanaw taala. So the more the believer has that conviction that there is going to be your mother a Serb, there's going to

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be your mood to hobble. There's going to be yo Martina and his serenity itself. The whole title is suraj almost to the day of rising the Day of Resurrection, because it's a build up towards the final day in a build up of actions. That's where earlier I mentioned a key theme was speaking about the last date isn't just to study what will take place at the end of time as many people interested in whether it be a digital the Antichrist or al Madi, or Julian George, adapt by the beast or come up from the earth or Ullman. hematol Cobra, the final Armageddon that will take place a Syrah banal Kofi will Eman, the final war that will take place between Iman and Cofer. Many of us we want to

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thrive on his read about the subjects maybe it doesn't entice or interested individuals. But these things are far away from us. That's where earlier I mentioned that I'll PM, the day judgment begins for the individual when they die. That's why it's known as pm to soccer, the minor day of judgment as soon as you die leave this world you've entered into a bursa, you've entered into interspace whereby just a few blinking of an eye between you and the final day. And what really counts for the individual is the preparation. That's in the end of the surah Allah mentions Palau sadaqa wa salam ala can Cadabra whatever the final sadaqa voila Salah is strange is that Allah is trying to conclude

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the surah by speaking about belief in your opinion, and then concludes the sutra by speaking about Fela sub Dhaka one hour Sunnah the annual Isha as if Allah is saying that those people who don't really believe in the last day, they're not going to rectify themselves, even though this is a speak about disbelieving individuals, but it's a principle inside Illuma Quran and Abraham the removal of the the lesson is to take from the generality of the words, not from the specifics of Revelation. So Allah when he says Subhan Allah Fela sadaqa Allah salah, they can refer to us as well, that affords you one day many Muslims, many Muslim who just give a tacit approval, a tacit belief that I believe

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in Allah. And then there are some of them. If you can use such harsh harsh words have the audacity said Don't judge me. Allah knows what exists within my heart or in my mind, but Allah says that if you believe in him Subhana Allah, Fela sadaqa wa sunder the person didn't pray. They didn't give charity didn't believe well, I can cut about what a welder he denied. He rejected and he turned away. And we mentioned many times that the greatest symbol, the greatest symbol of a believer is Asana. That's the greatest symbol of a believer. I will tell you how to Allah Yeoman. Asana, the first thing that I believe will be asked about the day Jesuit will be their prayer. Ignore whether

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the sins that we commit inside our lives, or whatever we do. Don't leave Salah because salida one thing, he Marathi Sahaba that the companions are unanimous about this person who abandons their prayer for what caffeine is a disbelieving individual everybody else, every other sin, every advice. There's always going to be some discussion about it, about whether the person really intended it or did not attend it. What took place is their reasoning behind it. This is a one sin the one vise that the companions are unanimous. That's what the prophet actually mentioned. The distinction between us and them is a Salah Furman taka, Taka Guevara. He use explicitly these words whoever abandons the

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prayer for cadavre has disbelieved, disbelieved in Allah subhanho wa taala. And as we find that the person whatever how

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hardship that they befall them in this dunya that unfortunate world that we live in even as Muslims we begin to follow that day thought of rehabilitation inside our life that this is some elements rehabilitation they have which are good for the human being. But the real rehabilitation is to Allah subhanaw taala you're cooling Sonoma is in a null buffer. The person will send a dead judgment in terms of where can I flee? Where can I run from? Where can I run to? So Allah mentions Candela was a killer name indeed now wasn't. There is no burden there's no refuge, there's no respite. There is no protection. Illa Rebecca Yama in in in Musa car, to your Lord is the final station the final

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location, as if Allah is currently saying fulfill rule in Allah, that flee back to Allah Subhana Allah in calamities, in hardships and difficulties and obstacles, the person isn't flee away from Allah Subhana Allah, the person should be running to Allah Subhana Allah strengthening if that's what you mentioned many times that these Messiah, these calamities that the Muslim ummah could be faced with the world at large. One of the key elements of this of these calamities, as we mentioned many times it's not actually a calamity. If it awakens you and turns you back to go back to loss Pantanal becomes a blessing. If it awakens you these calamities that we see on the face of this

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earth at the moment, these what they call natural disasters on the face of this earth, they should awaken the individual awakening This is a depiction of the Last Day will will begin to take place in the summit on photography. When the when the when the skies are ripped apart. Why they'll be headed for JIRA, the ocean begin to explode. That's when you find Fajr the meaning of Fidel is to explode. That's why Fajr is the morning like explodes when that budget begins after that. So you find that the earth will will change over to battle or be hired to go somewhere where it will add more battles will allow him where he will.

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That day that Allah Tibet Dillard will change Earth change and change everything around us. These are small tsunamis, small depictions small fiction small pictures in front of us, for us to begin to see the look how these people are suffering what the game through, imagine will take place. On that day we mentioned the beginning of certain hedge how people will be running Tirana Sasakawa, whom be Sukira well attended adab Alicia de people who state of drunkenness last misdirected don't know where to go. But it's the punishment of Allah which is so severe. That's what Yeoman Yama is the awakening of the individual to carry out actions. That's what you should do to us is not just as

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some people have crocodile tears, to weep for the fear of Allah Allah is good, is something blessed to have but issue SAP timea mentioned it should lead a person towards Allah Amman lead a person that is continuously reading the Quran continues to remind inside the Quran, the Day of Judgment, the Day of Resurrection Day of he said, The Day of accountability the day of reckoning the day of asking, what should it do to individual that that's that's enough. That's enough of my life being drained away from Allah subhanaw taala it's time for me to awaken myself and to make that journey towards Allah subhanaw taala and as we find the Surah Surah Tatianna Allah oxime will be Yeoman AMSN works

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with the fussy that they mentioned, that this is amongst one of the earliest suitors and we mentioned amongst the earliest students that sometimes not the whole suitor has to be in early surah. But certain is in a surah early, like surah Allah a corrupt Bisbee Rebekah lady Haluk that is the first few verses sent down. We mentioned that so to Al Modesitt, and Muslim men, and here's what Allah mentioned, lead to hubback Baby Sonica the agenda be, don't hasten your tongue to try to grace this revelation. Because we find that the Prophet when someone revelation would come to him, he used to quickly recite it behind Gibreel on A salaam, quickly recited because thinking he may forget the

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verses of Quran because he was only he was an illiterate individual. He was illiterate individual couldn't read, couldn't write. If he said to his people a share in dinner, the month in front of us Ashara be sob he be a day he he pointed his hands 1020 Then either 29 or 30 days. He couldn't read couldn't write. So this was a miracle given to the prophet Elijah in South Sudan have discovered an OB an AMI, the illiterate prophet, but look what he reached the spiritual heights that he that he reached inside his understanding of his devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala and so they they couldn't claim or say that he may be he took from scriptures from a previous scriptures because

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Qureshi knew he couldn't read you couldn't write. So how's he able to narrate from the previous scriptures, except for it's only 1 million people and in our in who are in what you knew her wherever he speaks is nothing but divine revelation, whatever he speaks about Subhan Allah the Astra BRB Laila middle Masjid Haram al Masjid AXA, we spoke about mercy AXA oh look

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He knew he never went there. They couldn't hide behind it and say maybe he's making this up now, they knew he never visited but he described everything about muscle axon, may Allah kinda liberate it once again, and give us the ability to go there and pray inside there because there's many football in the Bay Area for that and of mokdad Medina that we know but there's many virtues, because if I mess it up, or someone was is the first precinct that's where do we find the profits would gather together, and the professor will lead them inside prayer, that is the location whereby he ascended into the heavens. So it's a blessed region, that we should be worried about just like

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every other region faces of gainful calamity and try the tribulation, it should remain constant inside their heart is believed to admission Oxford that we find we find that this first Surah or these first if they find not to have it be Lisa Nicoletta agenda, be don't hasten to recite these verses, we're going to protect you. We're going to protect the Quran in the new NASA Nanika Decra. When Allah will have a loan inside suited hedger that we find the 15 chapter Quran verse nine or 10, also that we find indeed we set down the zikr and we're going to preserve the Quran is preserved. 14 144 years have gone by no individual to these days able to produce anything like the Quran.

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That's the Quran. It begins with something strange when quantum theory demanded Santa Ana Abdeen effect to be Surah Timothy, what the rule shahada Min dunlea In quantum Saudi again, if you have any doubt anything we sent down upon a servant, any doubt that this is something that's made up, then bring your witnesses call your witnesses called everybody that you have the ability to do so and try to bring something like the Quran for a while until a new Quran says failed them to value that you can never ever do it while and devalue Abadeer for eternity, as the Muskie said, sorry to see the kasha had the land in Abadeer for eternity, just one half one letter, one word that Allah has said

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that right in the beginning, no one begins a book and says that no one can write something similar to his book, or challenges book or be like this book, I have the same similar tude of this book, no one no human being will write a book. But because this book is from Allah subhanaw taala. So only Allah Subhana Allah can say that nobody on the face of this earth will ever until the end of time and even after the end of time will bring something like the book of Allah Subhana Allah Lea no pilum Allah Subhana Allah because it's the speech of Allah subhanaw taala preserved and protected by Allah Subhana Allah so Allah will preserve and protect the person who follows follows the Quran does

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we find some strange narration that we can mention that the chest, the cavity that holds the book of Allah, Allah will not be burned by the fire. One has memorized the Quran and contains it inside their chest, the fire will encompass that individual because that person carries the speech of Allah Subhana Allah. So the person who has the speech of Allah Subhana Allah, the prophets, he brought those individuals forward. Those people who knew the book of Allah subhanaw taala, those who have memorized it, if the equaling the memorization, those who understand it more those interpret or the better interpretation, or those who accepted Islam earlier basis. But the beginning criteria was the

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book of ALLAH SubhanA Dannah and that's what we should benchmark ourselves inside our lives, that were we from the book of Allah subhanaw taala they have time and time again if you mentioned all the suitors are hinting towards the Quran, belief in the Quran, following the Quran interpreting the Quran, where we from the book of Allah subhanaw taala what is the interpretation towards the Quran? So the relationship between the surah and the previous Surah Al Mudassir. caliber Daya funa Surah Al Modesitt began to conclude or speak about they don't believe inside of Surah whereby this surah Allah oxime will be Yeoman Yama, this surah begins was speaking about belief. Inside of Yama,

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there'll be some elements of La La Hoonah. Or will or Nephi is one interpretation that Allah stopped as a doula all those beliefs that you have, because people always disbelieve in a bath, one new shore that's why throughout the Quran is replete that a main theme of the Quran is speak about resurrection even suited Bacara 286 verses that we find a suit of gum you find inside the predominantly Ayat speaking five specific locations locations are totaled. Bacara they speak about resurrection even knows about them. Why? Because this is a key concept of belief that they rejected the AMA Latina Cafaro and now you have Apple called Bella rugby that to Barcelona similar to Milton

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medallic And Allah He you see here they this they rejected they have judgment Zarma Latina tofu Allah Ubuntu just like today they're atheists believe around us or even a fine on 40 Some Muslims around us you know these are ancient tales console resurrection of hisab accountability paradise hell we'll see. We'll it will enjoy a life on in this dunya water cooled human body Coleman solid in at a later stage will repent and turn back to Allah Subhana Allah is fast trickling through Muslims as well. That's why I convict

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Shin is weak, and we conviction weak actions weak because we don't really believe in the last day, it's just being taken away from it, we find it's a figment of the mind, because the world is pushing this agenda of enjoying yourself. entertain yourself that this is the only world this is the only world to live. Don't worry about Alaska when it comes then you can perceive it inside your life. So hey Allah begins when Allah first enough in negating all those wrong beliefs. Then Allah mentioned oxime will be Yeoman. Allah takes it off by the Day of Judgment and Allah project could take an oath by anything that is created Subhan Allah Allah. The other correct interpretation is law. Oxy will be

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young, Obioma Tiama, la moutarde, keyed. Lamb of emphasis doesn't show the foods understand the Arabic language, because normally most of the things that lamb is lamb will Nephi lamb is negation, but Arabic language is deep. They even one letter 100 can be interpreted so many different variances, and have so many different meanings. As we mentioned so many times, don't leave this freelance interpretation of trying to just pick up the book of Allah, Allah and just try to display it to people because it takes as you mentioned, many years of orlimar to proceed to speak about Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran, Allah Allah Allah, Allah moon, that's one of the gravest sins to

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speak about Allah contact what you don't know. So hey, Allah is emphasizing, stating the fact because there's no heart's desire. There's no extra letters inside the Quran. Now oxime beyond the piano, I swear by the Day of Judgment, establishing their genuine unknown Huck is a reality when Allah speaks about the day judgment suited Nahal 16 Chapter Quran Allah says utter Amarula Fela de Loup, Allah says utter Amarula Allah speaks FinFET and more of the in the past tense. Why the look around and speak about the past tense at Amarula their judgment hasn't come. It hasn't come. Why is Allah speak about in the past tense? Can no kid so yet de la Zima Hackman la Shafi Delhi hola Stacy.

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There's no doubt about it. It's a reality it's a fact is going to take place. So Allah speaks about it in the past tense, because cooler in the light subhanaw taala is been tested and decreed and written down with Allah subhanaw taala. At Umrah lay Fela, to stare at you who don't try to haste into their judgment is prescribed moment as we destined and written by Allah subhanaw taala Allah called you mentioned commandments to the Prophet in South Sudan Mudassir Salah Salem likewise inside the surah as well, commandments are given to him not to hastening reciting the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Also that we find in no penalty tinea or need is a certain Buddha said he used to

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turn away from our signs inside the surah as well. The individual things are several insane when you took a sudden, the person think they're going to be left alone, there's going to be no accountability in front of Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Once again, this is a belief that people believe there's no accountability, there's no hana, there's no haram, there's no restrictions. There's total real freedom to do whatever you want to do on the face of this earth. Then Allah mentioned that oxen will be Yeoman Yama, wala auxin will be laughs in the world. Now. That takes it all by enough Salawa the blaming soul, the soul that always questioning itself, this were

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eliminated. facil I'm Sadie mentioned, it could even be a good person, because a person is yellow enough. So who will blame himself that why didn't I do more? Before the Day of Judgment, and the opposite? The person who didn't carry out many days, many days will be blaming himself. So this is the way of the believer to be one who's always questioning himself. Enough Salawa always questioning themselves why, why did I do more? Why don't I do do more? Why don't I try? That's what pretty much said that nuff. Salawa is actually a good sign because that's what most of us are. sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes good deeds, sometimes bad deeds, and the bad deeds. They awaken us with

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questions of why did I do this inside my life? Why do I carry this out? So even claim of God and His works and modality you said the key step two, the travel is the highlights that when a person sins, he doesn't plumb it down. He jumps many steps up, it awakens the individual, that's what you should do the individual awaken at what how could I do such a mistake? Why did I do that inside my life? How could I be so foolish or silly to do that inside my life? So it awakens them. So number one is actually the major knifes which is actually a good thing. Because many of us that's the category that we fall into. And prior to that will emerge divided three different types of souls. The first

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soul that we find is always calling towards evil in the NAFSA, the American Bisou in them or rhyme or be the soul is always journey towards even look at the context of this idea. Look at the context of the Surah Surah Yusuf whether it be the statement of Imran to Aziz, whether it be the statement of the wife of Aziz or whether it be the Statement of Use of Ali salaam both are plausible. The context is what that she makes these passes towards use of an A sinner, but he's fear of Allah subhana ignominy adopting Wallaceburg for in Allah Allah will do Agile mursaleen because some of us will you think that you know, maybe the Prophet didn't face these challenges.

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His or the companions in the face these challenges of whatever may be inside society. Hey, the Quran is explicit that she made certain advances towards the use of any salon worker located above. She didn't just close the doors while halacha didn't mean Seagoville mubadala That no matter how many doors and locks there were, she seen all of them. And no one was there. Except for her and Imre to see the work stuff see she's a beautiful woman, she adorned themselves in a tone to beauty no one is there except for use of and this beautiful woman who's standing there. Well actually what we find in Romania Turkey while your spirit wherever phase Allah subhanaw taala. And as patience for in Allah,

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Allah you do Angela Marcin, Allah will never let the the actual do the good go to waste. That's the use of religion throughout his life. What do you say about him in Morocco, mineral Mazzini, he went to prison. They said we see you as a good individual, because he wasn't a criminal. When they saw his face, they saw his actions. They saw his speech. They saw his behavior, his character, the prisoners knew where criminals were corrupt people. But this individual, this person has been injustice has been done to this individual. He didn't seem to be like a criminal, when interpretated the dreams for the king. And he told her the two prisoners are the people he spoke about the old

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said in Iraq, Amina Mazzini, we see you amongst the dues of God, this is the impact of iman, this impact you matter wherever a person goes, it uplifts the individual gives him that symbol that is a people of Allah subhanaw taala and that's what that soul the other meaning of the soul here that you find cool into his even in the knifes that amount have to be so that any single one of us any single one of us place in that context, what would happen to us? That's when you start to make a shot towards any single interview when people say, you know if I'm mixing with the opposite gender, or if I'm doing this, I don't have no feelings. Maybe that might be one in a million. That's what the

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Sharia looks at. The Sharia doesn't look at one in a million. The Sharia doesn't look at it. The Sharia looks at generality of human nature, human beings, their contact in life, how they behave, what they do, that's what the Sharia looks at. So the Sharia says that if a person surrounds themselves with beautiful women, work with women in environment, not dress appropriately, talk to them, speak to them, engage with them, it's only a matter of time. It's only mattered on the elite tools what it will lead to, that's what Allah mentioned what troubles Zina in no Ghana for Egypt and Sevilla, Allah said what a caribou and I didn't say what

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Allah didn't say, Don't commit Zina. Allah said what a caribou. Anything that leads to Zina personally should protect them. So that's what they started society says, and that's what the surah is saying that the knifes the F is placed inside that environment, then you will lean towards disobeying Allah Subhana Allah Murayama Robbie, except for that soul as a total command, like the prophets of the Gambia. And then we find the third soul that we find, yeah, a year to enough salute in a de la Arabic II rabita Maria for the holy fear a body where the Holy Trinity, that nostril movement in the soul has reached the highest level of submission to Allah subhanaw taala total

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peace, total content, that's the highest level of a soul that we should be searching for traveling to get to the total submission, total peace that whatever exists inside this dunya and even going towards the Accra the soul is in total peace and rest towards Allah subhanahu what are what does we find that individual if somebody says Najma Obama today no no's kind of brings back the discussion about speaking about the de judgment Do you think that we're not able to bring back his his bones

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bring back his bones rather than it turned into dust where he or a meme and other places start to Kuranda when you pick up the boat, edges fractures, it falls apart into dust. Do you think that Allah kinda bring bring you back, rather indeed Allah's mentioned Bella called arena. So we're banana who, rather than de we're able to bring his fingertips back to place. Being that follows from the bring your fingertips back to play, place the rest of your body is easy. And somebody no matter fussy dementia and new so we are banana is to keep your hands straight. Allah made our fingers to be able to grow us to be touch a man if he made our fingers to be like this. I knew so we have been and

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it would be hard to grasp to be touch. But Allah has created Dakka Dakka Dakka Linsanity s and he took when creating the human the best structure the best mole, everything's perfectly about the human being. And that's why some even aroma of science go to the view that the every single has been everybody's fingertips are unique, that everyone has their own fingerprint on the fingertip. Even if this isn't the real meaning of the faceted menu random adventure, because Allah is not speaking about your fingertips and your fingerprints. Allah speak about bringing you back to life is the real inner meaning by science proves it at everybody's fingertips have a special fingerprint that is

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something which is plausible, but likewise is that you

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In your your eyes, everybody's eyes had a sim had a specific print on his eyes. So there could be something special as well. But some people tried to just focus too much on science of the Quran try to prove the book. The Quran is a book of science. It deals with science comes through with science, we accepted the Quran, primary's mentioned the book of spirituality, a book of guidance. If things fall into place regarding that, then we accept it. If not, we shouldn't search to find something always something scientific inside the Quran before we accept it's a word of ALLAH SubhanA wa sallahu li after a murmur but indeed the human being what did you want to do? Leah Judah and Nana

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who he wants to be rebellious.

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So Allah is part that has shown he signs to this individual, but he wants to be rebellious not believe in Allah subhanaw taala Arman there might be

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Yeah, I don't want to do any actions. But later on inside my life, I'll carry out my actions. Yeah, jelly beans, the loop hastens towards any disobedience. What you saw with a Toba and he does with sofa too, and he delays Toba. I'll do it later on inside my life. That's what many of us are full of. That's because many of the Muslims that we that we believe in unfortunate today, that later on inside my life, I'll make Toba later on inside my life I'll repent and turn back to Allah subhanaw taala yes Allah Jana Yom will piano he asked when is the last day and this is this is from asking of a form of mockery. He's not asking for belief. When the last days is a form of a bad a form of

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mockery. Okay, when is the last day when it will happen? Why do it take place? Now we find it inside our society today when you remind them about Allah Subhana Allah, we will see when it comes when it approaches we'll find out the reality. This is what we find inside our society. Once again, a lack of belief and conviction in Allah subhanaw taala for either Baruchel Basile will suffer Omer, what do you mean shrimps will come, he find out when Allah takes away the site of the individual

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is taken over an individual or that the lightning striking for the coming of the last day and Courier site is taken vision is impaired vision is blurred of the individual. And Allah Subhana Allah Wakasa for common, the light of the moon is taken away or Jumeirah Shamsi will honor your cooling sandal yoga is an ancient method, when the sun and the moon have been brought together, or there'll be destroyed or put together and be destroyed. Now all the light is taken away. Then the individual said Where am I going? Where am I going to flee? Where am I going to run from me because he'd mentioned other verses of the Quran. Malcolm in Malaysia in your maiden one may Allah come in

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Nikhil, there's no fleeing. There's no running away. There's no refuge there's no protection, nothing to help you, except for turning to Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Allah Allah wasn't in Arabic or yoga in moussaka. There's no refuge or protection except for turning to Allah Subhana Allah Anna univocally in some of y'all might even be my koderma where

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the individual will be informed what they carried out what they sent forth, or what they delayed in doing or they did not carry out inside their lives. As me Kathy dimensions these individuals want you to hell Dara, what are your Booker a Honda, every single individual will find whatever they carried out in the face of it will be presented to them by Allah Subhana Allah Bonilla in San Juan de basura indeed every single individual is a witness to himself. That's what the Quran says that every single one of us is a witness upon our own self in such a strong we said Kitab Kapha BNF seeker yo Malaika has Sieber many tender for a NEMA. Yeah, Teddy Lin FC woman gondola in the Maria

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de Loup Ania wala Tegile was here to withdraw okra ikura kita but it'd be said to the individual read your record. Read your book GAFA been of sickle yo Malika Siva sufficient is suffice it does that today you are a testimony you will witness for your own record your witness your own self that all of us are witnesses for our own self what we carried out on upon the face of this earth that we carry that one of

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the era even though you tried to give excuses because a human being is always trying to give excuses but no but this but that maybe this person derailed with this person he took me off the path maybe this may be that or maybe even Islam will be but always making excuses. Sometimes it's very hard for just to accept something this is right this is wrong. No but maybe it should be like this even quite everything's questioning. Every time you told somebody this is wrong. Maybe there's a different opinion. Is everything a different opinion? Sharia is Internet of Sharia is a playing isn't playing games that you shop around that when somebody when an imam tells you something then you go and shop

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around as well. It could be another view you will always find another view because they are unfortunate people will give another you would even make Reba Khaled for you make even sinner halal for you with all sorts of things for you. There's no Islam is to go and to show

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peran to find what interests you. That's not how you know how you perceive Islam. Islam is rules and regulation that you need to place yourself inside those rules and regulation no outside of rules and regulation and pluck them when it suits you and remove them. When it doesn't suit you. You have to engross yourself inside those rules of regulation and accept them and follow them to the best of your ability. Will Palma de la la Young from Bali, Mina Madeira to him on that day, to oppressing individual young individuals, their excuses won't benefit them at all on that day, then Allah is proud I mentioned speaking to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala to hurt me Lisa Nicoletta

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Jollibee, don't rate haste in your race and your tongue to try to preserve this Quran jalebi too quickly to capture this Quran. As you mentioned, the beginning, the Prophet alayhi salatu was Hasting because revelation was coming to its beginning stages and he's worried that maybe you could forget the revelation so Allah gave him this, this this this good feeling or this could mess it in and in a gym and what Khurana upon us is to collect the Quran and will you be able to recite the Quran Phaedra Quran now for Quran, Osama in Elena Biona. And for us is to compile and put the Quran together. And it is for us to explain it in Nicosia speaking that this is even mentioned very stages

00:31:18--> 00:31:53

about alien, he highlights the stages about him that we find is to first gather knowledge inside your chest, to gather it inside your chest. Recite that knowledge, read that knowledge, improve that knowledge. And then thirdly, to act upon that knowledge to fully explain that knowledge, the the stages that we find him on Saturday in Saudi Tafseer He mentioned something similar, that people hastened to go past their teachers. They don't listen to things. So we find very hasty people inside of society and needs to be addressed. Because this is there's only one word for it's a sickness inside our society, that people after three months, one year, two years, three years, that's all

00:31:53--> 00:32:31

they want to do. They want to think that they've excelled other individuals gone past other individuals, and the management isn't just about excelling people. It's about excelling your own self. That's what LM is about. It's not about other people that we perceive inside society is a long journey of gaining knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. Rather than hasty to gain that knowledge, as you mentioned, many times a person try to grasp in in small bursts of time, it will just drift away from them. And you find the rest of Earlimart spent years of reading and deciphering the book of Allah Subhana Allah that's where you find that what remains of them is powerful if I'm called to be

00:32:31--> 00:32:55

a fear, and I'm chunky to see if we can see that we find it remains why because they will still say what the action is what they were, and what they wanted you to benefit the people who came after them. And God bless them with that sincerity. In a short span of time somebody read about their lives, very short lived that between 40 and 50 years of life that they had, but they're all magnanimous works. That became an immense benefit for people came after them. Then we find what are

00:32:57--> 00:32:57


00:32:58--> 00:33:40

main company they take a walk you don't Hastin once against that sort of power that we find to to learn this Quran to memorize this Quran before revelation comes to you. And then Allah gives us a Shara how to highlight local rugby Sydney, in the enemies from Allah subhanaw taala visit near in Allah give me the the Tofik the ability to understand this knowledge of your subhanaw taala to a Boolean algebra, but this world is fleeting word world, fleeing world hasty world whether it be in is Islamic world that we find or the world at large that we find that you find people's interest in this world is only is only pump play amusement entertainment. As more and more we can see how even

00:33:40--> 00:34:20

the Muslim world is fleeting towards them. I'm not saying it's haram to entertain oneself or to evolve in sports and games, but we could see the overzealousness the overall worry that this is colorable you have boodle Agila just love fleeing things, fleeting things, temporary things temporary pleasures temporary moments. That's what we're fleeing towards what Tada Runa Kira that we begin to forget about Akira would you Yama even now there are either a Bihar now veritone amongst the greatest iron inside the Quran in McCarthy, Imam Rufer See, he needs so many a hadith and he says what Allah if Allah if it wasn't for to make it lengthy and difficult upon the people. I will

00:34:20--> 00:34:23

narrate Hadith after Hadith after Hadith about this idea.

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

If you believe that Imam will facilitate militancy is a mortal sin. Then why do you pick and choose about your creed and your belief in miracles he clearly says In fact, this is the most conclusive proof inside the Quran. Based upon this verse and other verses of the Quran, or Hadith will do in your mind in order to elaborate beyond now there are two and that face will be gleaming on that day beaming shining on that day, either or Bihar now Vera tone, whereby to be looking Allah subhanaw taala does you find that a greatest blessing, the greatest blessing of Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

that you will gemera is to see Allah subhanaw taala there are some MUFA threnody right that this tab this all these years of a person life late remaining upon this earth

00:35:10--> 00:35:46

even as a UCLan us Russia that this is the greatest moment for the believer. There's not even a hadith such a Musa mentioned that so many things Allah would say to the believers, is there something else that you want? They said, What else can we ask for? When Paradise has been given to us? There's something more that I can give you, whereby they get to see Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet, somebody said clearly explicitly, you see the moon, do you have? Do you have any difficulty in observing the moon inside the sky, they said no Candela, Qatar owner of communal piano and likewise you will see Allah is prompt our day of judgment. Just like you see the crystal clear moon,

00:35:46--> 00:36:23

you will see Allah subhanaw taala and that will be only for the believing individuals, those who submit it to Allah Subhana Allah, I had neither explicit or clear, open, there's no tight we'll there's no interpretation that it means the nature of the blessings of Allah. That's what I say Isla robia now there are some Illa means and Allah niram does know what these verses mean. They're crystal clear, that the most ultimate belief of the believer the ultimate blessing, I believe it to see Allah Subhana Allah Allah as in such a Muslim you find a prophet as I've mentioned, Linda the national husana was the head atone for believing in the individual the hoster will be Jana was the

00:36:23--> 00:36:57

head the tone and something extra something special be given to them? Is that hadith inside say Muslim What is something extra given to the believing individual, they get to see Allah Subhana Allah that's what really madam mentioned some people see Allah Subhana Allah twice in a day, once in a day, once in a week, depending on your actions, depending on action, and then the opposite. That there you find a believers who didn't believe in Allah subhanaw taala who turned away from Allah subhanaw taala or those gonna be such motor 15 that they're going to be Mac Dubeau they're going to be availe is going to be protecting them or coming in their way not to be able to see Allah subhanaw

00:36:57--> 00:37:29

taala that's why Imam Shafi mentioned that this is a proof that disbelieving individual people did not believe they're going to be stopped from seeing Allah Subhana Allah and I believe we'll get to see Allah spent Allah on that day may Allah grant are a facilitator for all of us, then Allah is trying to our mentors after that color either Bugatti Taraki lucky lemon rock, while the North Iraq while tougher to sell could be sell. We find that when the time comes with a soul can either Bella got it wrong. When it's sold, it comes to his collarbone, just like inside Surah Al work in a battle who

00:37:30--> 00:37:40

want to hear it in Cameroon, one afternoon, Accra will even come with a killer to zero on when the soul comes to the moment of death to the collarbone to the top of his throat.

00:37:41--> 00:38:22

And you're looking at this person individual leaving this dunya way closer to him than you what Attila took through you can't perceive this, that you find that Sakura to promote the pangs of death that when when death snatches you when it comes to that so it says it's Iwaki lemon rock is anyone who can do some form of recital. Anybody can read something from the Quran to now stop this journey of this individual dying to next dunya are the old man said is it Hoonah katabi. Yoshi is a doctor who can cure this individual that when death has come here, that's why they call it palatable care. When a fighter moment even the doctor they see this, they see this is your end journey of this

00:38:22--> 00:38:50

individual, your body is shutting down is complying now leaving this dunya is shutting down and making that journey is there anyone that can stop that journey that can prevent that journey. Okay, lemon rock was an unknown, Iraq was not known to be minor, yet Yochanan was an unknown figure of people around him, now it's time to go. And a person of the senses they know it's time to go. Well, then the unknown Pharaoh was the fact itself could be self

00:38:52--> 00:39:28

linguistically some aroma go to the view that you find one, one leg goes over the other will person die, that could be the element that they they bounce, keep together. And we'll hire a couple of months off in the cupboard, that the body becomes hard to move at a moment in time is one interpretation. But I don't really mind said that is the movement from this world to the falling world. That you find that as you prepare the body for this dunya the angels prepare the body for an era as you be as the journey of the soul is leaving this dunya is something hard, you find that he's entering into the hair off there's something odd going to be something difficult. So this is what

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

the journey of this individual is what the pot itself could be stuck in Arabic or yoga in in in myself to your Lord is the return. There's there's no fleeing away from it. And then Allah concludes we're meant to sort of fade out sadaqa Well, as soon as we began with that, if you really if you saw all of this, there if you visualize death, you seen death you see calamity, you seen hardships. You know Allah Subhana Allah gives us so many moments inside our life. So many times so many opportunities. So many shout out so many symbols

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

While you're on a normal afternoon or frequently I am in Marathi and Omar routine for malaria to buena wala home, he has the corrode, don't we see that? Don't you see, we show you a side once or twice in a year. We show them to you that you may repent, you may return back to him. They have a we all seen this insider live, loss of loved ones loss of wealth, property, people that we love, we trusted family members, children, parents, whatever it may be. As we become older in our lives, women who are middle notice who feel helpless that Surya seen woman knew a miracle, whoever would live a longer life do not get to feel how we weaken him inside his body. That's enough to weaken the

00:40:38--> 00:41:12

individual that the more weaker and feeble, I'm coming inside my life. So now now is the moment for me to now return back to Allah subhanaw taala as we began with the surah all this reminder for myself and for all of us. Now sin will be Yeoman. Yama is all preparation is all preparations Allah says, well could look at your Maratea Mati for the all of us will come up with their judgment on our own, on our own, standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what we should be focusing our lives primarily inside Elijah, when I stand on my own.

00:41:13--> 00:41:15

When I stand them on, what will I say?

00:41:16--> 00:41:52

Firstly, inside the grave the three questions that we know what the question are, we know what the answers are, then we find the four or the five questions when we stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala. We're going to ask those questions. What did you do with your life? What did you do with your life? What did you do when he was a young individual youth? look strange, the questions. Allah doesn't ask what did you do at the end of your life? Because that's common sense. Allah Oz, what did you do when use your prime of your life, whereas we talk nicer when you shower, your desires are high, your needs are high. Temptations are high surroundings or high, everything is there. And you

00:41:52--> 00:42:08

by default by choice, make that choice to walk away from it. That's really Eman. Not to say those people may enter that there is something wrong about that. But when you start to encourage yourself and coming youth are coming generation, that default of a youth of a young person is to be precious

00:42:09--> 00:42:44

is to be a protected individual is to be a unique individual is not to follow lusts and desires and temptations around. That's what we instill within our youth in our society to become those powerful, strong individuals, why they sold within themselves they don't weaken like us in the challenges that we faced every single day or our parents face of hiding their faith concealing their faith concealing their praise concealing their Iman their strong, vigilant about the image that they stand up to the test of time that they face on a daily basis and that's what we should be praying and asking Allah to kind of give us a good progeny and good lineage a good Amma Amma which is strong,

00:42:44--> 00:42:50

which is powerful. That's what the prophet SME focused upon. May Allah grant us all an easy he served on the day judge