I Want My Child To Be A Scholar, What Should I Do

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What should one do to make his child a  scholar of Islam?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi implores upon parents to only guide and provide a suitable platform for one’s child towards their ambitions and dreams and not to force our aspirations as parents upon them. What can be done then?

Lots of dua, setting positive precedents in terms of behaviour, learning of the Deen should be the norms of adoption.

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The speaker advises parents to encourage their children to pursue a chef-ops, practice positive role models, and allow them to pursue a path that is beneficial for their child. They also suggest praying and practicing online to help children improve their chances of being recognized as a scholar. Finally, the speaker advises parents to avoid forceing their children to pursue a path they don't want to pursue.

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I want my son to be a chef. What do I do?

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Firstly, brothers and sisters, do not live your dreams through your children, you cannot force your children to be anything. You don't want to force your child to become a scholar, and then he will resent you or stuff for Allah, even Islam. So be careful about that encourage and provide a good platform but do not force Secondly, the best way to do this is to expose your child to good role models, positive role models, take them to Islamic lectures, have them memorize the Quran, encourage them in a positive way. Thirdly, lots and lots and lots of pray to Allah subhana wa tada that your child is blessed to go down this path. Fourthly, you yourself and your family should become involved

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in learning Islam, make it a family activity, listen to lectures together online, quiz your children, make them something that they're inquisitive about this and then after that, really it is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if they choose this path that hamdulillah if they choose to go down another path, then allow them to do so because you do not want to force a child to become something they don't want to do, because that might possibly lead to a resentment or even a rejection of what you're trying to make.