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Okay, so very good question. In reality in Islam

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when we say Eman when we which we translate demand as faith, right. But the problem with translating is that often you lose the meaning of something. But actually Eman is defined as the belief in the hearts, the profession of the tongue, and the action of the limbs. It increases with obedience to God. And it decreases with disobedience to God. So this is the definition of Eman. Right? So faith is something that if you have faith, truly and you truly believe in God, then that belief must manifest itself or it must be present in some way in your actions. Yeah. So therefore, let's go back to something you've already heard me mentioned today, where the Prophet Muhammad said, he swore by

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Allah, He is not a believer, the one whose neighbor is not safe from his Mischeif. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is indicating

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that a person who believes cannot have this characteristic. In another narration, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The believer could steal. The believer could drink alcohol, the believer could be a coward. The believer could be a miser, but the believer could never be a liar.

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Yeah. Meaning there are some characteristics, that it's not possible that someone who has faith, they could have these characteristics. In another narration. The Prophet said, whoever the signs of the hypocrite are for, when he speaks he lies when he makes a promise, he breaks it. When he is trusted with something, he betrays it. And when he argues, he is rude. So whoever has one of these has a characteristic of hypocrisy. Whoever has all of them is a complete hypocrites. Now a hypocrite is someone who what they say they believe, but in their heart, they don't believe. Yeah. So a person could say, I believe, and Allah but in reality, what we mean in Islam is the belief in God, the true

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belief in God must produce some actions. If it doesn't, then that belief is not true. It's a hypocrisy. You are claiming something that is not true. And I will give you an example. Yeah. If one of the brothers, how do you say fire in Norwegian feud?

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Just guessing.

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How do you say fire fire? Bronx. Bronx. Bronx, Bronx.

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Good. Yeah.

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If someone comes in running Bronx, Bronx, yeah. And you just sit there.

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Right? You think either the guy he's a joke? Yeah. You means you don't believe him? Right?

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If you believe the man who's saying Fire, fire fire, what you're gonna do? You're gonna run? Yeah. This is the reality belief must translate itself into action. Right? Now, if there's something that prevents you, right? You're tied to your see or you know, or whatever. That's different, right? But if you really believe you must have some action. And this is why according to many scholars, the person who does not pray five times a day, when they leave prayer, it is like disbelieving, it's actually like this. It's like they've said, I've left Islam. And this is based upon what the Prophet said. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the difference between shirk and cover

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and Eman, is a Salah is the prayer. So whoever abandons it, then that person is a disbeliever. Yeah. And it means either they truly are a disbeliever. Or what they have done is so bad. They might as well be a disbeliever. Right? So this is the reality is that you see there so there are so many people saying I'm Muslim, I'm Muslim, I'm Muslim, right? But when they say I'm muslim, what do they mean many of these people? They mean that's my culture. Right? They say I'm muslim, like they might say I'm Pakistani or Somalia, Bengali or they like eat a certain type of food or whatever. That's all it means to them. Subhanallah remember, in but this is you gonna, you know, you probably won't

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laugh now that I said you're going to love

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Right, but you will laugh at this right? Okay. I remember watching before you won't love but me. I was laughing now. Okay. I remember watching this documentary remember both Neeru happened in Buzznet. Yeah. The Bosnians by and large, very few of them were practicing Islam. Right. I remember an interview, and there was an interview with some members of the Bosnian Army, and one of them was a Muslim. She's saying I'm a Muslim, but I'm atheist. I don't believe in God.

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You did laugh? Yeah. But what she meant by Muslim is that's my ethnicity. I belong. And I come from those groups of people who call themselves Muslims, just like it's I don't know, some ethnicity, right? And of course, there are Muslims who are dealing in drugs and who are doing many bad things, okay. And they call themselves Muslims. Some of them may even have beards or even wear hijab sometimes. Right? You know, sometimes people do that, because it's their culture. It's the culture to grow the beard, it's that you often hear about Saudi women, the moment they get on the airplane to England of company, yeah. Then the carbon everything of it comes. And if you ask them to just

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say, well, this is our Saudi dress, they don't, they probably don't even know about what Islam teaches about hijab. They just, it's their just their culture, you see. So yes, there are many, many Muslims, they use this name Muslim, they may even say I'm proud to be Muslim and this and that, but really for them. It's not to do with faith. It's not to do with belief. It's really a cultural thing. Yeah. So I hope that answers that question.