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away from the major sins ignore the whispers of the Sheraton

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stealing stay away from the major sins.

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Ignore the whispers

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam, ala man, boys, metal, I mean, Allah, Allah, he was mine. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to another episode of soul reflection where we're talking about matters to do with purification of the soul. I'm your host of this salon. In the last episode, we started to speak about asset, envy, jealousy, a very evil disease. And sometimes we often think that envy is to simply want something that somebody else has. But that's not envy. Envy is to want another person's blessing to be removed from him or her. So we talked about how if I wished that somebody else who has a car is removed of

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that blessing, meaning that he loses that car, then this comes under hazard, or envy jealousy in Islam. As for if I said, on the other hand, that I don't want that blessing to be removed from that person. But what I want is a similar car for myself, then this is not hazard. This is a crypto, this is crypto crypto is to want or desire a similar blessing. And crypto is permissible. In Islam, you can perfectly you know, without any problem in Islam, wish for yourself something that somebody else has, or something similar to what someone else has. So that's the difference between hazard, which is where you want somebody to be removed or a blessing that Allah has blessed them with. And where

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you don't want them to be removed of that blessing, but you desire something similar. We talked about how evil hazard is. So it's very pertinent, very important that we learn how to cure ourselves of this disease.

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Well, there are a number of things that we can do, in order to cure ourselves from hazard. Number one, we must have certain knowledge of the fact that hazard is harmful to us, in this world, in the dunya. And in the hair often.

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So this envy cannot harm the other person. Right? By having hazard of somebody else. I'm definitely harming myself. So I need to know, and check and realize that this has said, it only harms me. And this is the first way to cure herself to understand that this envy is actually harmful to me, to the one who's having hazard and this envy ultimately manifests itself in, you know, being angry towards Allah's decree, because ultimately Who is the one that decreed that that person should have this blessing or not? It is Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is Allah. So when a person has hustled for another person, he should realize this, firstly, that ultimately, he's getting upset with a decree

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of Allah. And Allah is all wise. He's all knowledgeable, he's most merciful, is capable of all things. So if that's the case, one should be pleased with Allah subhanaw taala as decree. So this is a crime, firstly, against a law that you're questioning Allah's decree. Secondly, it's also a crime against your Muslim brother. Just because you can hide this hazard in this world, you won't be able to hide it in the Hereafter, and that person will know that you are jealous of him or her in the hereafter. Number two, and that leads to the second point is to also have knowledge that envy is a crime against your own self, as well as your fellow Muslim. Because what you've done is you've

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departed from a way of the messengers. And actually, you have followed the way of a police a police shape

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He was envious of Adam alayhis salam and so he refused to Prostrate to Adam, which was a command that Allah obliged him to follow. But he refused out of envy. Are you going to be a person who follows a police? Or are you going to be a person who desires and tries to emulate the messengers, the prophets, the prophets who wished for other people, the religion of Islam, that which they have for themselves, they wanted good for their people. In fact, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, law, you know, I had had, you had Bali as he he may you have boo, Lena say that none of you truly believes until he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself. This is true man.

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So what is the opposite of that is to have acid is to have envy, to wish that your brother does not get this blessing. So hasit is a very dangerous disease, we have to learn to cure this. The third way of trying to cure hazard is to reflect on the harms of envy in this life. We should sit down and really think about the harms of envy in this life. So we've talked about the harms of envy in the hereafter. What about the harms of envy in this life? Well, when you look at this, the person who is envious than his heart is always in pain. He always wishes that, you know, the other person's blessing is removed from him. And when the person gets another blessing, then he feels pain. He gets

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upset. He wishes that that person doesn't have this new blessing. And then he is blessed again, he gets upset again, who is the one that suffers and this one is the envious one, his heart feels the pain. Every time this person is blessed with something. And this is a problem for him, and only him. So if he reflects on the harms of envy in this life, then his heart will be able to remove this envy and throw it out. But if he just ponders over and over, oh, that person was blessed with this. How come he's got a wife? or How come she's got a husband? How come she's better looking than me How comes they've just been blessed with another child. How comes I don't have that car, but they do how

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comes they got promotion, but I didn't get promotion, how comes this and how comes that every time a person is thinking about this, and he is actually harming himself. He's harming himself. And then he has started to get depressed and start to get upset. And this is only gonna get even more, you know, envious because it's giving him bad conditions of the heart on one condition leads to another condition of the heart. Number four, he has to realize that envy does not harm the one that he is envy, he should realize that the fact that he's having this harm is not going to change our laws, gathered the fact that he has this envy in his heart. It's not going to change Allah's decree, this

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person has got this blessing, and it will only be removed, if Allah wishes it to be removed. Number five,

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he should strive for contentment in the face of Allah's decree, he should preoccupy himself with the blessings that Allah has given him. And this is a very important point. Look at those beneath you don't look at those who are better than you in this dunya. But do the opposite when it comes to the religion. Look at people more pious than you who do better deeds, any more good deeds than we Subhanallah we do the opposite. If someone comes to us and says, oh, Brother, why are you not doing this good deed or that good deed.

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A person thinks, at least I'm better than that person over there. At least I don't do that bad deed and that bad deed. And he started this. And this is a bad thing. But when it comes to the dunya, with the opposite, instead of looking at someone who is below us in the dunya, somebody who doesn't have enough, or as much wealth as us, we look at somebody who has more wealth. And we say Oh, I wish I was like that, by doing this. And opening yourself up to this continuously looking or I want this, I want that I want this I want that. Then what happens is this eventually can lead to envy if you are not careful. And then every time this other person, your neighbor, somebody else has this

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blessing, or has another blessing given to him by Allah, then your heart starts to feel upset. So strive for contentment in the face of Allah decree.

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Number six, doing actions which define that

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envy, so some envy can be natural. And this what I call the first glance syndrome. So, in Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, luck and natural law, you have the first glance, what does this mean? When a person he sees someone from the opposite gender, who is not a Muharram to Him, who it would be permissible for him to marry, then Islam tells you that you are only allowed to have that first glance. After that, you have to lower your gaze, the first glance was out of your control. Once that's done, that's finished. You can't do anything about that. The lady has come, for example, and you've seen her, Islam does not punish you for that first glance. But where Islam

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punishers is where you continue to stay. Or you keep Okay, up and down, up and down. That is what is haram. But as for the first glance, this is permissible, you're allowed the first glance, in the same way.

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Envy also has a natural form to it. For example, as soon as the envy hits your heart, do not water that seed, throw it out. The first envy you might be forgiven for because it's natural, but then do the complete opposite. Don't sit there and water that seed and think about it. Imagine you have a seed that's just been planted. Is it easier to remove that seed at the beginning? Or is it easier to remove it when it becomes a huge tree? Of course, it's easy to remove it when it's at the beginning. But if you water that seed, in the case of envy, envy hits your heart, and you keep thinking about it pondering over it. This is watering that seed, then the envy gets greater and greater and

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greater. And then what happens? You find it difficult to remove it from your heart. So the sixth way to remove has said is to do the opposite of what your heart desires to do. We'll hold this thought until after the break. Assalamu aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen what will suddenly was Limbo island on boys Island mean? While Allah He was mine Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. Before the break, we were talking about hassard or some of the cures for hazard. crypto is permissible. But hazard is haram. And we said that there are a number of ways to cure a person from hazard. We said that number one, we have to cure ourselves from hazard by realizing sincere knowledge, certain knowledge, that hasn't only harms us that it is very harmful to a person donia this life as well as the hereafter they are.

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And so by understanding this, the person should realize that actually by being envious, I'm not actually doing anything except for harming myself. Number two, he should realize that he is committing a crime against Allah and against his fellow Muslim. He is questioning the decree of Allah. Because Allah is the one who decreed that that person gets that blessing and against one's fellow Muslim, because he doesn't want that person to be blessed by Allah. Rather, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You know, I had to come, have you had buddy, he may have been enough say that none of you truly believes until he loves for his brother, what he loves for

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him self. The third way to cure ourselves of hasit is to reflect on the harms of envy in this life, we should realize that a person who is afflicted with hazard, His heart is always upset. He's always angry, he gets distressed, he gets depressed. And this leads to pain in his heart. And he just keeps thinking about the same thing over and over again. And the more he's thinking about the blessing that this person has got, then this person gets another blessing. And he starts thinking about that, and so on and so forth. This only weakens his Eman And it makes him less likely to do a bother he's preoccupying himself. His thoughts are preoccupied with the blessings that somebody else has got. So

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he should realize the harm that this has it has on himself. Number four, he should realize that no matter how much hazard he has, he will not be able to change Allah's decree. Allah decreed something for that person is

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hasit will not change that. If our laws decreed that this person is going to get this blessing, then this person will get this blessing with or without you liking whether you like it or not. So when he realizes this, he realizes that by doing hazard is only increasing incense, and his good deeds are being wiped away.

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So when he realizes this in sha Allah, this is another cure for hazard. Number five, striving for contentment in the face of decree, we said, we said that if a person looks at somebody below him in the dunya, then he will start to appreciate what Allah has given him, that he should sit there and enumerate the blessings of Allah, that Allah has given him and he won't be able to do that. So I think Subhan Allah, Allah has given me eyes. Allah has given me a nose, Allah has given me a mouth, Allah has given me the ability to speak, Allah has given me the ability to sit down. Allah has made me a free person, I'm not in jail, for example, Allah give me a spouse or children or parents or

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whatever that may be, or a job or wealth, and the thing that Allah has given me, he can take it back from me. So when a person strives for contentment in the face of Allah, He is grateful and thankful to Allah, no matter what he's got. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while we're in Jakarta, as Eden, if you are grateful to Allah, you are thankful to Allah, then I will increase you, then I will increase. So if you're thankful to Allah for the blessings that he's given you, then Allah will increase you in good.

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Number six, we said to do actions which define natural envy, we said that we should never water, the seed of envy, when envy hits your heart, immediately remove it, don't sit there thinking about it, when you think about it, then you're actually watering that seed until it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And the higher, or the larger this tree gets, this plant becomes a tree and so on and so forth, the greater it becomes, the harder it is to uplift and uproot this tree, the same thing with envy. When envy settles in your heart, initially, it just hits your heart like a seed planted immediately. At that point, it's easy to remove the envy with sincere devotion to Allah subhanaw

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taala, with a sincere resolve to remove it. But if you sit there watering this envy, what happens? What happens? When you ponder and think and you're continuously thinking about this envy, then in actuality, what you're doing is you're watering that tree of envy, and it becomes greater and greater. So how do you remove it, you do the opposite of what your knifes your soul wants to do. So initially, maybe your soul wishes to harm that person, then what you should do is do the opposite. Maybe give that person a gift. Maybe in your heart, you're wishing that that person, his blessing is removed, maybe he has a car, and you wish that he doesn't have that car, and you're wishing that he

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doesn't have that car inside of your heart, you should do the opposite. You should lift up your hands and make the answer to Allah, that Allah increases that person. Maybe Allah gives him a better car and another car. So this point I'll mention is a separate point by itself. But another example of actions defying natural envy is maybe this envy leads him to back by him. What should he do now? Instead of backbiting him, he should speak good about that person. As I said, give the person a gift, or, you know, offer to wash the car or something like this.

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Maybe the envy leads him to want to treat that person horrible. Maybe he sees him on the street, and he wants to speak to him in a bad abrupt way, do the opposite of what the soul wants to do. Instead, start speaking well of that person, say Mashallah, and so on and so forth. Speak well to that person as well. Treat him kindly. And you'll see that these actions are doing the opposite of what your soul wants to do. And if you remember, when we started this series, we spoke about how to train that wild horse. And in the same way, that's how you train your soul, the corrupt so you have to tame that soul. And how do you tame it by forcing ourselves three words, forcing your self, your soul,

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when you force the soul by doing the complete opposite of what it wants to do, then it becomes easier upon you to remove that evil disease from your heart. And remember the beauty of this. It's like a bitter pill at the beginning is difficult. However, when you take it and you tolerate it, after a while, you begin to think hey, this isn't so bad.

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This pill isn't so bad. And as time goes on, you'll say, Hey, I actually like this thing. Then as time goes on, you say, I love this thing. And then eventually you say, I can't do without it. So whenever envy comes to your heart, you do the opposite. And you will start to love doing this. Because you will see the effects of great effects of this, your heart will no longer be constrained. You won't feel the pain that you used to feel. When you see that person having more and more goodness, or blessings that Allah has bestowed upon him. You start to show kindness to that person, and then that person will show kindness back. And then that will eventually allow you to naturally

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start to love this person. And like this person. Why? Because often, it is difficult not to show kindness to somebody who is showing you kindness. Number seven, desist from envious thoughts. By engaging in good deeds, preoccupy yourself with Vicar with listening to talks, lectures, or reminders about Allah subhanaw taala and his Deen preoccupy yourself with good deeds. Why, because when you do this, then your Eman will increase. When your email increases, you're less likely to become impure in your soul. And then you are less likely to think about these evil things. Because you'll be more God conscious. And you will know that Allah knows what's in the deepest parts of your

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hearts. Number eight, and I alluded to this earlier, is to make the offer the person you envy. Now think about this as a very practical and powerful cure for envy. Imagine that I have envy for somebody who has a beautiful car. In reality, I don't want him to have that car. Because this is what he said is by definition. So what do I do, I make the art a lot in private. And this is what I should do. Oh Allah, oh, Allah, and it's difficult for me to do this. So I forced myself, Oh, Allah, give that person a really nice car. You know, I forced myself to do this, Oh Allah give him a beautiful car, and also myself, so you can make golf for yourself as well. Now this is very

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difficult. Why? Because Allah might answer the door, and he gives him a better cup. So that's why it's very difficult for you to do this. However, this is a great way of fighting the nuts doing the opposite of what the nuts wants to do. So when you make dua for this person, in private, this action is contrary to what the person is feeling and contrary to what your boss wants you to do. And in fact, this is what Allah wants for you. Remember one thing, and if this is the only reason you should do it, you should still do this, that the prophets license said, If you make the offer your brother, in his absence, for good, then the angels will say, mean and for you as well. And I will

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accept the door of the angels, the angels will say I mean and for you, so it'll be good for you as well when you make the offer your fellow Muslim. And finally, the last way of curing hazard is to make a stay either or to seek refuge in Allah from the rejected shaitan and to seek refuge in Allah from this evil disease, and to make dua that Allah cures you have it and ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove these evil diseases from our hearts and souls and to purify ourselves. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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stay away from them major sins equals

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Have mercy.

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Stay away stay away from the major sins ignore

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Mercy Mercy.

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Obi Lord, submit to Him. Avoid the danger of the major sins. Obey your Lord, repent to him. Avoid the danger of the major sins. Obey your Lord, surrender to Him. Avoid the danger that the major sins obey your load. Submit