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Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of lie, including removing bad and good characteristics, and the use of brother in law to make false accusations. They stress the importance of being honest and willing to pay for one's merchandise, and provide examples of instances where lie is used, such as in Egypt. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding lying about situations and reporting every aspect of a story for the truth to avoid damaging one's reputation. They also mention the potential consequences of lying about things, such as breaking up relationships with one's religion, and the importance of narrating every aspect of a story to ensure the truth is told.
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Alaikum and welcome to another episode of purification of the soul where we're discussing some of the characteristics that a believer must remove from his soul the bad characteristics and adding some good characteristics to him to his himself. We have with us in the studio, our usual guests, Brother Mohammed on my right. So now we have Ahmed

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and we have grace.

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Now in the last episode, we were talking about lying and about how apparent the sin is. And we spoke about we said that there are many occasions when people lie. The first occasion that we mentioned is lying about a Lost Planet Allah. Let's have a recap on that what is lying against Allah? What does it mean to dimension things about the

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real really that doesn't exist? Not true. Although we have no knowledge of and therefore may be incorrect. Yes. And so for example, you know, worshipping a lot I can use your brother in law.

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I think that doesn't

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come on the line against a loss of data, or speaking about a loss Dean allows religion on

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the universe land without knowledge, how would that be the case?

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If somebody asks, saying that, now Allah has made this permissible when he hasn't. Exactly and this is considered to be lying in Islam. So this is the greatest type of lie, the most severe type of like lying about a Lost Planet Allah and His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke about this, he said, Man, Casanova, la muthambi. Then forget about what MacArthur who did not have Okanagan that whoever intentionally speaks about me, they let him take his seat in the Hellfire in the fire. So this honey shows that it is absolutely Haram. Absolutely, categorically haram to lie about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This includes attributing

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something to him as a statement, or attributing an action to him. Now unfortunately, many people fall into doing this grave sin when they even sometimes they want to either encourage someone from doing good or prohibit them from doing something bad. And although the intention may be good, what they should know is that they're actually incurring the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala by lying about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and they're preparing their own seeds in the hellfire. Why is it that people would like and

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there could be enemies of Islam who want to change. This is one example. There could be enemies of Islam who actually want to change the religion of Islam. So, they make up and fabricate Hadith, pretending that they belong to the Prophet slicin that the prophet SAW Some said you could even use the same example there will be people who who are trying to make a good in religion and therefore they will say professors have said so and so on. So when that is not the case, let's have an example. first and then someone will say if you do this, you will get this and this reward. Yeah, if you do such and such act of worship, you will get for example, you know, such and such a reward in

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the paradise could even be a good action like praying,

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pray, if you pray

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1010 rockers often,

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you will get no such and such reward here. And this could be on two types. You could either attributed directly to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by saying the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this, and this is obviously totally wrong. And the person is incurring the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala. But also one could just say if you do this, you'll get this reward. This is lying about Allah.

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So we have lying about a lot and lying about the prophet SAW. Someone may argue he might say, well, if I lie,

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if I make up a hadith to encourage someone doing an act of worship, something good, a good deed, well, why is that wrong? Why Is that wrong? Because I'm actually doing something good by encouraging them to do an act of worship, like praying, like fasting, like playing soccer, like doing like going for jihad, like, you know, and all the other various good acts of worship. Someone might say, if I make up these rewards, and attribute them to the product size, and while it's going to encourage people, everyone can easily control so that the scenario is complete. machinery has complete polyoma are committed to Lancome Dena company.

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So as I have today completed your religion, your religion of Islam, what month to La mattina have perfected upon you, my Nana, my blessing. What are the two luckmann Islam Medina and I have chosen for you Islam, and I've been pleased with Islam as your religion, your way of life. So since the religion is complete the Prophet size and and whatever he said, that's enough for us, whatever is good processing has told us Yes, whatever is good the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would have told us because if a person he lies about prophets in the lives of not only is incurring the Wrath of Allah, because he's lying about the profits of love Islam, but actually he's inventing things into the

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religion of Islam is inventing things into the religion of Islam and the prophets Lyceum segment. Medina hadda mellissa min hoffa,

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whoever introduces into this way of hours into this affair as that which is not from it, it will be rejected. So it's lying upon the messenger. And the law is that

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the scholars differ about this. However, what they all agree on is that it is at least at the level of major sin. Now there's enough in the authentic collection of Hadith, to warn against anything Haram, and to discourage doing or sorry to encourage doing anything good. So a person should be very careful to ensure that when he attributes something to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it is found in an authentic hadith. So that's one occasion or there are two occasions where people lie against white people like one line over Allah, lying about a lot and lying about the Prophet Muhammad. So

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another common occasion, when people lie is when they are trying to sell some merchandise, they have an item they want to sell it. And so is Britain reported that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the businessmen or the traders on the sinners, it was said, O Messenger of Allah, didn't Allah allow trade? He replied, Yes. But they take old and then sin by breaking them, and they speak, and then lie, and lie. So this shows very clearly that unfortunately, in the marketplace, in business, many people lie.

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How could this be the case? versus one could say that?

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I want to sell you this laptop. It's in perfect pristine condition, when in fact it's not and then they may have some defects in it. Yes, and this would be vicious. In Arabic. This is called official concealing the folds of one's merchandise. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about this manifest Shana felician, whoever okama called whoever

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he whoever deceives us is not from us. It's not from us. How else could this be done?

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example, you know, a trader would say, well, Ah, here this, I bought this at this price. When he hasn't, he bought for a much cheaper prices. So here he's combined between swearing by Allah taking an oath by law, which they had mentioned, which is not true, just false. And also He's lying. This is another example where lying is in business in the same way, people who provide services, and they don't fulfill what they said that they're going to do. Again, it's like, I'll do this, this, this, this when he knows that there's no way he can do this, this, this and this, and that. So it is obligatory upon the seller to inform the buyer of any defects if there is any deficiency in the

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merchandise, but some people might say, Well, you know, if I tell of these defects, nobody's going to buy it at the price that I want. How would you respond to that? That doesn't deserve to be sold at that price? This is from Islam, to be honest. So one must be honest, even if it means that you'll produce one result. Yes, that's right. One has to be honest. And likewise, once you look at the other person's point of view, he's gonna buy some merchandise just like you when you buy merchandise, you don't want the other person to sell you deficient merchandise, you want it to be in good condition in the end, or at least you want to know about its deficiencies before you buy. So

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you can price price it right you can judge the right price. So it works both ways. Islam comes in it deals for the benefit. It solves the problems for the benefit of all people. It doesn't just look at one person's greed. Surely an honest trader will have more blessing in is That's right. That's not the point that it's been experienced that a person who is honest in his trade, and inshallah he will find that he will have more repeat customers. For example, people know that he's not a false, you're a liar and so on and so forth. another occasion when people lie, is to joke and make people laugh. The prophets lie Selim is reported to have said woe to those who speak and lie to make people laugh.

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So well.

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To them, both of them. I mean, an example of that is when someone hides another person's shoes. And this is explicitly mentioned in what he's hiding someone's shoes saying, Hey, I don't know where they are. Why? Because in this scenario, the person doesn't actually know whether the person is telling the truth or not. There are occasions where,

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where one can hide the truth without explicitly mentioning it. And we'll talk about that more after the break in charlo. Todd

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Moscow has a program, which aims to answer your questions about your deen your faith, your way of life, this course, is Islam, this is a totally different price, but I divided the payment over this period of time. And the seller is the person or the firm which owns it mature by this condition. This whole business transaction is

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi, wa barakaatuh. And welcome back.

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We were talking about lying and how it's such a despised sin in the religion of Islam. Actually, in some religions, lying is actually allowed, or in some, some people they think that to lie, in order to conceal their religion, in fact, and they call it topia, they say this is allowed as a slum, no, we cannot lie in these situations at all. Now, we let us have a look at some examples of consequences of lying. Why is it that Islam has prohibited lying? Let's have some consequences of like real life examples, real life examples,

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where somebody might have lied, and that led to something bad. Yeah, it may have led to, for instance, may have led to that person's reputation being completely damaged. We've got an example for this. Yeah, actually, when I arrived in Egypt, I wanted to buy a SIM card,

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a SIM card, telephone, telephone SIM card, so ended up going to the shop. And then I said, Okay, I want to buy this and this, and the person showed me, okay, this is very good. Buy this. And then I ended up paying 270 Genie genies for when in fact, it's only worth 30.

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At least something happened to me similar in Egypt as well. So because of that, I want a lot of people for buying from that. And that would be great for me. So when you want other people so the guy instead of his things, he made a quick buck, if you like, there's lots of lots of trade, similar thing happened to me when I paid much, much more for a service where I should have paid much less Yes. Do you have any

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one that can maybe have even more serious effects is that for example, person he wants to you want to look important, or he wants to gain some benefits. So for example, now he goes to the police, and says, You know, I have some, I have some information, I can help you, you know, such and such person, you know, he's a criminal, he does such and such bad things, you know, you know, watch out for him, you know, investigate him. So maybe based on what he likes, just to really not, yeah, a criminal. Yeah. So, you know, just to look important in front of the police, or just to, you know, raise his profile. And maybe the police can take drastic actions against that person. Yeah, you

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know, they may raid his house, they may, you know, and returned to this country. And there's many examples of this. You know, where the person's life has been ruined just because a person has lied against him. Okay, imagine how's the person gonna answer

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with this and this is quite an extreme example of where lines lead to something really bad. Again, it happened to be I was buying a product and I bought it at a certain price. And I saw the same product but one of my friends and I asked him what price it was, it was less much less than the price, the price I bought it at. And then we decided that we we one go and buy things from such a person who says things at a higher price. I mean, it is up

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As, as Mohammed said, it's the man's reputation. And it was once and for all, I mean, lots of people, we told our friends, and we kept on telling them that this kind of man is selling expensive things or things that

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are not that price. And the worst thing about it is that, for me, I'm sure it was for the rest of us is that we put our trust in him because he's Muslim. So we

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take them, the guy said it based upon his statement, you bought it? Yeah, I mean, it's quite common. Unfortunately, something that really we do need to purify ourselves wasn't on this insha Allah. So it's very important to avoid this kind of lying.

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But I think one way of dealing with this kind of situation is maybe going back to that person and saying, because you told me this, I've won 10 people against you, I've given them now see how we looked in a previous episode about when backbiting is allowed. And one of them is to warn the Muslims from the bad consequences of or the evil of a particular individual. So it might be good to actually go back to the person who sold you that merchandise, and say, Well, actually, if you remember us, you said to me, that it's worth this much. And based upon that word, I bought it. And I found that it's not worth this much.

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I actually went and told 10 people about this, and they've told other people so and this maybe will encourage them from doing this again, from from not doing this again, inshallah, let's have a look at some other experiences that people have had with regards to loan. Well, if you lie against God and His Prophet, then people would assume that what you're saying is true. And it's not. And that would give you false silver, serenity, and will cause an ad will make people believe that what you're saying is true, and will believe in you. And you can guide them in whatever, whatever direction because you're assuming that you're that you're the Messenger of God, while you're not.

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God is not talking to you, actually, anybody can say, can interpret God's words, but no one really knows what God's God wants, because he's got and where people, if anyone gonna lie to a person, he should be punished, but not not in life, he can maybe in the, in the afterlife? Well, I think it's a major sin. Because if you're sitting as part of it goes against all known virtues for people.

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So not all religious persons have to lie. But not everybody in general lies. But if you lie, it's against it's it means that you're not well raised, or you have an issue about something or you're afraid of something, it doesn't mean that your or it means actually that your religion is not, your relation with God is not that strong. Because if your relation with God is strong, you don't really have to lie. Yes, it's a major sin because it can cause breakups or disasters among people in the world, for our beloved ones, as well.

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That can affect a person.

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Another instance, where people lie a lot, is something a bit more hidden, something not so clear cut. And that is by reporting everything that one has. And this is because the person, he not only his truth, but he also has forced

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a person in and of themselves may well be trustworthy. He might be a person who always tells the truth. But maybe somebody in the line of narration is not telling the truth. So if he doesn't verify the information that he has before spreading it, then he'll end up speaking falsehood as well as truth. And this is why I will forever have the Allahu anhu reported that the prophets Allah said, it is sufficient to attribute to a person lying, if he narrates everything that he has, and this hadith in Sahih Muslim is sufficient to attribute to person the quality, the bad quality of lying, if he narrates everything that he has, let's, what why, why is that the case? One should make sure of

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every single thing that that knew about. I mean, a person has committed to whatever he says, I mean,

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you're not sure. When when you hear someone is talking about something, and you say you want you went on reporting it.

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It might be it might be false. After all, we've seen a devastating effect on that. In one of the lives in the lives of one of the female companions of the province of life, knows

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the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. When she was young, she was a girl of about 15 years of age. Somebody came and they were on an expedition they were on an expedition. Now in those days they would sit, the females would sit in what is called the hold edge, and how the edge is like

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Little, like little tent if you like, which is put on top of a camel. It's like a little seating tent, which you put on top of a camel. And some of the women would would sit in there while the rest of the companions would be one one person would be taking the camels nose, for example, walking and so on, so forth. So the prophets hanselman was busy in this particular expedition.

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So one of his companions was was, you know, leading the camel of eyeshadow, they love Anna, she was obviously in covered in this tent.

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She, they stopped for a break. And I showed the loved one how she said that we only used to eat one or two morsels of food a day I can.

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You know, it gives us some insight about their life. They didn't used to stuff their faces with, you know, two, three, excuse expression, two, three meals a day, as we do, but just a few morsels of food every day. And so she said that I was very thin, I was very, you know, light in weight. She got off the camel. And she went off to

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relieve herself. And of course, in those days, it didn't necessarily have bathrooms that didn't have bathrooms away we have. So she they used to go for and pause this tool or the urine, and then come back. And I showed the logo on her. She went, she came back but then she forgot that she she forgot her necklace. she'd lost the necklace. And the necklace was only made of you know, it wasn't made of gold or silver. It was made of any material that isn't even worth much. But this is another quality of the Sahaba they would never waste things. And so she went back she didn't want to lose something like this. It was precious to her, even though it wasn't worth much in financially for like

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she goes off to look for the necklace. She comes back and the caravan is gone. Now in this hoodie, I shot the love on her herself. She's narrating this heading. And she says and look at this, the beauty of her character. She says the people

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they went off and perhaps it was because we weren't light. We weren't very heavy. So he didn't realize the person who was leading the camera. He didn't realize that I wasn't there. So she makes an excuse for him. She didn't curse him or criticize him. So no, they went off. So they went off. So she said okay, I found out I realized that inshallah they'll come back Oh, they realized that I'm missing. So I went to sleep. And this is another very important thing. She's in the middle of the desert. And she's just she's probably very scared. But yes, she's she's only 15 years old.

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But yet she's she simply goes to sleep she's not you know, she has trust in a Lost Planet Allah, just full trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Now, in this scenario, what happened was, one of the companions of the Prophet SAW I saw them came. And so I showed her love and her lying there now is as we know, she used to wear what is known now as a face covering. But because she was sleeping, she had it up. So this companion recognized her, how did he recognize her? Because he had seen her in, he had seen her before the ayat of hijab revealed before the verses older and the women to cover their bodies and faces were revealed the verse of the Quran. So he this companion had seen so that's

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how he recognized her.

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And she said that I woke up and all I heard was this companion saying in Allah, he were in La raggio. That's all I heard. And I just got up and I followed him. In other words, she he got on this camel, she

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stood on his camel or horse, I forget which one and they carried on walking. Now there was a lie that took place which you could imagine, based upon this incident, but inshallah in the next episode, we're going to come back to this incident, and look in a bit more detail about how this line affected or affected I shall do Allahu

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wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali. He was happier to me

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