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Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The importance of love and sympathy among Muslims is discussed, as it is a fundamental source of pride and pride in Islam. deep connections between brothers are crucial for roles and shameless behavior is discussed. The speakers emphasize the need for strong and deeper connections between brothers to ensure appropriate roles. They also discuss the negative effects of hate and hatred on relationships, and the importance of love and peace in society. The segment emphasizes the importance of avoiding hatred towards others and avoiding small small examples of hate.
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Hatred to others

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narrated Abu huraira Allah's Apostle May Allah says peace and blessings be upon him said

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beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the worst of false tales

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and do not look for the other's faults. And do not do spying on one another. And do not practice nudges and do not be jealous of one another. And do not hate one another.

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And do not desert stop talking to one another. And oh, I lost worshippers be brothers

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to another episode of purification of the soul.

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I'm your host about the salon. And with me is our three guests, Grace,

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Kareem and Hamad.

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In this episode, we're going to be talking about a very important disease that one has to make sure that he removes from his heart. Now Islam encourages mutual love mutual respect among the believers or Lost Planet Allah tells us that Muslims are like one body one brotherhood. He says in the Malmo manana

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the believers are bad, bad brothers. Now, hatred or both, which is the disease that we're going to be talking about today is not something that is good or bad in and of itself. Both or hatred in Islam is not something good nor bad, in and of itself. For example, we're supposed to hate sin, transgression, corruption, and murder, Zina, fornication, adultery and all these kind of things. However, we should not harbor rancor, animosity, malice and hatred in our hearts for a Muslim brothers and sisters without lawful reason. Now Ebon Malik, radi Allahu anhu he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, do not hate one another, or envy one another or turn your

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backs on one another. Oh worship of worshippers of Allah be brothers. It is not lawful. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said for a Muslim to break off relations with his brother for more than three consecutive nights so that they both turn from each other, the better of them, the one who is better of the two is He who gives the first greeting now this ID is reported by Buhari now first and foremost. Why is it that we're not supposed to have hatred in our hearts for another Muslim, without lawful reason? Because as Muslims, we should love one another? Because it's contrary to the quality of love, of affection, of brotherhood, of brotherhood. What is the significance of brotherhood? Why

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brotherhood? Why did Allah mention brotherhood?

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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when the when the the immigrants of Makkah reached Medina, the first thing that the Prophet slicin did was what?

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brotherhood between Mohajer in immigrants and on Sunset abroad. What does that mean? What are what did it? What did it constitute? In reality? What did he do? specifically? Sharing the lives together? The social, yes. So he took one person from the Menagerie. And what did he do? He paired him with someone from the unsought and so he would live with him share their lives together, as you said, share their wealth and so on and so forth. But why brotherhood? Why not friendship?

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is I think much stronger than friendship. Brotherhood is much more stronger, much stronger than than friendship, but there's a bit more deeper meaning I think, to that.

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is like a person who do you know, do anything for, for his for his brother for his someone who's like his blood brother. He would go further than this friendship. brotherhood. Yeah, it goes much further than friendship in the sense that a person could feel offended by his brother on the one hand, but at the same time, he still has a deep rooted love for his brother. As for friends, we Harold

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About how friends broke up. One, you know, sometimes you haven friends killing each other, out of envy, hatred, whatever. But when it comes to brothers, in terms of blood, blood brothers, you will find very often, and this is usually the case, that no matter how far apart brothers are, in terms of distance, in terms of physical distance, but they're always very close. They are the ones to point out each other's mistakes there, though, and the other person won't feel offended when his real brother says, hey, you've got this mistake. And he's not going to feel offended. Why? because deep down, he knows that his brother only wants good for him, how can it not be the case when his

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parents are the same as his parents,

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they say Blood is thicker than water, to mean that, you know, a person who has blood blood relationship that's thicker than any other relationship, I tend to disagree with that, I'd say that actually Islam, if you like, is thicker than blood, that Islam brings two people together. And that bond of Islam is far greater than blood brotherhood,

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to you know, it takes brotherhood to a new new height, new levels. And the headings that we mentioned, that one should not show, show,

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you know, hatred to one another. We shouldn't have hatred, for one another envy for one another, and so on and so forth. Also, the Hadith talks about, we shouldn't boycott a brother for more than three days. What's the wisdom behind that?

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To ensure that ties between the brothers will not be broken to ensure ties are not broken, because the longer a person harbors some kind of

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dislike towards another person, the more shaytan has,

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in order to call it the more he has the more weaponry, he has to cause a split between the two people. And often you see this is the case to friends, when they you know in two different parts of the world, and shaitan gets in between because they have been split up for so long. Sometimes, when they get back together, one hears rumors of the others, he starts to believe it shakedowns playing on the minds of each of them. That's why it's so important that a person physically doesn't destroy this bond of blood of brotherhood, by this, by this boycotting, if you like. So this hadith shows that Islam recognizes very clearly, that disputes can occur with can occur between two Muslims,

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because I think this is only natural, this part. Exactly. And sometimes there are bound to be occasions where two people there there are situations where two people they naturally they don't want to speak to each other. They want to, they don't want to speak to each other. So Islam caters for this, Islam caters for this.

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Islam caters for this naturally, as I said, Islam comes, it doesn't tell you to totally remove any kind of disease if you like, or natural behavior from yourself, but control it to control it. If a person you know has, we always mentioned the example of of, you know, desires, between the sexes, between the genders. Allah spirit, Allah says z NASA hombre chahatein aneesa, that for mankind, for man, it has been, you know, it is in the fitrah I feel like it is in there.

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The disposition that

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the love of women has been made, you know, it's part of their disposition. So part of this part of the cure that Allah didn't say, hey, remove this, this love of women control, Allah says control it, how can we control that is by lowering our gaze is the foremost focus emerge by getting married, and you know, and so on and so forth. So, this hadith shows very clearly Islam doesn't come and say, okay, don't have any arguments.

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Okay, you must always be together, you can't boycott each other, not even for one second. It's under Islam gives you some space. Islam says, okay, you have three days, you have three days

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for space to calm down to once again, think about the good characteristics or not the person and I'm sure we've all come. We've all had situations where you're upset with somebody, but a little bit of space.

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Helps that situation helps the situation. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went on to say that the better of them is He who gives the greeting first. The better of them is He who gives the greeting first. And so this should not exceed three days. This should

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This although we're allowed to have this space, it shouldn't exceed three days. Why not three days? Why not more than three days? Because they think this it's the longest period of negative emotion they have towards each other, the more difficult it is to return to that the intimate relationships have previous and that psychologists have spoken about this in detail. Furthermore, Islam encourages us to recommence this brotherly relations by emphasizing that the one who greets his brother first will be the better of the two. How do we greet our brothers?

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Morocco. Okay, peace between you. And this is absolutely amazing. When you look at this concept in Islam, I find it amazing why you've had an argument with someone you're upset with them. You've taken three days out. How on earth do you find the courage to go back to that person? And how do you find the courage to go back to that person and make up okay, you don't have to say sorry about the past sorry about what happened. All you do a Solomonic dua for him, and it's a draft for him Peace be to you. And he'll reply why aleikum wa sallam. So Islam says that the one who greets his brother first he'll be the better of the two. And this by this he can actually expect a reward from Allah

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subhanaw taala and we'll pick up on that inshallah. After the break, Solomonic.

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Oscar is a program which aims to answer your questions about your deen your faith, your way of life, this course, is Islam, this is a totally different price, but I divided the payment over this period of time. And the seller is the person or the firm which owns it in which you're buying this condition. This whole section is low

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Assalamu alaikum. And welcome back. Before the break, we were talking about a disease of the heart called hatred or unlawful hatred, both. Were talking about how evil this disease is, let's have a recap on some of the effects of hatred or extreme hatred, malice, rancor, on that a person harbors in his heart on a person's himself upon his family, upon society, and so on and so forth. How can we, let's discuss this a bit more. Because I mean, for example, enough, there's hatred between between between within a family and that can break up the family, you know, of the, you know, this, the children, some issue arises. And there's some sort of hatred between them. And you know, they

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could end up with many examples of No,

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children are speaking to each other brothers and sisters not speaking to each other for the rest of their lives. Yeah. And cutting the ties of kinship, which is actually a major sin in Islam. You talked about the family. How is that relevant? For example, there's a big relevance between that the family hatred in a family and hatred in among the Muslims. I mean, Muslims are like a family in manana echo. The belief is about brothers. And we spoke about that in the break. What about some more effects of hatred? I think nothing successful can be based on hatred. So Muslims cannot be successful as an oma, if they don't have love among each others. Okay, so family cannot be

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successful enough for the family, if they don't have love between each other, because it's hatred, something very negative, and will bring about negative results. So we cannot build our society on a negative pillar. And that can be no unity. If this hatred of Allah subhanaw taala orders us to be united, there will be no unity, no progress, no cooperation, no production, how can we do anything kind of good even in this world? Exactly. If everybody hates each other, and if the smallest of causes of for the smallest of issues that irritate someone he ends up beginning.

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Love is a very strong motive for us to work to produce stronger, very often stronger than well, exactly love of the country. Love your children, love of your family love of God,

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the love of the Companions for the prophecies and that

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which is why they sacrificed so much for the process and why Islam spread so much easier. The sacrifices they wouldn't have sacrificed, made some sacrifices if they hated each other or hated the process and that's why we went back

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To the point about the the Brotherhood, the profits, I sell them immediately as soon as the people made hegira, the marketing manager of a Mecca to Medina, the first thing he did, you are the brother of You, you, his brother, you are his brother and so on and so forth. So he made a special kind of bond between the margerine they emigrated, integrators and the unsalted the helpers in Medina, those are like an extra kind of bond responsibility. Now, we said that hatred for an honest lambic reason is considered a bad thing. That is to hate another Muslim without a lawful reason Abu huraira the Allahu anhu he said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that gates of Jenna

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are opened on Mondays and Thursdays, and then every worship of Allah subhanaw taala is granted forgiveness. If he does not associate any partners with Allah. In other words, chick Mondays and Thursdays, the profits of life seldom continue, but those in whose hearts there is rancor, rancor, malice, envy, hatred, if you like those in whose hearts there is rancor against his Muslim brother, then they will not be pardoned. They will not be pardoned. And it will be said twice regarding them hold both of them until they have reconciled with each other. It's hard it is in Sahih Muslim

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is quite serious. I mean, when a person, he harbors hatred, or rancor in his heart, the veil of * is rank and malice, if you like both of this hatred, so when he harbors this in his heart, Mondays and Thursdays the great gates of Paradise are open. For these people, the gate, the gates of general will be closed. Why so severe. Because one needs to be more pure than this to be to be honored to to be in the agenda or the paradise because in Paradise, we're not going to have hatred for each other. in Paradise, nobody's going to hate each other. Every Muslim will love each other. They're all pious practicing, if you like worshippers of a Lost Planet, Allah McDuck in taqwa. So we can see the

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relationship between the fact that the gates of Paradise are closed for those who have these ill feelings in their heart, and between paradise itself, that the people of Paradise are going to be people who don't have these kind of feelings in their heart. With this, inshallah, let's have a look at some of the interviews that were taken early on, in this regard.

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on an individual level, I think people will not be more tolerant with each other, because each other will be hitting each other and on both on the society people will become also more intolerance. And this will be maybe to the effect on society to be less developed. And the fact the contrary, I think people are supposed to love each other. Without love, there is no there's going to be no life. So I think when people when someone hates the there's going, there is no trust between people, there will be no no trust between people in common. But in

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an individual, I think he will be so distracted that he can't, he can't live with people he can't. He can't interact with people outside. So I think there will be no life. He can't live. There are two types of hatred. The first type is hating someone who has done something back to me bad to me, such as, let's say for example, enemies hate each other, like two countries of contradiction over over another country. They hate each other because that's he's an enemy. That's why they will be they will hate each other. Another thing was small example, maybe if someone does something bad to my friend, so I'll start hating him and I'll be trying to take revenge.

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The second type of hatred is jealousy type of

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basically fallacy someone's got something better than I quote and I'll be jealous, I'll be hating on what he's got. And says got better cause got better housewife, life, whatever it is, I'll be just hating on him because of course, I'm better than better. Now what I've got three interesting comments made the now we said the shaitan he loves to sow the seeds of envy and enmity in the hearts of people. So when this enmity develops into a fire, an open hostilities result, then he enjoys the spectacle he what he likes to watch this kind of thing. And this fire burns a person's present and his future into ashes and totally destroys their relationship and virtues. The Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said the shaytan has been disappointed that he would not be worshipped in the Arabian Peninsula. But he's not been disappointed from kindling the fire of fighting among the Muslims in Saudi

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Narrated by Mr. Muslim. So we can see very clearly here that the shape on is as we we can go back to this one of the first few episodes where we talked about the traps of shape on the first trap that shape on once a person to fall into is what

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is hatred, shirk is the first track that he wants a person to fall into is clearly shift. Now, if you can't do that, he'll go on and on down the lines and one of these, one of these traps of Shakedown is a major sin as well as mine. And so from long that is the is the sin of unlawful hatred, unlawful hatred. so here we can, we can look at this and we can see that how shaitan, he's lost hope he's disappointed the Prophet sighs him said, in being worshipped in the Arabian Peninsula directly. However, he is not lost hope of people of the Muslims having a harboring hatred in the hearts of each other. And we can see this very clearly. In today's time. Unfortunately, now there's

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a number of things, there are a number of things that one can do, first of all, to prevent hatred and rancor occurring among other people. And then there's a number of things remedies

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that we can apply to ourselves, to prevent to remove this disease if we have it in our own heart, on this disease of hatred. So with regards to what we can do, to avoid other people having harboring enmity towards us, or to inciting this kind of fuel of hatred, the first thing is that we should avoid expressing any kind of enjoyment when someone faces some kind of disaster or calamity or hardship. And we can see this, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said, don't express pleasure at the misfortune of your brother, lest a las panatela should bestow mercy upon him, upon you and make you suffer from this from a misfortune. So the whole concept where one shows empathy

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towards his brother, you're in a state of calamity in a state of hardship, I'm not going to be happy about that, brother, I am, we are a part of one owner. We are like one body, what did the prophet SAW him say, about the oma being like a body,

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one body safe, one part of the body feels, feels pain and the whole body feels. And this is exactly true, exactly true. Both in this life and the actor. In this life, we know that if somebody you know, if he gets some kind of pain in one part of his body, his whole body feels ill he can't work as normally as usually his mood changes and so on. So the effects of when one part of the body gets ill or gets diseased or gets, you know, hurt, the whole body feels pain, even in the era, the same is the case and that is why the limbs, the limbs, when the when each when the skin speaks against the person. The person says to the skin, says to his limbs, why are you speaking against me? It's

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for you that online to Allah Clinton, he, because when a person has done bad sins, and a lot asked him about the sins, He denies them, on the day of judgment, and then Allah asks the limbs, the person's own body to bear witness against him. And so what does the person say at this point? He says, Look, it's for you, that I'm lying. Why are you speaking against me? He's talking to his limbs, showing that even in the accident, if one part of the body feels pain, the whole body feels pain. The same thing goes with the whole Muslim owner, the whole Muslim Ummah, if one part of the body feels pain, one part of the oma feels pain, the whole oma feels pain, so we shouldn't

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be happy with someone else's misfortune. The second thing we should do is that we should avoid doing any thing that will make people suspicious, and that could sow the seeds of rancor and hatred in their hearts, even on a deeper level on humor, said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the presence of three people, two people should not hold secret counsel to the exclusion of the third. Now it is this point that we're going to pick up on in sha Allah in the next episode because this is a very important point was on Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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