Yahya Ibrahim – Generosity

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the moral and political importance of the Prophet's generosity during the time of hunger and the hesitancy of people to give food during the time of poverty. They emphasize the need for individuals to be moderate in their spending and share small portions of their belongings to increase their chances of happiness. The speakers also emphasize the importance of giving in a spirit of generosity towards others, rather than just a means of giving, and stress the need for individuals to be moderate in their spending and love and share their wealth and estate.
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The great Sahaba of the prophets lie Selim, they would say canon Vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or jawwad the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was generous, and the greatest generosity offered by the prophets. I seldom would increase in particular seasons in particular in the month of Ramadan. But I want you to understand that the generous spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not just of course in the material, but it's also in the ethical in the spiritual in the faith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam building within his Sahaba of the greatest aspects of the generosity of those who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that he was a person who others knew they can

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turn to, I want you to consider this Hadeeth where I Chateau de la Honda auto Baja, the wife of the prophets, I send them and this is during the time of hunger. She says that as I was home and the Prophet had departed, so I said, lamora, the Allah, Allah, Allah, a lady knocked on my door, and she had with her two young daughters she had with her two young girls, and this lady came to the house of the prophets. I said, Lim, knocked on my door, the house of the prophets, I said to him, and asked if we had anything to eat. So I want you to consider the best of the best, the height of humanity. Our nephew, Mohammed sidesaddle him, his spouse, his household, his companions, that Allah

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tested them in certain periods of time in their life when they were under siege, when the people of our age conspired against them, when trade routes were blocked when, you know, seem the days were at their darkest, this lady she turns to the house of the prophets, I send them and she says, Do you have anything for me? And I shadow the law. And she says, well, law he in the house of the prophets, I seldom at that time, we had not lit a fire for cooking for weeks. And all I had in the house of the prophets I send them were three dates, not like a group of date, not a handful of dates. No, she actually knows their number. They were just three. And I gave the lady the three dates I said to her

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here, and before she even left the door, she gave one to each of the daughters that she had with her. And each of them wolf down the date. They ate the day quickly. And then they looked up to their mother seeking the third date. And that mother broke the date in half

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and gave it to each of our daughters and continue to go hungry. Hi, Chateau de la Juana was moved by this. And she waited until the Prophet returned home. She said to him all messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I saw this lady, she you know, she asked, she was hungry, she was destitute you. And she gave up even that one day that would that could have rightfully been hers. She preferred her children to herself, and she gave it to them. The prophets I seldom said would you but lol Jenna, Jenna, is written for her. The commentators on this Hadith, they go a step further. They say, Well, what about the one who gave all of our dates to somebody else? What about the one

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who gave the food of the prophets, I sell them to somebody else who had trained how Chateau de la Juana to be so giving to be so generous, who had that confidence? You know, we're asking our households to be moderate in our spending moderate in our giving, who gave her the confidence that of the last property that she and her husband owned in her home, that without asking permission, she gave it to the needy and the poor, and preferred them over herself, preferred them over the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is the generosity of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that did not question Hey, how come you gave those last three days? Why don't you keep at

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least one way and I could share half of it each. We're in a time of poverty in a time of need. That generosity of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a person feel that they can give and give and give and Allah will return. In the authentic hadith Ah, Chateau de La Hoya. And he said that the Prophet was gifted some meat, he was gifted a goat that had been slaughtered. And the Prophet gave it to me and he sat and I sat in my room, and he sat in our home and he sat outside and he said to me, I Isha, I want you to cut it up in pieces so that we can give it to the believers give it to the needy and the poor. And the Prophet sat outside the house to distribute it. So every so often as I

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would cut a piece, I would give it out to the prophets, I sell them and somebody would come in, he would give it to them in charity. And every so often the prophets I sell them would say, Navajo mean, huh, what is left of the animal that we have been given what is left of the mean? And finally our issue she says, lemmya caminhar illa juice woman catfish rasulillah there's just a small part of its shoulder that remains we've given everything. pilot can Leah ha ha ha ha you misunderstand. Doctor yet could let her Electra

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All of the sheep all of that goat remains with us, except the shoulder that we will consume sallallahu wasallam the generous persona of the nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the overwhelming generosity the giving nature of our associates lm stems from a reliance and a trust upon Allah menjaga abiel has an active Allahu eyeshadow Antalya, Allah says in the Quran, the one who comes with one good deed they will be rewarded 10 times the reward is not just a spiritual reward. It's a reward upon investment, it's a return upon your investment that the dollar you give it's matched by 10 at minimum up to 700. Well law he lives a life of generosity live a life of giving and live a

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life of opening your hearts and doors in generosity to others and you will find the floodgates of Allah's mercy descending in a deluge upon you give an Allah who will give to you and fearful young fifth Allahu alikum given Allah will spend on you spend in the path of Allah, Allah will spend upon you, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would encourage the Sahaba to give that sometimes they gave more than they even understood they were giving. I will tell how about the Allahu anhu he heard the ayah in the Quran, where Allah Subhana who went to Allah says lantana will bear you cannot consolidate and complete your Iman and righteousness had that tunes economy matters a boon until you

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are able to give from the things you love the most. And you had to gardens, the garden and Badal hot, this garden of great comfort, a beautiful well that the Prophet used to love to drink from. And he said O Messenger of Allah, I want to be from the righteous, I want to give my gardens and charity to the path of God. The Prophet restricted him and said begin if you really want to give it a give it and separated amongst your family. And I want you to understand that generosity doesn't just have to be to somebody who knocks on your door, somebody who is shoeless and foodless. It's not just somebody who is at a distance from you. It is your own household, your own family. The prophets I

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send him says never does a person put a morsel of food in his wife's mouth, and then gives food to his wife's mouth intending reward with a lot except it's counted as a charity. Never do you close your children pay your rent, earn an honest living halaal as your consumption and means, except that a lot counts it as well couldn't alikum Shahada and Allah is a witness over us Subhana Allah to Allah. generosity begins with the generous spirit that you have, and the instruction of generosity towards those who live with you and around you and are compelled to may at times want to hold back for their prosperity by misunderstanding that giving is actually the greatest prosperity that you

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can increase yourself with in this life. And whether Muslims or non Muslims, those who have a generous spirit those who give are those who have the greatest contentment and quality of life, even if it is not material excess that has been gathered and given the great poets they used to say and Neff suited Zell and Taku Natha Ratan will accrue high euromarine and nutria at times and individual soul beckons out of fear of poverty to hold on to whatever wealth it has. But it is the contented heart that is better than all riches and well that one seeks to amass perhaps you can feel your home, your bank account your estate, with material things that bring you little joy, and not have a

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restful, contented sleep, where you are always under siege and always under pain and always in dissatisfaction with your condition where there is bickering and argumentation and a lack of back but Baraka in your home. Or perhaps as the prophets I seldom said roadmap khaleel in perhaps something small in amount that is blessed hiral mimma Catherine O Allah is better for you than something that is excessive, but makes you negligent of your obligations to Allah. The Prophet size lm tells us route Bertha Quran de la, perhaps poverty is your medicine, that if you were wealthy, you would forget your place with a law, you would stop relying upon him worshiping and making art

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for him and connecting with your family positively. Perhaps you would be taken by the dounia and drowned in its desire. And moreover, Zenon della, and perhaps the reason Allah has enriched you is because if you were poor, you would give up hope in Allah, you would be a person who would struggle to maintain faith, learn to accept and have the Rebbe with a law that is where your generous nature will come push you

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yourself to give from the things you love. Push you share from your time your energy your desire your wealth, your estate with others, and know that Allah subhanho wa Taala as Annie Yoon Hameed, he is the one without need and the one who is all praised and if you don't praise Him, He is praised in an unto himself and if you don't give a love does not need your charity towards others, he will suffice whom he suffices. Elevate who may elevate and humble whom he humbles May Allah elevators and that we are from the giving hand rather than the receiving hand allia doula earlier higher. Amina Leah de su Fleur, may Allah make our hand up upper that we are givers, but that it is staying upper,

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not one that is withheld. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to extend our hands and that we have a long reach in the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they asked him they said O Messenger of Allah, which of us will be the first to join you if you pass away before us and enter Jenna. And he sets a lot of us lm at twilo comida. The one of you who has the longest reach the longest arm, and all of them began to measure their arms who has a longer arm than the other, and the first wife of the prophets I send them to pass away was

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that you never know the Allahu anhu out of LA. And she wasn't the one who had a physically longer arm than the others. Everyone said No, she didn't have a physical arm until after a few days of her death. People in Medina began to grow hungry, because whatever wealth that she had, she was regularly feeding the poor people without know without them knowing that it is her the wife of the prophets. I seldom so when hunger began to spread. They understood that her reach to the poor was great. May ally elevate us with our reach, make our charity our shade on the day of judgment as promised by the prophets. I said Lim May Allah make us generous in our giving Allahumma amin

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