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Abu Abdissalam
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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to another episode of purification of the soul.

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I'm your host above this salon and with us in the studio we have our guests grace

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when it comes to Allah, Mohammed. And

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we spoke in the last episode about lying, and about how this is a trait of the hypocrites, and how we should remove this quality from ourselves. And we began to mention one of the incidence in the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in which one of the companions of the Prophet slicin, and one of the female companions of the Prophet SAW Selim was affected by this by by ally, which actually turned out to be a slander. But

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who's that companion?

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I shall, I shall not be allowed on. Let's have a recap of what we have learnt about the story so far.

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The Azure of Yolanda along with the companions and Professor lysing them, or coming back from it from a journey from a battle. And I should be on how we travel on like a tent on a camel. So during the break, she went off to use the to use it to the toilet. And when she returned,

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after she had lost the necklace, the people had gone that the group had gone without her.

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So she sat down, and she fell asleep. And then one of the companions who used to come at the back of the

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back of the of the group, US Army, he was actually delayed

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for another purpose. So then he kept on he came, he saw her, and at that point, he said, in Nadella, he were in June, because he seen the wife of the Prophet sunlights and the mother of the believers, and how did he recognize her?

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If you heard her pop her vein, uncovered, and definitely reckless, because he saw her before she before the ayah, or inability to be observed, before the eyes of the hijab were revealed. He had seen her and obviously obviously, once the the verses of the Quran which ordered the Muslim woman to cover the bodies was revealed. Then she started to cover her face, and that was after that he'd no longer see her. But at that time, why was why was her veil uncovered in the first place. Because she was asleep. She was asleep. She was by herself. She was by herself. So he came, and he sold I recognized her and said in La la, he was in LA Harajuku. They didn't say another word to each other.

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Apart from this, apart from these two words, she got onto his riding beast. And soft one, he took lead of the of the writing base until they got back to Medina. Now the hypocrites,

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the leader of whom was who

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Abdullah Abdullah live and obey Him and salute the live and obey been solo. He was one of the leaders. In fact, he was the leader of the hypocrites. This is the same person who in the Battle of 100, he took one third of the army of the prophets Isilon away. So this person is a very evil person. So he took this opportunity and started, he concocted a lie against eyeshot of the law and against one of the law of the land. So he concocted a lie, saying that they committed some evil deed together. And of course, I've lost planet Allah

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knows that this is totally untrue. Now this slander This button is lie. It led to many serious evil consequences. In fact, it led to two rival factions, Elson has to nearly go into war with one another to fight likewise, but the Prophet has intervened at this point. Likewise, the prophet SAW Selim, he asked about various opinions of the Sahaba What do you know what do you know? What do you know what do you know? And it was this point

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that some of the Sahaba they gave various pieces of advice.

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Now, I showed the love on her she was very innocent, she was young, and she was actually ill. During that period, after she got back to Medina, for a period of one month she was confined to the bed. But she said that I noticed that the prophets Eliza and would be general in the way he spoke to me during that month. He would come in

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And say, how are you? And he would use the plural feminine, the plural instead of the singular, of, in other words, saying how are you all rather than specifically directing, directing his question to her

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by herself. Now, this led her obviously, she didn't know about what people were saying about her.

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And then one person came, one of her friends came. And she asked, she actually cursed. Her son. lady came, she cursed her son. And I showed her the love and I said, Why you can sing your song? And she said, What do you don't know? She said, What? You don't know what he said about you.

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And this was one of the some of the Muslims Unfortunately, they fell into this. They didn't concoct the slander, but they started spreading it. And again, this is a very evil Sunday. So what happened was this lady she then told I showed the love and what people were saying about now this led her to become even more ill, she was already weak. She became more ill, and she began to cry. And she didn't sleep for the whole night. And for two full days, she was crying. She was crying, weeping. And then she approached the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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She said, you know, you knew this, why didn't you tell me?

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And the prophets alarmism said oh Ayesha, if you are innocent, then Allah will acquit you of this and he will free you from this slander. And if you have fallen into a sin, then seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the Prophet cisilion was a human being and Allah tala was testing not only the prophets as an end, but the Sahaba in general. So he left it unknown, the truth of the matter unknown to the Prophet cisilion, for one full month. Furthermore, the prophet SAW Selim had to appear to be just, he's already just but he has to appear to be just because this is one of his family members, in fact, one of the closest people to him. And so during this line, he had to also

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balance out and look at various viewpoints and so on and so forth to at least to also show that he's just because he was the leader of the Muslims, he was a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Ayat of the Quran came down to reveal the innocence of eyeshadow Villa and soft one of the love

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and humbler things obviously people were very happy I showed the love on her was very happy, she praised a lot and thanked a lot. But the point here, why is this got to do with life is you can see the devastating effect that it had on eyeshadow dilla Juana on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also on the Sahaba because it led some of the companions

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who Allah, Allah forgive afterwards, but some of the companions, they fell into this spreading the light, even though they didn't concoct it, they said, Hey, did you hear about this, and so on and so forth. So all of this is a sin, like and they were flogged, those who are known for doing this, they were flogged, they were whipped, but the leader of the live and obey them salute, he was not whipped. Why is that?

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He was actually a hypocrite. And he had a lot of people on his side, if you like, and if the professor sent him had whipped him or killed him for his hypocrisy, then what would have happened as many people might have fought against the profit side sort of on his behalf, and Amada de la Han who wanted to cut off the head of this hypocrite. But later on sometime later, many other people that began to hate to live in urban sort of disabled that would have defended him then would have been the first to kill him later on. And so the Prophet Mohammed sly Sam said to Omar, he said, he took him up on that, he said,

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when you told me that we should kill him.

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People would have fought against us. But now they those same people know about him, and about his qualities and hypocrisy, and they would gladly kill him, because of his hypocrisy. So we can see the evil effect of lying, that this hypocrite, he concocted this lie, and it was a slander. So it's, you know, many, many sin after sin after sin, then some of the Sahaba they spread this and they earn this and of course, they sought forgiveness from Allah, Allah from that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was affected by this. And likewise, the other companions and I showed the love on her herself, and someone

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who was also affected by this note, an important point to note is that a last one attalla clarified that I showed the love and I was innocent. Allah clarify this.

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So those people who claim and speak badly about Ashleigh de la Juana after that they've disbelieved they've become, they've gone outside the fold of Islam, because they've rejected the ayat of the Quran. In this

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In this regard, after the break, we're going to talk more about the issue of lying. We'll look at different forms, further forms of lying. And then in sha Allah, we will continue that with looking at some of the cures for lying in sha Allah roboticle to Allah wa salam.

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Moscow has a program, which aims to answer your questions about your deen your faith, your way of life, this course, is Islam, this is a totally different price, but I divided the payment over this period of time. And the seller is the person or the firm which owns it mature, this condition, this form of businesses action is

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family come and welcome back.

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Before the break, we were talking about some of the ramifications of lying or some of the consequences, the bad consequences of lying. Now, we should also realize that it's very important for a person to adorn himself with the opposite of life. In other words, the characteristic of truthfulness, once a worker of the Allahu anhu he gave a sermon after the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said, that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam stood in this very place in the first year. And then he cried of worker cried, he said upon you is all upon you all is to be truthful, because truthfulness is with piety, and they're both in Paris. This is in contrast

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to the another time when a worker of the lavon, who stood on the member and he warned against and he mentioned that the professor was standing in the same place and he cried again, when he remembered the profits, I sell them. And then he mentioned that he warned against lying here the prophets I seldom is saying that lying, that that piety comes along with truthfulness. So that's a very important point to remember. Mark Cuban dinar mentioned that truthfulness and lying fight with one another in a person's heart, there are two characteristics two qualities that actually fight with one another in a person's heart until one of them overcomes the other. So the person has one of

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these two characteristics.

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And it should also be noted that lying can be done either with speech, but also by action. What do I mean by that?

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Then, by actions, one can lie. As in someone system, can you get such and such a thing? And when he asked him, Have you have you got this from me? And he nods, indicating yes was he hasn't got that thing, through his actions is lying. Yeah, that's a very good example of that. In other words, to make somebody believe something that is untrue, by doing a particular action. And one example of this is when the brothers of Yusuf alayhi salatu salam, after throwing him into a well, because of the envy of him, they came to their father cry. Now this weeping was a fake crying, it was a fake weeping. And they only intended by this to make their father think that a wolf had eaten. Yusuf

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alayhi salatu salam, and they wanted to show that they were remorseful because of that, even though they weren't. Then after that they verbally mentioned to their father, that that a wolf had eaten Yusuf alayhi salatu salam. So now they combined between lying with the tongue, along with lying with one's actions. How do we cure lying, there's a number of ways. There's number of ways of how we can cure line

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knowledge with certainty that will not benefit the person who's lying. Yeah, because lying in the end, it might benefit person in the short term, but in the long term, Allah subhanaw taala is gonna punish the person. So he should always remember a loss pantalla he should remember that lying will lead him will lead him to bad consequences. And if you remember Allah, this will make him have fear of Allah. And consequently that will make him mindful of what he is saying and what he's doing. So remind him that he's actually a worshipper of Allah. And ultimately, it's the pleasure of a Lost Planet Allah that He seeks and not and if he lies, then Lost Planet Allah will not be pleased with

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him. Another remedy is to get well acquainted with the virtues of truthfulness and also to realize that truthfulness always will prevail in particular, once you

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Remember that it is vital that a person only speaks the truth, when he attributes something to the Prophet size, that's very important point,

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an eyelid at the level. And he said, a very interesting statement, he said that when, if I was to be dropped from the sky, and if I was to fall from the sky that is more beloved to me than actually,

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than lying against the prophets of lies. Likewise, a person should fight himself with the punishment of a large pile of data, and think to himself that the punishment of Allah is much greater upon me than the temporary than the punishment that I may receive. Now, if I tell the truth, a person comes home, for example, his parents asked him, where is he, a child is asked Where Where were you? If he tells the truth, he's gonna get punished, if he lies, he may get away with it. But you should realize that the punishment of Allah upon him, and the Wrath of Allah upon him is much greater than the wrath of his mother, for example, on him, and he should remember the day of resurrection he'll,

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he should remember that on that day, his mother's gonna find out anyway, the lies. And also he should warn against one himself against the consequences of lying in this life and how it can be embarrassing. So on the one hand, he frightens himself on the punishment of Allah, which is in Africa, but also in this life, and think about how embarrassing it would be when people find out that he was like, I mean, even if they don't find out in this lesson, as I said, they'll find out in the aka, he should also realize that any kind of lying in this life will eventually lead to remove in this life in the acid. Also, he could look at the Prophet Sessoms characters, and see what are

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the two names that the prophet SAW some was known by mean alameen

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Assad Assad, Al amin, meaning

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trustworthy one, and saw that

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says the truth, the one who says the truth, the truthful one, and these, this is the In fact, even the enemies of the Prophet size seven would accept that this was the case. And so we can see this in a very, we can see this in a very clear story about what happened when the Prophet has to enter the category when they were fighting about who's going to put the Blackstone in its place. But we'll speak about that after listening to what some of the viewers have to say about this. For example, we can take the Cold War, which have which ended just in 1990, between Russia and America, it was all based on lies. For example, they said they made a bomb that can destroy the world. There was nothing

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like this, but the whole community was affected by it. People got scared Americans start to make arms, Russia start to make arms all of them depended on this one line. I think that the more lies you say the greater effects a community person can lie to himself to the others and to Allah, crankier, lying by getting closer to Allah by praying and fasting and all this worships. And the way to know and to know that lying is not useful in many situations, and try to control ourselves. Yes. So going back to what we were talking about, where the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was known as El amin or the trustworthy one. And Assad, there is a very clear example,

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which is when he entered the the harem of Makkah, the great grandma's comarca. When the Croatia building the Kaaba, what happened? Who knows?

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They were arguing those different parts of them from different tribes from the courage they were arguing as to who should place the Blackstone in its

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position in the tub. And so they said, okay, fun was about to bring water. Everyone wanted the honor of doing it, why is it such an honorable thing?

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So they said, Okay, we'll wait for the first person who enters, enters the theater, to place it and just so happened to enter the theater first entered into the huddle first and then he said, okay,

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each of you will have a cloth for it, and we'll place a block and each of the tribes can hold what was their reaction when the prophets I send them came, because they agree that the next person who comes in he will decide there was a reaction that will happen because he had this reputation of being

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trustworthy, honest and sound. Yeah, so interesting, held their respective corners, and they placed it each person from one tribe to tribe and there was no arguments.

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So this is a very clear example where a person who does have honor and he does have this quality of truthfulness, people end up respecting him and following him, and in the same way, we should follow the prophet in this character of of truth.

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Also to remove this quality of line from a person he should remember that line often leads to further line. And this is why it's said that the greatest, greatest punishment for lying is that one lie leads to another. And this can be shown in the example of a student who is supposed to hand in his homework, if he lies, and says he can't hand it in, because his father is sick in hospital, for example, then if the teacher comes along and asks him which hospital is your father in so I can visit him, then he's stuck. So he ends up having to lie again, oh, my father was discharged from the hospital today, or he's been transferred to another country or something ridiculous, such that the

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the teacher can't visit. So one lie, follows another lie.

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Also, he should take refuge in Allah subhanaw taala, from shaitan, because shaitaan is the one who's who's advising him to lie. He should also supplicate to Allah subhanaw taala asking Allah begging Allah to remove this evil characteristic, and replace it with good characteristics and allies, the one who created him, and Allah is the one who can change him. Also, one can punish himself, every time he lies, you can put a rubber band around his wrist as some people do. And every time they do something bad then they you know, they stretch the rubber band and let go, and it hurts a little bit. But there's more severe ways of punishing, for example, and beneficial ways of punishing every

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time I like I'm gonna pray 10 records of night for every time I lie, I'm gonna last three days for example, every time I give, you know, sorry, such and such money in charity. So there's ways there's ways to to do that. Now, there are certain cases where lying is permitted in Islam. And the amount of nowhere an ally summarizes he said, that even though the general rule with regards to lying is that it is around it is allowed in some situations with conditions and when he can, he says that we can summarize this as follows this speech is a means to reach certain goals. So every praiseworthy goal that we can be can be achieved without lying, then it is totally haram to achieve that goal by

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line. Okay, any praise worthy gold, that one can only can achieve by lying as well as not lying, then it's wrong to lie. But if this praiseworthy goal cannot be achieved except by lying. And if the goal is permissible lying is permissible to achieve it, and it is obligatory to achieve that goal, then lying becomes obligatory in that case. Now, this might seem a bit confusing, but Amanda, no, he gives an example. He says, if a Muslim is hiding from an oppressor, who comes to who intends to kill him, or he's hiding his wealth from someone who intends to steal it, and someone else has asked about him or about his wealth, then it is obligatory upon him to conceal to lie in order to conceal.

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So someone comes to your door, okay, let's just say somebody is hiding in your house and Muslim is hiding in your house. And then who wants to come and kill him?

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He comes and asks you, where is this man? What do you say, in that scenario is allowed for you to like say, Oh, you know, I don't know where he's, he's not here, you can actually lie. So you can lie and say he doesn't know where the person is or where the wealth is, in order to protect that person. And as well. However, a man would know, he continues to say, it is better to give an equivocal answer is one that is not clear or definite and meaning one that has two different meanings or can be interpreted in more than one way in order to avoid lying altogether. So in the previous example, one could say try looking for him in the masjid, try looking for him in the school in the

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supermarket. So he's not explicitly saying that he's not here. He's not explicitly lying, but he's say giving the impression to the oppressor, that the person is in the masjid whereas in reality is in his own home, and he's trying to save him from being killed. Now, at this point.

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However, it is allowed for him in this situation to lie explicitly and say he's not here. Okay to save the persons from the oppressor. However, it's preferable to give the equivocal answer as we've mentioned, and inshallah with this we've ended, a series of episodes on lying, and in the next episode, we'll talk about some more further diseases of the soul, which one needs to remove oneself from in order to attain the purification of the soul for sallallahu wasallam Oh barik ala nabina, Muhammad Ali. He was a pH minor saramonic

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