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So just as this person forgot the signs of law or law, forget them.

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Well we find many times in the Quran, Allah is calling upon us to contemplate on his sights, okay? Do they not see? Do they not see and do they not see that have not seen this and have they not seen that? Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala tells us many, many times and he talks about his signs, okay.

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He talks about his signs, and that we should contemplate

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that we should think deeply. And we have the ayat of the Quran that we should contemplate and that we should think deeply about because the Quran what is the word if the word ayah and the Quran is made of ayat, which is the plural of IR,

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it means a sign, that's what it means it is a sign. So the Quran is a book of science, but also the universe in which we live is also so a book of science. Okay.

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So, this is this, and we have turned away, we have turned away from the science. So the thing is here, brothers and sisters is not you see if you just say Hola, La ilaha illAllah. And you're just saying these words and you don't really know what it means when you say subhanallah you say Allahu Akbar, you start your prayer. Allahu Akbar. What does it mean? I don't know.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen R Rahman Rahim, what does it mean? I don't know.

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I'm just saying some words in Arabic. How is that going to change your life? How is that going to connect you with Allah? How do you call that remembering a lot?

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Some king or some important person and you just jab it away? In a language that person didn't understand. Right? What would that be? Now you've been assaulting them, right? Allah understands every language, but that's the point.

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You need to understand what you're saying to Allah, you need to understand what are you saying to your Lord? What are you saying to your Creator? How can you?

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Seriously, how can you? How can you know Allah?

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How can you remember Allah? If you don't know him? How can you remember a life? You don't know him?

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You can't. And this is the problem. We don't know a lot. We don't know a lot because we don't think and we don't contemplate on his signs. We don't think deeply. In fact, I think I don't know who it was. I think it was Albert Einstein, who said most people would rather die than think most people would rather die than think. And that's the reality. And that includes unfortunately, brothers and sisters, most of you.

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Right? Sorry to say sorry to be rude, right? Most of us have the attention span

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of a goldfish. Seriously, especially in the age of Twitter, right? In the age of Twitter, we have become is the age of twits

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idiots because our attention span is the length of a tweet. That's about it.

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We you know, that's the reality.

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You see, I could that's not all of you. Not everybody, but most people.

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And people this is why this is another reason why people are so depressed. They don't think they don't understand. They don't make any they just live like animals are maybe even worse than animals. No wonder they're depressed. Because if you think about it, really I mean, a human being we just really just like animals is that we just eat and drink and sleep and just live. Isn't there something more? Really the you really think you're going to be happy in your life? Just living like an animal or maybe even worse than an animal? Right? You deep down inside you're going to feel unhappy with yourself about that. This is the reality. Okay, so, So brothers and sisters, this is

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what is important. So vicar. When we talk about remembering Allah.

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You have to know God to remember you. You have to know who is God, what is God? What is names, what is attributes? And what can we understand about our Creator, both through the world around us, and most importantly, through his book, okay. So the people who turn away from the remnants of Allah they will live a depressed life. So this is, this is group this is group number two

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Rule Number two are people who know this is us, the Muslims we know. What is the purpose of life. We know we have been created, to know our love to worship Allah to love Allah to have Taqwa of Allah. We know but we don't really do that. And even those of us who do worship Allah, we do it heedlessly. We do it mindlessly. We are not really absorbed and involved in this worship. It's just words we say, and a lot of the time, it's just actions that we do. Now, I want to I want to read a very beautiful, I want to read the translation of a beautiful door, because the Prophet told us don't ask for depression.

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There are there are actually many doors that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And just type it just type in, just type it in Google. Do ask for depression, type in and you'll see if you're depressed type in Google, are you so depressed, you can type it in typing Google dua for depression, you will want to read you one of them.

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Right? Oh Allah.

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I am your servant. I am your slave.

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Okay, actually the word.

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Okay, Abba Dukkha. The word that abd it means slave and it means servant, but it actually also means worshipper. It also means worshipper.

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That's actually what it means.

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Because a true worshipper of Allah is in a state of complete submission and subservience to Allah.

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Allah who may in the abaca, were Ibni optika, wherever the were ebony, Antarctica, Oh Allah, I am your slave, the son of your slave and the son of your female slave.

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My forelock is in your hand,

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your command over me is forever executed and your decree over me is just

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ask you by every name belonging to you, which you named yourself with, or revealed in your book, or taught to any of your creation, or you have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with you, that you make the Qur'an

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the life of my heart, and the light of my breast,

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and a departure for my sorrow, and a release for my anxiety.

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That you go.

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See, what is the end is the is a book of I had of science.

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So this is the reality and that what is the best dhikr what is the best, the best vicar, the best remembrance of Allah without doubt is the Quran is the Quran. So look at this beautiful, beautiful two hour walk and amazing to this door. And this is the thing again, when we make these door out when we make these supplications to Allah.

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It's very important, we understand what we're saying that we feel it, that it's real, if we really feel it, you know, if you wanted something from someone, like you know, like little kids, the way they bake their parents, they were they pester them, they wait the way that a clever kid is going to find every way to try and persuade their parents, please. So this is how we should be begging Allah, begging God, but in our Creator.

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And so it starts with calling upon Allah and then I'm your slave and the son of your slave. So it's reminding you of your humanity because that's what we're human beings, we're limited, we're temporary, we're needy, we are so needy.

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We are really so weak, this is the reality we human beings are so weak and when when we this is part of knowing Allah, part of knowing Allah is when you know Allah, then you know how weak you are and how totally and completely you need him for everything. And Allah loves that Allah loves it, that we recognize how much we need him. Okay, and so the DUA is my full lock is in your hand. This is very interesting. Okay.

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Because the full lock, this is this part here, okay, in the front of our brain is what's called the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is where the pausing, planning and thinking part takes place. This is where we do our thinking and our pausing and our planning, right. This is very important, and I talk a lot about this. I've been talking a lot about it.

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Willpower, actually, I have three videos on my YouTube channel, a mini little course, on willpower go

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Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Okay. And I'm sorry that this is not well, hopefully it is broadcasting now. Okay on the YouTube channel

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yep. So um

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so yeah

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please subscribe to my YouTube channel and I've got three videos there three videos, hopefully. Okay

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three videos on willpower so your soul we go back to the the sorry, I'm just checking some things here on my

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doors okay. So my forelock is in your hand again, to know that Allah has control of everything. We ask him that asking for his help. Okay, we need to have patience, we need to have perseverance. And we need to help ourselves, we need to do everything we can also this is not just a question of making dua, yes, we make dua, but you have to make the effort. This is what is very, very important. You do whatever you can, this is what Allah wants from us, He wants us to try. He wants us to make the effort actually making do as part of that effort. So you make your effort, you do everything you can. And then you ask him last month, a lot. And you asked a lot before and after him the whole

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thing, but also you make the effort. And also it's very important, your decree over me is just this is very important. A lot of people get depressed because it's all about oh, what if this? And what if that and why it allowed this? And why didn't allow that? And why did I let this happen to me. And this is not only going to get depressed, he started thinking like that, because it's almost like you're accusing Allah of treating you unfairly. Now, Allah's decree of you is just what is happening to you is from his justice, this is the reality. And if you are a true believer, everything that happens to the true believe everything that happens to believe it is good, everything, even if you

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feel a bit depressed, and you feel a bit sad, and even if a little foreign pricks you and you are patient, then that is good for you. It raises your rewards, it raises your levels with Allah subhanaw taala. Okay. And Allah is just, and if it is some bad thing that happens to you, then Allah also he experienced your sins. Are you free from sin? Do you have no sins, that Allah was that Allah is not going to test you and try to send trials and tribulations upon you? So and then this beautiful asking Allah upon every name.

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And then what is it that you're asking Allah to make the Quran the life of my heart?

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See who does that brothers and sisters people turn to music, they turn to alcohol.

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It turned to sex. It turned to drugs.

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Everything, exercise,

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nothing wrong with exercise. Nothing wrong with whatever is Halla. And you can use these things in your life as long as it's Hello.

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But in the end, brothers and sisters, this is not really going to find happiness, right?

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If you really want light in your heart

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you really want life, then you need to turn to the Quran. And this is the problem we we've neglected and we have abandoned the Quran, we have abandoned it. We who knows this book, who reads it who really reads it and studies it. A lot of us we get the Quran we wrap it up in cloths and we put it up in a high shelf. And we think that's honoring the Quran. No, honoring the Quran is reading it, memorizing it, understanding it and acting upon it.

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That is honoring the Quran, brothers and sisters. So if you want to know why your life is depressed,

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look to your connection with the Quran. If you're not connected with the Quran, you're not really going to be connected with our law. In fact, you've turned away from his signs if you've turned away from the Quran, you've turned away from his signs. And when you've turned away from his signs, you will need a depressed life and your life in the hereafter will be even worse because you forgot Allah and Allah will forget you. By the way, this is severe warning for those who have memorized Quran and forgotten it.

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Very, very dangerous. They may Allah protect us from that. Brother and Sisters. That's it. Why are we depressed? It's very simple. We are depressed because we don't know who our God is. We don't know who our Creator is. We don't know Allah. We don't know a lot. Maybe some people they don't even know

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even if God exists or not. They're so confused. And those of us many of us we know we know about Allah we know about Islam we know about we're not

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connected to it, we're not really remembering a lot.

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This is the problem. And the solution is very, very simple brothers and sisters, pick up the Quran and connect with it. And I don't just mean reading it in Arabic, understand it, contemplate upon it. Think deeply about its verses.

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make that connection with Allah, remember him deeply and don't think it's going to come instantly. It won't just come like that it doesn't. It takes a lot of effort to understand it takes thinking.

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It takes deep thinking, deep, deep thinking.

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But once you do that, and then once you really begin to understand and you begin to be connected with Allah, then you will see that your heart will find rest. Brothers and sisters, this is not just a solution for us individually. This is this is the problem of the ummah. This is part of our big problem. We have lots of people, yes, who are heads of Quran, they are half of Quran, they've memorized the entire Quran. But unfortunately, they don't understand a word that they're reciting not a word. A lot of them are not even a word.

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This is not remembering the Quran. This is not what is meant. This is not what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is when the Prophet talked about SallAllahu is the virtues of memorizing the Quran.

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He didn't mean that actually, this is what I believe in a verse he said that there will come up people who they will recite the Quran, but they will recite it with a worst recitation, they won't go beyond their throats. So they'll make the noise. They'll make the thing they'll recite it. And why because he went on to explain because they don't, they don't act upon it. They don't understand it. He said in our ability when a person first we learn to imagine, first the meaning first we learned what it was to have Emaar. And then we learned the Quran, and then when the Quran increases in Imam

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and he explained how they used to learn 10 verses, and they would learn, they would learn what is halal from it, and what is haram from it. And they wouldn't go on to learn another 10 verses until they had acted upon it. You see, this is a thing.

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It's a book to be acted upon as well. It's not not just a book of philosophy. It's not even a book of philosophy at all. It's a book that is to be acted on what it teaches, we have to act on it. When Allah says don't lie, we shouldn't lie. When Allah says don't back by we don't that way. When Allah says don't spy on each other, we don't spy on each other. When Allah says, pray, we pray when Allah says fast, be fast. When Allah says give charity, we give charity, when he says Keep your promises and fulfill your interests. And keep your tongue busy remembering me. That's what we should do. And if we do that, I'll handle it, we'll have a happy life, a really truly peaceful, happy life and and

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that's nothing compared to what's

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what's going to come in the next life. Yeah, that's real happiness. The real happiness isn't the life to come. And this is a beautiful thing. The believer gets the true happiness in this life. And then it doesn't matter if you're rich or you're poor.

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You know, wealth can bring misery to people. And poverty can bring misery to people. And welcome bring happiness to people and there are many people who are wealthy and they actually decided to live a life of poverty.

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But what is true happiness brothers and sisters, this is the question. So the reason we're depressed to go back to the beginning is because we have turned away from Allah's remembrance if we want to be happy, we need to go back to it. That's it for me. Brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, my YouTube channel, please check out my mini course.

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I hopefully I'm going to be uploading some more stuff there really, really soon. Brothers and sisters, it's been a real pleasure. Until next Thursday in sha Allah, I will be doing another Facebook Live and check out my Facebook for the topic. I don't know what it is yet. Who knows, I might get down to actually writing a list of topics and putting it up at some stage but Alhamdulillah please share this. Remember Sharing is caring. I always want to remind you that maybe there is someone who is depressed right now really depressed, maybe even they're suicidal and they might listen to this. And in sha Allah, they might pick up the Quran and who knows. It might save

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their life and you will get rewarded for that because you just press that share button. So brothers and sisters everyone please share this.

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May Allah bless you May Allah guide all of us may Allah may Allah forgive the believing men and believing women. May Allah make the light of our hearts Amin era your Bilal Amin until next time Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.