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The transcript describes a group of people discussing topics such as testing, abuse, and medicine. They mention that each person has a different test and that patients should be the ones who experience the most painful symptoms. They also discuss the importance of remembering and reminding people of their test and the need for patience.

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Understand that all people are tested and effectively you're not the only one.

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Possibly liquid the most effective methods are lady. Moroccan lady was Malcolm Asakura

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Nobunaga Yamato de

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in an Oregon mentality of abuse of normalcy button, have a severe understand who we are Howdy, Craig avocado from Siva Purana sobre como savoca finavia Mohamed Salah Larisa. So the last thing is to know that everybody will be tested and appreciate when the test did not break your dean. Because we're located in La Jolla has a bit of an advocacy connected we need to ground every fracture, every braid is amendable except for the break of the beam, that is not amendable there is no makeup, there is no company you know, there is nothing that will compensate you for the breakup here the and, and understand that everybody's been tested. Each and every body has been tested, everybody has a

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different test. So you you are given that test

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first but they couldn't see but they might even show patients for every muslimah you know affliction that befalls you with agility and show

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endurance, while I'm being a mother of a young lady and know that you you're not immortal. What's the benefit of saying? No, that you're not immortal, it means that

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he will see but that will see that is also important. Because you yourself are immortal. So in the most evolved either depart from you, or you depart from the mercy but you depart from the whole God. So you'll leave the most evil behind because there is no mercy but that is immortal because you yourself are in our

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body and be patient like the noble ones. Your patients should be the noble patients, your patients should be the beautiful patients. It is the patients with acceptance it is the patient with without complaining except complaining to a lot. No one to nobody Oh my god.

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Because these are afflictions that will be for you tomorrow and very soon. Before you today and tomorrow, patient be relieved.

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Then Mandela de la Musa Mancha merci button, who is he who has not been afflicted, however, all the people that you see, have been worse than who they are Hadid. This is a path or road that everyone walked on the road of afflictions the road of must must Messiah is a road that each and every one has to walk on forever as a courtesy but the normal sabaha and then when you remember and affliction, the affliction and the afflicted, remember the worst of all of lectures that have the fall in you, which is losing the profits and losing the profits or some activists that would have been your worst affliction. For each and every one of us personally, losing the profits of someone

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to death was our greatest affection. Because Can you imagine if he wasn't around, then you have any affliction? And you went to him and he comforted you? would you would you leave a lot more than that? So the greatest and worst affliction that they had the fallen each and every one of us is the loss of the profit or loss. So whatever affliction and afterwards befalls you, it is much less than that one and then it will take you the right size when you compare the reflection to other classical affections.

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Then it would take it's it's right sighs all of these things are important to remember when reflection befalls us so that we can endure

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with sovereign Jamil with beautiful patience memos pinata give us beautiful patience. Lama Sabina sobre me along with Sabrina sobrado me along Mina Federico Saldana Luqman Africa salena Athena la Martina Martina well Latina Lena with a Raveena Wolfie and fusina asking Allah home Athena

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Athena Ashwin Allahumma Kadena Hello home as it is not obvious to me llamas that it's not honestly me. alarm is that Islam on me when I rather not Islam I'm traveling because Okay, don't finish

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To him, whether it be at our home theaters near him, whether it the errata em

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or salado cinema