A Higher Relationship With Wudu

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam What is your relationship with Google? You know the normal and obvious relationship that the people have with with Google is that if they had lost their will do due to a deep sleep or any other of the Nullifiers of although you get up you make although and then you pray you're solid that this is the normal relationship but I want to teach you now have a higher relationship with a Lobo when you understand the purpose of who you will develop a higher relationship with the wobble. And basically the purpose of wobble is to cleanse our sins before it cleanses our limbs. Allah subhanahu wata Allah in the Quran he says, While Akki UD Julio Bowhill, or

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comb in the ayah that speaks about although at the end of it, Allah azza wa jal, he says, Allah wants to purify you, he wants to purify you through your will do so every time you make will do your sins are being washed away. And this is elaborated more in the hadith of Ahmed the robber salami probably Allahu Anhu in where he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when you wash your face, all the sins of the feasts are wiped away with this water as it runs down your face. So the sins of the eye, the sins of the tongue, the sins of the E. And then when you wash your hand, the sins of the hands as the water is running on your hand, the sins are being wiped away. So now

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the higher relationship with Google is that you no longer ask yourself whether you lost to do due to the nullifies of Google or not, rather you ask yourself, did I sin from last oboe or from last solid until now? If you had sinned, then get up and make although because the will do wipes away the sins and it prepares the person to stand before Allah subhanahu wata Iona in prayer. This is the high relationship that we are supposed to have with the wobble. Don't ask yourself whether you lost the oboe or not. rather ask yourself

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did I sin from last solid until now? If yes, then get up and equal. And in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself used to make wudu for every solid as narrated by an oven medic Aubrey Allahu Anhu. And the owner took from this hadith that it is most the hub it is liked, it is recommended that a person may call for every solid that he will pray and of course the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of FATCA when he conquered Maccha on that day, he made one mobile and prayed solid and fissured. Well Baja, sir well know who the British one will do. Almost all the Allahu Anhu was surprised and he said the rasool Allah, you did something that we were never used to you doing?

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We're used to you making look for every solid What happened this time. So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he did not want to burden his ummah. So he's teaching us that although should be made if you lose your little at the believer has a higher relationship and the higher relationship with although is to think that if you have sinned, may call in preparation for next solid, so that you can attain this for sure. While we stand in between Allah subhanho wa Taala on his hand Allah Allah will ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to purify us which is eco Mala Halal