Abu Bakr Zoud – How to attain a Tranquil Soul

Abu Bakr Zoud
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For him, humbly led up in alameen salatu salam ala rasulillah while leaving on site vs Marian or prison fix belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And may the peace Embassy of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers in Islam shala Tada we will share with you this morning is the ending passage of soul of the treasure, the ending passage of sola since any two weeks ago, we began something about solids and Virgil. Let's just end up with the final passage of the sola and what we can learn and understand from this ending passage or loss of Hana data at the end of solids and treasure in the last section of it he

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says and calls out enough so look when he says yeah a

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little bigger albeit Amalia fatale theory Bedi, what fully had nothing

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how long such a simple idea with incredible meaning and wisdom and lessons behind it, especially when one understand the ending of the soul and its relationship to the beginning of soul of the version at the end of the soul of Las panatela he calls out and this is a singular call from observation. He says yeah, you have to have enough so alumina is calling out the single knifes it's like these as a personalized that when you listen and read them you're supposed to reflect about no one but yourself then are they in the singular form and they did not come in the plural sentence allows or did not say yeah you're taught no fools will use your will or become a speaking about are

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you speaking to one knifes winter when you read these air that are so personal that one is supposed to reflect and Yanni feel of the day that allows origin tells him and speaks to him these words Yeah.

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He said the person three times as

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they mentioned it is said to the person as he's dying when the knifes when the soul of a person is leaving his body the angel Cynthia yet we're in an era hearing Arabic Hello via via web and how do you feel Sahih Muslim they sent him Jani oferuje in a little while in middle la your mom fill out the metalock come out to a pleasure have a lot of soil come out to the forgiveness of Allah. And this is why the soul of the believer when it exits the body it leaves very comfortably very easily it leaves as Allah subhana wa tada describes and seeing what Nashi about the inner spa when he takes an oath by angels that effortlessly take out the oil from the from the body and the vessel alone

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while your salami describes the process like water being poured from a bottle when you pour water from a bottle. It's very Yani there's no effort required in that very easy for the soul of the believer leaves like this, while the soul of the disbeliever is opposite to that the soul of the disbelievers alive Zoysia Lee says what nazjatar harpa Yanni I swear by the angels that have come they dive into the body and they rip up the soul and there's yet another they rip it out. Just like the palm tree is ripped out from the earth. And so how am I even on a windy day on a day where there's hurricanes, a palm tree cannot be uprooted from the earth for imagine how much force does it

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require a palm tree to be ripped out from the earth. That is the meaning of a nazjatar for they rip it up. Why is this the case so you can understand that the the blessing of an absolute binder, Linda disbeliever when he sees what Allah has prepared for him in the Hereafter, his soul doesn't want to leave and who is living in a paradise here. And what's the goal is something very disturbing for him. For the soul it doesn't want to leave say it needs to be ripped out. Meanwhile the believer what Allah has Zoysia has prepared for him of forgiveness and of blessing of nyeem outside of this world the life is much better than the condition and the state he's in in this life for his soul

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gives up and it's ready to leave. But this is why it comes out effortlessly as a loss of power dialysis when necessary about the emotional anything you think of it. If someone was getting he living let's say you know in a really worn down house, and there's a council and you said the house this is the keys to the council and you're moving for free. And very quick the same thing the same minute that you'll leave but imagine someone who's living in a council and you're seeing team you need to leave and go through that worn down house. The move is going to be very difficult that means going from what's good to what's what's worse. Yeah and he leaving the process is going to be very

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difficult one method or another. This is the example of going from this life to the hereafter for the believer he's going to our castle is going to adventure is going to meet his Lord and the pleasure of Allah and the forgiveness of Allah. So gives up it's ready to go very quickly it comes out a man a disbeliever he's going from a castle to that which Allah subhanho wa Taala is prepared for him of torture and punishment.

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it becomes very tough on the knifes to leave it all on to the body until the angels themselves they rip it out. And that is what is meant by a nazjatar Orca for loss of habitat at the end of solar. The officiant is calling out the knifes of the believer that leaves his body very easily. And he says, Yeah,

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it is first said when the person leaves when the soul leaves the body. It is said once again, when the believer comes out from his grief, the resurrection allows origin commands angels to say that the souls of the believers are yet enough soon enough. In our bigger I'll be at the malviya. Why? Because this is a moment in where there's terror and this fee you have the people are coming out. They've been resurrected from their graves. Everyone is naked running around. The brother is running away from his mother and father and his children in his partner moment for mommy not here for me. Also, I bet you have any there's chaos on that day, for the believer needs to be the only he needs

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to be given that assurance and that message of comfort and support. For once again the angels would say theme Yeah.

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You're here in a bigger audience and Malia for Holyfield. Felicia Nettie and he is basically tranquilized by these words. And the last time he hears these words is yet and as

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I mentioned, he is them directly from a boss who had no data as he enters the paradise. Well, that is the ultimate one of them. Yeah, the when you hear it from a Mars origin seem to the believers. Yeah, a year to

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get here. You know, Biggie, I'll be at Amalia for the I am going to get very personal towards the end, especially when he says we're bullish at Nettie and as opposed to saying into the paradise into my paradise, or there's something in that that is extremely important for us to reflect and ponder over when we read these last two hours in solid and visual fact Yeah, you know, in three stages. Now the question is, how does one attain an F symbol by the way that you get the doctor movement in the first journey we need to answer first, that enough super index is attained through the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Whether this is no doubt you only take this word, enough symbol and display

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the word and

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you'll find that in Surah Alonso, Julie says and a bV gorilla document in northern Peru and I believe

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that when you ask the question, what gives me a enough Submariner a tranquil knifes How do I attain it with what do I attain a tranquil laughs The answer is the Chroma is part of what Diana in general the Chroma where the plan is Jani, the greatest of the chromosomes of Hannah dad, as a lot of Sergeant says in the Quran, movie in the end, that relationship that one keeps with the plan, that's definitely going to attain your

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data is anything that attaches you and reminds you of a lot of Zoysia that's why the green line is called the remembrance of Allah. And so any worship that attaches your heart to Alonzo Hill is considered the Corolla. For solid is Nikola Optimus solid legally swam, if it reminds you of a mug keeps you connected with a lot, it's a diploma, you're sold upon your charity and you're fasting and whatever it is, that connects you Tomas origin is considered the crow law he subhanho Medina, and then you have a guarantee the general that give that one sits down and says so pata La, La La La La, La La, la, kebab, ma, ma,

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ma D. So how do I overcome this? How do I love him and vigor, so that

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is also considered thicker, thicker and solid?

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together? Then when you say Allahumma, you mentioned the name of Mozilla that is thinking and when you say some low level, you mentioned the name of Allah that he's thinking and then some Allahu alayhi wasallam you're sending your solo ad and your prayers and peace upon and maybe some Allahu Allah your center for in general all of this is considered vigor. And why are we mentioning this because a vicar Have you connected with a vicar eventually it would give you enough suitable binder and allow him at home alone, when they define the enough syllable binder, and yet he had a lot one cannot find a better meaning than this. They said enough soon enough the tranquil knifes is the

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enough is the soul that has 100% certainty in a law without any doubt of him. So,

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the moment one has true certainty and alone and does not doubt a single thing that happens in his life that it occurred by a loss of parotitis permission and he does not have any doubt of Allah subhanho wa Taala then this person has achieved that officer COPPA in a nutshell McLean that is to be certain of the last panel.

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Anna, that eliakim will be less certainty and a lot of soldier is affirmed in the heart. And there is absolutely no single room to doubt the most part about anything of his names and attributes. And anything of that which he does that is an absolute minor, and it is attained through the Chroma is that now the huge question is when we understand what obtains and gets us and grants us enough time, and that is through the decree of a loss of power that the question is, when does one attain a deficit miner, obviously, they have 24 hours a day, from among these hours of the day, and you have 365 days of the from among these days of the there needs to be certain seasons and certain times in

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where attaining and developing that knifes and my inner is better than other times for when other times? Well, this is an important question that the seeker of unobservable needs to understand the importance of this question before we answer another look, for example, if someone wants to buy a house, or you wants to buy a house, from among the first questions he asks, Is, when is the best time to buy a house? When you're looking out for the time? When is it the best to find? Or to buy a house when the price is dropping? When is it good to enter that market and buy a house? Similarly, if someone wants to go to the let's say, he wants to go to the markets or wants to go to some other

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store and buy something, he will ask when's the best time to go there? When do they have the best route? What time during the day? What time do not do if I went at night? What time should I go to avoid the traffic and to avoid the chaos and the and then the people in the crowd? And so ninja always always when you want something you're always asking first? Where do I get it from? And when do I get it when is very important enough? So we'll find that out. We understood where we get it from? We get it from the Chroma panel. But the question now is, Are there times in way magnificent lupine that could be achieved more than other times, look at the beginning of solid television. And

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your answer is that one version that's the first place in where one attains a try and grownups at the time of failure in the time of solid and visual. When you leave your house and you come to solid that visual, you you are overtaken by your tranquility that does not match it in any other time of the day or the night. This is what an absolute bargain that it's attained and it's developed during solid television at the time of solid and visual. So have a look at that again, if you don't understand what effect you're solid and visual imagery and has to developing that knifes and tranquil knifes inside of you a huge and a positive effect that it has on the knifes This is why

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you're supposed to continuously attend and you're supposed to continuously may remain on this solid like you had had the somehow the law even if you woke up late even if you woke up late come to the budget the waking up Waking up and coming late is better than waking up and going back to sleep and maybe some of my mother you and send them he says in the authentic hadith Monroe halal ministry for worship that nurse solo udia bislama automata energy

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shake. What an incredible how do you find the visa llamada usnm he says that the one who woke up and rushed to the Embassy of he went oh Highland musty they went to the masjid and he found that the people have prayed Yeah, and he has come late and then he breathes a lot of soil would give him the exact same reward as those who prayed in congregation and those that praising congregation their reward is not decreased by anything. So how the law he's given the reward of bringing congregation and he came late so that the officiant no matter what happens you make it You came late you know coming in doesn't matter. This is a time of earning a tranquil laughs and that's the beginning of

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the day. If you damage and you destroy this time, what do you have chance in the rest of the day? You kill it on yourself? This is why Mr. Walia salami says the one who does not wake up for that that vision more or less in the Hadith, and he doesn't get up he doesn't do anything. He doesn't make blue and he does not play karma Jani unlike hobbies gasland enough's he gets up and he is lazy. And he's He's nuts. It's considered hobby, not minder, hobbies, any evil and he feels disgusted during the entire day because of what he missed from a relationship and a connection with Allah that possibly could have attained him enough similar into the tranquil Duff's for that is the first time

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in where it's so solid that

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the second one, Allah Subhana data says in the second one a national that's another season in wellness is a thin layer in our show is referring to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. That is an opportunity as well, but do you find the people during those days yeah

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More on to their worship none other any other days Why? Linda Little did they know whether they knew or not that is a time in where a person develops a noticeable partner, when they are in charge of also refers to the first 10 days of the Asia including its nights as well and delay and inertia. And it refers to the first 10 days of the month of Muharram. In where Angela is found in those days, these are these are 30 days of DLR, so it gives us stations. Yeah. Now the next season that is about to come, is going to be a llama, which is Yani in may only a few more months, and we attain and we get to that month, you're supposed to prepare and get ready from now, how are you going to make the

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most of the last 10 days of Ramadan to develop the book my inner insulated fresher you find it in the 10 days in those seasons that allows your gifts the next was shift.

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A shift a lot of socialists taking an oath by the even Scheffer is an even when water is the odd in one of the opinions it refers a shiver refers to the prayers that are even in number of like at

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a bar so that and also Posada de Lucia, when what is referring to the prayers that are in number of regard, which is solid modeling. Yeah, and it

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includes the five prayers, meaning every single time of solid, we have an opportunity to earn enough so

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we have this opportunity to earn enough some of mine house by this is a message to the person that delays your solo ad. And he posted that is careless in his select during the day, and they are wasting on your time not only I selected an obligation, but a chance to earn enough. So how many of us are limited and he complains of this chip depression in his house, or sadness in his house and in his life and things are not going right for me? But you bet that you're praying right? Then if you prayed, right, this is this is a chance in where you aren't enough.

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If you aren't enough, so it gets rid of the evilness of that depression of that sadness of a shell being on hazard and all of this disappears in life, then the remainder is there, and nothing could mix with it for a shift, or whatever the time of your solo at my brother's finish. There are moments in where one achieves enough some of my inner journey in other words, take care of your solo ad your five daily prayers show great concern in them. praise them on time when you're able to as soon as the time enters, make time for it with one bomb equal vote and the V solomani. used to make will vote for every sauna. For every soldier he used to make a war just on the day of further when he

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opened and conquered Mecca. That was the only one day in where he prayed all these five prayers with one will have

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to realize and he said to me on a soul of mine you did something strange today. You prayed your friends with one will he said to him I know I'm conscious of that yarn. In other words, maybe there was some situation in levels homosassa wasn't able to make work for every solid. Otherwise, look at the concern he used to give it to the lower your solo making work for every saw that Linden will do is going to wipe away your see your head it's going to prepare you to stand before a loss of data in the way what is the biggest problem between you and Allah Xhosa? The biggest issue that stops you from attaining that black man that Yani tranquility from Allah subhanaw taala is your sins is your

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sins and they're removed by you making although and maybe some Allahu Allah you know, salami says they just live these meanings. He says anyone who makes will go and he says after the law, La ilaha illallah wa

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Kadir that's the authentic narration one that will be added along the way he knows

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what would be the reward of that foot the level above will generate the familia at Holloman, ie the doors of the paradise open. Heather This is the one that made it even prettier, and that is reward the doors of the paradise open before he saw muslin he hasn't even begun

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to imagine now what kind of reward what kind of tranquility. Neeraj, Allah gives such a person when he begins to understand that these types of solid are not only obligations upon you, but they are also chances in times in where one attains enough some of my inner and when I was shuffling water, and the last one of them is when lelee either so that's also a chance in with the owner enough so when they leave so I swear by the night as it travels as it stalls as it begins to disappear. When does the night begin to disappear in the last third of the night. In other words, the last third of the night is a moment in where one earns enough some of my inner mustard

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The night this is a this is not an ordinary time. This is a time in World

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War Two era comes down. Can you believe when Julian Assange comes down? It

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comes down. What kind of night is that? Oh, look how special this is that you would afford last panel data coming down. Because it's a grant event. It should have happened once a month, or once every three months. But we are surprised we find that it is every single night. That alarm comes down why it's teaching you that's how much you need to love. So ideally in your life, that every single night there's an opportunity for you to get up and to own that Nuff said look at the stand before loss of Hannah Houma data. We all know that even when I was little my son the mom while he was alive, he says, a global man who do not do not do a session we all know that the closest you

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want to unlock when your answer you Now listen to this other hobbies. A problem a guru boom in an app d v geography laid in here that the closest in which a lot of love is close to the server is when the server is standing before a lot of soldiers in the last third of the night, calling toward most of Hanover data and praying before him so had our data. Nuff said. At the time, if you're serious about

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the company you're doing praying in the last third of the night, in when a lot of Sergeant comes down and he begins to ask the question these are that hidden in most of your info. Is there anyone that is seeking a toga? Is there anyone that has been jerked by you see, yeah, that requires and once my forgiveness and repentance vowel Fiona if you don't have anything to leave, stay asleep. Allah subhanaw taala uses honey mustache finfish fear is the only one that is sick. Is there anyone that is calling to be cured, so that I may give him a cure? There's no one sick among us. No one is Jani complaining from back problems or from headaches. No one is complaining from the fact he's been

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to every doctor blow and he's not been able to make any such better. The stand before law and disabled law I've gone to every single Doctor Who no one knows what the problem is. When the law Chevy Allahumma ashvini

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fashio fear so I can give him that you are that you want and that this is happening in the last third of the night. My brothers and you stamp gifts are being given in the last third of the night. And maybe it's from a mom or your salon. Some other your seller he used to delegate tasks to the Sahaba Yeah, the other someone he's he's responsible for guarding and Medina. Someone else is responsible for cleaning the masjid. Someone else is responsible for something else. Wouldn't there be some Allahu alayhi wa sallam took upon himself the responsibility to go around the houses of Medina and wake up the people from the last third of the night. He used to wake them up. He used to

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say to the people

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we just saw he seemed to them that the hour has arrived. The hour has come get up, get up.

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He used to even send the sleeve the sleeve go but he had the servant that was in his house. And he'd say to them a

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lot. Wake up my wife Jenny, wake up. These wives that are in the rooms that are still asleep a pupil so I haven't heard you know that until I mean Alina Jani. What has been sent down today from the sky that each and every single one of them took as a gift. Who every single night in the last third of the night. Gifts coming down a lot. So Shelley's giving. He's giving them good laomi in horror fiction, a lot of soldiers each and every single day is engaged in an affair of giving. He is guiding people he's giving people he's curing others. He's giving Children Toddlers, he's giving forgiveness to some people he's giving How sad and an elevation of the paradise to others. And

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thought Did you receive last night from Jose you know love that he has been giving and giving around and distributing to the people but yeah, what what was your What was your portion? What did you take? Yeah, he's had a lot and they feel abundant biosci yet, well, you don't have anything that you need from Atlanta, Georgia to stay asleep. And never if you have something with a lot azorean that this is a moment in where one earns enough some of my inner a tranquil knifes don't lose on that time. These are four times that a lot of soil teaches us in where one earns enough some minor so that the division the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the first 10 days of the division the first 10 days

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and nights of mohalla a shift everyone what did the five daily prayers and lately they are so the last third of the night. But then I'll sit with yourself and ask yourself what is your relationship with these times? Choose the majority of the people neglect these types. Then that is worship in it and as a result is a burden. Let's just get rid of that abundant fish. Little did he know this is a moment in

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where you're at.

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And if you're serious about enough cell movement in a show that these times are gold in your life, that you make the most of every second of this minute, yeah, a year or two. And

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now when someone has made the best of this time, and made the most of it, and he's right, the onion racked up so much of it before he meets a lot. So again, eventually, when he dies in his city, it'll be a big deal. I'll be at Amalia, Colossus attain that net tranquil laughs he's ready to meet the last version, the soul, he said, LGA 11, big, close enough, you can return to the plot of yours that you have been worshipping for the last 30 years of your life for the last 4050 years, 60 years a lot while an hour long you live what an exciting and an incredible moment for the believer, the one who used to worship for decades and decades. Now he's at the moment of meeting into Hana horadada. Very

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exciting moment. And it's a terrifying moment as well, for the angels would come to such a person and say the latter half of

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what I'm sure will be jannetty let it go.

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Don't be afraid of that, which is coming ahead. That No, they're going from one life to another a lot of no context there. They've never been there. They haven't seen what the next life is all about. Normally, they're scared and terrified. And they say that the half or whatever doesn't know and don't be worried. And don't be sad about that which you have left in the past. You'll see Yeah, then your wrongdoings Viva La La sosial would you give them the genetti allottee going to adore and congratulations with a paradise that you have been promised. It will

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all be done. I'll be done meaning you being pleased with a loss or

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why you pleased with a lot because of what you see of what he has prepared for you have an idea of the blessings and the gifts in the paradise. Malaya is Allah being pleased with you for what you have done of worship and sincere worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala it will hear you out on bigger all be at Amalia. This is the first gift of our social gifts enough signified now that he is pleased with it. The next gift for the holy VA Daddy, he says to the snuffs enter among the company of my sleeves, Yanni now, and you're not alone in the paradise in the now you get to enter among Naveen. Also the lead was Shahada, Yanni, in the company of an ISA lamotta. You

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know, how do you set up with that?

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You begin, you enter among this kind of company

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with the believers of the past and the believers of the future, with the hoodie theory that he somehow a lot went through when you read the beginning of the soul up it says when Fisher is like a in between the lines that suddenly visual theory where they learn that brace on earth and frigid in congregation, if you wish, and you expect to enter the paradise among the company and among the sleeves of a must have had on that. Be among the slaves have a love in this life so that you own the company in the hereafter for the holy theory bed is the second gift that one is given. And the last gift that a lot of mentions, you would have thought it would have been the first gift. He says the

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lesion that he enter My Paradise Gani, not what Holy genda hit the paradise enter My Paradise. Yeah, and in other words, a lot of Zoysia ascribes a theme, this is a customized gift from Allah to such a person, Yanni Alonzo shall he is the one who made the paradise and he designed the paradise and within it is things that the people have never seen, and have never heard of. And add to that they have never even imagined of, can you what is there inside of it that you and I haven't even imagined of. So Allah for this is what a lot of Xhosa is prepared for a believer in the paradise to the point where he summarizes all of this by saying, My Paradise jannetty house and this is a personal gift

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from me to the one that comes with a lump sum of mine on the Day of Judgment, three gifts, my brothers in Islam

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is pleased with such a person, they admitted him into the company, the slaves of Allah Subhana Allah data, and that he admitted into the paradise.

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And I conclude with this final comment, why were they arranged in this manner? And what do we learn from this arrangement? Why was that the fact that a lot of Zoysia Lee says that this person is entered into the paradise and then the irony is among the slaves of a lot of soil, gender, a lot of soil is pleased with him. So how to learn. We need to understand that from among the greatest gifts, and number one gift that Allah azzawajal gives his servants is that he is pleased with him.

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Then if Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with a person, don't worry about the paradise and it will come by default automatically it will come you don't have to worry about it anymore. It never The challenge is how do I earn a lot of soldiers pleasure. So this is why when love

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So I had mentioned this gift. First of all, we're done Malia, it teaches you and I that everything we do in life, the question that is supposed to be question between you and yourself, is does this attain me the pleasure of Allah or not? before you ask yourself, does this attain me the paradise on the door of the paradise that is set for the person that alone is pleased, but in the worry about the pleasure of most have had more than half the people in the paradise when they are in the paradise and they have seen everything? And they have seen a loss of Hannah horadada himself? A lot of Xhosa Lee says to them, shall I give you something they see tml moment? What are you going to

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give us? What What haven't you given us muslin, we've taken and we've gained everything. He says to them one more thing. And I mean,

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any further scope or alikum, other than that, I become pleased with you. And I am never ever displeased with you any any time after this again. And then they understand that this is the greatest gift that was given. This is one of those who had a diner in the blood. When he described the paradise we had met individually with da da da da da, da da, da da. He said,

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I know that Allah is pleased with them, they are pleased with him. And he said they're sort of the Toba worried minima.

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And the pleasure of Allah is much greater than everything they are given what it would have meant a lucky icon and to ask yourself, in every move in your day and in your life, is Allah azzawajal pleased with such a thing that you're doing? When you buy something? Ask Allah is Allah is did does this attain you the pleasure of a lot of social or not? When you're at work, and you're doing some job? before you ask someone else? This Hello? How are they just ask yourself is about pleased with such a thing you're going to do or not? Now that simply if you asked yourself that question, and you're honest with yourself, yeah, and you're honest in attaining that.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:12

Answer yourself, probably every move you do in life, everything you're doing in life, ask, does this attain me the pleasure of Allah? is Allah happy to see me do such a thing? is a massage and happy to see me avoid such a thing? If the answer is yes.

00:32:14 --> 00:32:47

And if it's knowing I have done it, stay away from it. It's no good for you. It destroys your opportunity attaining an obstacle binder, you need to be careful my brothers in Islam, yeah, your partner, some will claim that you'll hear a lot of big arrabiata mabuya. Then for Cooley via event, meaning being admitted in the company of the sleeves of a lot of surgeon is much better than a gift in the paradise itself. So they mentioned this delicate a lot so he's pleased with it. And then he entered the paradise in your by yourself. What kind of loneliness will happen then you're by yourself for a lot.

00:32:48 --> 00:33:03

In this area. He says for pulley theory by the before the Holy Trinity, teaching you that being among the slaves of Allah social being among a lot in general, this is a gift more than the paradise itself. Being a monk

00:33:05 --> 00:33:46

when ambia almost no Sahaba This is a gift more than being in the paradise itself. What you learn from this is that in your life as well, don't seclude yourself from this brotherhood, don't seclude yourself, who at the end of the day, the believers they enter the paradise in groups. What's your calivita Dakota Bowman agenda to zoom on? in groups they enter? Why because they used to worship a lot of social in groups in this life. Find for yourself a brotherhood, find for yourself, someone that would encourage you the worship, have a lot of soldiers day and night. And don't run away from these people don't run away and seclude yourself and put yourself in in some corner by myself. Do

00:33:46 --> 00:34:23

not make it by yourself. You need people around the indivisible model, I don't know send him he had people around him so he will be alone around him. And they themselves also have they had those around them. When there is our Salah when he used to send someone he used to sit the group with him, not by himself, then this is how the believers look, unless we had our data when he spoke about the believers. He said Why are you bad why man, and when he speaks about them in the plural, they they worship a lot of soldiers in the plural in this life together they get together far into the places in where one worships a lot of soldiers together, he and my surgeon. It is the assertion of a loss

00:34:23 --> 00:34:42

of data that keep yourself connected to the machine. And that's where you'll find your brotherhood. And that's where you'll find people to encourage you in your DNA. And eventually as a result, you find that this Nuff said mocha begins to develop bit by bit until it attains a loss pattern or Dallas pleasure and then it is set toward yada yada

00:34:43 --> 00:34:55

yada you know became albeit Amalia fatale theory by the auto lesion let you ask most of our data to make us among his journey sincerely that and we asked him some how to what data to grant us

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

and we asked him some high level data to bestow His pleasure upon us

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

To accept our gathering to forgive our sins and olivella gunpowder Adi sola cinemavilla canon Amina Mohammed y Li or Sophie ultramarine

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