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The speakers discuss the negative sentiment that Muslims face when discussing their beliefs and the importance of finding proper alternatives for those who are being targeted. They also mention a recent post by Dr. Zakir and the potential consequences of reaching a wider audience. The importance of finding proper alternatives for those who are being targeted is emphasized, and the need for people to be cautious when speaking out against extremist groups is also emphasized. The speakers encourage people to spread the word and stand up against extremist groups.

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Why did Instagram blocked my posts, and I'm trying to go live now on Instagram here, from my phone on the side and said, blocked from sharing live videos, posts from your account have recently been removed for going against our community guidelines. So live video sharing has been temporarily blocked, which I didn't know until I tried to go live now. So that adds a little bit more flavor to this video. And hamdulillah learn more open it up now to see what they're saying, inshallah. So why did they blocked my post? And what was the post that was blocked? Their Facebook hasn't blocked it either as Twitter. But what was the post about? And what was I saying that made them block it? Let

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me read it here to you. It says that it is a crime. And let me not say the name. So I'm not blocked on here. And once again.

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It is a crime for this movement, who has just taken over the government in their country. And I think all of you know what I'm talking about clearly. So it's a crime for them to force women to wear hijab. Why is this? Why is it a crime? Because it's a woman's right to wear whatever she wants, as we hear, you can't force a woman to wear a hijab, she has the right to do whatever she wants. But the post goes on in France and other EU countries, they can force the women to remove their hijab the opposite of this extremist militant group, right? Why do they have the right to do this France and the EU countries, because it's not the woman's right to wear a hijab, even if she wants to. And

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something very interesting, if you were to look at the comments on the post, I don't know, you can check here on Facebook, I didn't read them. I saw some of them on Instagram. But many of the sisters were writing that they actually, you know, it's their choice. And that's why they're wearing the hijab, and this is what the people need to understand. There's not these, these molars, and these, you know, these these extremist scholars who are forcing their women to wear hijab, this is something that the women are doing out of their own free will. And so as she wants to wear, and this is what the West is calling to freedom of choice, freedom of this, and we can see obviously, from

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these type of things, that is all propaganda, it's all color. It's not it's nothing reality, they use it for to do,

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you know, their agenda to accomplish their goals. But it's we come and say, Okay, we want to use it for our religion, and we want to have our freedom. And we don't have the same rights. And we can see, you know, the hypocrisy of them of their governments. Also, obviously, these teachers as we can see right here, so Pamela didn't even realize I was just blocking until now even from live videos. So Pamela, that this shows us the hatred that they have towards Islam and towards the Muslims. And it also teaches us you know, as Allah told us, and they will not stop, they will continue to fight, and you'll never be pleased with us until we do what we'll learn salva Angelia. Who do well, Anna

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Sora, had that Debian electron until the Christians and the Jews, I mean, all nations as well, I mean, just as a description, and the all of the the

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the ones who don't believe in SNL that they will never be pleased with you learn Tallboy they will never be pleased with you until you wait until you follow their religion to you follow their way.

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This is the only way they're going to be pleased with you.

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And this also reminds us of the importance of finding the data and finding alternatives. Because eventually what's going to happen in the war against Islam. And not just even for Muslims is even people who stand for the truth. If you talk about the C word now, I'm not going to mention it. Because I got also flagged for that before. So if you talk about the C word, you say, Well, what's going on with this situation? You know, some of the facts what you guys ended, there's actually other scientific facts that prove what you're saying it's not correct. Once again, you get flagged, so you don't really have the freedom of speech, Facebook and these other groups who claim they give

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us the freedom to post we want even some some people have been banned from from idiotic things like

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what's it called? The crazy thing that kids watch. It's not coming to my mind, tick tock. All of this also has been blocked. And people have been blocked on this, even though you're you can do the most stupid, idiotic things on there. And it's no problem. But if you say something serious, something correct, then also many people have been blocked. So a bodybuilder was blocked the other day for speaking, some scientific facts he was blocked there. So this type of thing shows you that real freedom, it's just a claim. It's not a reality. Therefore we have to as Muslims have alternatives, instead of YouTube, we need Muslim to might even be there but we don't follow it. That

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doesn't mean we don't benefit from these platforms. We reach a large audience, we reach out that something's important. But we need to establish our own alternative. So we use both platforms. But once they do start blocking the Muslims, start blocking the truth seekers, those who are who are speaking the truth that there is a second platform out there. So we have to start using the alternative platforms. And the only way for that

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To be first to be successful, and that is, if you guys, the ones who are watching, you know, you're going to actually take part if we go to other platforms. But if we only find our followers and those who are benefiting from us on these platforms, then we're forced to stay there. Like I said, we can use both. But eventually, when they do block us, because that's what's going to happen. In the end, you know, many of the machines, many of those who are successful, you're going to find that they're going to be blocked, you can look at people like, you know, Dr. Zakir, now he's doing a great job on YouTube and Facebook, eventually, they'll block him, eventually, they'll probably ban him like they

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will with any many other speakers as well. So therefore, we have to make sure that we find proper alternatives, and that we use them that we use them and that you guys, the viewers that you support them in shallow Tada. Also, it's very important that you fight for your rights. Obviously, when I saw this here, I'm looking at my phone. Now, as I keep looking at, you know, what I'm looking at, I'm looking at my phone, the fact I've been blocked here, from doing live videos, unfortunately, put it in Turkish. So I have no idea what they're saying. I don't know why, I guess come here in Turkey, but should be an English obviously, in my language. I'm trying to understand what the thing is. But

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we need to obviously speak out against this. And, and fight for our rights. Because even if you look at you go back to my post, I didn't say because they're saying okay, this is an extremist militant group. That name, I didn't say anything to support them. I didn't say that they were good. I didn't say that. They were bad. I didn't say anything about them and supportive them. i All I said was their name. I said that they, you know, because this is what's coming from the Western media anyways, not for me, they're saying they're gonna force the people to wear hijab. I still don't know, obviously, they have a new political system. I don't know exactly what they're going to do, to

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be honest with you. But the fact is, is that they're saying that, you know, people are outraged women's rights and all of this, how are you going to force a woman to wear hijab, but on the contrary, in the West, they forbid the women from wearing hijab, but that's okay, they have the right to do that, because a woman doesn't have the right to do what she wants to do. And the Western countries, wherever you try to do it, and a Muslim country, who then it's, you know, it's chaotic, and it's extremism and all of that, so I didn't even say anything to support the school, but yet, they removed my posts. And now on top of that, they blocked me on, on doing live videos, which I

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like I said, I didn't know what to then hamdulillah very interesting. But as with any of the hamdulillah we're going to speak the truth no matter what, we're gonna get it out there. If they block us someday we'll find other alternatives. We'll find other ways. Alhamdulillah as Allah told us in the Quran, young Corona, William Crow law or federal mascarene that they plan and a lot of plans and laws, best of planners and hamdulillah and the ones who get blocked, and the ones who get censored, it's going to make people want to listen to them more. So actually, it's actually a good thing. So actually, as they say, these are these are our battle scars. For us. It's actually

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putting, you know, stripes on our belt and hamdulillah so it's all good at the end of the left bar club, you can get the word out to everyone let them know what they're up to. I mean, I'm not the first one many people have been blocked I'm sure for mentioning this group's name but like I said, I'm not even supporting them anyways, I'm just mentioning a fact but yet here I am blocked while I'm Stan May Allah protect us all and give us all the best is that cannot be done. Thank you for watching and please share the video inshallah spread the word out in someone's out so we can fight for our rights and stand up against this injustice. Like I said, not just happened to me, but others

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as well for speaking the Word of the truth back lovely from Santa Monica Abdullah.