Yasir Qadhi – Heart Matters #01 – Towards A Purification of the Soul

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah all praises due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has blessed us to witness another Ramadan, a month of prayer and fasting and recitation of the Quran. And may Sadat and Salah be upon the one who has sent as Rama tellin al Amin, the one whose intercession we seek on your Medina,

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the strongest custom or oath in the entire Quran. The statement that Allah emphasizes the most in terms of oats and swearing, is what occurs in Surah twist Shamcey will do Allah, Allah gives 11 oats was Shamsi water ha ha will come at either tele 11 oats, Allah swears by the Sun the moon the night the day Allah swears 11 oats there is no place in the Quran that has anywhere close to 11 oats, What is Allah azza wa jal give me the custom on other F Lucha Monza Ka, the one who purifies his soul shall be successful. There is no other statement in the entire Quran, that is given this amount of emphasis, the one who purifies his soul is going to be successful. In fact, the concept of purifying

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the soul is why Allah sent down the Quran and revealed the prophets Allah sent the prophets to purify the soul who already birth if and only in our Sula men whom yet to do it, him it he will use a key him he has sent a prophet to purify them, and Allah tells us that Jana will only be for those who have to Zeca whether the Caja omen to Zakka whoever has desk here will be in Jannah. In fact, this concept of Teskey a purification is so powerful that in a very amazing passage, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala tells Musa to go to the single worst mahalo the most wretched human being in all of human history. Allah tells us in the Quran, nobody is going to be punished worse than fit out. Right? And

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Allah azza wa jal gave around one way out, there was one path of salvation, one mechanism that the worst of the worst could manage to be saved. So Allah said to Musa go to frown, and ask him Halakhah and Tezuka Do you want to purify your soul? I'll tell you how to do that. Even fear around, had a way out, if he did that Ischia of his soul. So in sha Allah to Allah today, and the rest of this month if Allah gives us life and power in sha Allah, who to Allah, every single day, we'll be talking a little bit about this concept of this gear to knifes and how what approaches this gear to enough's today let's begin with some definitions. What is this gear to nurse the word test gear has

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two meanings number one to purify and number two to nurture and grow, so does Kia means you get rid of the negative and it also means you make support the positive you get rid of the evil and you support the positive you nurture. So this is that Skia and as for knifes, a lot of people get confused. What is the difference between knifes and raw and curl? So inshallah very briefly summarize this is a discussion that is very long, if not pay him talks about in his Kitab EROI Imam Al Ghazali talks about it here Aluma Deen lots of Allah ma talk about it. I'll summarize one of the opinions will Allah Who tie the item in the end so listen carefully, and this will explain to the

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difference between knifes and rule and

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the word knifes is the broadest of them. And it sometimes applies to the body and soul combined, and sometimes only to the soul. So Allah says, Allah Who Yatta waffle and Fusa Hanaa motiva that Allah azza wa jal causes the knifes to die Kulu nuff sin via cultural remote, so the knifes is the body and the soul combined when it dies, the soul goes out. As for the rule, the rule is that which is inside of the body and brings the body to life. When Allah uses the term rule when the Quran or the Sunnah use it to term ROI. It doesn't mean the body it means only the inside that is the spiritual essence that brings the heart to life that brings the body to life. They ask you about the raw

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waste. Aruna Condor say Allah knows what the rule says you have no knowledge except a little and our Prophet says that I'm said that when the fetus is in the mother's womb, the rule comes and is blown into it. So the rule is distinct.

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And when the rule comes inside it becomes alive. So the rule is only used for the soul it is never used for the body and soul. As for the knifes, it is sometimes used for both and sometimes use only for the rule. And then as for the color, it is the law. If you have Venn diagrams, each one is inside of the other the curb is within the soul, the rule and the knifes and the curb is that faculty that is able to comprehend and think within the soul, just like our physical bodies have a brain and a heart. So to the soul, the rule has the equivalent, the rule has a cognitive capability. The rule has within it a function of spiritual thinking. That function of spiritual thinking is

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called the cult. So when Allah azza wa jal mentions the cult in the Quran, he's talking about within the rule, there is a cognitive faculty, the faculty are the capability to love Allah subhanho wa Taala to be guided or to be misguided. So Allah says their hearts have a disease. Allah azza wa jal says their hearts have been rusted and Allah says the hearts have Taqwa. And Allah says Allah writes Imani in their hearts. So notice he ascribes good and bad he ascribes positive and negative he ascribes good emotions and body emotions to the color so the color is the center. So when Allah says the knifes, it applies to the knifes and the rule and the color, when Allah says the rule, it

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applies to the door handle color. And when Allah says the color, it only applies to the color is that clear three Venn diagrams, each one is brighter than the other and the smallest is the color. Hence when Allah says gear to enough's, what he's indicating is that when you purify the color, the whole body will be purified. And this is exactly what our profit system said that verily within the body, there is a lump there is a piece if that piece is pure, the entire body is pure. So how do we achieve this gear to knifes by two mechanisms number one, by adding and by nurturing positive elements, positive characteristics and number two, by eliminating and protecting our hearts from

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negative elements. So for the rest of our lectures insha Allah Allah will be mentioning both positive and negative, what should we acquire? What should we put into our hearts? What should we fight for? What should we nurture and what should be wary of what should we be cautious of what we should neglect and the final point inshallah Tada and of course we're always gonna have to have to be very quick, you know, between seven to 10 minutes is my goal. Insha Allah the final point, and this is the most profound in sha Allah Allah. Allah ascribes the success of our deen and duniya to the dusky of the heart. Allah azza wa jal links Jenna to the dusky of the heart. In fact, the verse

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mentions genital for those for the dusky of the heart. This is empowering. It is a divine gift to all of us. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that regardless of the circumstances of your life, you have within you the power to unlock your own secret you have within you no power on earth can come between you and your occult, right? No power on earth can come between you and your spiritual soul. And Allah is telling us if you unlock your own soul, if you can reach your own inner potential, if you can purify what's inside, you shall get to the highest of the high. Therefore brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter what is happening outside of your life. It doesn't

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matter whether you're rich or poor. It doesn't matter whether you're male or female. It doesn't matter whether you have family, no family, it doesn't matter if you're the emperor or you're locked into jail. Every single human being without exception has the potential to tap inside of themselves has the potential to go inside and purify their heart and reach the highest of the high so Allah subhana wa Tada is telling you within you is the secret of your success and within you also is the cause of your failure. So our goal in sha Allah to Allah is to tap into that potential to unlock the secrets of the call and to rise higher and higher May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who

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listen to Allah statements and follow the best of it and will continue tomorrow was said on why they can Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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