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AI: Summary © The loss of humanity in Syria and the negative impact on society have caused the loss of brothers and sisters, and the need for people to act as filters and not just listen to news stories. The importance of learning and understanding to pursue one's passions is emphasized, and the need for people to trust oneself and others to achieve a better life is emphasized. The importance of self-m arrives and self-control is emphasized, and the need for individuals to join in teaching truth and self-m arrives is emphasized. The importance of learning to be patient and self- govern is emphasized, and the need for individuals to join in teaching truth and self-m arrives is emphasized. The segment ends with a promise to be with them in Sharla and guidance on how to achieve success.
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okay Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Well, I'm getting lots of likes anyway so okay guys we're live Alhamdulillah JazakAllah her for joining me again for another

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Saly come again brothers and sisters, I don't know why I have such a bad connection right now but Alhamdulillah inshallah I'm here with you live tonight. And we're talking about we're asking the question Alhamdulillah why? Why are we so lost? What made me ask this question brothers and sisters? Why are we so lost, I was in the car today listening to a talk listening to a guy I listened to a lot. And he has some very, he's not a Muslim, he but he has some very interesting ideas, a lot to do with meditation and concentration and self mastery and self actualization and self improvement and stuff like that. And I don't recommend that you guys necessarily listen to this type of stuff. One

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of the things that I found one of the things that I found is that I've sometimes recommended some books and some things written by non Muslims. And you know, people have been confused, you know, like, why did you recommend this book, this is full of cover, this is full of whatever. So the thing is that, you know, that's fine. That's why someone like me, should act as a filter for you guys, I can read this stuff, and then I can filter it and ensure a lot not that I'm saying I'm perfect, but inshallah hopefully I can deliver you to the stuff that's really useful and beneficial. But what really struck me about what this guy was saying. And he was saying, he's not a Muslim, and he was

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saying, we are lost, humanity is lost. You know, brothers and sisters, I know every single one of us listening today has been shocked. And I will be honest with you, I do not listen, I do not watch a lot of these videos from Syria and about what's going on in Syria. I find it extremely depressing. And actually also I find it

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you know, I find it demotivating and dis empowering. And this is actually a purpose for tactic. This is something that the media does. They give us these news stories from all around the world. And it makes us feel hopeless. It makes us feel like we can't do anything. And it adds to our stress. And when we are hopeless and when we are stressed out, we are more easily controlled and we are more easily manipulated and we're more easily sold to it's a factor psychological fact that when you see really dangerous, scary stuff, you are more human beings are actually more prone and more likely to buy luxury goods. There is no coincidence that you will find if you watch and observe you will see

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that certain types of advertising come with the certain types of scary stories. It's fair when you study this stuff, brothers and sisters, it's really scary how we are being manipul

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related. So the thing is, is that we saw, I'm sure, but I did see some footage of what happened in Syria. And you know, there was a lot of that stuff, it's just so much of it. Every single video is distressing. Every one of them, you think that could be my wife, that could be my kids, that could be my son's those, you know, those could be my daughters, those could be my cousins and what, and it's just horrifying to see what one group of human beings do to another what one human being group of human beings due to another. And it's really indicative of the state in which humanity is. Now the reason I don't watch this stuff, is because it is dis empowering. When you see that you feel

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helpless. Either you go and do something totally crazy, like, go and join ISIS or something like that, right? And just make things worse. Or, you know, you'll just get lost in materialism. And this is the problem. Why are we lost brothers and sisters, I'll tell you the reason what made me want to give this talk it wasn't so much that horrific event in Syria, although that is really indicative of how lost we are, whether it's what's happening to the Muslims in Burma, people in Kashmir, in, in Philistine many different places, and not only what's happening to Muslims, what human beings are doing to each other, even within our own families, you don't need to actually look very far. You

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don't need to look to Syria or to Burma, sometimes right in your own doorstep, in your own home. There are things that happening, that are so sad, that are so frightening, that are so wrong. And some of these things are being committed by religious people, people who claim to be Muslims. And that's what I said in my little poem, if you want to call it you may have seen it on your Instagram or the Facebook that was the connected to the, you know, like the ad I had for this talk today. You know, why are we so lost? And that includes the Muslims, we the Muslims are lost we are maybe we're more lost than everybody else. And what makes me say that, what makes me say that maybe we are more

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lost than everyone else, because we are supposed to be the ones who have the guidance. We are supposed to be the ones that have the knowledge from ALLAH, the light and the guidance that has the ability to take human beings out of this darkness in which they are in. But I don't think that any of us could say that the Muslim ummah, the Muslims, whether individually or collectively, we are a light of guidance and a beacon of hope for humanity. Know, the reality is that most of us, we've joined in, this is the reality we've joined in with what we've joined in with the pursuit of the mundane, mind blowingly, mundane, futile, misguided pursuit of worldly pleasures. We, like everybody

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else are behaving like animals, that whatever limited intelligence and thinking process we have, we use it just to enjoy our desires, follow our passions, follow our lusts. That's why we are lost. That's the very definition of being lost because we are behaving like animals. No, we are worse than animals as Allah tells us in the Quran, why? Because animals just follow their instinct. Allah has not given the animals intellectual like he's given us intellect. Allah has not given the animals guidance, like he has given us guidance. Allah did not send prophets and messengers to the animals. Allah didn't reveal a book for the guidance of animals.

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Allah has given us all of those capabilities as human beings He has put us He created us on the best of creative forms. Allah has given us all these gifts and what do we use them for? We use it to waste our lives. And this is the problem brothers and sisters most of us are submerged, submerged in just the pursuit of our passions, eating and drinking and sex and TV and computer games and Snapchat and Facebook and you know, all that just really, what, how many of us sit down and make to double? What is to double who even knows what to double is? It means calm.

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completion, deep, profound thinking about things. This is the pursuit of wisdom, who has really dedicated their life to the pursuit of wisdom, to the pursuit of understanding, to self mastery to mastering themselves to controlling their animal passions and instincts and desires, and actually channeling those desires towards seeking enlightenment towards seeking light and truth. Where is the love of truth? Where is the love of truth? And I actually think this is where it all starts. It actually starts with the love of truth. And it's very interesting, because I was just looking. And I want to read to remind you, brothers and sisters of this amazing, some amazing verses from Surah Al

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SOTL Bacara. What does Allah subhanaw taala say is the reality about our condition right now? Fear Colombia marathon, in their hearts is a disease. This is the reality our hearts are diseased, our minds, our hearts are polluted, and they are diseased because we are living we are surrounded by a world. Everything is about instant gratification, everything, whether it's I order something, and I expect it to arrive the next day. That's I mean, in some ways, of course, it's amazing. But we are so used to instant gratification. We want some information, we want some knowledge, we want to understand something, what do we do we Google it? And there's the answer. We think I've Googled it,

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there's the answer. Now I know. But this there's there's a big problem with this brothers and sisters, because what the problem here is that we don't take time to think. Let's take a question. A question, possibly a Muslim, will not really ask this question, maybe? What is art? Let's take that question. What is art? Oh, well, let me check. Let me let me see what is. Let's type it in. Oh, there we go. Our is whatever Google tells us. It is and we think we've understood. But in reality, what we really need to do, to be wise to be people who have wisdom and understanding we need to go through the process of thinking about this ourselves, trying to figure it out ourselves. What does

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it mean? What is culture? What is art? What is religion? What does it mean to worship someone or something? What is taqwa? What does it mean? The consciousness of Allah? Or on and on and on? What is knowledge? What is understanding? What is wisdom? What does it mean to contemplate? We don't think about these things. People don't like thinking I remember this, I came across this quote, and this quote said that people would rather die than think people would rather die than think this is our problem. Brothers and sisters, this is what I mean. When I say, why are we lost? We are lost, humanity is lost, we've lost our humanity. Because what does it mean to be human? Think about it.

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Brothers and sisters, what does it mean to be a human being inside? What does it mean to be human? What makes us different from every other creature? What makes us different from the angels? What makes us different from the animals? What makes us different from the sheep and the cattles and insects? What makes us different from the birds and the bees? What is it about us brothers and sisters? That makes us different? What makes us different? And of course, I'm giving you the answers was really you need to think about this. You need to contemplate upon it. You need to grow your mind, you need to make the effort, and it does take effort. It does take effort to have these

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profound thoughts, and to try and figure these things out in some way to understand them. But we don't do that. I get asked people send me emails, people send me messages. They asked me the most mundane, simple things like to be honest, like even they could find the answer to this on Google. Why are they asking me the most simple mundane things? I don't know brothers and sisters, this is the problem. This is why we're lost. This is part of the reason we forgotten our humanity. And even when we do use our brains, all of our mind is focused on how can we make more money, how can we be more successful as success is defined by what the world around us by basically the consumer society.

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The whole world has become taken over by this we are all immersed in it. We are all immersed

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Just in this pursuit of worldly pleasure, but in reality brothers and sisters, the one thing that we should understand as Muslims, is that the provision we need, we are all on a journey we are on a journey to Allah. That's the reality. We're on a journey to Allah. And on this journey to Allah, the provision that we need the all of us need is the provision of Taqwa. This is what we need.

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And at the essence of, of this journey to Allah and this Taqwa. And what is this all about? It's about being in control of yourself, mastering yourself, being in control, self discipline, self mastery, self control, patience, perseverance, commitment, focus, concentration, contemplation. This is what Allah saying, in the Quran and in the arts or diseased in the arts, fear coleauxv marathon, in their hearts is a disease. So Allah has increased their disease, and for them is a painful punishment, because they habitually used to lie. They habitually used to lie this is what Allah Subhan Allah says in surah baqarah is in the tena ayat of surah baqarah. And when it is said to them

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Do not cause corruption on earth, they say we are but reformers Subhana, Allah, this is you see, this is the sickness of people.

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And it's it all comes down to this lying, lying. Why is honesty and truthfulness is something so important. If you want the first glimmers of light, to find your way out of this darkness, if you want to stop being lost, and you want to get found, and you want to find the truth, and you need to love truth, that's what you need to do. You need to love truth. This has to be something that you have a passion for a passionate love for truth and you should only speak truth the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The believer could be a liar. Sorry, the believer could be a coward. And the believer could be a miser. But the believer could never be a liar, never be a liar.

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A believer could have quite a few negative qualities. Even sometimes a believer may do things, really bad things, but the believer does not lie. So this line, the obvious meaning of this lying is you know, when someone asks you, you tell them truth, the truth about stuff. This is the obvious meaning. But I think the real deep meaning of truthfulness, why? Why is truthfulness so important? Why should we not lie? Why should the believer not lie? Because the most important thing is being truthful to yourself. And that is the hardest thing. I think that is probably the hardest thing. I believe that people find it very, very hard to be honest about themselves. It's very strange. It's

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the strangest thing, because you would imagine, you would imagine that the easiest person to be honest with is yourself, because there's no one watching you except you. Right, and the angels who are writing your deeds and Allah. So why is it so hard to be honest to your to yourself? Well, it's very difficult, because we tell ourselves stories, we tell ourselves stories all the time, big, long stories, we tell ourselves to justify why we've done that and why we behave like this and why we like this, and it's not our fault. It's someone else's fault. And we spend a lot of time deceiving ourselves, this is this is the line, this is the line, this is the real lying that we do. Okay,

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because they habitually lie. Who do we habitually who do these people, these people with a sickness in their heart, they lie to themselves, they tell a story to themselves. That is a lie.

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Right? And this lies about themselves and ultimately they will start to lie about Allah. This is the reality. You see people I know there's a lot of atheists out there. They don't it's they're not that they're actually not that many atheists. But there is a lot of atheists out there who are atheists because they are just liars. They're just lying to themselves. Why? Because they just can't say the truth. And the truth is, I don't want to have to live my life, thinking that God is going to judge me and I'm responsible for the things that I have to do. That's the truth. For most of those people. They know damn well that there's a God. They know damn well, that there's a creator. They know it

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perfectly well. It's in the fitrah. It's in the nature of every human being. Most atheists, I believe 90% of them are liars. They are lying to themselves. They're denying what they know within themselves to be the truth.

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Why? Because they want to follow the desires they want. Now, that's not all of them. Some of them may be genuine have genuine questions. Some of them have may have genuine confusions, some of them something terrible may have happened to them in their life. And they concluded what how could they be a god? I'm not saying anyway, it's not for us to make, you know, judgments about individuals here, but from my experience, from me talking to people, and really having conversations with people like that, this is what I found. Really, when you look at their lives, they are just people who want to pursue, they want it, they just want to follow their desires, they are worshipers of their

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knifes. That is why we're lost. This is why Allah says in the Quran, wala hustle, Allah swears by time brothers and sisters.

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You see time.

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Time is something that is always running out. And there's something I've heard it a couple of times recently, very interesting. I read it in a book and I saw it somewhere. It's something very interesting that why death is quite important for us as human beings death. Death is quite a good thing, actually. And it's gonna sound crazy. But imagine if you will live forever. Right? Would you really appreciate life? Don't you realize that actually death, the reality of death when you contemplate it. And when you think about it, and when you realize your mortality. And when you really realize that wait a minute, maybe today is my last day, then you will take the time to be

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mindful and to appreciate the bounties that Allah has given you in your life.

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This is very important. You see, so this temporary nature that we have is very important in making us realize what we actually do have. So this is something very profound and Allah swears by time in in Santa Fe horsell. So you saw when I said why we are lost? Well, Allah subhanaw taala says, Verily, definitely, most certainly all of the human beings are in a state of loss. This is the reality of the condition of human beings. Everybody is lost. But Allah makes an exception to this. He says Ill Alladhina amanu except the people who have Iman, what is Imaan? What really is what is the reality of EMR? And I've been thinking about this as well. You know, Allah subhanaw taala. He

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mentions in he talks about the Bedouins the desert Arabs in the time of the Prophet, and they say we have believed and Allah said, No, don't say you've believed you've surrendered your Muslim you haven't. Because Imaan belief has not yet entered your hearts. So I look at it like this. You see, you can surrender in the sense that you know, you've been fighting you've been let's imagine there's a war and you've been fighting this war. And at the end, you know, you lose, you realize that you can't keep fighting, you haven't got the strength, that the people you've been fighting against are stronger than you. They're more powerful than you. And you surrender, you wave the white flag, you

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surrender and you say, Okay, that's it. Let's stop fighting. I can't fight anymore. I give up. I will let you roll me and tell me what to do and what not to do. You see, so this is a condition. This is the condition a person who realizes that you can't resist Allah, he's alcohol. You can't resist Him. You cannot resist Allah, the truth, the overwhelming obviousness of the truth of his deen and his guidance and his religion, it has now overwhelmed you, you're not going to bother resisting. Okay, I'm going to admit, I need to submit. I surrender. But this is different from Imam because Imaan the root of the and this is Muslim, Muslim is someone who surrenders they've

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surrendered, they've given up they've stopped resisting. They've agreed, I am going to obey Allah. They agree that that's the protocol they're going to follow in their life. But in mine is different. You see the word in Arabic Imam comes from trust. And trust is a whole different level, right? Trust is a whole different level.

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That means you really trust Allah. It's not you've just surrendered anymore in the sense that you've almost been forced to give in because you realize you don't have a choice. Now you begin to realize that actually, that you trust Allah, that you really trust what he says. And that when Allah tells you, this is haram, not because I need Allah doesn't need us to worship Him. Allah doesn't need us to

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You know, not do this and not do that, and not you know, whatever it not eat pork and not drink wine, and not do all the Haram things, Allah doesn't need us to do these things or not do these things, Allah tells us, because He loves us and He cares about us. And he because he knows that these things are bad for us. Right? And Allah tells us to pray and to fast and you know, and to dress in a certain way, in a behave in a certain way and have certain manners and treat our parents in a certain way and treat our neighbors in a certain way and be with each other as human beings in a certain way. Because He Allah smart, Allah knows that that is best for us. And if we behave in

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that way, it will be the best for us individually and collectively. And we trust then you begin to trust Allah, this is what Eman is Imaan is trusting in Allah, it really means that you trust what he says. So this is the thing brothers and sisters, you see, this is why charity is a proof of your EMR. Right? Because logically, you may think, well, if I give my money away, how am I going to get more money? That doesn't make any sense. If I give my money away, I've lost it. Whereas Allah says, You the Prophet saw some told us that you that you your wealth never decreases because of charity. It never decreases. So when you give charity based on that it's trust you trust, you're trusting

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that what Allah says is true, even though your logic and your experience may tell you something different. But then obviously, when you do these acts of worship, when you obey Allah, when you fulfill the commands of Allah, and then you see you experience it, it's true.

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So then you see brothers and sisters, you enter into a whole different dimension, right? You're actually experiencing the reality of trusting and Allah and then you begin to see, you begin to taste how sweet this trusting and Allah this true belief is. It's, it's the sweetness of faith, you see Alhamdulillah and then you love what Allah loves and you hate what Allah hates. And you give for the sake of Allah and you with a hole for the sake of Allah and you love for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So this is a whole different level. This is what it means to be human brothers and sisters. This is life. What I'm talking about this is life, not having a nice house and

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a nice car. Subhanallah people are looking for honor people are looking for respect. I want to be honored. I want to be respected. I want to be famous. I want people to admire me Subhanallah What does Allah say in the Quran, Allah tells us in the Quran, that the ones who are most honored are the ones who have the most Taqwa the ones who have the most mindfulness and

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caution against disobeying Allah. These are the ones who are the most honored in the sight of Allah. And we love to wear nice clothes and I want to have the nicest clothes and the nicest shoes and the nicest. This and the nicest that and people get obsessed about this stuff. They go crazy about it, but they forget that the best garment is the garment of what have Taqwa.

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That's the best garment. Smilla

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that is the best garment Brothers is this. The garment of Taqwa. So this is what we need to clothe ourselves in. We beautify ourselves with beautify yourself with this is the best provision you can have on your journey to Allah subhanho wa taala. So brothers and sisters, but where is it? Where is Taco? Even in the amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Where is it? Where are the Matakohe? And where are the people of Taqwa let alone? The people of a son, the Mercy known were, let alone the people who worship Allah as if they are seeing him. Where is that? You see? See, brother? This is what I want to talk about rather than this. This is my next Facebook Live. I

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already thought about it fake religion. We've heard about fake news. But what we have is fake religion. That's what we have fake religion, brothers and sisters. It's religion on the outside. Right? It's religion. This is especially important as Ramadan is approaching.

00:29:39--> 00:29:52

We need to prepare for Ramadan. Now brothers and sisters. What we have a lot of us is fake religion as what I want to talk about in my next face book life. But now I'm going to finish

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

talking about why we are lost because we don't have eemaan in the ladina

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In the Latina Amanu wa AMILO Salia. And they do righteous actions because brothers and sisters with the emaan comes righteous actions. The people of Imam they do good things. That's what they do. They do righteous actions, they pray, they fast. They're good to people, they treat them kindly, they're merciful, they help others. This is the reality of righteous actions. What tawassul bellhawk? You see brothers and sisters, where is this? Where is the joining together to stand up for what is right? Where is the joining together to stand up for what is right to stand up for the truth? In reality, unfortunately, what we find is people supporting each other in wrongdoing supporting each

00:30:50--> 00:31:38

other in wrongdoing. Right. And this is a this is the sickness when is said to them Do not cause corruption on the earth. They say we are but reformers Subhanallah This is the reality. What are they doing dividing a husband from his wife, children, from their parents, this is what we find. In reality, this is what is happening, causing divisions amongst family causing the divisions. And these people think they're reformers. They think they're reforming but they're making corruption. This is the reality. This is the reality all in the name of what their misguided ideas, this misguided ideas. So Allah subhanaw taala. Anyway, Allah goes on to talk about them. Right? That

00:31:38--> 00:31:56

blindness, that transgression, right, how are they they've purchased error for guidance, they had guidance, but what do they do? They sell that guidance and they purchase error, right instead, how does Allah describe them? Deaf, dumb and blind, someone Bookman

00:31:57--> 00:32:46

Furla, you have a Jihoon they are deaf, and dumb and blind. Right? Meaning they will hear the message but it does affect them. Right? They don't see they don't understand and what comes out of their mouth is just doesn't make any sense. Deaf, dumb and blind. This is the reality brothers and sisters, right? These people these misguide This is most most of humanity. This is the reality of human beings today we are lost. And look how Allah describes it. It's like, it's like, like a rainstorm from the sky. Imagine this a dark dark rainstorm from the sky, in which is darkness and thunder and lightning. You know one of those rainstorms when it's so dark, you feel the darkness.

00:32:47--> 00:33:30

The clouds have blotted out the moon, they blotted out the stars, it's nighttime, the sun's gone, it's darkness upon darkness. And to add to the terror of that darkness, there is thunder and lightning. And people are so terrified that put their fingers in their ears, they can't stand this noise of that thunder, that's their dread. That's their fear, you know, and then the lightning flashes, the lightning flashes, it nearly blinds them, but for a moment the lightning lights everything they can see and they stumble forward. But of course the lightning goals and what's left is even more darkness and more fear than it was before. That's how people this is this is the

00:33:30--> 00:33:46

reality, people get glimpses there are flashes right, they get these flashes in these glimpses that for a moment, let them see the picture. This is Allah is showing them but they are lost. This is the reality brothers and sisters. This is the reality

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of human beings right now.

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So, what is the solution for this brothers and sisters the solution the solution is most definitely to come back to Allah.

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The solution is to master yourself to take control of yourself. To be in control brothers and sisters do not be

00:34:09--> 00:34:10

Do not be

00:34:13--> 00:34:16

controlled by your knifes by your desires.

00:34:17--> 00:34:41

Turn your desires toward what is good. Direct your passion your desires towards what is good. Desire, truth desire, wisdom, desire understanding, desire Taqwa desire, Mr. Desire son, this is what you need and it takes work and it takes effort. There is no easy you know there's no easy

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way for this brothers and sisters. It takes work and effort. You need to put more work and effort into it than you do earning your your dunya how much time we put into earning money for what most of the stuff we spend our money on is useless. It's useless

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How much effort people make into acquiring all of these things, these worldly things, clothes and cars and an entertainment and expensive TV. All that time you use for what? And the provision we really need in this life and there's no ambition for it. There's no drive for it. There's no desire who picks up the Quran, who even picks up the Quran, to read and think and contemplate upon it. This is the reality ask yourself, and then you'll see what state you are lost. We are lost, lost like animals, just animals. This is disgraceful is a disgrace.

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So this is the reality.

00:35:46--> 00:35:55

Now wonder the world is messed up brothers and sisters, and I'm talking about the Muslims. This is the Muslims, this is us, the Muslims. As you

00:35:57--> 00:36:10

listening to me, that's me. I'm talking to myself and I'm talking to you. We need to change we need to make what's our priority? We need to change our priorities brothers and sisters, we need to change what is important to us. Right?

00:36:11--> 00:37:00

We need to change that. Ramadan is coming up brothers and sisters. Right? Now. There's a few things I want to say before I go. It's been long enough Alhamdulillah and next week, I'm going to talk about fake religion. What is fake religions all of fake religion around, okay. You know, we, you know, we dress we dress ourselves up in a certain way and we make the movements. But what is religion? Think about that for next week. You think about it deeply? What is religion? What is it really don't just Google it. Think about it. Think deeply about what is religion? Why do we have religion? Why do we worship Allah? Why? Why do people worship gods? What for? What do they think

00:37:00--> 00:37:35

they're going to? What's in it for them? Right? So think about these talks. I spent a lot of time thinking about these things, brothers and sisters and a lot of the reason is because I had to give dower towards solving. This is the reality brothers and sisters, right? Who is enjoying the right and forbidding the wrong? There's too much of people helping each other and evil who is helping each other in goodness. Right? And in being patient. You see brothers and sisters, I'll be honest, my focus with you with myself and with you is self mastery.

00:37:37--> 00:38:17

Learning patience, learning, self control, learning willpower, these are real changes. You may think oh Abdur Rahim you know, like that's just you just concentrating on yourself. But in reality we have to you I have to change myself. You have to change yourself. If you change and I change and the people around you change, this is how really change takes place. That is it one person at a time brothers and sisters. Okay. So if you haven't already gone to my YouTube channel, there's three videos there. It's very interesting. Now, I know it's style. I've seen how many people watch it. The first Youtube the first video, I have three videos on like some techniques that I teach willpower

00:38:17--> 00:38:58

techniques. The first video has like nearly 600 views. Video number two has just under 300. And video number three has just around 200 Right? People don't have the even though and it's not like that two hour long videos. These videos are 1520 minutes. That gives you an idea. Okay, maybe they're terrible. I don't think they're terrible videos. I just think people don't have patience. They don't even have patience to watch a video, let alone implement what I'm teaching in it. On the other hand, I'll handle a lot of you Mashallah. Really good numbers of you, mashallah have bought my course, The Seven Pillars of willpower many more, I've bought the advanced course that includes a

00:38:58--> 00:39:40

whole load of different modules. I want to say to all of the if there are any of you, who are my advanced students, please, that I want to send this message out. Please keep checking your emails from me. Because I got some really exciting news. I promised you a couple of webinars that I have not been able to deliver. This is only for the advanced students. Please make sure you tune into those webinars. I have Alhamdulillah last managed to get a program to get some webinars going for you. So please make sure you keep checking your emails. This is only for early students. I don't do these webinars live webinars for people anymore. The price has gone right now. Also brothers and

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

sisters, this is the last day for the low price. I think it's $47 for my seven pillars of willpower willpower cost $97 For the full upgrade the full extra I don't know how many, five or six extra mini courses there. Okay, so it's the last day I think tomorrow

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or the day after tomorrow, the price is going up to $67. And then the week after it's going to go up again. Okay? So if you want to this is the cheapest it's going to go brothers and sisters, I'm just telling you, please mastery, self mastery is what it's all about. If you can't afford it, there are the free videos on YouTube. Start there, if you really really can't afford it, okay, email us. If you really can't genuinely afford it, email us and let us know we'll let's see what we can work out. We want to help you. We want you to come on this journey with us. I want you to benefit. I want myself to benefit Alhamdulillah in the dunya and the ACA. This is very, very important stuff

00:40:39--> 00:41:27

brothers and sisters Believe me, this is what it means to be human what it means to be human is to follow this journey of self mastery. Let us go out of the darkness into the light let us not be people who are lost anymore. Let us be people of Imaan let us be people of righteous action. Let us join together and help each other in the teaching of truth. Brothers and sisters get involved in our work as well in Ira Alhamdulillah. If you're not already involved in the Dower, join us see how you can get involved. Let us support each other to be patient because achieving this takes patience. It takes patience, it takes perseverance it is not easy. Sometimes it takes a lifetime brothers and

00:41:27--> 00:42:07

sisters, but Allah has given us that life and Allah has given us that time. We need to make the intention to make that commitment. When that's the paradigm shift we need that's the shift we need in our thinking we need to have that shift in our thinking. We need to keep reminding ourselves what we need from this life. What we need in this life is taqwa. That's what we need to invest our time and our energy and our effort in if you're wondering really, why am I not succeeding? Why is the Ummah not victorious because we were missing that ingredient brothers and sisters is the reality. Okay, we need to work hard for it. Okay, that's it for me this week, which is UCLA for all of you

00:42:07--> 00:42:53

brothers and sisters, for joining me Alhamdulillah again, on this Thursday night Facebook Live. I will be with you in Sharla I hope I will be with you. I might be flying to Norway next week on Thursday, I have to check but inshallah I will be with you next Thursday. I will let you know if I can't make it but inshallah I will make it in Charlotte. Next Thursday. I'll be talking about fake religion. Very, very important topic. So until then brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you. May Allah guide you. May Allah forgive the believing men and women. May Allah have mercy on all the Muslims. May Allah help on what of Muhammad? May May Allah help us all, on our journey of self

00:42:53--> 00:43:01

mastery. Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad in one early was Salam. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh